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3.33% Yugi The Author / Chapter 1: February 14th

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Yugi The Author original

Yugi The Author

Author: Kaalakaua

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Chapter 1: February 14th

The sounds of his heels walked the empty hallways he was walking inside. It was completely quiet around here, nothing to do but to mark X's on the doors around him that he's already entered in. Clicking again as he walked around his hair was shining and his body was firm, muscular with a fitted figure. His hair spiked in different directions colors black, purple and yellow for his bangs. One hair spiked upwards as he wore a black tank top that wasn't concealing his belly area. He then had a black belt choker around his neck and two bandages around his upper arms on the right side. His eyes narrow like diamonds, and his eyes purple and firm. He wore leather pants that matched his tank top and his shoes that were purple as well, but had a small heel at the bottom that made clicking sounds.

Buckles on each shoe that was easy to take off and on. He wasn't very tall, only mid size which was a weakness but a strength. He had a paint brush in his left hand that was red with red paint. He walked around with the bucket as well, because he didn't wish to put it down for he didn't want to keep walking back to go get it. He turned and went to another door, flopping the paint bucket down on the ground. He walked inches closer to the door putting his ear on it first and then sighing ever so lightly. He took his paint brush again and made a red gigantic 'X' on it. He then smirked as he walked off in the same direction he was going before. Down some steps he was walking, and the sounds of the shoes could be heard again because it was extremely quiet.

He then remember something. Something that was important for today. He stop for a moment and pondered and then turned to walk another direction. He went down a narrow hallway into a room that he was familiar with. A room that was his own room inside the puzzle. He looked around for a moment at this dark room, completely swallowed in darkness. The only thing that shined brightly was things he touched with his hands or things he could remember. He saw his throne and walked up the small steps and turning around and sitting on it. He leaned up for a moment with his upper body, placing his hands down on his knees and then sitting back up again.

Putting his left leg over his right and putting his right arm on his cheek, relaxing his face to think. For moments he thought, then came too the realization. His eyes widen as he jolted upward a little in his seat, and then blinked as he did so. It was valentines day, he thought to himself. Something Yugi had told him, when he was back in his world, it was a day of love and affection. One lover to another they share their romantic feelings upon this night. Yami eyes went heavy though, almost like sadness because he remembered something. One day, Yami had kissed Yugi on the lips, the reaction in which Yugi gave was embarrassment and he had ran away.

When yami thought about this he clutched his fist in disappointment and also got upset with himself for it. No doubt that was why his rooms, were completely destroyed. This is why he was doing this, since that moment they kissed, Yugi hasn't spoken to Yami since then. Neither has Yami went outside the puzzle to address this issue. They mostly kept to themselves and days went by where Yami would go crazy. Always looking to see if Yugi came to visit he would go in search of him inside the puzzle. However, never found him coming in, which is why he started putting 'X's on the doors in the first place. After, thinking this, he got up from his chair and walked over to the door closing it behind him gently.


'mmm, I--I can't sleep... I'm just not tired I suppose? Maybe.... Maybe I need a drink of water from the sink.' Yugi thought this to himself as he was laying in his bed, with his pj's on. He resembled Yami with the hair and the body type, except he didn't have one spiked hair going on. His remained downward, as well as his eyes were bolder and not narrow and long. He was shorter than Yami and was the same height as his grandfather but a little taller. He sat up slowly in his bed and his eyes got a little sad with regret for a moment.

He then turned to his left on the side where his table was. He had his cards on his table, from his deck, but also the puzzle was sitting there. Yugi thought to himself more 'Its been days, almost a week since the pharaoh and I have talked since.... Since.... ' Yugi gripped his sheets when he thought on the word he tried to say. He then, started to tear up for a moment thinking on it. He then stop and climbed out of bed quickly, and walked over to his bathroom. He ran some warm water turning the knobs on and then grabbing a face towel and wetting it a little. Damping his face up so he could wake up for all of this.

He sighed lightly and looked at himself for a moment and, then opening up the cabinet and taking a small cup out from it. He put the small cup under neath the sink where the water ran and filled it up putting it to his soft full lips and started to drink it. He finished it and sat it down on the sink and then walked out his bathroom turning off the lights as he did so. He looked at the time, not realizing that this day was practically almost over. It was going on 8:30p.m now and he hadn't seen Yami come out from the puzzle at all. Yugi felt guilt in a sense, and at the time it only added more pressure into this entire thing. He knew Yami felt the same and was probably wanting to speak to him about this entire ordeal.

Yugi walked over to his desk where the puzzle was and slowly picked it up. He looked at it for a moment and closed his eyes feeling the Pharaoh inside it. It was almost like he could feel the connection even without being around him, or sharing a body anymore. Yugi didn't want this to end the way that it did, and therefore he needed to do something about it. Instead of hiding what he was knowing was true about what he was feeling. He decided to tell Yami to his face, face to face, together and alone so that they can have some time together. Yugi then parted his lips as he begun to speak gently.

"Yami.... I know you can hear me, please, let me inside. I wish to talk to you, I want to say something that I should've said that day. However, I didn't. For that, I made you suffer for days without even thinking on it, I'm a terrible person. I--I... "

Yugi started to tear up and this time a tear did manage to drop on the puzzle as it splashed gently on it. The puzzle then started to shine brightly, as Yugi's hair flew around due to the wind being casted within it. His eyes widened as the light grew and shined like a beacon and blinded Yugi for a moment as he closed his eyes. As he closed then tightly, he then felt the cold ground that was beneath him. He felt his cold toes on it, as it was almost like ice around the area. He opened his eyes softly as he then looked to see he got transported inside the puzzle.

Looking and glancing around, moving his head, he saw that doors had 'X's marks on them. He slowly started walking and shouted slowly "Yami!" every once in awhile. "Yami, are you here?" walking slowly and looking down hallways at every turn. He didn't understand it, as he scratch his head a little, and then saw another room all by itself. It was different from the other doors and didn't have an X on it. Whether it had an eye, the same eye that appeared on Yami's forehead when he was upset sometimes. Yugi then knew he had to be inside here, he just had to be.

Yugi walked slowly to the door and touched the handle that was on it and slowly opening it up, saying "Hello?" softly as he entered inside it. He saw that when he did stairs were leading down to an area that was almost like a bedroom. It had a bed that was white, it wasn't very big but it was enough to fit two people. He then looked over and saw that it had darkness in front of it. It was like someone drew this room but forgot to add in the closet, dresser, bathroom and other aspects of a bedroom. The only thing that contained inside it was the bed itself.

Yugi glanced over more as he saw that red paint was sitting on the wall of the room as yugi started walking down the steps. He reached the end of the steps as the door closed shut behind him afterwards and Yugi jumped a little at he sound. He felt as if he shouldn't be inside this room, because he didn't know what to expect and didn't want to get into trouble where he shouldn't be. Yugi walked over to the paint and looked and examined it. He realized that Yami had to be the one painting his doors red with marks on them. However, Yugi didn't understand why that was, more so, he didn't comprehend where he could be either.

Just then, the sound of clicking foot steps could be heard. Yugi turned his big purple eyes at the door where he had came from, looking upward and walking some steps back from the paint. He heard them getting louder than stopping once they had reached the door that Yugi came too. Yugi stood there for a moment, in the moment he was nervous and also scared because he didn't know what was inside the puzzle. Yami could have thought of something that could've been a demon for people that trespassed in his mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yugi narrows his eyes for a moment as the door began to open. He then relaxed as he saw someone standing there with another paint brush. It was Yami, Yami was standing in the doorway as he then drop the paint brush realizing that Yugi was here. It as dead silence for a few moments and each half was staring at the other. Yami was looking over it Yugi in shocked that he had came inside the puzzle even without Yami knowing. It is as never common at all, Yami always knew when Yugi came because he could feel his presence, but not this time.

Yugi glanced up at Yami who was surprised that, Yami wasn't upset. More of shocked, that he was here. Yami started walking down the steps and Yugi gulped to himself softly before anything else. Yami then walked closer to Yugi but not to close as he then realized that Yugi hadn't speaken to him in days. Yami then walked past Yugi without a simple 'Hi' or 'What are you doing here' he walked over to his paints and started dipping his brush in the paints again. Yugi eyes shakes as he couldn't believe Yami didn't say anything to him. Yugi didn't know what to do at that moment but only go on instant. He turned around and walked over to Yami a little as he as bent down minding his business. Yugi opened his mouth and begun speaking.

"Your not gonna going to even ask me why I'm here?" Yugi said questionably

"..." Yami glances back with his eyes only and then turned them back to his paints.

"..... Yami..... I came to talk to you..." Yugi said urgently. Wanting Yami to pay attention to him for a moment.

"...." Again Yami says nothing, but gets up from being bent down on his knees. He then has the paint and the brush again. He then walks as he then passes by Yugi but then something happens. He gets grab by Yugi on the wrist as the brush splashes to the ground and Yugi pushes Yami back against a wall as Yami drops the paint can as well. It splatters around and on the floor leaving paint on the ground in a pool that looks like blood. Yugi starts speaking frantically and upset a tears start pouring from no where.

"Stop! Why.... Why won't you speak to me! I'm sorry okay?! I'm sorry... I'm sorry I didn't know how to react to you kissing me and I didn't know what was going through my mind. We've shared a body for so long, I missed you, but I didn't want to say I had feelings because I didn't think you thought the same!"

Yami's eyes widens as he's pinned by the bring Yugi before him.

"I....I just was scared! And nervous everything was coming in my mind at once I didn't know how to process it all. I never thought our bond would turn into a lovers bond. When you kissed me I felt like you had a lust for me. The kiss was so long and you grabbing my waistline, touching me it made me blush from embarrassment. My face was sweating and my heart was beating so fast by my body was turned on... I... I Never felt such emotion from someone I loved! "

Yugi was crying through his tears and after he finished talking his eyes was widened more than usually. He couldn't believe what he just said, and those moments was making his heart beat rapidly. He panted a little after his venting, and then cried more because of what he was feeling. Yami then touched Yugi's hands gently as yugi's eyes opened again and looked up. He saw Yami face relaxed and a small gently smile upon it. Yugi sniffed and looked with confusion and asked.

"Why--why are you smiling?"

Yami then closed his eyes for a moment then used his right hand to touch yugi's cheek gently and used his thumb to whipe his tears away. Yami the speaks with his deep mature voice and tells Yugi.

"Yugi..... I'm sorry. I should've told you my feelings about you before I kissed you. However that night we had hung out, that night we shared made me have emotions I haven't felt in a long, long time. The bonds we have made, and me protecting you I wanted to always keep you safe because I cared about you so much. "

Yugi's eyes sparkle gently as he listens to Yami say what was from his heart.

"I know now what you feel, and that is why I am smiling. I am happy you and I have the same feelings, but we were both too frighten about how the other felt. We were blinded by our emotions that we allowed that to almost swallow us whole. I do love you, Yugi and I promise that shall never change, it was never going to change even if you didn't feel the same way. "

Yami said proudly and humbly. Yugi then starts crying again, but this time tears of happiness because of what Yami said to him. He then hugs him tightly, wrapping his arms around his neck, and then Yami does the same. They both shared true feelings for another and they both glanced up at each other as well. Yugi then leans in and kisses Yami's lips softly, pressing his soft lips to his and closing his eyes to enjoy the kiss he should've enjoyed before. Yami surprised for a moment that Yugi made this move, but then relaxes and kisses Yugi back passionately.

They touch each other and wrap their tongues in each other's mouths as Yugi moaned a little into the kissing because he felt Yami's thick tongue that was soft and warm. His eyes felt like jelly as he was getting weaker by the kiss because it felt magically. He then realized he love kissing Yami as much as Yami loved having Yugi to himself. The lust that Yami was searching for, was the lust for love, the lust to have Yugi once again.

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