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21.86% You Will Call Me Sir / Chapter 75: Dining in Ambrosia [Part 1]

Dining in Ambrosia [Part 1] - You Will Call Me Sir - Chapter 75 by Elyon full book limited free

Chapter 75: Dining in Ambrosia [Part 1]

Kate's eyes were sparkling as she entered the doors of the most popular high-class restaurant in K-city. If the exterior of the restaurant amazed her, the interior made her eyes and mouth water.

Everything was sparkling. The marble tables, the lounge chairs, the lamps hanging from the high ceiling, and the red carpet made the glutton's eye shrink in amazement. She almost felt out of place. It was as if she didn't belong there.

However, when she saw the vast array of foods that were being served, she tossed the idea to the back of her head. Since there was food here, this was a place where she belonged! Kate wasn't able to control the giggle that escaped her lips.

'All these foods, I'll taste them all!' Kate thought in excitement. 'Ufufufu!'

[Careful not to drool in front of your friends,] Stella reminded. [The world is our oyster, so be sure not to use the wrong fork.]

'Stella you're so silly,' Kate said in the shared mindscape with haughtiness. 'When eating oysters you don't use a fork, you slurp them!]

[...Do you want everyone to look at you in a weird manner?]

'E-Eh? Isn't that the right way to eat an oyster?' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[You're so silly, Kate.] Stella giggled. [There's no right or wrong way to eat an oyster. Just make sure you don't act like you've not eaten for days in front of these kids.]

'Of course!' Kate nodded her head in understanding. 'Mama Andrea and Olivia taught me table manners and etiquette. Relax, I got this in the bag.]

[Don't you mean stomach?]

'Hehehe, I wonder if they have lobsters here as well.'

The glutton was in a daze so Ciel had no choice but to drag her along with him. Kate only snapped out of her stupor when she found herself seated in the VIP room that Neville had reserved for them.

"Wow!" Kate exclaimed as she saw the scenic view in front of her. From where she was seated, she could see over a hundred giant umbrellas, with different colors, spread out outside of the restaurant. With the sea as their backdrop, it created a picturesque scene that made Kate's mouth gape in amazement.

Chloe, good naturedly, placed her finger under Kate's chin and pushed upwards, closing her mouth. When Luna saw this, her eyes turned into crescents but she didn't say anything. It would be rude to do so. She found Kate's unrestrained surprise refreshing to the eyes.

Neville found Kate's expression endearing so he held back his laugh and gave a short explanation. "This is an extension of Ambrosia that was prepared for those who preferred a sea-side view."

Kate suddenly gave Neville a very sweet smile that made Ethan and Stephen click their tongue in annoyance.

"You're amazing, Neville," Kate praised. "Whoever marries you will be a very lucky girl."

'Because whoever you marry will not worry about food for the rest of her life' Kate added in her heart.

"Are you proposing to me?" Neville smiled warmly. He was in a good mood so he decided to make a joke. He didn't know that his "joke" made two boys clench their fists under the table. The thought of beating him to a pulp could be seen in their eyes.

"Hehe," Kate chuckled. "Maybe? If I did would you accept."

"Gladly!" Neville replied in a heartbeat. Of course, he was just treating this conversation as a joke. He was not aware that he was this close to being stabbed to oblivion by the two boys who were now holding the dining knives in their hands.

The end of Ciel's lips raised by half a centimeter as he saw the scene in front of him. He then gazed at the oblivious glutton beside him. Kate was currently smiling at Neville as if she had found an unlimited buffet laid out in front of her.

Ciel could understand what the girl was thinking and he could only laugh inside his heart in amusement. He then picked up the menu on top of the table. He raised it and lightly tapped it on Kate's head.

"Pick out your order," Ciel said. "It will take a while for them to prepare the food. The sooner you choose, the sooner it will arrive."

Kate grabbed the menu and opened it with a serious face. Her Mama Andrea told her that the best food on the menu was always the third priciest one. Yes! Believe it or not, the most delicious food in any menu is not the priciest dish, but the third priciest!

(A/N: The next time you visit a restaurant be sure to check it out. Just remember social distancing!)

As Kate chose her order, Ciel, Chloe, and Claire also made theirs. Ethan,Stephen, and Luna didn't order anything. They knew that Neville had something in mind, so they will just wait for his arrangement.

After hearing their orders, Neville nodded his head and whispered something at the waiter. The waiter respectfully bowed his head and hurried away to inform the kitchen of their VIP Guest's orders.

A few minutes later, the round marble table was soon filled with various delicacies that made Kate gulp unconsciously. Ethan and Stephen saw her reaction and made a mental note that in order to make Kate fall in love with them, they first needed to conquer her stomach.

'Should I start learning how to cook?' Ethan thought. 'I guess I'll ask my mom to teach me.'

'I better ask Dad to hire the best chef in the country when I marry Kate,' Stephen mused. 'I will fill her up with delicious food everyday.'

(A/N: I know what you guys are thinking. *smirk*)

The two boys now realized why they felt a slight threat coming from Neville when it came to Kate. It was food! The two boys knew that Kate loved to eat and it would be easier to get close to her if you always gave her delicious food.

Since that was the case, both boys decided to prevent Kate from entering Ambrosia again. However, the two love-struck boys underestimated the culinary arts of the chefs from Ambrosia. How could the best high-class restaurant in the country be simple? Since they dared to name the restaurant Ambrosia, they also had the skills to back it up.

As the name suggests, Ambrosia was the food of the Gods. This was the reason why the Royal Family and famous celebrities chose to dine here whenever they found themselves in K-City. How could two second-generation-rich-brats understand the influential power of the Food Empire?

They lost the battle before it even started!

Elyon Elyon

Thank you for reading my story. If you like the novel, please, show your support and vote for me. Your continuous support will motivate me to do better and write more chapters that you will enjoy.

Have a good day everyone!

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