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Chapter 18: Dinner Night

The evening on that Tuesday came when it was hitting 7:34pm while Yami had dosed off. He was sleeping on the rooftop, not realizing he was until it was getting colder outside. His eyes opened fluttering for a faint moment, and he could barely see for a second. Barely vision, for the light was coming down from the moonlight. He slowly opened them more and yawned softly closing his mouth over his mouth. He then blinked a few times, and the wind was howling softly in his ear. He then started to sit up, and rubbed his back as it was somewhat in pain.

For some reason, he felt uneasy because of the dream he was dreaming about. It was the same nightmare before, where it was a stranger talking about playing a game. Although it was darker and deeper than the last time. Inside the millennium puzzle, he ran around trying to find an exit only to be trapped at a dead end. As soon as he turned around the darkness surrounded him as he opened his eyes from it. He then heard faint noises, almost like an call from inside the house. He then turned around his head, piercing his gentle eyes at the window.

He then turned his body slightly, and saw that Yugi had came into his room. He then looked around calling Yami's name endlessly, with a nervousness and frighten tone. "Yami! Yami where are you, oh gosh please be safe." He said scared for his partner. Yami had then went closer to the window and opened it more so he could see Yugi. Yugi was still in his apron he was wearing hours ago, and must've came upstairs to check on Yami for some reason out of curiosity. Yami then smirked and chuckled softly at his partner speaking with a calm tone.

"Do not worry partner I am right here. I haven't gone far from you." Yami said nonchalantly, but playfully. Yugi then widened with surprise as he didn't know Yami was outside on the rooftop right from the window. He scratched his head softly, with a tilted head from what he didn't comprehend. Yugi didn't mind it however, he was just more so happy that Yami was okay and nothing happened to him. Climbing through back inside Yugi's room, Yugi had walked up happily smiling with his cheeks puffed. "I have completed the lasagna and our dinner awaits us!" He told Yami. Yami was thrilled that Yugi had found something he enjoyed doing, as he was happy his partner was just in a better mood.

After all the grieving and the frustration that went around for the past weeks, it was finally settling down. He somewhat felt that Yugi was compressing his emotions, and trying not to think about the sadness. He still remembered his reaction at the hospital, and how he was so nonchalant, and mild tone about his grandfather passing away. Perhaps, he could've experienced a break through and didn't bother thinking it through all the way, or he could've really felt how he felt. He didn't want to question it at the time anyhow, he would whether have Yugi to himself.

"That's great partner!" Yami exclaimed. Yugi then made a small nod and cheerfully started walking out the room and down the hallway. Yami following behind him, took a small glance back at the window, he was sitting inside. Sighing gently, he closed the door behind him and made his way where Yugi was. Yugi speaking aloud, rushed into the kitchen and the food smelled delicious. "Hurry! Before it gets cold. I got us the food, the side and the drinks. I'm really want you to try the lasagna though and tell me what you think." Yugi told him. Yami walked into the kitchen, and nodded with delight, and grabbed a fork and his plate. 'It smells delicious' Yami thought to himself. 'Although, lets see how it actually taste, it probably taste just as good.' He thought more.

He then without hesitation, took some lasagna and placed some inside his mouth. His eyes widened, as he felt himself wishing to throw it up. This was a disgusting taste, almost tasting like dry bones, or something revolting. Yugi smiled as he felt Yami was enjoying himself, but then looked at him more, as Yami's left eye started to twitch. "W—what's wrong? Don't you like it?" Yugi asked him with a little worry. Yami didn't know what to say for a second, he was nervous and didn't wish to hurt Yugi's feelings about his dish. Yugi had a gut feeling however, and assumed Yami didn't like it anyways. "It's horrible isn't it? I'm sorry, Yami. I guess I should've used salt instead of vinegar like the lady said. Although, I couldn't find any salt, so I had to improvise."

Yami then tried to swallow the food, as it was a sour taste, down his throat. Food that was left out in the dirt, and then coughed up by a dog to eat the leftovers. He swallowed hard and his tone in which you could tell the food was bad showed. "N—no, no. It—it's was— decent... perhaps I just need water!" He told Yugi with a fast paste towards the fridge. He then reached inside and grab a bottle of water and opened it quickly. Jugging down the water, as if he was completely dehydrated. "If it was decent why do you need water so badly?" Yugi asked with his arms crossed, and eyebrow raised. Yami spit the water out, into the sink, as it sprayed like a hose, and then he wiped his mouth clean.

"I—uhh" Yami said chuckling from nervousness and embarrassment. Yugi sighed with disappointment but also just with calmness as well. "I suppose I'm not a good cook after all." He baffled. "It's okay Yugi, you have to continue to practice in order to improve more." He told him with his hand rested gently on his shoulder. "I guess so, I just didn't think one small missing ingredient would ruin our dinner together." Yugi said gently. Looking down at the ground, with soft eyes, making Yami feel completely bad about him doing what he did. "Hey, lets just call something over. A umm-" Yami pondered for a moment. He didn't know what it was called, when you wanted to order something without leaving home.

" A delivery?" Yugi said keeping his arms crossed. "Yeah! Let's do that instead. But keep practicing partner don't let one bad food experience stop you from making more. I'm sure if we had salt it would've been a wonderful dish." Yami said happily. Yugi then smiled softly, and then his eyes mellowed. He then had a reassurance tone, as he looked at Yami when he spoke it. "Great! I shall keep trying and make you test all my food experiences." Yugi said walking off. Yami's eyes widened once more after hearing his partner exclaimed that. He felt himself sickening again, and he wanted to throw up. Holding his mouth, and then rushing off to the bathroom quickly.

Some time had past, and Yami and Yugi had finished their Asian food, that was crab Ragu, fish and kebabs. They were sitting in the living room when they were watching a movie together. A simple romance movie they selected together, as the two was somewhat cuddle up on the couch. Yami was behind Yugi, as he was resting on the arm of the couch, and Yugi had his head leaning against Yami's chest. They then wrapped into the blanket, and relaxing with the lamp on with its dimmed settling, and the television sound, somewhat low. Yugi had picked up his drink, and dipped his juice for a moment and then looked at the time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Realizing it was now going to be morning time soon, he then turned his head to Yami. Yami had fallen asleep, by accident during the movie, as Yugi didn't notice the entire time. He'd assume, he must've just recently fell asleep, as the movie was coming to a close. He then, slowly got up from his relaxing position, and then sat up on the couch. Leaning to grab the remote, he pressed the pause button on the movie, and then the stop button to end it. Feeling Yugi's gestures softly, Yami grunted a little in his sleep, and then mumble some things that made it frighting. "N—no, please— stay— stay away from me." Yami said quietly. Yugi eyes peeled when he heard Yami in his sleep, and got a little worried about him.

He then gently touched Yami's arm, as Yami jolted out of his sleep with a soft ah. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm here Yami." Yugi told him. Yami was breathing a little off, but he soon calmed down, and then looked around. "Why the movie stop?" Yami asked him. "You fell asleep." Yugi replied back. "I did?" Yami asked. "Yes you did." Yugi told him. Yugi was someone's surprised to see that Yami didn't know he had fallen asleep during the movie. He'd assume he must've just be very exhausted and didn't know he did until he did. Yugi then turned around on the couch more, Yami sitting up now, as they were both silent for a moment. "What were you dreaming about? I heard you screaming out in your sleep." Yugi told him. It was somewhat, embarrassing to say the least that Yugi heard that.

Of course, he couldn't control it, he didn't even understand his own dream. For a moment he wasn't about to tell Yugi anything, but if he didn't he knew Yugi wouldn't stop bugging him. "I don't know. I've had these nightmares on and off, and I don't know why. It's about dueling, I suppose. Someone wanting to game with me and trapping me and then—" Yami couldn't finish, he was drawing a blank staring into nothing. "And then?" Yugi asked placing his hand gently on Yami's. Yami then soften his eyes closing them then, and then sighing with an irritation. "That's just it, it's over. I eventually wake up after that. I can't say who's inside the dream, it's just a shadow figure." He told Yugi.

Yugi then looked over at Yami, with a caring face expression. The gentle aroma that he had around his body, and his eyes with beautiful orbs in them. Sparking shimmer, a gleam of hope and kindness, purity that he only had. Yami couldn't help but stare at his beauty, Yami before they got together, didn't see each other even after Yami had saved him from Aigami. He was gone for at least a few months, so over that time, Yugi had aged and became into a fine wine, that passed with elegance. He was now 19, and though he had graduated this year, he was now moving into college and moving on. The thought made him grab Yugi's wrist softly and Yugi eyes got bigger. "Leg was afraid to lose Yugi, after all this time and that's not what he wanted to happen ever.

"I'm sorry partner I just—" Yami told him.

"You just what? Atem, please tell me." Yugi said pushing his body closer to Yami's.

"I just don't want to lose you, the months shall be coming soon, and I never want you and I to be separated ever." He told Yugi staring at him with hopeful eyes. Yugi smiled and his cheeks turned a bright reddish color. He then leaned closer to Yami and used his right hand placing it on his cheek. "Atem, you shall never lose me. I love you, and when I go to college I don't plan on leaving your side." Yugi said confidently. Yami at that moment, his heart went softer and calmer, but he was curious about what he was speaking. "Really?" Yami said confused. "Of course! I don't intend, to allow us to be separated anymore. We've been that way for too long, and I plan on finding us a way to be together always." He told Yami finally.

Yami was relieved to hear Yugi say those wrangles, and immediately gave off his aurora tone. His composer relaxed, and his body calmed down as well. His eyes gave that narrow sexual look, that was both handsome and gorgeous. His smirk with a softness in it, he used both his hands onto Yugi's cheeks. "I'm glad partner, I'm happy you want what I want." He told Yugi. He then leaned in kissing Yugi once, and Yugi closing his eyes as he felt Yami's lips. Yugi then slowly moved his hands feeling on Yami's chest, and up towards his shoulders. Gripping softly, and then moving his hands around Yami's neck and tighten it so he couldn't escape. Yami then moving his hands to Yugi's lower waistline, and the two becoming closer in body.

They slowly started to make out with one another, kisses they're lips against each other. Yami using his tongue to twist around and slide inside Yugi's mouth. Yugi blushing as he felt this motion, and thoughts swimming in his head. 'I hate when he does this, it makes it almost impossible to resist him.' He told himself. Yami then feels himself pressing Yugi back, against the couch. Now Yugi starting to lay down on the bed, followed by Yami going on top of him. He then has Yami on top of him, Yugi's legs then opens up, and wraps around Yami's waistline. Yami then stops kissing Yugi's lips, his saliva dripping down somewhat from Yugi's mouth and against his cheeks.

He then makes his way towards Yugi's neck line, and cheekbone. Kisses and biting somewhat against his skin, Yugi heart started to pound, faster as he felt it racing with Yami's pressure. His hands start to tremble lightly, feeling Yami's sweet kisses and bites against him, he wanted to mumble but couldn't find words. Yami then makes his way to his neck, and kisses his skin softly, biting down on his neck as well, then licking it. Yugi tosses his head to the side, for full access for Yami to do what he wanted. He then felt soft moans try and escape his mouth, his eyes closed feeling passionate in the moment.

The television was still on however as the "DVD" symbol was on the screen. Awaiting for another dvd to be placed inside, as the lights still dimmed down low for small lighting. As Yugi laid there he felt a pressure against Yami's pants, and yelp within his mind, feeling his arousal so pressed up against him. He didn't know how to react by blush more his cheeks turning bright red and reddish that made him start to sweat. Yami then moved his head up, after he was finished with Yugi's neck, and then stare at Yami with soft eyes. "You truly are beautiful, you've age so beautifully, I could never be more happy than I am right now." Yami proclaimed.

Yugi eyes made glimmers within them, as he smirked in a way, small grin about it as well. He then kissed Yami's lips gently, and felt his lips start to part so he could speak actual words. "Oh Yami, you truly are someone I love. Please it's been awhile can we—" he said, trying to swallow his embarrassment. Yami however smirked sexually, as he knew what Yugi was about to say. He didn't realize Yugi was hungry this time for passion and sex, considering they've done it twice now. Nevertheless, Yami didn't bother arguing about it, he felt he'd do it anyways, because he wanted to always pleasure Yugi no matter what. Yami then started to take off Yugi's apron he was wearing the whole time, as Yugi's sits up and allowed him to take it off.

He then reaches for Yugi's shirt and takes it off with ease, as Yugi does the same to Yami by unbutton his shirt. Yugi watching how Yami's body was so muscular and toned, it was completely compelled to resist it. Yami kissing Yugi again as he couldn't resist his lips, soften and tinder like kissing a babies cheek. He longed for Yugi, more with each lick, bite and kiss he designed upon him. Yugi completely enjoyed himself, he loved everything about how Yami was being towards him. He realized he opened up more, when they started to become more comfortable with doing sexual things. Yugi never realized, he'd enjoy this so much, he did however tell Yami that he was a pervert though, and liked being kinky.

The blush of that remembrance made him squeal, as Yami was kissing on him and then stopped. Both of them shirtless, as Yami had his hands gripped within Yugi's pants, gave a usually expression. "You Okay? Did I do something wrong." Yami expatiated. Yugi didn't know what to say from that point, but he then simply gulped and just spoke nimbly. "No-No, it was nothing. I was just thinking about what a freak I am." Yugi nip his lip with a little uneasy. Then hearing small chortles from Yami, as he couldn't help it. "Pff- Ha, Ha." He continued. "Hey! It's not funny!" Yugi pouted somewhat. "Aww, don't worry Aibou, I shall ease those urges in the most "helpful" way possible." Yami said teasingly.

He winked at Yugi, as Yugi widened his big purple eyes and then felt Yami's embrace against his lips. He then kissed him once again, but this time went deeper putting his hands down Yugi's pants and into his briefs. Feeling his dick, started to harden, as Yami's was getting hard as well. The two, then blushed with hot cheeks, and the sweat becoming unbearable for them both. Yami and Yugi now were in the mood to continue. Pulling down Yugi's pants along with his briefs exposing his bare body once again. Yugi doing the same to Yami, as Yami without hesitation instantly stuck is arousal into Yugi.

Yugi then yelp aloud, with pleasure, as the sounds of the thrust began. He's moans escaping without even breathes, trembling around him and his body, tingling. He felt the luxury from Yami's body up against his. His eyes watering down now, with tears of desire and lust he always wanted. Yami holding down Yugi's thighs somewhat, and continuously thrusting into him more and more. The slapping, clapping, and pounding sounds escaping and echoing around the room. The couch making small squeaking noises, shaking from the bouncing on top of it. Yugi's embrace for his mouth as he was begging for more, for Yami to continue and punishing him.

Yami went deeper, into him making his shank swollen from the in and out he was receiving. He moaned from this, and continue to let out small pants from it. "Ah~ Yami, yes faster." He ventilated. Yami then widened Yugi's legs at an angle, as he laid beside him, and fucked him sideways, gripping Yugi's thighs lightly. Dinner had turned into a magically night, that allowed them to feel for the lust they wanted. Yami grunted sexually, moaning to himself hearing Yugi continue to moan his name. Yami went faster and faster, Yugi's member going back and forth smacking his body, as it somewhat hurt by the fast motions.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from turning his head and drilling his tongue into Yami's. Yami, panting from his exhaustion, and then grabbing Yugi's neck firmly, in a choking kink. Yugi beginning to whine, from the beating his anus was receiving but couldn't stop the enjoyment he was being delivered. At least an hour or so has gone by then, and Yami had cum within Yugi's anus once more. As Yugi had cum before than, and the two was laid out on the floor. Somehow they manage to fall down, after they both had cum from another. Yami then got up, without pain at all, as he didn't feel that exhausted anymore.

He was once again satisfied by his own deeds, and then grabbed Yugi so he could help him up. Yugi had his eyes closed, as Yami held him within his arms. He wanted to make sure every time he didn't hurt Yugi by doing this, but it seemed Yugi never told him so. "You sure I did not hurt you this time?" Yami asked Yugi. "I am sure, I loved it. I couldn't stop, resisting." He told Yami helplessly. Yami simply chuckled to himself, and placed upon him yet another smirk that he was relieved that Yugi was okay. They soon got back on the couch, as Yami reached for the blanket that was next to the couch. He then pulled it over both of him and Yugi, and the two cuddle watching yet another movie together.

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