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Chapter 9: Another Urging Night

"Finally we're home again." Yami exclaimed as he had walked inside after Yugi unlocked the door. Yugi then gently closed it back behind him, as he turned and looked at Yami. Yami stretched a little as he chuckled with a laugh. "What's funny?" Yugi asked questionably. "Well, I never realized how exciting it is to come home, after a good day. Perhaps, this is the feeling of tired? Yes?" Yami asked with a confused expression. Yugi then laughed a little, as his eyes soften with a smile. "Yes I believe so." Yugi told him. Yami then walked over towards the couch, as he then reached for the blanket. "I had a great time with you today, Yugi. I hope you have had the same." He added on.

Yugi watched as Yami was starting to show signs of going to bed. However, Yugi didn't want that, at least that's what half of him wanted. A lot was going on at the moment, as if Yugi was gently fighting with himself in his mind. He couldn't determine what he wanted, as if he was second guessing himself for the most part. He was having trouble, trying to find what to say towards Yami a lot of the time. Sometimes he wouldn't say what was really on his mind, whether than just make something up. He then, sighed, as he just didn't speak on it at all.

Yami noticed this gesture, and posture that,Yugi was presenting. "You seem like you have something you wish to ask." Yami spoke, as he was unfolding his blanket. "Huh." Yugi tried to play dumb. However, he then showed a facial expression that was worried. Could it be possible that Yami already knew what he was thinking. He gulped hard a little, as he then, scratched his head trying to change the subject. "It's—it's nothing, really, perhaps I'm just a little tired myself. Haha." Yami watched Yugi as he raised an eyebrow at his partner. He knew Yugi was hiding something, however he didn't know whether to press or leave it be.

He wanted Yugi to tell him things on his own, however he felt that Yugi was always afraid to do so. It was if he was still afraid of him or something, it made Yami make a small frown to himself. Yugi, then watched as Yami's face expression went from calm, to a little more sad, as he did so. Yugi then slowly rubbed his own left arm, and then walked over to Yami. "Yami I need to say something to you." Yugi said a little worried. He was going to do it, he was tired of being a baby about it, but he was always choking on what he really wanted to tell Yami. Yami kept his calm collected facial expression on Yugi as he wanted to know what was on his mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yugi then inhaled and then exhaled slowly, as he then bit his bottom lip a little before he spoke. "Yami, I told you before, you've given me a lot. I have always appreciated what you've done for me. I always will. However, now it's my turn to do something for you, for the both of us. I want you and I do have something special tomorrow night. I won't say what, but I need time to prepare tomorrow morning." Yugi told him. Yami's eyes widened as he didn't know what Yugi had in mind. He felt like it was a gift for him or something, something special he didn't know what it could be. "Something, special?" Yami asked himself but towards Yugi.

"Mhm." Yugi told him. "We shall start at 8pm tomorrow night. Please be inside my room already by then. Don't be late, it's a surprise so I can't tell you. But I hope that you'll like it." He said cheerfully. Yami, then gently nodded and smiled as he would be happy to do so. "Well, sure then I suppose. I'd be glad to have this little "surprise" with you, Yugi." He told him. Yugi then blushed gently, at him, as he then walked in and kissed Yami gently on the cheek. Yami then slowly touched his own cheek, as he felt the warmth of Yugi's lips on his skin. He lust for Yugi's touch, almost every day, however fought within himself to resist everyday as well.

"Can't wait until tomorrow then. Ha." Yami said with a small chuckle. He then slowly started to take off his jacket as Yugi watched him. "What are you doing? You're going to sleep down here again?" Yugi asked with concern. "Hm? Well- yes of course, this is where I always sleep." Yami said with a little confusion. Yugi, felt that guilt again, like he did the night before and the night before that. He couldn't do it anymore, it was annoying for him, but he didn't know how Yami would feel about it either. However he didn't hold his tongue to express what he wanted.

"Yami, you know you can sleep in my room. Even if it's on the floor, you can still join me. You know I don't mind. I want you in there actually, it makes me feel safe." Yugi told him. Yami understood, however he didn't wish to do that, as long as he knew what he was capable of. "I'm aware Yugi, but I don't want to risk that, your warm touch, your soft lips, your beauty is very unbearable for me. I always want to touch you, to pleasure you. It's like a curse almost." Yami said with his eyes soften but voice stern. Yugi watched his eyes and his gesture, he seemed so upset by it.

"I see." Yugi said gentle as he didn't know what more he could say towards him. Yami then went over to Yugi and slowly cup his cheeks with his hands. He then, gently pressed his lips against Yugi's, and kissed him closing his eyes. Yugi, embraced him as he felt his soft warm kiss on him. He loved feeling Yami's kisses, it felt so nice and it made his heart melt and his legs feel like jelly. He was so happy, to feel this love from him, as he wrapped his arms around his neck, and pulled them closer together. Yami felt this gesture, and immediately stopped as he lightly pulled away from the kiss and stared at Yugi.

Yugi, eyes was still closed, as he felt Yami pull away from the kiss the time they got closer. He then slowly opened his big purple eyes, as he soften them to look at him. He knew the reason and which they stopped, but this time he knew he didn't want to stop. Yami then gently pulled Yugi's arms off of him and then put them up to his lips, as he kissed them gently. "We shall speak tomorrow." He stated, as Yugi eyes gleamed with shine. It was almost like happiness, but it wasn't, it felt like a tear. He always felt like what happened made it awkward every moment they shared together. This was the price he was paying for being a baby, he thought.

Yugi eyes closed, as he then moved his hands away and then turned to walk to the steps. Yami saw this gesture, but he didn't comment on it. He just turned around and went to the couch with a sigh, as he grabbed his toothbrush from the table. He then went down into the bathroom, downstairs, as he closed the door behind him. Yugi watched as he did so and he rushed up the steps, as he wanted to get into his room quickly. He then quickly got inside and locked the door behind him as his breathing increased. He felt like he was hyperventilating, and needed some comfort.

He tried to keep it under control, as he didn't want Yami to think something was wrong. He wanted him to not know what he was feeling, because he wanted to keep it under the radar. He then slowly tried to calm himself down, as he then plopped down into his bed, as he gripped his pillow. He screamed into it, as he got annoyed that Yami did that every time. However, he could only blame himself, for why Yami was acting the way he was. After all, Yugi started it to begin with, therefore the emotions Yami felt wasn't unjustified.

He slowly got up from his bed, and turned around to wipe some of the tears that had came down. He then, leaned over on his table that was next to his bed to grab his phone. He then scrolled through his contacts, and saw that it was Téa's number. He then slowly started to click the call button as he then put it towards his ear. He then heard the shower starting to run, in the hallway bathroom as he knew Yami came up the stairs to take a shower. Yugi groaned when he thought about Téa picking up, he didn't know how to word what he wanted to ask.

He felt this was a terrible horrible decision on his part, that he felt would backfire. To be honest, Yugi didn't wish to discuss what was going on, between him and Yami towards her. After all, she did like Yami for a long time, but she also liked Yugi too, however Yugi always assumed she liked Yami more. However, Yami never knew until one day, she told him apparently and Yami was surprised. He never realized Téa had feelings, for him at all. That's when, she realized that Yami actually liked Yugi instead, he wasn't into women really, however he never told Téa she was ugly. Yugi would get jealous sometimes when they talked, because he never knew what they was talking about.

It made him nervous as he grip the phone and was about to hang up. He then heard a voice, on the other end, as his eyes widened as he jolted a little. "Hello? Oh hey Yugi! What a surprise." She said on the phone. Yugi was embarrassed for a second, as he never called Téa this late at night before. "H—hey Téa, um-" he didn't even know how, to start this conversation. He felt himself shake from this nervousness he was feeling, and wanting to cry because of it. "Hm? Is something the matter? Did something happen." She asked questionably.

"What!? No! Why do you always think something happened!? Why don't you just mind your business!" He said, firmly towards her. She got startled a little, at this type, of reaction from Yugi. She didn't know what to say, as she just made a scared noise over the phone. Yugi heard the noise and immediately got sad, from it. His eyes widened at his own reaction as he couldn't believe that he even did that towards her. "I—I'm sorry, Téa I—I don't know what's going on with me, I guess I'm just stressed out. I'm sorry if I scared you, or hurt your feelings." He said softly.

She then shook her head to herself and then had an upbeat tone. "No worries! I can tell you are feeling something. You would never react that way, towards me. Hmm- perhaps it has something to do with your pa? I could come over if you want to say it face to face." She said. "What? N—no please don't. Actually, I was thinking we could just hangout tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, around 8am." Yugi claimed. She then nodded as she spoke back happily. "Yeah sure. I'll have to go to work within two hours prior, but I most definitely can. How about we meet at our favorite spot. The deluxe burger shack." She stated.

"Yeah, that sounds nice. Alright I'll see you tomorrow then." Yugi told her. She then agreed as Yugi then hung up his cell phone and put it back on the table. He then glanced at his door, as he didn't hear any more water, so Yami must've finished his shower. Yugi then got up from his bed, as he then walked over to his chair. He grabbed his towel, as he then headed for the shower, as he opened the door up. He then pulled back his glass door, as he then turned on the water to make it warm. He was delighted to have a friend like Téa. She was very understanding, as well as she never got mad really.

She only got upset when people harmed her friends, as she knew Yugi was going through some things. He then started to slow take off his shirt as his pink circle nipples were exposed, and sensitive. For some reason, Yugi started to get a little turned on, which made his nipples harden. They hurted alittle due to them being sensitive and tender, but he couldn't stop thinking about Yami. When he thought about how Yami looked that one time when he was taking off his shirt, his appearance and everything about him made Yugi get alittle hot.

He never wish to admit it though, he didn't want Yami to think he was some pervert, or something. He felt Yami would turn him down, like last time. He then finished taking off his briefs as his arousal was exposed, and a little hard as well. He then slowly look down at it, as he then touched it softly with his hand. He then softly closed his eyes as he imagined, Yami touching it instead. It made him giggle to himself, as he then blushed as well. He then flustered his eyes open gently, as he then slowly step into the warm shower. The water then hit his soft skin, as it hit his pink kissable lips, and his member harden more.

His nipples soften up a little as he thought about Yami kissing on his skin. He loved Yami's lips, as it was something he had a little affection more for. He didn't want to think more on it but he couldn't resist, this time he really wanted Yami, he didn't care if they fucked. He then slowly moved his hand down towards his member as he then started to stroke it softly. He tossed his head back gently, as he closed his eyes as well. He felt the water splash on him, as he started to moan softly to himself. He didn't wish to do it loudly, as he didn't want Yami to hear. However, out of nowhere he was getting horny, wet, and wanting to be touched.

He then started to pick up a little speed with his hand, as he lifted up his right leg on the shower wall. He then got in a corner of the shower at an angle, and started going a little faster. "M—mnah, Yami..." he said to himself gently, as he didn't know why he was feeling random lust. Perhaps the thought of Yami naked, and the thought of Yami being pressed against him made him want these emotions, these urges. He then, kept going more and more, as he then started moaning a little louder. "M-mmm oh, Yami!" He stated sexually.

He then covered his mouth, as he stopped midway, as his cheeks became hot. He was completely embarrassed and he didn't wish to finish. He then, put his leg down as he then opened his eyes as the water hit him. He was quite for a moment, and then slowly grabbed his towel to start washing his body up. He then grabbed some soap, and put it within the towel and then got it all soaked with a water. He then started to wash his entire body with the towel, as he got every inch of himself before he was within the shower for a good 25 minutes.

Yugi had finished his shower, as he stopped the water from running and got out. He quickly dried himself off, as he walked out of the bathroom. He then closed the bathroom door behind him, and then let the towel drop on the ground. He went over to his drawer and picked out a big white t shirt. He then put it on as he didn't feel like wearing any briefs because his member was still a little hard. He didn't wish to crush it between the briefs and he knew it'll make him uncomfortable to try and sleep. He wanted to relax, and calm down his arousal so he could go to bed. He then slowly grabbed his briefs and gently pulled them over his member as he winched a little with the pain.

He then, grabbed his deodorant and put it on his underarms. As he then sprayed himself with some colon, softly, and then put it back on his table. He then walked over towards his bed, as his cheeks were still red thinking about Yami. He loved him so much, and he wanted to show it because he felt he hadn't been. Yami has done so much for him, as he didn't want to keep allowing Yami to do all the work within the relationship. Yugi then slowly pulled the covers over himself as he then pulled the pillow down some more. He allowed his left hand to go underneath the pillow to get more leverage, as he then slowly closed his eyes and drifted off.

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