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Chapter 16: Hospital Visit

The weekend, was finally over and the weekday was starting up again. That time where people usually got busy, and others had to work before their bosses chewed their asses out. A time that was the worst day of the week. Like normal people. Yami didn't like Monday's either, although Yugi didn't mind them. Not everything Yami and Yugi liked was always in agreement. For the most part Yami and Yugi did have much in common, so they could always discuss more and more. Yugi, soon had gotten dressed, as the sun shined on that Monday morning. Yugi had on just something causal a long black long sleeve t shirt, and some blue jeans. He didn't wear fancy expensive clothes he saw no purpose in it.

Although, not the same could be said for Yami, sometimes Yami would take forever to get ready. Yugi would have to sit around and wait around for Yami to finish doing what he was doing before they even left. Yugi couldn't stand waiting around for someone, he loved rushing and adventure going places. Perhaps he was just missing the excitement that he was so use to when he was hanging out with his friends. Yami had walked inside Yugi's room with a big smile on his face. Smelling like expensive colon for men, he arrived inside his room closing the door behind him. "Good morning partner" he told Yugi with a smirk. Yugi had turned around and saw Yami was wearing a button down shirt that was underneath a vest type of stylish attire.

He then had on dark blue jeans, as Yugi raised an eyebrow and spoke. "You know we're only going to the hospital right?" He announced to Yami. Yami then narrowed his eyes down somewhat and crossed his arms confused from Yugi's comment. "Of course I know that, why are you being so pro-founded?" He asked him. Yugi then soften his tone, sighing with a little annoyance. "Sorry, I'm just stressed and scared today. Today we are going to go see my grandfather. I suppose I'm terrified of the news we shall receive." He was on the desk top of his table, the lap post being on and his grip with his fingers drilled into the wooden table. Yami knowing the tension his partner was feeling tried to comfort him.

"It shall be alright partner. Please just try and think positive. I told you your grandfather is a strong fighter. He just needs you to be stronger for him right now." Yami had approached Yugi with the intention of a hug. However, Yugi didn't respond towards it, keeping his head down in a tone upset matter, he then walked past Yami. "I guess." Yugi said vaguely unable to really be as happy as Yami was. Yami understood Yugi's anger and frustration, therefore he didn't push the matter anymore than it already was. Yugi had grabbed his house keys, and along with his cell phone, as well as Yami did. The two then walked down the hallway and down the steps heading out of the house and locking it.

They had arrived at the hospital nearly 3 hours later considering the traffic they had encounter. Yami had found a job over the weekend, when he was out walking one day. He had to be at work very soon, so his time would be short. He however wish to be at the hospital early with yugi to give his partner emotional support. The building was gigantic, and tall almost 8 stories for the hospital. It was connected to another small area and the parking lot was somewhat packed. Yugi couldn't understand why it was everyday, it made him start to ponder somewhat. He didn't know a lot of people got hurt almost every single day, for it to been be packed.

Perhaps, that wasn't even the case either maybe people's love ones and friends were inside the hospital for days even months. The thought made Yugi cringe his teeth together and bite down on his lip softly. Yami noticed this gesture and gently grabbed Yugi's hand as Yugi looked down. "It's going to be okay, I'm here with you." Yami told him encouragingly. Yugi nodded and the two started walking into the hospital building, with the noises crashing into they're earlobes. A lot of carts was being pushed around doctors and nurses walking from one room to another. The hospital itself was white inside with the front desk having a roundish table. The drawings of hospitalized children being painted with inspirational messages inside the artwork.

Yami never seen anything like this before, it kind of fascinated him in a way. He probably didn't realize it at first, considering the last time he was here it was at night and dark. Now, being morning time he could see everything as they made there way towards the front desk man. The man was wearing a nurse type of attire, as he was wearing medical pants and shirt. He smiled at them both with his light brown hair and then spoke with a french accent. "Yes can I help you both?" He asked them. "Yes please." Yugi went on talking "we are here to see a patient Mr. Solomon Mutou" Yugi told the nurse. He nodded at Yugi and then started typing down on his computer drastically.

"Ah! Yugi Mutou I presume?" He asked with a questionable tone. "Why, yes you're here to see your grandfather. Please follow me and I shall take you to the waiting room." He told him. Yugi and Yami glanced at one another for a brief second, and then Yugi nodded at the man whom then clicked on information. He then grabbed a pen, as well as two sticky name tags and spoke. "Alright, please place your names on these lines, so that everyone knows your a visitor." He asked them nicely. Yugi and Yami both did as they were told and eventually placed the name tags on they're shirts. They then handed the man back his pen and he grabbed some paperwork.

"Thank you. Now follow me, right this way." He added, and started heading down the hallway. Yugi followed behind slowly and Yami following as well. The two were quiet for the most part as the man started to explain more information and insight. "Your grandfather, Mr. Mutou has been on the deep in with bed resting. Unfortunately, his vitals aren't doing as good as we've hoped. He does have a high blood pressure, his lung capacity is very thin, and he is in extreme care and in need of some donation with blood." He told Yugi. Yugi couldn't help but feel the deepest pit of his stomach curl like ball. He felt sick listening to all of that, and wanted to cry so badly. Yami then silently grabbed Yugi's hand gently, as Yugi eyes widened with a soften touch. He was surprised to say the least, at this but he knew Yami only wanted to care for him.

The man had walked them down countless hallways and ended, up going towards the elevator. He then pressed the upward arrow button on it as he turned to smile at them both. Nervousness around them was sinking in, and Yugi felt himself sweating from the inside out. He couldn't think of how badly his grandfather's condition would have gotten. It worsen over the course of the few days he's been here. Although Yugi knew he wanted to do everything in his power to help us grandfather live to see him graduate college. Those pondering and wondering thoughts went coursing through his mind.

Showing in his hands, as he gripped Yami's hand harder than normal. Yami felt this gesture, as he gripped it tighter, back holding onto Yugi more so he would feel secure. They all stepped inside the elevator as he started going up to the 6th floor of the hospital. Eventually, they had reached they're destination, and immediately got out as the man walked once more. Following, as usual, they then arrived in another area that had others waiting around. "You shall find your grandfather in here." He told Yami and Yugi. Yugi then walked inside the sitting room area, a room that was awaiting to go in the back to see the patient's. A nurse had called someone's name, as the girl and a man got up and walked towards the back. Yugi turned around and nodded with a greeting. "Thank you so much." He told the man, as he ended up leaving Yami and Yugi towards the room.

Afterwards, Yami and Yugi, had both walked towards the front desk towards a lady this time. She was eating and drinking something, as she then cleared her throat and smiled sweetly at them. She somewhat found them to be fascinating, as they looked identical in a way. "Hey! Are you guys twins?" She asked curiously. "N—no, we aren't related, we just have that look like we do." Yugi tried to explain in a simple way. She didn't really comprehend what he was implying, but she didn't think it was her business to continue to intrude. "Well, what can I do for you lovely gentlemen?" She asked them both. "We are here to see Solomon Mutou." Yami said deeply, with his narrow eyes piercing the lady. "This is his grandson, Yugi Mutou, and I just a friendly friend of there's. Please can we see him straight away?" He asked her.

"Sure, I'm just put you into the system, and get your phone numbers, as well as make sure your name is on the list for him to see you." She stated. Yami then removed his hand from Yugi, and glanced over at him with a simple calm expression. "I need to go to the bathroom, I shall be back." He told him, and walked off in a direction. Yugi then watched him walk away for a moment, turning his head back towards the nurse and answering her questions she continued to ask him. "Yugi Mutou, 19, 808-478-2917" he finished telling. She then typed all that information into the computer and then gave him a green card. "This shall ensure that the doctors know your number on the card, they then shall call it out and you will hand it towards them to go get your blood drawn." She proclaimed. Yugi, was somewhat frazzled by having his blood being drawn. He didn't like needles, one bite, they weren't something good for him, and it made him feel itchy and uneasy.

"Oh? O—okay, thank you very much." Yugi expressed. Walking away from her desk, as more people were behind him. He then immediately walked over towards a chair and sat down upon it, tapping his leg slightly, at the anxiety he was feeling overwhelmed with. He needed to calm down, because the blood being drawn from him, would only make it worse if he was worked up. It wouldn't be helpful with him in the end, and it would make him, also feel nauseous. He then however happened to look around the room and see people having worried expressions. Some of those expressions was depressing, crying, and even frustration, due to waiting on nurses. He just wanted to get this over with, so he could go see his grandfather in one piece.

About 2 and a half hours had passed, as Yami had came back from the bathroom around that time. He was sitting next to Yugi in a chair, his eyes closed and arms crossed and legs as well. As usually, he was thinking more deeper within his mind, while Yugi looked out the window somewhat scared and confused. He didn't know it would take this long, and he was starting to get anxious and more frighten as time went on. He needed to think positive like Yami had encourage him too over and over again. Yugi had glanced at the clock and the time only read 12:00pm and he felt like he been at the hospital for longer. Just as he was starting to feel himself dose off, he felt a small nug against him. "H—huh?" Yugi said confusingly.

Turning to his right and saw Yami had his eyes opened and had looked over at Yugi. "What's wrong?" Yugi asked with worry. "Nothing, I just didn't want you passing out, not in public at least. Your blood pressure needs to stay pumped in order for the doctors to get the right amount for your grandpa." He told him staring back straight. Yami was right in the end, he had to stay awake because he didn't want to miss being called for his blood testing. As he thought about it, a doctor had came from the backroom with a clipboard in hand. He then flipped over some paperwork and then called out a number. "Number 34!" He shouted slightly.

Yugi and Yami was number 34, as Yugi was relieved he was being called finally. He then got up and waved his ticket, and Yami did as well. They both walked over to the doctor as he smiled and extended his hand in a greeting manner. "Hello Yugi! We meet again!" He told him with happiness. Yugi eyes opened with wonder, and then he realized it was the doctor he ran into before. "Oh! Doctor Hanson! It's been awhile. I didn't realize you'd be here on this floor as well." Yugi said with curiosity. "Well, I am in charge of a lot of things around here Mr. Mutou, and taking your blood is one of them." He said with a slight chuckle of release.

He wanted to ease some tension that may or may not have been around, and they all walked into the back room. They went past a few patients and they're families. As they went into an islolated section, where he told Yugi to sit down in a chair. He then walked over sitting down, as Yami leaned on the doorway, watching to make sure nothing went wrong. The doctor then, walked over to a table that had needles, and other necessities for the treatment. He tried making conversation with Yugi, to keep him calm, although some and others didn't work so much. "I hope you've been doing well, since you last came here, Yugi." He became to talk.

"Oh? Y—yeah! I guess so, I've just had a lot on my mind. Although now I just want to see my grandfather." He told the doctor. He nodded and made a small noise of reassurance. He then sat down in a stool wheelchair and slid over towards Yugi. "That is good, sometimes you need to have thoughts in order to figure out what you'll do next in life. Even if it's scary, you have to face whatever your running from." He told him. Yugi and Yami both listened to that wisdom, as they realized it could've meant the same for both of them as well. Yami gripped his arms tighter, but continued to keep them crossed he then glanced over at Yugi's expression as it seemed settle.

"Alright, I'm going to vegan to extract your blood from your arm, Yugi. Please don't move, and I'll try and be as careful as possible. Although you might feel a slight pinch." He told Yugi. Yugi gulped softly, as he didn't have a fondness for needles, and it was a little scary even though he was more older now. He then looked over at Yami, as Yami nodded closing his eyes to tell Yugi to be strong. Yugi then turned to the doctor and nodded back as well. "Okay? Go for it doctor Hanson." He told him with somewhat confidence. Dr. Hanson nodded towards yugi, and rubbed his arm with some alcohol pads to make his arm clean. He then grabbed the needle along with the blood bag that would be used for him.

Yugi watched the whole process to ensure that it was done correctly. He then watched him grab the needle that was at least 8 inches long and some wires that were hooked up to the machine. "I'll need to keep track of your heart rate as well, to make sure you are still breathing correctly." He told Yugi once more. He then, finished by sticking the needle gently inside Yugi without warning. Yugi hissed, at this and felt extremely hurt by the pressure. He squinted his eyes heavily, and Yami moved over closer in case he needed help. Hanson tried to speak to Yugi in order to calm him down, telling him he would be okay, just don't move as much as he wanted too. Yugi gripping the sit he was sitting in firmly, and felt the need to cry with this pain. However the needle was eventually inside his vein, as it started to take a pint of his blood.

"Great! Now all we do now is wait, I shall go get you some juice and cookies, to help with you not fainting afterwards." Hanson explained. Getting up from the stool he was sitting on, he grabbed some things and headed out the room. Yugi closed his eyes softly, as he tried to keep his composer. "Are you okay my love?" Yami asked Yugi. Yugi didn't answer at first, but then he had a tear come down and press against his soft cheekbone. "I'm okay, it just tingles alittle, but this is for my grandpa, I have to be strong." He told Yami firmly. Yami smirked, and like the attitude Yugi was giving off as it was a sign of strength.

A few minutes had passed, and then an hour or so, and Yugi had finished with his blood pint. Yami and Yugi, has arrived back into the waiting room, where they were suppose to see yugi's grandfather. Dr. Hanson, had came out of the backroom, and had other paperwork. "Alright the good news is that we have your blood sample, and we shall use that for the surgery for your grandpa. The bad news is, is that they'll take some time, and he'll be hospitalized for at least another week and a half." Hanson, complied with Yugi. Yugi, looked down softly, his eyes hurt with frustration, and other emotions he was feeling all day long. All he wanted was for his grandpa to get better soon. "Okay, that's fine I guess. Just do whatever you can to ensure he's treated well." Yugi told Dr. Hanson.

He nodded and smiled to Yugi, with hope and shook his hand in a farewell state. Same with Yami's hand and started to walk away dealing with other patients. Yugi then walked around the waiting room and made his way towards an another room area where Dr. Hanson, said he'll find his grandpa. Once again, the chilling state in which he would see his grandpa was nerve-racking, and it was overwhelming with mixed feelings. He didn't know whether he wanted to actually see him right now, it was frighten to say the least. He then felt the entanglement of Yami's gentle strong fingers entwined with Yugi's as Yugi looked down at it. "We shall face it together partner." Yami told Yugi with a confident tone. He wanted to do this, and he knew Yugi wanted to as well.

They both walked down the hallway where people laid to rest and were up for surgey. They had made it towards another room, after walking for some time and saw that it was a sign. Saying Solomon Mutou on the cover of the paper, he then sighed softly, and inhaled deeply trying to collect himself. He then turned the knob of the door handle and opened it up slowly, peeking his eyeballs first before his whole body. He gasped gently, and almost with a shocking reaction when he saw his grandpa. He had tubes down his throat, and endless wires coming from his body, along with blood pressure, and heart monitors around him. It was worse than Yugi ever thought it would've been. Seeing his grandfather that way, he closed his eyes placing his hands within them. Yami then hugging Yugi, as Yugi cried softly.

It was devastating because the doctors believed that he would make it, but the chances were very slim according to Dr. Hanson. It would take a miracle for him to recover from his fate, but they didn't want to give up just yet. The slim chances would be that he'd have to go on life support in order to live on, that would be Yugi's decision however, if he wanted his grandpa to live that way. It was almost like this was surreal to him, he didn't want to believe this was happening, walking to his grandpa's bed. He pressed his hands down on the bed the tears of dread running through his purple orbs. He saw his grandpa almost lifeless it seemed, he didn't know what to do but to feel sorrow and grief in that moment. Yami didn't speak, he was just as hurt and he didn't know what he wanted to say or do either.

Yugi touching his grandpa's hand and trying to speak he could only say little words but none even. "I—-I—I'm so—so sorry." He said softly. The stream of the water coming down his face hitting his grandpa's soft skin as well, Yugi weeped over him. The afternoon was coming an end, and it was almost the evening time, when it was hitting 3pm now. They had been in the hospital all day long, and Yugi in that moment, remember back when he wanted to see his grandfather. He told himself he wanted to be by his bedside the entire time, but now he wasn't so sure. He didn't want to see him pass way, and he didn't want to comprehend it either. Not even the slightest idea of what could happen.

His fate in his grandpa's health was running so thin, and all he could think about was his grandpa telling him to move on. He wanted Yugi to be strong, and he even told Yugi one day, about the sickness he was feeling. Having that discussion one day, while sitting outside watching the sunset on a Saturday evening. He remembered it like it was yesterday almost, as Yugi and his grandpa sat down next to one another watching it from their balcony. He remembered seeing his grandpa smile at the sun setting, and the beautiful horizon around it. He then could hear his grandpa speak softly and turn his attention to his grandson. Him parting his lips, with a haste, and feeling the compression of the wind against them. He knew right then his grandfather had something important to tell him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yugi, I want you to always remember me." Solomon said with a gentle tone.

"W—what do you mean? Grandpa."

"I shall not always be around, for you, my time shall come and when it does. I don't want you to ever grief for me. I want you to be strong, be confident, believe in yourself and everything you've accomplished. I want you to know how proud I am of you, and that I love you very very much my grandson." He exclaimed.

Yugi couldn't speak at that moment, all that echoed through his mind and through his heart was that simple phrase. "Remember me" a tone that was settle and not scared at all, like he knew this moment and this time was now. Gripping tightly on the bedspread the pondering and deep thinking had stopped as the door to hospital opened. A nurse walked inside as she spoke to Yugi and Yami that they had to leave so she could monitor him for the night. Yugi glances back once more at his grandpa and then closed his eyes knowing what he must do now, and that it must've been what his grandfather wanted the whole time. To see the afterlife, to finally be at peace with his wife and his son, and daughter in law. It was something that Yugi knew he wished to become.

The tears ended up becoming dry, once Yami and Yugi had left the room and begun walking down the hallway. They were heading out of the hospital, as Yami still had nothing to say. He felt he shouldn't speak unless Yugi spoke first, he obviously had a lot on his mind. Once they had reached the lobby area, Yugi stopped dead in his tracks, Yami turning towards the side his fist balled up in a tone manner and watched Yugi. "Is something wrong?" Yami asked knowing something was. "If my grandfather dies— I shall remember him." Yugi said deeply. Yami eyes widened, not knowing if Yugi was just speaking to say something, or speaking what he believed to be the truth. He wanted to say something more, but closed his lips tightly not saying anything.

A grunt from Yami was heard but faintly, and he just wanted Yugi to know he understood his pain. "Indeed, partner, we shall always remember him." He told Yugi with a little sad tone. Yugi then walked passed Yami and headed out of the hospital, as they're cab was already awaiting for them. Yami watched Yugi for a moment, and looking down at the ground with so much to feel and say. He just didn't know what the proper time would be, he had missed work and everything. It was sure that, Yugi's grandpa would most likely not live to see Yugi go off to college, but either way, he'd always be remembered by him in the end.

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