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73.33% Yue Of The Moonlight / Chapter 22: Heading North!

Heading North! - Yue Of The Moonlight - Chapter 22 by invayne full book limited free

Chapter 22: Heading North!

The judge's face was now a deep purple as he yelled out: "Stop her! Chop off her head here and now!"

"You will do no such thing!" Princess Venessa yelled out after. She would not let anyone stop Yue. She had already promised she would not let Yue die!

"Princes, you are very kind." Yue said with a smile as the knights in the courtroom came charging at her. Yue waved her hand, sending out multiple fireballs sending them flying and slamming into the knights sending them flying back. "I will never forget your kindness, Princess. Please take care of my family. Until we meet again."

Yue bowed her head and turned to walk out of the courtroom when a powerful bolt of lightning shot past her head, slamming into the floor in front of her. "Old man, I would suggest you, SIT!"

At Yue's words, the judge's old body slammed into his chair, breaking it, and fell to the floor. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn't get back up. "You heathen! You are hereby banished from the Kingdom of Seris! You will never be allowed to enter this kingdom again, or you will die!"

Yue shrugged and waved her hand and casually said: "Whatever, old man. Don't die from a heart attack now, okay? Yoru old and decrepit. "

Yue cast a few buffing spells on her body and shot out of the courtroom and out onto the main street. She did not stop for anything as she headed for the forest to the north. The trip would take her a few months, but it was the only place that was not owned by any country. It was a no man's land that was ruled by monsters. It was an area that spans thousands of kilometers in each direction. She was going there because she did not wish to be a part of any kingdom. And it was a place where she could hone her skills and become stronger.

Another reason was because of her system. She needed to learn more about it and did not want others to know about it. One screw up could end up causing her to be hunted by powerful people, or at least she thought so anyway. The only thing she worried about was whether or not Momo would be okay. She had Albert's promise, but she still did not know if things would be okay or not. Still feeling worried, she ran into a store and snatched a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote a few words on it and then waved her hand, causing the paper to fold up into a bird and fly off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_56810941257402796">!_56810941257402796</a> for visiting.

All her years of researching magic, looking for reasons why she may not be able to cast spells, Yue had come across some ancient magic that was no longer used today. One was the word magic she has used a few times now. It was magic that when you infused magic into your voice, it would act on the command of a single word as long as the image in your head was clear. This was how she put Clara to sleep and how she had just made the old judge sit down against his will.

She did not plan to kill anyone. She was not someone who goes around killing people at will. In all honesty, she knew she could never kill anyone unless they crossed her bottom line. This was something she actually wanted to fix. Now that she was going out on her own, she would need to kill anyone who even remotely expressed killing intent towards her. With her thoughts full of planning out her coming day's Yue began her journey north.

Back in the courtroom, Princess Venessa looked at the mess that Yue made and began to laugh. "So like her! She will never let people off! Haha!"

Princess Venessa looked across the room at Van, who had a distorted look on his face, and smiled. She wondered how it felt for him to lose his only chance of being able to get Yue killed. "Van, do not think I have forgotten how you went against my word today. I will be speaking to my father about it when I get back."

Van looked at Venessa and ground his teeth. He snorted and walked away. He swore in his heart that he would make her his even if he had to force himself on her. He would not let her off! As for Yue… He hoped she dies a dog's death outside the kingdom.

"Ahhh! Don't pull anymore! That little bitch! She cursed me!" Currently, the old judge was still flat on his butt on the floor and unable to get up no matter who tried to help him. He was completely stuck to the floor.

As the scene in the courtroom began to calm down, and the nobles began to file out. A small little white paper bird flew into the Noret estate and landed on the table next to Momo, whose eyes were red from crying. Next to her was Albert, who seemed flustered in trying to calm her down. "Miss Momo, there is a message here."

Momo raised her head and looked at the small white bird. She was confused as to who sent it, but what surprised her even more was when the little white bird hopped over to her and nuzzled against her hand before glowing and opening up and turning into the shape of Yue. The mini Yue smiled and began speaking: "Momo! It's you ever lovable little miss Yue here! I wanted to let you know I will probably not return. I have been banished after all. But I will say this. That knight Albert is a pretty good catch, so show some skin and make him fall for you. If that doesn't work, just tie him to the bed and do the deed. As a knight, he will need to take responsibility for you.

"Well, if none of that works. I went north to the monster's domain. You can send a message to me, and I will meet you at the edge of the forest. I will no longer be allowed to return to the kingdom. Send a letter to my parents to stop fighting for a kingdom that lets its nobles do as they please. Anyway, Momo, live well, find your happiness. Sadly I do not think I will be going to your wedding… To Sir Albert. Don't miss me too much. Love you, Yue."

The letter disappeared after it finished speaking, leaving both Albert and Momo sitting there blushing from ear to ear. But Momo's embarrassment did not last too long. She quickly got up from her chair, almost knocking it over and slammed her hands on to the table. "Sir Albert, I can no longer host you. I need to prepare to leave. I will follow after my Young Miss!"

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