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Chapter 22: It’s Time

'A few days later after I've gotten accepted into the writing industry, I've been doing great with it. I've gotten numerous assistance with editing and content that makes people wish to have my books. I'm so thrilled and overwhelmed with the desire to entertain and bring light to this world through writing. It's been hard work, but that has been paying off due to countless of recognitions and excelling through creativity.

I've nourished and evolved thoroughly that makes me a more narrow focus author. I can honestly say that my life has turned exponentially and has become more successful within a matter of just a few days! I have all my friends to thank as well as Mr. Omni for giving me this amazing and wonderful experience and job.

Anyways, it looks like the only thing that's left to do is let my grandpa see this growth. I wish I could tell him, I miss him and the aroma he filled when he walked into a room, the room being mines. His gray hair and beard that tickled me when we hug together. The love and compassion he moved when he spoke to his friends and his family. He shall always be the person I want to always impress.

Maybe one day I'll get to tell him that, maybe.'

Yugi Mutou, July 2nd 2036

Yugi finished writing once more in his journal as he sat back in his chair at his desk. He had been saving up money while at the company for an apartment that him and Yami could share. He had also gotten news from Yami about his wonderful new hobby that soon would have him a deal with "音楽曲" soon. He was over-ecstatic about Yami's new career and his plans for him and Yugi. Things was going smoothly for the both of them, the last month wasn't the best but Yugi always looked up to the present whether than the past.

He found it to be much easier than to dwell on something that couldn't be undone because it already happened.

It was best to move on and so he did, which help him greatly because he didn't have anything bad to feel. At least so he believed, he looked over putting his pencil down at a picture of him and his grandfather. He touched the image and soon got this deep pain in his heart. Crying wouldn't solve anything, and being hurt was all he could feel for when he looked at it. "Grandpa..." he said softly to himself, as he slowly put the picture down and then sighed with a sad expression and tone of voice. Overall, he was happy for his succession but wish his grandpa could see this amazing growth.

It's been weeks since he went to see his grandpa, but over the past weeks he would send gift baskets, and small things like that for him in the hospital. He was happy he was doing something in a way to show he still cared for him each and every day. The anticipation for his grandfathers condition thicken by the sudden urge of remorse and guilt he had that night when he saw him. It was like a recorder that played in his mind endlessly over and over again. Yugi then looked at the time it now being 10:30am he bored and alone as Yami was out and at work as usual.

Yugi tapping his pen as he didn't know what to do and write. He felt like he was running out of things to say and how to feel. Perhaps, it was because he was clouded with so many emotions and feelings it felt like things was happening all at once. Time was skipping and soon enough he'd be having money to move out and move in a better place. He and Yami did debate about it at first because, Yugi didn't wish to leave his grandpa behind. If his grandpa did manage to make it alive he wants to be there for him. That would mean taking care of him and postponing a lot of things in his life just for his grandfather.

The thought didn't sit well with Yami as for Yami he felt that yes his grandpa would need help but he shouldn't ruin his life by not doing anything besides staying with his grandpa. In a way, that made Yugi upset with Yami just to hear that come out of his mouth, and yet he felt he had a huge point in the end. Even his grandpa wouldn't want that either, and that just made Yugi wish to cry because of it. He has already lost his parents at such a young age and he didn't really remember them once. His grandpa was always there, no one else but his grandpa. He felt like they've had so many adventures and discovered things together and without his grandpa Yami would've never been found in the puzzle.

A few minutes later close to an hour the telephone rang as Yugi sat up quickly at his desk. He had no idea he had fallen asleep, as he wipe his mouth and his eyes as he blinked cluelessly. For a moment he didn't know what was ringing and where it was coming from but, then he blinked once more and soon discovered it was his cell. He then took his cell out of his pocket and saw a number that didn't look familiar at first raising

an eyebrow. He was hesitant to answer it at first because he didn't wish for random numbers to have his number. It perhaps could've also been a telemarketer but he couldn't know for sure unless he answered the call.

He then picked it up as he put the phone to his ear and softly spoke with a somewhat sleepy tone as he was still awaking from a nap he didn't know he took. "H—hello?" Yugi said softly.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Yugi Mutou." A voice stated on the phone as a man asked him.

Yugi confused by someone's tone and knowing his full name was a little skeptical, which meant they had to have known him already. He then sat up more because, in a way this person sounded like they had information or a question to ask, he didn't know why but he wanted to know.

"Um—yes, yes I'm Yugi. Who is this?" He asked confused.

"This is Mr. Hanz from the domino hospital. I'm calling to ask you to come to the hospital immediately, regarding your grandpa's health." He told Yugi concerned.

Yugi then swallowed hard as he then moved his legs from up underneath his desk, and then got up quickly from the chair grabbing his jacket and still having the phone to his ear using his shoulder to hold it.

"Yeah sure, can you tell me what's happening?"

"It's best if I say this face to face. Please come quickly I shall see you soon." Mr. Hanz told him.

He then heard the phone hang up before Yugi could say or do anything as he looked down at the phone with concern. He then scrolled through some contacts in hopes that Téa or even Aigami could pick him up. Yugi was also saving up for a vehicle but Yami was going to have one first before him. He was closer to getting it, and it wouldn't be long before he did so. He then looked through and decided to call Aigami because Téa might have been in class or something and he needed someone to come get him now. If not he'd have to take a taxi or something. However, once he sent Aigami the text message instead of calling, because he felt himself might break down on the call, he sent others text messages too. Including Yami as well indicating he'd be at the hospital in regards to his father's condition.

Aigami had responded a few minutes later saying he'd pick Yugi up right away he wasn't doing anything. Yugi thanked him as he then grab his keys and rushed down stairs as he awaited for Aigami to get there. Afterwards, Aigami had came to Yugi's house, as Yugi was feel with anxiety and afraid in way, yet he was happy too. His grandfather could've been recovering healthy and he could visit him, which was exciting as he heard the knock on his front door. Yugi rush over to get the door and then saw Aigami with some sweats and a t shirt on. He must've just came from home and had been asleep or something.

"I'm sorry Aigami I didn't wanna call you or pester you, I just got a phone call from the hospital." Yugi explained.

"There's no need to explain Yugi, I understand I'm happy to do this for you. Besides, your friends are worried for your grandpa as well. So let's go see him." Aigami told Yugi.

Yugi nodded as the two both left the game shop and Yugi locked it up. They then quickly went to Aigami's car as he started it up and speeded down the road heading in the hospital direction. So many thoughts went over Yugi as he stare out the window clueless to know what could possibly be going on maybe another blood donation? Perhaps he's now in need of a kidney? He needs some medication for himself now? He didn't know anymore and he was more panicking on the inside when he was wondering about it. It was overbearing and it made him feel uptight and sick because of it.

11:30am now Aigami and Yugi arrived to the hospital as they pulled up and went inside as they saw people awaiting for the patience. Yugi sighed as he was tired of this nonsense, and had to stand in line to see his grandfather. He didn't wish to do that, when it was an emergency to see him because he wasn't doing anything besides being bed rest. They both went to the front counter where the man asked could he assist them. Aigami spoke so Yugi didn't have too as he asked where they could find Solomon Mutou. The man looked it up as he made a confused expression at his screen.

He then spoke to Aigami back after looking at it and then made a calm expression once more. "He's in the ER, with Mr. Hanz, unfortunately that's the part where it's the emergency room department. Are you the son?" He asked Aigami.

"No I'm just a friend, the grandson is right here though." He pointed to Yugi and pulling him over somewhat as Yugi zoned out for a few minutes.

"Well only he is allowed in the back, unfortunately you shall have to await up here in the lobby." He told Aigami.

"What! That's stupid why can't I—"

"It's fine Aigami..." Yugi said in a mild tone. He was so zoned out he felt himself hypnotized by his lost thoughts. He was calm, and yet lifeless when he spoke it. Aigami sewing Yugi this way he was concerned and trouble by this appearance but then asked him.

"Are you are?"

"Yes..." Yugi said vaguely and then turned to the man at the front desk as he narrowed his eyes somewhat in a serious manner.

"Please take me too him." He told the man, as the man nodded and got up front the desk taking the Mutou paperwork and walking Yugi to the ER room.

Aigami watched Yugi leave as he then took out his phone to call someone. Yugi then turned in the direction that this man was going and they then went down another hallway. Yugi heard in the distance people yelling and running through to an area they needed to go. Others were pulling patients by beds and switching them from room to room. A lot was going on inside this hospital and as usual it made Yugi curious. He didn't know why so many people got hospitalized and what could be wrong with them. He hope that they're families was alright as well. "Here we are." The man told Yugi as he opened the ER door.

Yugi felt his heart beating faster as he didn't know what to expect when he got inside here. He then, remembered the doctors and what they had told him weeks ago about his grandpa's condition. He then thanked the man for leading him here as he then saw Mr. Hanz walking to him with a nurse. "Hello Yugi. Please follow me." Without even a greeting Mr. Hanz urged Yugi to follow him to his grandpa's room. He then walked behind him as he looked around yet again, trying to take his mind off all this other stuff and focus on the positive like Yami always told him too. He couldn't feel himself getting negative because if he did it shall always be there.

They then arrived before the doors was opened in his room as Mr. Hanz had turned to around and looked at Yugi with a sad face expression he was so serious yet calm in a way. As if he was trying not to break down or even give the slightest idea that he was feeling overwhelmed with giving some news. He then parted his lips, as he looked down at the sheets of paper in his hands and then exhaled deeply as he looked back at Yugi as Yugi eyes shined with a small worry.

"Mr. Yugi...." Mr. Hanz said softly

"I am terribly sorry, but we've done everything we've can for your grandfather... he didn't make it, through the operation, his lungs had been too badly damaged and the blood you given was only enough to put him on life support." The doctor told him.

Yugi felt his entire world shatter he felt as if he was about to collapse at any moment and so he did. He had fell down on the ground as the nurse

came over to him. He grip the ground balling his fist up and feeling tears drop endlessly on his cheeks and splashing softly on the hard concrete floor. The nurse comfort Yugi in his time of need as he couldn't stop crying more, he felt frozen lost and completed done with life. A slip of depression once had consumed him and his anxiety wasn't helping either as he was struggling to breath. The doctor felt terrible by this, as he couldn't do anything but deliver such news to a child.

He then got help up by the nurse as the doctor walked over as well rubbing his back softly trying to comfort as well. He then continued to speak the information to Yugi as he needed to know the rest of the news, unfortunately he wasn't good news but he had to make a tough decision that would mean a lot.

"Yugi... I have more intel on the life support, in order for us to keep him alive of course you know tubes and medication are required. With that the medical bill that shall be highly expensive. Not to sound rude or anything but I'm sure you wouldn't be able to cover such a bill and your grandpa doesn't have a lot of insurance to keep it either. We looking at maybe approximately 5 weeks he could stay on life support with just his insurance alone. However, if you wish to keep him on life support that is entirely up to you." Mr. Hanz explained.

Yugi heard every word and in that moment he felt as if he was about to make the biggest sacrifice of his life time. He couldn't handle this pressure not with his friends here not with Yami here. He then studded, fumbling even over words as he couldn't believe this was happening. Everything was coming down so easily and he didn't have time to react to it at all. His heart was beating so fast and he couldn't feel his entire body his mind was going every different direction as Yugi spoke frantically.

"I need to see him first!" Yugi said firmly looking at the doctor his eyes watery and drowning with tears. Mr. Hanz felt more guilty seeing Yugi this way as he then without a word went to the door and slowly unlocked it as he looked over at Yugi as a motion to go ahead. Yugi felt his heart drop as he slowly walked to the door unaware of what really awaited inside, he was so afraid and so clueless as to what to do. He then softly opened the door and gasp softly seeing his grandpa with tubes down his throat and monitors around holding is heart beat in place. 'This is life support..' Yugi asked himself within his own mind.

He then cried more and approached his grandpa taking his grandpa's wrinkled hand and squeezing it. "Grandpa..... I—I—-" unable to really speak he continued to cry placing his head down on the bed and weeping to himself. This was more than he could bare seeing him this way, practically on his death bed, sleeping deeply and almost lifeless. Those emotions of happiness everything he accomplished meant nothing right now to him. It felt it was all for nothing in the end, not even Yami's presence he felt wouldn't make him calm right now.

Hours later Yugi was unaware that Joey, Aigami, Téa, and Yami was here. As well as Tristan on the phone unable to physically be there. For some reason, Kaiba came as well along with Mokuba, and Ryou as well. They were all sitting in the lobby as Yami pasted around as he was anxiously awaiting for Yugi or something to happen. He was upset as he couldn't be back there with Yugi in this extreme time of need. He wish to be there and comfort his partner whom he loved dearly and yet doctors and nurses wouldn't allow it. As this was going on Yugi had calm down more with his crying. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He was often going on about the remembrance of his adventures with his grandpa and friends. His duels while his grandpa was around, his high school graduation and him sitting there in the front roll taking pictures. Yugi sniffled continues to hold his grandpa's hand and look over at him as Yugi's eyes was soften with reddish pupils. He snuggled more to his grandpa's arm and then continued to tell stories. "I had got a job as a writer grandpa. I know you'd be proud of me. I know he-he, because you always said I could do anything I really wanted too. I guess, I just wanted you to be proud of me through everything." He told him.

"Yami.... and I are dating and I—I never told you because I didn't know if you'd approve of it. I guess, I was scared and afraid of what you'd think of me." He said tearing up somewhat. He then looked down at the bed spread and then felt himself collect his senses again. "I miss you.... and I'm so, so sorry. I love you so much, but I know what you would want me to do. I guess, this.... is goodbye..." he told his grandpa. He then slowly got up from the bed and walked over to the machine. He then looked at it and the button for the life support, he then grab it gently and looked at his grandpa one more time.

He then leaned over on the bed and kissed his grandpa forehead softly with his gentle lips, as he pressed the off button on the life support. As the machine then stop and his heart beat ends.


Author Note:

音楽曲 = Music Song

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