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38% Youth Romance Story / Chapter 19: 19. The Queen is crazy[Edited]

19. The Queen is crazy[Edited] - Youth Romance Story - Chapter 19 by DreamStolen full book limited free

Chapter 19: 19. The Queen is crazy[Edited]

The three of them went round the Comprehensive Activity Center. The new semester has just begun. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The heat here obviously hasn't receded. Many first-year students traveled in teams, hoping to join their favorite clubs.

Therefore, many clubs set up a table in the lobby on the first floor to promote their new ideas.

Everywhere you can see the youthful managers of the sports department, the lovely and gentle beautiful seniors in the literature and art department, or the handsome seniors who are actively promoting their club.

"Oh, three juniors, are you interested in joining our animation club? Not only can you watch the animation at will, but also there's beautiful senior sister, what do you think about it?"

Tamiya Yuto quietly leaned to Jiang Yuan ear "Don't believe it, there is no beautiful girl in the animation agency, all of them are two-dimensional character."

"Why do you know this?"

"I was fooled by Takamura at the beginning." the corner of his mouth could not help but twitched.

Jiang Yuan was speechless. He imagined that the daily club activities of the animation club are muscular brothers and expensive ladies posing. Although they do not require physical entanglement like judo clubs, they hurt the eyes a lot!

"The diving department invites friends! There is a blue sea in front of you, swimming with the beautiful senior sister, is it not exciting to think about it? Come on, junior, have this cup of oolong tea!"

"What is the diving department?"

"A good meeting for diving enthusiasts, the so-called oolong tea is a strong alcohol, commonly known as flammable ice'. If you drink too much, you will die." Tamiya said quietly.

"Why are you so clear again?"

"It is said that there are beautiful and lovely seniors, so I tried it, but I didn't see any of them and almost went to the hospital. These unscrupulous guys are all cheating under the guise of beautiful girls. damn!" Tamiya gritted his teeth with anger.

Jiang yuan "..."

"The basketball club recruits new members! The height requirement is 175cm or more, and the club targets the national competition. People with lofty ideals please join us!"

Seeing the boys lining up to fill out the entry form, Jiang Yuan was a little lost.

Since "Slam Dunk" became popular all over the world, the basketball club of Kamakura High School has been clamoring for the national competition every year.

But the reality is crueler than expected, but this still can't stop the enthusiasm for basketball in Kamakura high school boys.

Just like the scenes in anime, for the girl I love, I joined the basketball club without hesitation and used my limited youth to show my boundless enthusiasm on the court.

Of course, this kind of inspiration and enthusiasm is not appropriate for Jiang yuan, or it is like a waste of time.

"Go, go, the new transfer student is said to have gone to the Kyudo Club to kick the club again."

"I heard that she immediately challenged the strongest in the department after joining the company. After winning, she retired at the speed of light. The most incredible thing is that she thinks all of this is boring?!"

"Yes, yes, this topic has exploded on the school forum now. The third-year ministers of the Fine Arts Club, the Fencing Club, the Calligraphy Club, and the Table Tennis Club are all defeated by her with absolute advantage one after another!"

"This transfer student seems to be a freshman, right? Is there such a versatile genius in this world? It's really abnormal!"

Watching the surrounding students go to the activity room of the Kyudo Club When they ran, Jiang Yuan and three people looked at each other. If they were not mistaken, it should be their classmate Hazawa Chizuru?

Takamura throat rolled, and he patted Jiang Yuan on the shoulder, muttering horribly: " Jiang Yuan, did you hear that, what you are facing is... a real demon king!"

Jiang Yuan quickly took out his mobile phone and visited the school forum, with a red and bold headline being the first among them-[Shocked! A beautiful girl went crazy at school! ]

Seeing the title, Jiang Yuan is full of black lines. He has good reason to suspect that the post is an international student from China.

After clicking on the post, there are pictures of a beautiful girl challenging the club And this poster gave the person a special shot—the beautiful girl walked away in high spirits, leaving the lost club President kneeling on the ground and covering his face and crying.

Although there is no frontal photo of the beautiful girl, from the perspective of clothing and temperament, it is definitely Hazawa Chizuru.

There were hundreds of comments in the post in just half an hour. The host seems to be still broadcasting, and now it has been broadcast to transfer students entering the activity room of the Kyudo Club.

"Jiang Yuan, let's go and take a look too, don't forget, this Demon King is your opponent!"

Jiang Yuan couldn't help being stunned. Although he knew she was strong, she didn't expect her to be this strong. At this point, she must be strong in all areas. Is there anything she can't do?

The activity room of the Kyudo Club is located on the third floor of the Comprehensive Activity Center.

It occupies four classrooms. The interior is decorated like a kendo dojo. , The surrounding walls are made of stone blue bricks, and the entire activity room is divided into an archery area and a rest area.

A few Japanese bows hung on the wall by the door, and an archery target was placed on the opposite side.

There are not many female members in the archery club. There are currently only three or four people wearing archery uniforms and are doing basic exercise training for [Shooting Eight Sections].

A dozen other boys were doing daily archery exercises. From a distance, they could hear the feather arrows pierce through the air and finally hit the target with a crisp string sound.

Perhaps the transfer student's challenge is too high-profile. Some members of the Kyudo Club have received news that they are ready to face the powerful iceberg queen.

Hazawa Chizuru took off her small leather shoes, her feet wrapped in black silk stepped on the wooden floor, and made a slight noise.

Seeing the beautiful girl with a cold temperament comes to the door, Koda, the head of the archery department, is slightly lost. He still has illusions in his heart. Perhaps this beautiful transfer student is not going to the door to challenge, but intends to join the archery club.

However, the word from the beautiful girl directly crushes his dream.

"no need to talk about nonsense, who is the president of the Kyudo Club?"

"Hello, I'm President of the club Kota Oda, and now I am the chief of the archery club. Excuse me..."

Hazawa Chizuru did not let him continue but interrupted directly.

"I am not interested in the self-introduction of mediocre people. If you can rely on Kyudo to win against me, I can make an exception to join and help the Kyudo Club win the national competition. If you lose, it means that the Kyudo Club of Kamakura High School is only at that level, it's as ordinary and boring as other clubs."

Her tone was flat, just like when she introduced herself this morning, she was so arrogant that she didn't show a humility on Kyudo club at all.

Kota Oda took a deep breath. He has been practicing archery since he was in middle school. Now he has been practicing for five years. He is not that kind of genius. He just practices day after day. As a third-grade student, he have the hope to participate in the national competition this year.

And this beautiful girl actually belittles the Kyudo Club to nothing. If he depends on others to win the national competition, then what is the point of his efforts for so many years?

In that case, there is nothing to say.

"Kyudo, Kota Oda, please advise."

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