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42% Youth Romance Story / Chapter 21: 21. True Goddess[Edited]

21. True Goddess[Edited] - Youth Romance Story - Chapter 21 by DreamStolen full book limited free

Chapter 21: 21. True Goddess[Edited]

After Jiang Yuan rejected Kato Ai team application, he began to concentrate on practicing with the wall.

No one disturbed him, there will be no accidents, there no injuries and shame. It's perfect.

At this time, in the stadium came in exclamation.

"Hazawa-san has beaten 13 people in a row!"

"It's too powerful, no one can catch her serve!"

"Actually...Even Misaka-san lost. He is the seeded player of the tennis club!"

"Is there anything Hazen can't do? You won't go to the tennis club again after class in the afternoon, right?!"

"Haazawa is so beautiful!"

Jiang Yuan looked towards the center of the court, Hazawa Chizuru wore a white sports suit and short-sleeved shorts, showing her perfect white and slender legs, attracting the eyes of all LSPs. The tied ponytail fell freely from the back of the tennis cap, with a heroic posture.

Jiang Yuan had to admit that this woman was so perfect, she had no weaknesses at all, not to mention strategy, even how to make further contact became a problem.

Is this a Super Boss with a strategy level of SP? If you come into contact with it rashly, you will definitely be hated, and then your favorability will be reduced, and finally, you will die in an accident.

In contrast, Nanshan Yumi, who is also at the SP Raiders level, looks so gentle and lovely.

Jiang Yuan was thinking wildly, Hazawa Chizuru suddenly jumped up and used a high volley smash, breaking the opponent's confidence, and after the tennis ball landed, she quickly rushed out in the direction of Jiang Yuan.

"Student Jiang Yuan, be careful!"

Hearing the reminder, he looked back and saw a high-speed tennis ball rushing towards him. At this moment, Jiang Yuan squatted down and the tennis ball quickly passed over his head before hitting the wall before gradually stopped rolling.

"Huh, it's dangerous, I almost died."

Jiang Yuan picked up the ball and looked at the calm gaze that Chizuru Hazawa swept over, and her favorability had been reduced to -49%.

Is this also under your control? big boss.

By controlling where the ball falls, and thus controlling the path after the tennis rebounds, it shouldn't be a difficult task for a tennis master.

He sighed and picked up the ball, intending to throw the tennis ball over. After all, there was no injury. The danger just now can only be called an accident.

Unexpectedly, Hazawa Chizuru raised her racket and hooked her finger at him. Is this...provocation?!

The eyes of the other classmates gathered, the contest between the demon king and brave man, a duel between the beautiful girl and the handsome guy, anyway, are very interesting.

"Could it be that... this day is finally coming? The counterattack of the sports waste? It's really exciting!" Tamiya yelled from the side


"Jiang yuan, the sleeping lion, will wake up soon!"Takamura exposed his biceps against Jiang yuan, coordinating with Tamiya Yuto's second-degree cry. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

For these two damaging friends, Jiang Yuan was simply unable to complain. Don't think he didn't know that this was the line in "The Prince of Tennis".

Jiang Yuan sighed and if he played with the Demon King. He would definitely be harm by various stunts. It is estimated that even his life may be in danger.

He threw the tennis ball over, and threw the racket to the ground altogether, surrendering with both hands: "I admit defeat."

This operation shocked the jaws of a group of people.

"It's a bug, it's more useless than I thought. Even if your brain is only used for exams, at least it should be a bit manly." Hazawa Chizuru caught the ball and calmly retracted her gaze.

This, even his gender has been mocked.

Jiang Yuan mouth twitched, and he couldn't find any words to refute it.

Obviously, she is a pervert, well, how can a normal person be a genius in all aspects, there should always be shortcomings!

The second class in the afternoon is fine arts.

The fine arts teacher is an old teacher who has been immersed in the field of fine arts for many years. He graduated from the well-known Tokyo University of the Arts.

He is good at oil painting and watercolor painting.

Of course, whether the art teacher is Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso, the teaching content will not be too advanced for first-year high school students.

Jiang Yuan listened carefully to the sketching and painting skills the teacher said, and then picked up the 2B pencil and began to draw on paper. The goal of the painting was the vase that the teacher placed on the podium, which required obvious structural features and light sources.

After more than ten minutes, he gave up. The drawing is almost like a primary school student who was first exposed to art. There is no structure, no three-dimensionality, crooked lines, no contrast between light and dark, and it is too ugly to look.

He sighed secretly. Sure enough, art needs talent. It doesn't matter if you work hard, you will not be able to draw good works.

As the lesson gradually passed. In addition to the flat vase at the beginning, Jiang yuan art paper also had a simple two-dimensional character Doraemon.

Although the painting is not great, he thinks it looks good.

After class, the teacher scored all the students' works, and Jiang Yuan got the long-lost F.

Obviously, painting has not yet started.

At this time, he saw Hazawa Chizuru work, and his teacher held it in his hand to comment. It caused a sensation in the class. It was an extremely beautiful landscape painting with an A+ grade.

From the perspective of the window of the work, you can see that there are cherry trees in full bloom next to it, the scattered teaching buildings are rippling with brilliance, the distance is Kamakura Gaomae Station where the train passes, and the sparkling sea and beautiful rivers are farther away.

Seagulls, trains, anglers, the half-exposed sun in the clouds, the halo emanating from the clouds and fog, the details are vivid, the whole work is colored with watercolors, and the painting techniques are skillful and vivid, which have been highly appreciated by the art teacher.

"Even if you take this work to participate in the county competition, you will definitely win a prize!"

Jiang Yuan saw from the position of Hazawa Chizuru, his expression was shocked, and the reality and the content of the screen were almost identical.

He only remembered what he heard in the activity center building at noon today, that Hazawa Chizuru defeated the president of Fine Arts with absolute strength.

Not only him, but other classmates also have similar expressions, staring blankly into the air. Is this really the level of drawing that a first-year high school student can have?


"It's really shocking!" Tamiya Yuto ran half-kneeled in front of Hazawa Chizuru, clenching his fists with an exaggerated expression and excited tone.

"I used to be a pure materialist. I didn't know that there is a true Goddess in the world until I met you. Goddess, please save me. From now on, I will be your firm believer."

Hazawa Chizuru glanced at him calmly, and then at Jiang Yuan, her tone remained unchanged as usual: "I have no interest in ordinary mediocre humans."

Tamiya Yuto covered his chest like an arrow shot his heart.

Jiang Yuan face was full of black lines, and he walked out to the door while pulling Tamiya Yuto collar.

This guy must have done it deliberately.

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