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Chapter 19: Another One

[A/N: Reading The Conqueror's Path currently. Like the story and the mc, but I must say it is incredibly hard to keep track of all the girls. The author has great attention grabbing writing if you ignore the small grammar and spelling mistakes though. I aim to eventually write in a similar way so you can really feel the yandere as that is what has really kept me interested in the story. I'm also not the best at providing descriptions of characters so this is a bit hard.]

The night was coming to an end.


After meeting the important people, Rain had to immediately deal with the inevitable rabble that followed after. Most knew who he was if he told them his name and mother and those who spotted him with the concubine's children automatically knew that, but not all did. However, this general lack of knowledge about his appearance made it so he had to tell them who he was and watch as their expressions changed from interest to disdain.

This was a bit inevitable after all so he really didn't care. It was just really fucking tiring after a while. His respect for Na went up by just a bit. He knew people like her had trouble with this, but having experienced it himself, he realized just how hard dealing with ignorant, prideful d*ckheads could be.

And simps.

Not for him, but her. He didn't have to deal with that... yet.

Rain was super concerned about his looks. Not to be petty about being handsome, but in this particular world it was incredibly dangerous.

However, he eventually informed everyone of his low status and they went back to scorning/ignoring him again. For now, that was how he liked it.

Rain had left the hall, entering onto one of the paths that lead through the gardens. The doors of the hall were open to allow for fresh air, although nobody was expected to use them as they were all too interested in the princes and princess, who were staying in the hall.

However, now people were dispersing. Na and Enlai had already excused themselves, Na doing so by thanking everyone for coming out and Enlai by just leaving, assumedly with a girl or two in hand.

Thus, the prideful young masters didn't have much to do. They had already built rapport with the princes and tried their hand at standing out to the princess. Fang was currently consumed in a conversation with the adults, so they couldn't do anything there.

Therefore, the likely theory is that they were currently looking for someone to bully.

Not wanting to be involved, Rain decided to go for a stroll. He'd return to the hall eventually as the concubines and their children were supposed to come back and be addressed for the king. However, he still had some time before then and was not planning to make a scene.

Unfortunately, it would seem that their were already people walking amongst the gardens as well. Rain could hear their voices as he walked amongst the hedges. Though he didn't want to get involved, he became quite curious. The words they were using were quite vile and they seemed to be insulting someone.

Normal behavior for a young master, but who could they insult so severely without fear of the consequences. You don't insult maids of the palace if you were of a lower status of whoever lived there and everyone who had come to the gathering had at least some power so it wasn't them.

Walking to the edge, standing slightly behind a tall hedge, Rain observed them briefly before everything made sense.

In front of him stood three boys, more specifically Mo Duyi and his two lackeys from the little concubine's children meet and greet.

Before them, a girl cowered. She was quite pale, to the point where you could see black veins underneath her skin. She had long white hair and six red eyes, 4 of which were on her forehead. She was unnaturally beautiful to Rain, even with the eyes, but that's because he had watched Monster Musume. To them, she must have looked like a monster. She was probably around Rain's age.

Under normal circumstances, Rain could imagine her hair blocking 4 of her six eyes, but now they were in full view due to her position of fear.

Indeed, she was a spirit beast. More specifically, a group of humanoid spider spirit beasts that served under the kingdom. However, even though they looked human, they had those 6 eyes, unnaturally pale skin, and eight tattoo's on their backs that could turn into spider legs that they could control at will. Rain imagined, since the one before him was definitely one of their royalty, that she also could manipulate string, a special characteristic that some of their race possessed.

They were actually very valuable to the kingdom, but they weren't in a position to argue and very easy to bully because of it. Their looks didn't help.







They were quite brutal, and even though they weren't hitting areas like the face and just hitting torso and arms, those kicks had to hurt.

You must be wondering, is Rain really going to stand for this. Yes and no. Currently, he would not step in. Stepping in would only get him in trouble. He didn't like it, certainly, but he could do nothing and he wasn't a gallant prince.

However, Rain decided to wait. He would distract them if they went too far and, like he had done for his mother all those years ago, he didn't mind offering comfort. He was that type of person.

Rain winced. She had his sympathies, not because she was being hit, but because she likely had done nothing and was still being hit. That was what bothered him most. Rain always did anything that would be harmful to another person for a reason.

The night wore on. Rain imagined it would continue for him a bit longer. He wouldn't even be getting his nice evening stroll before everything potentially went to shit.

_Mimic_ _Mimic_

Mass release yesterday cuz why not? Lat yandere introduced at this party. To make things clear, An is a friend, Na is a rival edging on possessivesness, and the girl introduced now... well you'll see. After this, a brief explanation via the king to explain Rain's plans and the plans for the story. After that, timeskip.

For the record, though some may not think it, I plan on writing this story a lot better. In my mind, things have been slow and boring. I like slow, as long as it isn't too slow, so don't expect that to change, but I'd like to showcase good relationships and likeable characters. Hopefully I can do that soon.

I'm gonna write a bunch this weekened, I think, so here's a new chapter.

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