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Chapter 4: Kink Sensations

"Yami.... Pst, Yami.... You wanna play a game??? Mwahahaha" a voice had said sinisterly, in Yami's dream.


"Yami..... Yami... Yami wake up." A voice has called out to him as Yami was having a nightmare within his dreams.

"" Yami exclaimed as he started to open his eyes as he must've past out somehow. Yugi was next to him on the floor as he saw Yami starting to come too. "A—ah your awake, I was getting worried and scared." Yugi proclaimed as he saw Yami look up at him. Yami gently started to sit up as Yugi helped him a little. Yami then looked around, and saw that he was still in his domino city clothes that Yugi used to wear. However looking around more, he noticed that he wasn't inside the puzzle anymore, he started to hyperventilate to himself a little. Yugi noticed this little panic as he gently took Yami's hand, and Yami looked at him. "It's okay... I promise" Yugi said gently, as he watched Yami start to calm down some more.

Yami then slowly smiled as he saw that everything was different. He didn't realize how much of reality really was. He was to busy saving the world, and preoccupied with time it didn't occur to him at all. He looked around more as Yugi giggled Yami's curiosity. Yami then glanced around and looked at Yugi, as he then raised an eyebrow. "What's funny?" He said questionably.

"Hm? " Yugi said, as he didn't realize Yami had saw him giggling. "Oh. It's just, well your still in the same clothes that we use to be dueling in beforehand. Perhaps you wanna wear something more comfortable." Yugi exclaimed. Yami looked down at his clothes as he didn't find anything wrong with them, however he then simply agreed with Yugi's implications as Yugi had started walking to his closet. "Now, we both still wear the same size, so I'm sure I can find you something useful..." Yugi said as he started searching through his closet.

Yami started walking around the room and stared at his hands. He touched his skin gently, as his eyes narrowed with precision. He then looked over as he saw a mirror he had past. He widened his eyes as he saw himself. It was surprising for Yami considering he never had a reflection before. He moved his hand repeatedly over and over in the mirror and turned around his body, as he looked at himself. Yami had a blank expression but it was more towards the couldn't believe it feeling. Yugi then grabbed some clothes he thought would suit Yami as he turned around and saw Yami.

Yugi watched as Yami saw himself, and realized he actually felt alive for once. Yugi then sighed with happiness, as he walked to him and extended his arms out. Yami looked down at the clothes and then back at Yugi as Yugi handed them over. "Here, I'm sure these clothes would fit you perfectly" he said happily. "Now go change." Yugi had exclaimed as he walked over towards the bed. Yami looked with confusion as he didn't know what Yugi wanted. He then softly spoke to himself. "Change?" He raised an eyebrow and then shrugged as he dropped the clothes and he started to unbutton his jacket. He then took it off as he started to lift his shirt up.

Yugi blushed as he watched Yami for a moment, then quickly walked over as he pulled down Yami's shirt. "Yami, what are you doing?" Yugi said quickly, as the blush expression never left his face. "You said to change, didn't you? Is that not what I'm doing?" Yami said with a confused tone. Yugi was embarrassed with a blushed face as he then swallowed his spit and then, glanced over at the clothes and back at him. "Y—yes I mean... no wait, yes! But—but I mean change in the bathroom." Yugi stuttered over his words as he couldn't get the images of Yami being shirtless out his mind.

"Oh? What is a bathroom??" Yami said, as he didn't understand why Yugi was reacting the way he was. "I'll show you." Yugi said quickly yet again, as he pulled Yami's arm over towards the bathroom of his room. He then pushed him inside gently as he quickly exclaimed again. "Now change in there and let me know when your done, okay?" Yugi started walking away as he felt Yami gently grab his hand. Yugi squealed a little as he felt Yami's real hand, it felt much warmer for some reason, as well his hand felt like a gently baby touching him. Yugi quickly glanced back as he saw Yami concerned.

"Yugi.... Is something wrong? Are you okay? You seem, I don't know, off." Yami said with a little concern for Yugi acting strange. "I—I'm fine! Everything's fine! Anyways I gotta go and do something. " Yugi snatched away as he rushed out his room and closed the door behind him quickly. Yami was about to say something but saw Yugi leave quickly, he blinked with confusion as he closed his eyes and sighed. He then closed the bathroom door as he started to change into the clothes Yugi had handed him.


Yugi was breathing heavily as he closed his eyes and tried to relax. He never had been this embarrassed and flustered since the first time he had a crush on Téa. He didn't understand it however, he started to feel something he hadn't before. Yugi couldn't escape the mindset of Yami now, he was getting the urge to kiss him all over. Seeing Yami physically more than sharing a body, and not inside the millennium puzzle it was as if everything change. Yami was more, attractive than before, Every-time he was around Yami now he felt flustered every inch. Yugi then heard a noise like the sound of a door as he jolted a little. He stared at his bedroom door as he thought Yami was done changing and about to come outside of the room.

Yugi swallowed again with a worried expression. He knew Yami wouldn't leave him alone until he figured out something was wrong. However, he leaned against the door with his ear as he tried to listen and hear what Yami was going instead. "Yugi!" a voice had called his name as he jolted quickly and removed his ear. He turned quickly to the sound as he saw his grandpa had come upstairs with food. "Hehe, what are you doing my boy?" His grandpa said with a chuckle, as he didn't know what Yugi was doing. Yugi with a streak of red across his face yet again, slowly rubbed the back of his head as he felt more embarrassed. "I—-I um... just... nothing..." Yugi said as he was trying to find an excuse about what he was up too.

"Doesn't seem like nothing, if your listening to your door." His grandpa had said with another laugh as he started walking towards Yugi. Yugi quickly walked away from his door as he turned his grandpa around. "Haha, yeah I guess so, I'm just— ya know, having a little game with myself. It's robbers and... cops?" Yugi said with a hesitation. He thought to himself that was a dumb reason, as well as he didn't think his grandfather would believe him. His grandfather simply smiled and chuckled, as he didn't understand his grandson's imagination. "Haha, you have a wonderful imagination, don't you?" He said. "Haha, yes, yes I do gramp's" Yugi said with a nervous laugh.

"Well invite your Real friends over, rather playing with yourself. I'm sure it'll be much funnier." As he started walking away towards his room. Yugi kept the shame of embarrassment upon his face as he felt completely stupid doing that in front of his grandfather. He then watched his grandfather go into his room with his plate of food, as he smiled at Yugi once more. Yugi glanced up and smiled through his dumb moment he had, as his grandfather closed the door. As soon as he did, Yugi went back down to his room quickly as he busted opened the door and yelp as he saw Yami.

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Yami had on on a button up shirt that was black, as it was showing his muscular tone body. As he had on dark blue jeans for his pants, that were long, and black socks as well. He had a choker on around his neck, and a black belt bracelet around his wrist with a watch. He turned around, and looked up at Yugi as he saw his expressing. It looked like a tomato as Yami chuckled as he slowly started to walk towards him. "Haha, if your staring me in that way, I guess the outfit was a success". Yami said with a grin.

Yugi swallowed again, as he didn't know what else to do. It felt fast his heart pounding inside him over and over again. He never seen Yami look this way before, with basic clothes on, his chest bulking a little as he showed off his sexy body. His tone skin clothes as if he had gotten a little darker. His narrow long lushes eyes, as he stared at them. His gently kissable lips, that was full and had them healthy. Yugi didn't know what to do that wasn't what he was already thinking. Yami raised an eyebrow as was concerned for Yugi looking the way he was.

"Yugi....what's... what's the matter? Your face ...." Yami said as he gotten a little closer towards Yugi but not as close. He didn't want Yugi snatching away like he had done earlier. He was completely confused and didn't understand it. Yugi glanced up at Yami gently, as he stared long time at his lips, and quickly closed his door as he rushed himself into Yami's arms. He pressed his lips against Yami's and started to kiss him. Yami was surprised by this action as he stared at Yugi as he started to kiss him for a moment, he tried speaking but barely could. "Y—Yugi....what's gotten—-" Yami said trying to break free.

"Yami, please just shutup and kiss me" Yugi said demandingly a little. As he kept kissing Yami, and closed his eyes, he felt on his chest a little and started to slowly move his hands up towards his neck. His tongue thin and long, started to slide into Yami's mouth. Yami, felt this notion and allowed Yugi to go within his mouth, as he tongue yugi back. He closed his eyes, and wrapped his arms around Yugi's waistline, as he didn't mind Yugi making out with him. He pulled Yugi closer towards him as he pulled him close enough to where they're bodies are pressed together. They started to kiss passionately on another, as Yugi started walking Yami back towards his bed. Yami started walking backwards towards the bed and eventually hit the base board. Yugi then felt down on top of Yami on the bed as they both fell together.

Yami, fell as he broke his linked hands and touched Yugi's cheek gently as the two kept their tongues and saliva in each other's mouths. Yugi felt himself getting turned on gently, as he felt Yami's thick long tongue, in his mouth as he started to take off his own shirt. Yami didn't question Yugi's actions, but he was surprised in the back of his mind, that Yugi was doing this himself. As Yugi removes his shirt Yami leans in and gently kisses Yugi's pink nipple on the right, and starts to suck on it. Yugi feels this as he starts to moan a little feeling Yami's teeth. Yami did it gently, as he remembered that Yugi had a sensitive body, which means that roughness wasn't really an option.

Yugi hissed as he felt his nipples get hard, and Yami kissing and sucking on his nipple. He started to unbutton Yami's shirt as he saw an opening to do so. Yugi then got all his buttons undone as he saw Yami's muscular body, as he leaned forward and down to kiss on Yami's neck. Yami had stopped what he was doing and felt Yugi go for his neck and felt Yugi's gently touch of his lips and tongue on him. He closed his eyes and felt himself start to get horny more and more, which he didn't want. He remembered the last time, they tried to have sex with another and it didn't go so well. That day on Valentine's Day, they didn't even have sex, and the weeks after that they never had sexual contact either.

All they did was make out heavily but when it came down to taking off each other's clothes and especially Yugi's pants area. He would start to freak out. He would get all nervous and his gestures would indicate that he didn't want to have sex. Yami always felt bad, and felt like he was rushing into things with Yugi. He didn't want that, so when it felt Yugi turning him on more and more he quickly switched positions with Yugi so he was on top. He had pinned Yugi down to the bed as Yugi watched Yami and licked his lips cutely. His eyes got softer as he stared at Yami's opened shirt and then back at his lushes beautiful long eyes. Yami stared at Yugi and felt a lust again, everytime Yugi looked at him this way, he almost couldn't resist doing it. He hated this, because he knew Yugi wasn't ready for a sexual relationship. He closed his eyes and stopped pinning Yugi as Yugi looked with a little worry now.

"Is something wrong?" Yugi said as he saw Yami sit up, Yugi sat up as well.

"....." Yami didn't say anything as he looked down with guilt and shame once again.

"....y—Yami?.... what's wrong.. please.." Yugi said as he turned Yami's face towards him and made him look at him.

" we can't do this.. Yugi. I'm sorry. I know you aren't ready for this type of "contact". And I should know this by now. But I felt that my urges will cause this, so we should stop before things get to that point...." He said, as he looked away once again, and got up from the bed and looked at Yugi's window.

"....I—....." Yugi couldn't finish his sentence, as he felt completely bad, about what he was doing. He was egging on Yami, and practically teasing him, and he knew that he wasn't even giving Yami the entire package. He closed his eyes and almost wanted to cry, as he felt completely terrible about this whole thing. They were dating, and he didn't nor couldn't even do this one thing, his partner wanted to do with him. Yami sighed as he buttoned up his shirt, all the way and left the top button unbutton.

"'s fine, Yugi. I know we should be able to make out, without having to go into a sexual activity. It is my fault for thinking those things. I feel guilty enough as it is, but I wanted us to stop before it may lead to that. Hmph, I think I'm going to go for a walk." Yami said as he started to turn around and walk towards Yugi's door. Yugi quickly got up from the bed as his shirt was still off and he looked at Yami. "W—wait.... You, you want me to go with you?" Yugi asked as he watched Yami start to open the door.

" I need to be alone." Yami said sternly as he opened the door and walked out and closed it behind him. Yugi's eyes widened at how Yami had a tone with him when he asked that. Yugi looked down and fell down in his bed and started to cry, he couldn't believe his actions just a few minutes ago. He felt like a complete idiot, and he didn't know why he did what he did. It was more embarrassing than his grandfather catching him from outside his room. He kept himself on the bed as he clutched the covers and closed his eyes gently trying to think to himself about what happened.

Yugi knew that he felt bad about what happened, as he slowly started to sit up on the bed. He wiped his tears gently, as he looked at his hands and squeezed his hands into fist. It felt compelled to do anything about how he started it. However, he didn't want Yami being upset with him, if anything that made him want him more. He felt cold, and alone, this wasn't how he played Yami and him to have on their first time getting into the real world. Yugi, had to find Yami, as he got out of his bed quickly, and started to put his shoes back on. He would go out and search for Yami to try and have a talk with him about everything, it was something he was determined to do.

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