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Chapter 28: Pop a Question

"Hello, welcome. If you are a vip you get a discount for a wonderful price with any purchase and if you are doing wedding rings, you get a 50% discount on gold and silver rings. Our highest prices are starting at 80K gold, and our lowest prices are starting at 5K gold and silver." He explained towards Yami. Yami in a way didn't know what that meant but he could only assume it meant that it was expensive. He sighed in a way as he felt that he was perhaps moving and thinking to much on it. He didn't know what a wedding was, or why the man explained it this way. He was clueless and he felt that the man knew it somewhat. "Do you know what your looking for?" The man asked chuckling.

"Oh is it that obvious?" Yami asked him.

"No, not really, but you seem to have a lot on your mind. If you need help or someone to speak to you may do so towards me." He replies.

Yami at first didn't think it was his business, considering he was just a man behind a counter. However, he did work here and he seemed really nice and wish to understand in a way. Yami then softly sighed as he looked down at the rings as the man watched him carefully.

"You getting a ring for a special someone?" He said smiling at Yami again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I— I don't know." Yami responded.

"What does the ring mean? I mean— I'm new to this, maybe I should just go—" Yami said somewhat embarrassed by not knowing what these rings meant. The man raised an eyebrow by how Yami was responding and acting, yet he assumed that he must've been a foreigner somewhere and wasn't familiar with weddings. He simply shrugged it off and decide they he'd explain it and made this man would understand what committee and rings meant for someone. "Well." The man begin to say. "These rings are very, very expensive and extremely meaningful. These rings symbolizes love and compassion. They symbolize your affections for the person you hold dearly too. You take this ring and you get down on one knee and you say the words "will you marry me." He told Yami.

Yami was intrigued by how this worked and in a way he felt it was foolish. Why would someone waste so much time in a ring for that. The man felt that Yami didn't seem to know the reason in which those did it for so instead he unlocked the glass, and took out a ring. It was in its holder as he opened it up as the diamond shined brightly, and had sparkles on it. "This is something that would show committee it shows that this person is yours and yours only, the ring symbolizes that." He explained more. Yami then widened his eyes and soon understood what he was meaning now. This was something that was meant for people who truly loved one another. He hoped that it would be the same for Yugi and himself.

"I see." Yami began to say. "In that case, I should get two rings? For Yugi and I?" He asked.

"Well, give your partner the ring first and in time you can come back and get your own. These rings as I've stated before are truly expensive this is real gold, and which is why it's so pricey. Not many people can afford two rings at the same time, so one ring for who ever is proposing usually buys the one for the other first." He told Yami.

Yami fully comprehended that now, and he indeed wish to purchase a ring. He narrowed his eyes down at the ring the man was already holding. The diamond was big, and it was shining with small studs inside the diamonds. It was like silver on top of silver, and it was truly a work of art. "How much for the ring you have in your hand?" He asked the man. The man smiled and went to the counter as he then typed some numbers up and then asked Yami it he was a vip here. Yami nodded as he took out his small vip card and the man scanned it. He then narrowed his eyes down at the screen clicked a couple of things and then smiled. "The original price was 45K but for you it's only 20K." He told Yami. Yami gulped a little, at the price was still high for him. He could possibly do 10K or even 5K but 20K was still more than what he was wishing.

The man saw the gulp and frustration on his face and bite his bottom lip a little. He then smirked and went back to the screen and spoke towards Yami. "Tell you what how about I drop it to 10K. I'll detail the price off my own expensive and just add it towards your credit." He told Yami. Yami raised an eyebrow confused still as he knew not what any of that meant. The man saw his expression and chuckled once more and soon explained further. "It means that I'm just cutting the price down in half for you." He told Yami. "Oh? What, you can do that?" He asked the man. "Mmm sure, you seem like a good person, and I can do a little moving around, as long as you have good credit I'm sure I can pull it off." He told Yami.

Yami was ecstatic by this, and so happy that he'd be able to give Yugi a wonderful ring that was a symbol of love and affection. Yami then smiled seeing the ring he would be getting soon and then his eyes widened more. He remembers his wallet is inside the room where both him and Yugi sleep. He'd have to go and get it, and then rolled his eyes as he couldn't believe he left it by accident. "I actually have to go I'll be right back though! I left my wallet in my room. Please hold that ring for me." He told the man sternly. The man saw Yami's determination and soon smiled as he nodded firmly. "I shall guard this ring with my very life!" He told Yami saluting him. Yami then quickly left the shop as another couple walked inside as he ran down the docks and past places towards his room.

Yugi was already inside the room and had continued to play the block game when he finished the level. "Ah. Finally I've past level 48." He told himself. He then blinked and looked around seeing that he walked in his room without even noticing. He chuckled at his own actions and then realized that Yami wasn't around. "Yami?" He said aloud and then walked into the bathroom and the patio areas and didn't see him. He felt Yami must've walked off or perhaps he got tired of seeing Yugi's head in the game and not on him. A lot of thoughts was coursing Yugi's mind but he didn't wish to think negatively as he hoped that Yami was fine. He then heard a knock on the door as Yugi turned and place the phone down on the dresser.

Yugi then walked towards the door and unlocked it as he saw a rushing Yami draft in. His expression was settle for a moment and then he got confused and skeptical about what Yami was doing. "Hey, where did you go?" He asked Yami. Yami was looking around the room particularly looking for something as he didn't notice Yugi's question as he bent down underneath the bed and saw his wallet. "Yes got it." He said softly towards himself and then came from underneath the bed and stop in his tracks. He saw the feet of Yugi as he slowly looked up and saw Yugi standing there with his hands on his hips looking at Yami. Yami smiled softly and innocently as he then got up all the way and stared back at Yugi. "What—What is it?" He asked Yugi.

"You tell me, what's going on? Where did you go, I already asked." Yugi replied.

Yami got somewhat nerves but he couldn't tell Yugi what he was up too or it'll ruin the surprise for them both. However, he wanted Yugi to wear something nice and fancy, so he could do it properly. Yami then got the idea as he smirk with a teensy look and then decided he'd say something that wasn't out or the ordinary.

"I have something special for you. I want you to go by the edge of the ship in the front as the sun is about to set. At that right moment I want you to look at the horizon and don't turn around until I say." He told Yugi.

Yugi eyes popped at the sound of this demand, and in a way it made him feel worried. Yami always have surprises and it always made Yugi feel uneasy and emotional. He then gulp softly to himself and then sighed as he didn't know what to expect. He then nodded to Yami as Yami smiled kissing him gently on his forehead and walking away. He then left the room leaving Yugi alone as for the first time Yugi was more nervous than he was beforehand. He took deep breathes and then tried to relax, as his eyes felt a twitch that made him unsettling and his gut was feeling numb as well. He was feeling these weird feelings and couldn't really understand the real reasons. Nevertheless, overall he was curious to know why Yami was acting this way and so he'd have to get dress for it.

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