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6.66% Yugi The Author / Chapter 2: Deep Thinking

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Chapter 2: Deep Thinking

Journal Entry, #20

Motou, Yugi

2036, 15th June

" Atemu and I finally reunited, I never thought that fate would've brought us together once again. When I look into his eyes, I know he's trustworthy.

When I feel my head on his chest, I know he'll protect me. Who ever thought that the person I would have loved, would be him, all along. However, I feel that what we're doing is more of a physical connection, than it is mentally.

Inner Monologue, Yugi Motou

Journal entry


"Yugi! Are you gonna be upstairs all day!? Or are you gonna come downstairs so we can go."

A voice called to Yugi who was upstairs in his room, sitting at his desk. He had on light blue jeans, and a purple button down shirt, as well as a vest that was overlapping it. He had his choker on that was around his neck, as well as bracelets that he wore around his wrists. He had finished writing within his journal while he had his lamp sitting on his tan desk top. He had his hair fixed up nicely, as it was only styled one way as usually, spiked and neatly trimmed. His eyes bold and big, filled with a sense of worry and also thoughts on his mind. His purple eyes blinked and he glanced his head back at the door as he had heard the noise from outside his room.

"Uh-sorry! I'll be down in a minute I promise."

Yugi then sighed and looked at what he had wrote within his journal, before closing it and closing his eyes. He was pondering to himself now, thinking about what else could've happened, what could've changed him and the thoughts he had before. Ever since Valentine's Day, things haven't been the same between Atem and himself. He clutched his fists with both his hands on his desk. He trembled a little as it felt like he almost wanted to cry. However he didn't, he reopened them, as he breathed in and out heavily and then slowly pushed back his chair so he could rise up. He walked away from his desk and picked up his journal with his right hand, walking over towards his drawers. He opened one of his drawers the top one, and moved some of his clothes and placed the journal underneath them. He took another look at it and then placed the clothes back on top of the journal and closed it back.

Yugi felt uneasy about what he had wrote, but he didn't know what else to write or how to feel. He felt tingly in a weird way, and also scared at the same time. Perhaps, he was overreacting, overthinking, and wasn't really comprehending what he thought. It was a journal for his thoughts, but it was never suppose to be a journal for his true feelings. The more he felt about it however, the more he felt guilty about what he had said and wrote. He then closed his eyes and turned around to walk away from the area. He then went over to turn his lamp off and then walked over to his door. He twisted the knob and opened it up as he walked out his room. He walked down his hallway, where he had pasted his grandfathers room. He approached it slowly, and then looked at the door. He knocked softly twice, and waiting for an answer.

"Hello? Hey grandpa, I'm going out for a bit, I'll-I'll be back later, okay?"

Yugi didn't wait for an answer as he walked past the room, and then walked down the steps. He looked up and saw that it was Aigami. Aigami had his arms crossed and was tapping his foot as he was looking at Yugi with an impatient look. He had light blue hair, with narrow eyes that was golden at the center. He wore a jean jacket, that was black along with a a black tank top. He had on some jeans that had stylish ripes in them, as well as some Skechers on for some shoes that was white. Yugi then had chuckled nervously, and rubbed the back of his head as he saw how Aigami was looking at him. He knew Aigami had been waiting awhile, and Yugi felt a little guilty about keeping him downstairs with nothing to do.

"He-he-he, sorry Aigami. I was just—-"

"Keeping me waiting, that's what."

"It wasn't, intentionally, I promise. I've——I've just been having a lot on my mind." Yugi spoke nervously.

Yugi looked down sadly as he had rubbed his left arm with his right. Aigami then stopped crossing his arms as he realized how sad Yugi was. Aigami knew that, Yugi only called him over because he needed a friend to speak too. After Téa left for her new college and all. As well as Joey having to work endless just to make ends meet, as well as Tristan, wanting to be a cook for the future. Aigami then smirked a little to lighten some tension as he approached Yugi slowly and then put his arm around Yugi's shoulder.

"Hey... hey! Don't beat yourself up for it. It's fine, whatever you've been doing must've been important I'm sure. Besides, you called me over here, and asked for some advice, I'd be happy to give some to a fellow friend. Come on, let's go."

Aigami looked at Yugi with a smile, as Yugi put one on for Aigami as well to make sure that things didn't get to sad. Yugi then nodded as Aigami said let's get going, as the two both started to walk out of the game shop. Aigami then took out his keys as yugi looked with confusion and a bit surprised. He didn't realize that Aigami even had a vehicle much less, it made Yugi feel like he didn't have anything going for himself. He then turned and looked at Aigami once again, and then watched as he walked to the car. Yugi again, placed a small smile to indicate he'll be fine. However, deep down he wanted to scream.


The two approached the snack shack that was a small outlet mall that was connected to domino city mall. Many teens walked around as the two walked inside and looked around. Different types of snacks, ice creams, sandwiches, and desserts laid within the display, as Yugi looked around and saw how calm everything was. Aigami then walked in after him and motioned Yugi to follow so they both could sit down. Yugi walked with Aigami and they both sat at a table that was near a window. Others sat behind them and in front at two different tables, a guy and a girl, and then two girls behind. Yugi looked and glanced as the girl and the man were both giggling. He whispered within her ear a funny comment as she giggled and blushed. They both touched hands on the table, as they leaned in gently to kiss one another. Yugi wenched a little with a staring gaze and then glanced back around at his own table. He then had some thoughts to himself as Aigami glanced up after looking at a small menu that was on the table. He then saw that Yugi seemed to be having things to say so he decided to say them for him.

"You know.... I once had powers, but they were never to read minds. However, I can always tell when someone has something on their mind. Care to tell it?"

"Hm? Oh. Sorry, I—I'm just—- I mean- it's— well. Mmmm"

Yugi didn't know how to word it, it felt as if every-time he wanted to say something the words just choked for him to speak. He had picked on a fork with his right hand and had squeezed it a little just thinking about what he was coursing through. He didn't realize he was thinking so much that he was that visible to notice. Aigami saw that tension and questioned it, so he could try and help. Yugi knew this, but couldn't say what he wanted to tell. It frustrated him, and made him believe that if this was even the right thing to do, to even tell Aigami at all. Just then, a waiter had came to the table, as the two ponder to themselves. He then smiled and welcomed them to the shack and asked if they wanted drinks. Aigami simply stated a water for himself, as he then asked Yugi what he wanted. Yugi simply said the same thing, as he smiled and walked off. Aigami then tries to help Yugi more but drilling in some type of topic.

"Is it about something you've been doing up in your room that, kept me waiting for a long period of time? I mean, Yugi, hm. I want you to know that I'm here for you, either way, I don't want you thinking that you need to keep all these feelings and emotions in. Whatever is going on, I want you to know I'm here for you, always. You've been nothing but a friend to me, you've even saved me before, it's the least I can do for you. "

Aigami spoke to him as he wanted him to understand him. Yugi, looked with a gleam in his eyes and was happy that Aigami was so caring enough for him. The waiter then came back with their drinks of water as they both said "thanks" in unison. Yugi then started to find that it'll be easy to speak because Aigami was so open about how he felt towards him.

"A—-Aigami it's about ... Atem and ... I."

"Hm?" Aigami exclaimed as he sipped his water curiously at Yugi as he noticed Yugi had closed his eyes. It was almost as if he was trying to do a more saddened expression. He could tell that whatever Yugi had to say it was heartbreaking, or even upsetting him.

"Go on, Yugi. You can tell me, what's going on between you two? Something happened, is he sick? "

"No—not exactly, every since Atem and I have gotten into a relationship, our "relationship" has taken different turn of events. "


"Implicating that, Yami doesn't wanna be around this world. He's, he's always locking himself inside the millennium item and he and I never really have any bonding time. The only time he and I really speak is with inside the puzzle. However, even then, we never actually just sit and "talk." Do you understand where I'm hinting at?"

"Oh?" Aigami looked with a confused expression once more, but then it started to settle in more and more about what Yugi was implying. His eyes widened for a moment, and then he chuckled, at the thought. Yugi then looked down and put his hands to his face. Aigami then looked as the waiter came back and asked if they were both ready to order something.

"No thanks, please give us a minute. Omg, Yugi, wow, I didn't know you and him had it in you to take those "kinky sex"

"Hey! Can you not, this is serious, and also embarrassing to even talk about with someone."

"Haha, okay, okay, I'm sorry I'm sorry. Your right, I shouldn't make fun of you. However, I mean, so what he's just wanting sex from you? A little physical bond moment all the time. Wait? You don't think that Yami is a.... ya know, 'some sex fetish d—"

"No! I—I mean, I don't think, I don't know. Mmmm, this is frustrating me, Aigami. I don't know what to do. I don't wanna believe Yami is just using for his 'pleasure' because I like it—I mean, but, I guess, I'm more upset at the fact that, he and I don't do anything else besides that.... "

Yugi sighs as he glanced out the window at the other teens and other couples walking around. He dreamt that Yami and him would be able to do that one day, it'll be something that they'll would do almost everyday. Walking through the park, walking to the mall, even going to hangout with his friends again. As well as being able to meet his grandpa, how Yugi wanted that so much as his eyes greatly soften again. Aigami felt Yugi's pain and again didn't bother to question it, all he could think was how he somewhat felt bad for Yugi and how this was making him feel. He then touched Yugi's hand gently as Yugi turned his head and looked at Aigami.

"Don't worry, Yugi. I'm sure you and him will work out, I promise. You and Yami have a deep connection that it's unbreakable, it's something that only you two will ever have. I'm sure Yami wants to come out but maybe it's something more, I don't think he's just using you for sex. I believe he wants a deeper connection, but, I guess he doesn't know 'how?'"

Yugi looked as Aigami thought about this, and it made Yugi wonder, maybe Yami was shy and didn't know how to express himself. After that Valentine's Day, Yugi was the first one to express his emotions towards Yami, and Yami opened up with lovely arms. Perhaps, it's time for Yami to do that with Yugi. Yugi smiled and got happy that Aigami made sense in what he was implying. He then slowly got up from the table, as he was too excited now to sit down. Aigami looked up at Yugi smiling as well, as he was happy that Yugi felt better somewhat.

"Thank you, thank you so much Aigami. You have no idea how much you've helped today. This just helped me greatly, and I'm going to take what I've learnt and what you've said and go and speak with Yami about this. It'll be nerves all throughout my body, but I need to know, because it's eating me so much inside." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Aigami nodded as he heard what Yugi said as Yugi then turned and walked from the table out the of the shack, as Aigami then got up from the table and put a tip down for the waiter for the waters he provided. He then walks out the shack as well as the two go to Aigami's car so he can take Yugi back home.


Yugi and Aigami arrived at the game shop where Yugi's home was. He wasn't sure if his grandfather had came home, but he had no time to waste then. He didn't want to try and disappear again, and his grandfather would consistently as where he is. He turned to Aigami in the car and thanked him for the ride, Aigami then nodded and Yugi got out of the car and closed it as he ran to his door and got out his keys. He unlocked it and went inside as Aigami speeded off. He closed it gently just in case his grandfather was home and he didn't want to wake him up, due to coming home so late. He went straight upstairs and ran down his hallway before his grandfather could come out, he gently closed his door and locked it as well. He sighed and was relieved that he was home now. He then placed his keys down into his bed and walked over to the table where the millennium box was. He stared at it for a moment, and was hesitant to open it at first.

He slowly opened up the box and the puzzle laid resting on a comforter that was purple. He closed his eyes for a minute, and tried to think about today and the past few days for both him and Atem. He wanted to be able to connect with him once again and wanted these issues they had to be resolved. He slowly watched, as the puzzle started to glow, he knew that Atem was inside, and the lights grows brighter and brighter, for it shines brightly Yugi grunts at the gleams. After he closes his eyes he then reopens them and he's inside the puzzle. He looked around in saw that it looked different a little bit, doors were lighter now, and each door had eye millennium symbols on them. He walked down the hallways as it echoes when he tried speaking.

"Hello? Yami you around ? "

Nothing but an echo could be heard once more as Yugi tried speaking. He stopped once he saw a door slowly opening on its own. It was sitting alone for a moment, and it was gleaming as it was telling Yugi to go this way. He looked around, as he didn't know if this was a trap door, like the last time he came inside here. However, it could be Yami helping him because after all this is his mind. He turned and walked towards the door, and grabbed the handle.

His hand shook a little as him bounced his head up and narrowed his eyes a little. He was determined to find Yami, and determine to make sure they talked about this. He needed to get these emotions off his chest and he wanted his partner to know. Yugi then turned the knob as another light shinned brightly, but instead of closing his eyes this time, he starred at the light as he hair flashed and flew as if wind was around it.

'Hold on, Yami. I'm coming for you.' He said to himself with a focused face, whatever laid beyond this door, it wouldn't stop him, and it wouldn't make him run away, not this time.

Kaalakaua Kaalakaua

Hello writers & readers! I’ve decided to do this book on this website for other romance fans. I wasn’t at first going to post this book but I decided to anyways! At least to see if others would enjoy the story over here! You can review the rest of my books on wattpad and follow me on there at @Kaalakaua Thanks for reading.

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