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70.94% You, CEO's Secret Wife / Chapter 508: C508 Go Beat People up Together

C508 Go Beat People up Together - You, CEO's Secret Wife - Chapter 508 by priya_debnath full book limited free

Chapter 508: C508 Go Beat People up Together

"Why do I feel like Yin Che has a guilty conscience?" Jian Yun looked at Yin Che and suddenly felt a light in her heart. Her eyes lit up and she immediately looked at Huo Liancheng in surprise. Her voice was raised, "Could it be..."

Huo Liancheng narrowed his eyes and looked at Jian Yun, "Maybe what?"

Jian Yun covered her mouth and her eyes rolled, looking very conflicted.

"What kind of expression do you have? Why didn't you finish your sentence?" Huo Liancheng knocked Jian Yun on the head.

"I was just a little shocked. How could Yin Che be such a person?" Jian Yun got up and sat next to Huo Liancheng. She frowned. "How did you know?"

"Then tell me. What did I know before?" Huo Liancheng raised his eyebrows and asked Jian Yun. At the same time, he naturally put his arm around her slim waist.

"Hmm? Didn't you see that Yin Che had flirted with Qingcheng?" Jian Yun blinked her eyes.

The corner of Huo Liancheng's lips curled up slightly. His sharp eyes seemed to be tainted with a smile. "This is what you saw?"

"Isn't it?" Jian Yun blinked her big eyes. Her dark eyes were like sparkling black gemstones. "Qingcheng is lying in bed. Yin Che treated her with acupuncture. Seeing that Qingcheng is beautiful, he took advantage of her and did something ungentlemanly."

"Duo Duo, have you been reading some bad novels recently?" Huo Liancheng asked.

"No. I have been busy practicing piano recently. I don't have time to read novels. Yes, but Wu Wenjing sent me a famous book a while ago. I read it a few times before I went to sleep." Jian Yun pursed her lips and her eyes flashed mischievously.

What book? " Huo Liancheng was interested.

Jian Yun squinted her eyes and smiled like a fox. "I'll teach you how to control your husband."

Huo Liancheng frowned. "What kind of famous book is this?"

Wu Wenjing wrote it herself! " Jian Yun laughed.

What did the book say? " Huo Liancheng asked again.

"I won't tell you." Jian Yun blinked mischievously. Of course she could not tell Huo Liancheng. In fact, this guide book to control her husband was something Wu Wenjing had summarized based on her years of reading countless romance novels about domineering male characters. It was specifically tailor-made for Jian Yun. It was completely targeted at Huo Liancheng. If Huo Liancheng saw so many guides about how to deal with him in the book, he would definitely go berserk on the spot.

"It's so mysterious. Could it be a sex love letter?" Huo Liancheng said on purpose.

"No, I'm not as dirty as you." Jian Yun wrinkled her nose and snorted. Then she grabbed Huo Liancheng's arm and shook it. "Don't change the topic. Tell me, what did you see?"

"Stupid!" Huo Liancheng immediately poked Jian Yun's forehead with his index finger. "Didn't you notice that Qingcheng likes Yin Che?"

"Ah?" Jian Yun heard him and was so shocked that her mouth was wide open. Her face was full of shock.

"Aren't you women born with strong sixth sense? Didn't you notice anything wrong?" Huo Liancheng shook his head.

"When I was with Qingcheng, she never mentioned it to me. Besides, Yin Che and I rarely interacted with each other. I don't have X-ray vision, so I can't see what they are thinking." Jian Yun pouted unhappily.

"Then what do you think now?" Huo Liancheng asked.

"Me? What do I think?" Jian Yun was puzzled, "That's about Qingcheng and Yin Che. We can only ask if they are interested in each other."

Jian Yun suddenly stopped. She carefully stared into Huo Liancheng's eyes and asked carefully, "What about you? What do you think?"

"Why do you ask?" Huo Liancheng lowered his head and stared into Jian Yun's eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c508-go-beat-people-up-together_55516412613024185">;s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c508-go-beat-people-up-together_55516412613024185</a> for visiting.

"Don't you know Yin Che? What do you think of him? Is it worth entrusting Qingcheng to him?" Jian Yun suddenly felt conflicted, "Qingcheng is a good girl. If Yin Che is a bastard, how sad would she be?"

"We are considering different things." "Qingcheng has been in a coma for so long and has been in bed for six years. She did not have the chance to come into contact with the outside world. She does not know about love. I am afraid she will get hurt. " I wanted to wait until she recovers and let her continue to study and interact more with the people outside. This will broaden her horizons and make more choices. "

Jian Yun could not help but shake her head when she heard this. "Liancheng, I think you are wrong."

"En?" Huo Liancheng raised his eyebrows.

"This is Qingcheng's own business. She should make her own decision instead of you helping her make her decision. Regardless of whether she wants to study or not in the future, it seems like if she really likes Yin Che and you interfere with her and don't let her be with someone she likes, she will be sad."

"This is what you women think. Women are always soft-hearted!" Huo Liancheng shook his head, expressing his disagreement with Jian Yun's opinion. "A person's life is very short. Qingcheng has already wasted six years. I don't want her to continue wasting time on unsuitable people."

"But you are not Qingcheng. How do you know that Yin Che is not suitable for her?" Jian Yun's frown deepened.

"Are you here to oppose me?" Huo Liancheng was getting impatient. He hooked his arm around Jian Yun's neck and pulled her into his arms. His pretty eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Hey, are you a tyrant? Do you still not allow others to object?" Jian Yun reached out and pried Huo Liancheng's hand away. She did not want him to be so domineering.

"Stupid girl," Huo Liancheng said. Shouldn't you support your husband unconditionally?" Huo Liancheng threatened.

"I only stand on the side of truth, because what you said doesn't make sense. That's why I support Qingcheng!" Jian Yun was not afraid of Huo Liancheng, and deliberately wanted to oppose him.

"Bad girl, you did not say that last night. When you begged me to be faster, you said that you would listen to me in the future!" Huo Liancheng pinched Jian Yun's cheeks and moved very close to her. His voice was also very low.

Jian Yun's face was red, but because her face was pinched, she could only use her eyes to express her anger, "Shameless!"

Huo Liancheng's mood immediately became better, "People like me to be shameless!"

"I really hate it. I'm hungry. I want to eat breakfast!" Jian Yun could not take it anymore. Especially now that Huo Liancheng was so close to her. Didn't he know that the smell on his body was aggressive? Her heart was beating so fast that it almost jumped out of her throat.

"If you dare to attack me again, let's see how I will treat you!" Huo Liancheng did not forget to threaten her in the end.

While they were eating breakfast, Huo Liancheng's phone rang. Jian Yun saw that when he picked up the phone, he only said that he knew and hung up the phone. Jian Yun curiously asked, "Who is it?"

"Eat more. Go and beat him up later!" Huo Liancheng smiled slightly and revealed a dangerous smile.

Jian Yun raised her eyebrows and immediately drank the milk.

Before leaving the door, Jian Yun remembered that Huo Liancheng had not taken his medicine. She immediately pulled him back and said, "Take your medicine!"

"No!" Huo Liancheng refused immediately.

"Hey, don't go back on your word!"

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