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Chapter 9: Unexpected consequences

"Damn, What's the pain in my neck"? I made a groaning sound and woke up all I remember is Liliane knocking me out but why and Is she safe?

[Host accept your rewards]

Oh, she is safe thank God. Okay, show me my rewards.

[Yandere Instruction Manual on Liliane Whitlock]

{Now you can tame Lilian Whitlock with the help of this manual but it will not guarantee your safety completely}

'So she has become a yandere I have to change my plans. I need a way to make them stable without losing their emotions. I can't run away forever from them'.

" Brother" a sweet voice came from my back as I was comprehending the situation a pink blur came and hugged me firmly as if she was trying to possess me she also started sniffing me and gave me a playful lick on my cheek. I was terrified of her behaviour but what came next terrified me more.

[Host can now see the locked information of his first Yandere because she is fully devoted to you]

Name–Liliane Whitlock


Bloodline–Illusionary demoness (Bronze)

Origin Deity–Apate

Likes–Her brother, her mother (half of its love has gone to host)

Dislikes–All men(except brother)




{It's a manual about how to handle a yandere, not a psychopath}

Okay, this is enough. If I will wimp forever then may end my life here and now but I have got this second chance maybe there's a reason behind it. It's time to move forward.

"Big sis it's enough" I tried to say sternly.

"Mou" She pouted quickly but when I stared into her eyes I can see a deep obsession for me lurking inside it but she hid it pretty quickly.

you must be asking how a ten-year-old girl can hide emotions this well remember her origin deity Apate the Goddess of fraud. Her ability is manifesting I have to be careful.

"Big sister you are behaving like this so I assume you must be good"

"Yes I killed that man and the rest mother took care of it"

"Now Zlatan forgive me for knocking you unconscious because I didn't want you to see a gruesome sight" No I understand and I am quite grateful for it.

"Yes, sis I forgive you but if you do that again I will not tolerate it".

" Now all good then it ends well. Well don't mind the small details and remember to rely on your big sister from now on okay" She puffed her none existent chest to show that she is reliable. It's a bit cute. Hmm now I am thinking that she is cute maybe I am also crazy but who cares."

*sigh* "What have I done?"

Time skip (2 days)

Sun was in his full glory, scattering its brilliance on the world. Various types of birds were doing their morning routine plucking fruits from the saplings and eating while sitting on the branch.

In the centre of a mini Colosseum, two figures could be seen standing together in their training outfit. One was swinging two swords at the same time while the woman beside him was looking at him with a sadistic smile on her face and counting each swing.

"Tsk tsk only 30 Zlatan Madam told me your big words which you said to her but with that amount, it's never going to happen"

Zlatan had played mortal combat in his past life so he thought using dual swords would be cool but now he regretted it.

"More 20 and change your goddamn posture."

I now understand why my mother wished me good luck. Now it's clear that Christy is a sadistic bitch just look at her face, was that drool on her face shit what type of shame play is this?

"40, you can do better Zlatan try to keep your legs straight and stop shaking".

I know this world is dangerous where your life would be decided by the strong party regardless of your resistance. A world where Greek mythologies are true, All types of races and the most importantly crazy women.

"49, just one more and it will end"

I couldn't feel my arms as I was swinging the swords and I could guarantee you that was standing due to the adrenaline rush which occurred by thinking all these types of danger.

"50 Dammit"

*Huff, Huff, Huff *

"Zlatan are you all right wait don't faint Zlat–".

'This sadistic bitch now she sees my condition damn you'.

Finally, my vision darkened and I couldn't listen to Christy's last words.

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