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You Are Mine, I'm Yours Season 2 You Are Mine, I'm Yours Season 2 original

You Are Mine, I'm Yours Season 2

Author: safa_bukhari

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James And Emmy Back

The occupancy rate of the villas in the suburbs is not high, and there is no one in the sky during the day, the night is colder, and only the deep lights seem warm, she parked the car at the door, opened the door and got out of the car, A car drove up behind him and pulled up behind his car, He turned around and saw Cassie pushing the door down.

Cross pursed his lips slightly, looking at the woman walking towards him, the makeup on her face was still very delicate, but the gas suicide that day made her look too pale, her slender waist, slender figure, and pale pink skirt set off her pale face.

Cross had to admit that Cassie was very, very beautiful, Back then, he was not only because of Cassie's gentle personality, but also because of her beauty, she was once the goddess in his heart, but now, she was still Cassie, However, in his heart, she unknowingly became a female nerve.

"Cross, where have you been these days?" Cassie stepped forward and stood in front of him, she coquettishly took his hand, slightly pursed the corners of her moist lips, and looked up at him at forty-five degrees,

In the past, Cross liked this trick the most, As long as she stands in front of him and raises her head slightly, he will definitely lower his head and kiss her lips, and then never want to leave, Every time he gets angry with her, she will use this method, and this method has never been easy to try.

But this time, he didn't bow his head to kiss her like before, Instead, he turned his head and pushed her away impatiently, Then he took out the key and opened the door of the villa, To be honest, he had not been in the mood to visit her these two days, because his attention was focused on the situation in Paris, and he really wants to know how Emmy was doing in Paris.

Cassie turned on the gas to commit suicide really frightened him, so he didn't mention the divorce again, for fear of angering her, He wants to move here, The two temporarily separated for a period of time, let everyone calm down, and then talk about the divorce, He wished he could calm down and get a divorce.

But who knew that he wanted them both to be quiet, but she didn't want to be quiet and even ran here to look for him, It can be seen that when she was not at home these days, he had been checking his whereabouts.

The courtyard door was pushed open, and she followed him into the courtyard, even in the winter in the south, the night in mid-October was still a bit cold, she, who was wearing a princess dress, shivered in the evening wind.

He looked at her, thinking that she was weak after committing suicide, and finally couldn't bear it anymore, so he took off his coat and put it on her shoulders, there are no dedicated servants in the villa, usually, there are hourly workers cleaning every other day, clean and tidy.

"Cross, are you not going back to the first grade in Thomson's?" Seeing he was coming in, she went to the kitchen to boil water, he quickly followed her into the kitchen, "Cassie, let's go home, I've been busy all day and I want to take a break."

He said to her lightly, "Cross, we are husband and wife, if you want to live here, then I want to live here too," she didn't want to leave like this, "What do you live here for?" his face darkened immediately.

"Between us, I don't think there is any need to talk anymore," "Cross, you said you would forgive me," she didn't wait for him to finish speaking, and picked it up, "Did you forget? You held a press conference, you said you would put up with me, and your whole family would accept me as a lost person."

"The point is, are you lost?" he looked at her with a smile, but the smile was obviously ironic, To be honest, at the press conference, he intentionally forgave her and even though he had chosen her from the beginning, Since I chose her, I have to live no matter what, lest the outside world sees the joke.

What's more, she was already pregnant at that time, for the sake of the child, he also wanted to maintain this marriage and let the child grow up in a healthy environment, Who knew that her pregnancy was fake, even if it was a fake pregnancy, she still wanted to frame Emmy, which made him unforgivable no matter what, and the entire Johnson's family could not accept such Cassie.

"Cross, I know you're talking about my miscarriage in Mansion that day, she immediately accepted the message and said softly, "Cross, I know I was wrong, I didn't intentionally frame my sister, I just can't understand how she pretends to be affectionate, She and James are really married not long ago, How could she be so devoted?" Love? "

"She and James really show affection, is it hindering you?" he sneered, "Because I didn't show love to you? "Because I didn't show love to you?"

"I was wrong," Cassie quickly apologized, "I can't be wrong, right? I will avoid her when I see her in the future, and I will never mess with my sister again," "Are you not going to provoke me?"

The sarcasm at the corner of his mouth widened, "Cassie, you should say, you can't afford to provoke me," "Whatever you say, anyway, I really won't mess with my sister again in the future," she didn't want to argue with him about this.

Bottom line, there's no point in arguing about this, She was now trying to build a good relationship with him, hoping to conceive his child this month, Only in this way can she keep her position in the family,

safa_bukhari safa_bukhari

My dear readers, in You, Are Mine, I'M Yours Season 2 is here. The main characters are the same but the supporting characters are slightly changed. And appreciate Season 2 as you appreciate season 1.

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