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Chapter 19: Processing the Bison Meat

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"My clothes are so beautiful. I love them! "

Yaya was walking around excitedly on the ground, jumping up and down. She had never worn good clothes in her life, let alone such beautiful clothes.

Almost all of her previous clothes were torn and sewn by Tong Xiaorou using adult clothes, so they didn't fit her at all.

Other than the clothes that the three of them were wearing, Jiang Cheng put the extra set into his Item Box. As for the original dirty clothes, he threw them away.

At this time, the two power armors had returned with many huge boxes. This time, those were bison meat.

The two power armor pilots realized that the campfire had disappeared, but there was nothing left. They exchanged looks but did not say anything.

Evolvers had all kinds of strange abilities. In fact, when they guessed that Jiang Cheng could handle the food ingredients, they had already figured out something.

That was because the chef in the camp they had met before could summon a dimensional storage that could store items. He could also summon food ingredients. However, he would need help when the food ingredients he summoned were living beings that would want to kill him. Therefore, they guessed that Jiang Cheng likely had some kind of dimensional power.

At this moment, Yang Kuifeng was stunned when he saw Jiang Cheng and the girls looked completely different. He almost didn't recognize them.

Jiang Cheng, who was wearing black pants and a white shirt, was still a little thin because of long-term malnutrition. However, his attire made him look like a rich kid. That teenage girl's beauty was affected by her rough tanned skin, but she had exceptionally beautiful facial features. As for the little girl, she was very cute after changing into pastel-colored children's clothes. Her appearance did not look less than his own daughter's.

Yang Kuifeng could not help but sigh in his heart. 'The drought has caused immense suffering for countless people, leaving them unable to live a dignified life.'

Previously, the two girls were so dirty that Yang Kuifeng couldn't even recall their faces. He had a hard time distinguishing one Wildling from the other as their filthy appearance made him virtually face-blind.

"Are these two your sisters?" Yang Kuifeng asked with a smile.

"This is Tong Xiaorou, my girlfriend. This is Yaya, her sister, " Jiang Cheng explained with a smile.

This was the first time Jiang Cheng had introduced her as his girlfriend to outsiders. Tong Xiaorou was instantly overjoyed and couldn't help but hold Jiang Cheng's hand.

"Mr. Jiang, you're a lucky man," Yang Kuifeng said with a smile. "Oh ya, can we start now? Is there anything we need to prepare for you?"

Jiang Cheng looked around and realized that the commotion here had attracted a lot of Wildlings. Although those Wildlings were far away, they were still an eyesore to him.

Yang Kuifeng instantly understood. He immediately turned on the loudspeaker and shouted, "We have work to do. Those who are not involved, leave immediately! "

The Wildlings were so scared that they turned around and ran. Even Jiang Cheng was shocked. This voice was really loud. Tong Xiaorou and Yaya were so shocked that their ears were ringing and their brains were buzzing.

"Uh, I'm sorry. Are the three of you okay?" Yang Kuifeng hurriedly apologized.

"I'm fine. But your loudspeaker... its quality is really good." Jiang Cheng was astounded.

Yang Kuifeng bragged, "Our power armor is the most powerful individual combat force in our shelter, so naturally, any good stuff should be installed on it first."

Jiang Cheng smiled and nodded. "I can start now, but I hope to handle this alone. "

Yang Kuifeng thought for a moment, then took something that looked like a wallet from his companion's hand. He asked his companion to leave and said, "I need to quickly collect the processed meat that you have prepared. Otherwise, they will easily go bad in this weather."

"Okay, but I don't like to be watched when I use my skill," Jiang Cheng said with a troubled expression.

"I…" Yang Kuifeng frowned.

"Of course, I know you're cooperating with good intentions," Jiang Cheng said. " But I hope you can understand that I'm a Wildling. Keeping a distance from strangers is the principle of Wildlings. "

Yang Kuifeng thought about it and felt that it made sense, so he nodded. "That's easy. The container has a door. You can just close it. I'll wait outside. "

"Great." Jiang Cheng knew that if these shelter folks with high tech gadgets really wanted to peek, he might not be able to stop them. However, he still had to put on an act. A little impatience would ruin the big plan. This was a necessary risk.

Jiang Cheng looked curiously at the large wallet in Yang Kuifeng's hand. "This is...?!"

"It's a Dimension Folding Bag. Most of our supplies are in there…Of course, this thing requires a genetic code. It can't be used by someone who snatches it away."

Yang Kuifeng explained. It was uncertain whether he said that to show off or he was just too naive.

"I see. This is a Dimension Folding Bag. " Jiang Cheng suddenly understood. At this moment, he saw Tong Xiaorou tidying her hair with her hands and suddenly asked, "Do you have a comb?"

Yang Kuifeng smiled helplessly. He rummaged through his Dimension Folding Bag for a while and took out a palm-sized cosmetic box. "I'll give it to you. It's not worth much."

"Thank you very much." Jiang Cheng took it and opened it. He found a mirror and a small comb.

After he combed his hair to make it tidier a bit, he put the comb back to the box and handed it to Tong Xiaorou and asked them to comb their hair. He then said, "Then I'll start doing my job now. But let me say this first. Some parts of the bison meat I process will deplete during the process. You can weigh them later. After processing, there will be a lot of residues left behind."

Yang Kuifeng smiled understandingly. " We know. Dr. Yang said that your ingredients seem to gather all the nutrients from a bison into every inch of the piece of meat. It's normal that it is consumed during the process. " He added, "But here's the thing, we don't lack food. What we really lack is delicious food."

Jiang Cheng said, "Great. I need to concentrate when I'm processing the bison meat, so I need to ensure the safety of my girlfriend and her sis."

"Don't worry, with me around, no one will dare to come close to this area!" Yang Kuifeng said with a serious face, "No one dares to offend the shelter's authority here."

"Thank you very much." Jiang Cheng immediately walked to one of the huge containers that was three meters in length, width, and height. He looked at those dead bison that had been processed once. Their internal organs had been dug out, but the skin and bones had not been removed. He smiled apologetically at Yang Kuifeng, then walked in and closed the container door.

Then, Jiang Cheng looked around again and did not find any cameras. He immediately reached out his hand and used the gathering technique with a thought.

[Bison Meat +2]

[Bison Meat +2]

[Bison Hide +1]

[Bison Bone +1]


Pieces of bison meat were collected.

Outside the container, Yang Kuifeng was quietly scanning the container with the power armor's scanner.

Although he could not see a clear image even with the help of the scanner, he could see a clear figure and scene. He wanted to see how Jiang Cheng process the bison meat and whether he could imitate it with a technological assembly line.

However, after looking at it for a long time, he saw that Jiang Cheng had only placed his hand on a large dead bison, and fine cracks visible to the naked eye appeared on it. A few minutes later, the bison that weighed hundreds of kilograms shattered like a bubble, leaving a pool of debris and blood on the spot.

Yang Kuifeng was speechless. The corner of his mouth twitched. He felt resigned. 'As expected, it was like this again.'

The special powers of Evolvers could not be imitated. Many powers were unreasonable and completely unscientific. The chef in the camp last time had at least used a brush to brush the food ingredients and refined them with Evonergy.

As for Jiang Cheng, Yang Kuifeng couldn't tell he did it at all.

At this moment, Jiang Cheng pushed open the door of the container and said, "Bring me something to store meat. I'm going to take out the processed meat."

Yang Kuifeng immediately took out a one-meter-long glassware. "Just put it inside."

"Alright." Jiang Cheng waved his hand and took out all the pieces of bison belly meat he had just collected. There was a total of 320 pieces. "That's all. If you don't believe me, you can weigh the waste on the ground. It won't be much less."

"I trust you, Mr. Jiang." Yang Kuifeng first glanced at the large amount of residue left inside the intermodal container, then he checked the pieces of bison belly in the glassware in surprise. It was indeed the kind that he had traded before.

Miraculously, this processed bison meat seemed to have no fiber. Even the meat of an evolved beast seemed very crisp and tender without any fishy smell.

"Oh right, where's the skin and bones?" Yang Kuifeng asked in puzzlement. They hadn't even skinned or removed the bones of a bison.

"Didn't you ask me to process everything?" Jiang Cheng asked in surprise. "When I process them, the parts that are not food ingredients will be crushed."

"Is that so?" Yang Kuifeng said. "I'm sorry. Let's continue then." 

"Do you need bison bones and hide?" Jiang Cheng asked. "If yes, you have to strip these things out yourself first. Otherwise, after I process a bison, those parts will be completely shattered. However, some parts of them like bone marrow are considered ingredients in my opinion, so the nutrients will be processed into the meat…"

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