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Chapter 20: Career Paths

The sound of the front door had started to open, as it was creaking softly. Yami, walked into the house he was a little tired from all of the customers he was dealing with today. He was completely annoyed and never realized there was humans who could annoy him. He felt he was discovering more things about him than he normally didn't think about himself. For one annoyance and his patience to deal with such matters. His neediness and his love for Yugi that grew every time he was away from him. It didn't bother him that much, but it always made him worried if he was getting on Yugi's nerves sometimes.

Yami had yelled I'm home in hopes that, Yugi would probably come downstairs and greet him. However, after a few minutes, nothing answers he assumed Yugi must've been doing something. A little curious he decided to go up the steps, and make his way towards the bedroom where Yugi could be. Knocking gently, he hope Yugi wasn't doing anything important and he was disturbing him. "Yugi?" Yami said softly opening the door and seeing Yugi asleep against the bed sheets. His laptop was somewhat still open, and his television set was on as well. Yami soon realized that Yugi must've been exhausted from today, as they had done a lot over the course of the day. He then soon was curious to this device that Yugi had on the bed.

The laptop was very different than using a computer, as he's seen so many of those and not seen something like this before. Although, he figured it to be the same like a computer just different mechanics. Yami simply sighed as he tried to figure out something to do, when he heard movement come from the bed instead. Looking back over at Yugi, he noticed him, and smile softly as he leaned over to Yugi more as he turned to his other side. Yugi then slowly opening his eyes, and rubbing them from the crust that was between his eyes, he looked and saw Yami. He smiled with his soft lips, and a little sleepy still as he blushed seeing Yami in his little work uniform.

"I'm just now seeing you, here I'm sorry Yami." Yugi said sweetly.

"Do not worry yourself partner I wasn't here for long, nearly got here only 5 minutes ago. I'm glad that you are safe." Yami told Yugi.

The two looked at one another as Yugi then slowly got up from the bed. He was tired in a way, and felt drained from night beforehand. After Yami and Yugi had sex most of the time, that's normally why Yugi was so exhausted. However, in a way he was getting use to the paste Yami went when they made love. It was fast, and rough like Yami liked it and in a way when he thought on it, it just made him blush 10x more. "Yes of course I'm safe. Why wouldn't I be?" Yugi said curiously. "You just never know partner. After all the dangerous we've faced, anything can happen." He told Yugi finally. Yugi nodded and simply understood Yami's paranoia in a sense.

"So did you do anything fun today?" Yami asked getting up from the bed and walking to the bathroom. He wanted to change out of his work clothes and get into something more comfortable. "Umm— not really. Oh! Well I did, speak to our friends over the internet. Tristian even said that you should make an account, and be added on there" Yugi said chuckling. He then heard Yami humming softly, and it surprised him to say the least. For some reason, Yami has been doing that a lot, and it sounded wonderfully. He never noticed that Yami had a great voice and the tone in which a lot of people could get hypnotized too. After Yugi's sudden dazed he then blinked and soon saw that Yami came from the bathroom.

He was wearing a tank top and some sweatpants that cuffed his ankles a little bit. He then looked over at Yugi as he was wondering what he could possibly be thinking. "Is something the matter Aibou?" Yami asked raising an eyebrow and then stepping into the bed with Yugi. "Huh? Oh- no it's nothing, really." Yugi told him, with a hesitant shake of uncertainty. "Well why do I feel like you need to ask me something?" Yami told Yugi. Yugi shrugged and then simply made another nervous laughter as he tried to change the subject to something else. "Really it's nothing Atem, but anyways I did speak to our friends and like I said they're all doing great! I'm really happy for them and how they're all moving with their lives." Yugi glancing out the window as he spoke. Yami nodding with Yugi's words, and then turning to look at Yugi.

"That is great Aibou. I'm glad that our friends are excelling in their lives of living. Perhaps you shall do the same?" He told him. Yugi turned back to Yami and then soften his eyes, and felt his fingers entangle with his other hand. He was nervous in a way, he didn't know what to expect at the Shuppan raitā gyōkai. He felt overwhelmed when he thought about it, because he didn't wish to be a disappointment or worse, his thoughts of being a writer was nothing more than a simply misunderstanding. Yami could tell something was bothering Aibou and he didn't know how to make him tel him, so he continued to speak in hopes he would eventually say it himself.

"I can tell something is troubling you Yugi, and what have I told you before? To tell me what is going on so that we may face it together." Yami started to say.

Yugi glanced over at Yami and his eyes shimmered that same brightness and calm nature they always did. He simply listened to Yami as he didn't know what else to do at that point in time.

"I want to be here for you, just like you was there for me when I tried to recovering my memories. I was confused and I felt the need to face those obstacles alone. But now I see that it works for both parties if one helps another. Do you understand?" Yami asked.

"I do." Yugi told him.

"I'm sorry Atem, I just. Hmph, I'm guessing I'm just nervous and I didn't want to tell you something I was doing. Only because, I'm not entirely sure if it'll even work for me, or if I'll even enjoy myself doing it. I mean, it'll just I don't want it to be a waste of time and I don't want to disappointment myself again or you, or anything for that matter." Yugi said softly.

Yami understood his partners worry and it made him feel sadness for him. Although, this must've been the power of deep thinking and he just need some reassurance. Yami then soon went underneath the covers and grab Yugi's hand gently. Yugi looking down at they're hands together and back up at Yami. Yami then soon smiling softly, and happy that Yugi once again opened up his feelings.

"I'm sure whatever you do in life shall always become positive. That's what you are a ball of positive energy. Your so gifted with many talents, and you have wonderful dreams, that are to die for. I want to endure whatever your facing and together we can accomplish anything." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yugi then blushed in his cheeks turning a pinkish color and then being sooth with Yami's words. His passion and drive is what makes Yugi feel the warmest because he's so caring and everything about him Yugi loves it. Yugi then gives the cutest grin and leans over to Yami's chest as Yami watches him and puts his arm over his shoulder. Yugi then curls up a little and then cuddles next to Yami as he never found cuddling to be a thing, but soon discovered why people do it in the first place. Yami then gets down some more in the blankets and the bed itself, and then realizes he believes Yugi comprehended what the moral of the conversation was about. He cared only for Yugi's safety and that he would do things in his life whether than believe it was nothing but a dream.

"I think you should become a singer...." Yugi said to Yami with a whisper almost. He was falling asleep on him however, when he spoke it. Nevertheless, Yami eyes widened as he told him this, and didn't notice that Yugi had said what he did until it sunk in. "A—a singer? Me?" Yami said to himself, and then narrowed his eyes with a little bit of focus. Trying to think to himself about being a singer, or maybe in a rock band or something. He then pondered to himself for a little while anyways, and then felt Yugi fell asleep. He looked over turning his eyes only and seeing Yugi fell asleep on his chest. Yami then leaned over to the lamp that was rested on the desk.

He turned it off, and scooted down further into the blankets, and allowed Yugi to lay on him. 'A band..' Yami told himself in his mind. For once in his lifetime Yami's mind was clear and he could actually think aloud to himself. He didn't have to worry about demons, and ancient God's trying to kill him and his friends. He didn't have to worry about corrupted millennium items, and how people got possessed by them. For once he was focused and his vision was crystal clear, and he could actually think what he wanted to do. He didn't wish to work at the coffee shop for the rest of his life. So maybe being in a band wouldn't be such a bad idea, and maybe just maybe, it could work out for him.

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