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76.66% Yugi The Author / Chapter 23: The Millenniums

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Chapter 23: The Millenniums

"How have you been, nice to see you again

How quickly these conversations seem to end

You meet a friend, every now and then

How quickly these relations turn into trends

Put all your walls up and open your windows

And close all your doors

You catch yourself standing in front of the mirror

And now you need more

What do you wish for

To catch you as you're falling

So easy to ignore

But now you hear it calling again (x4)

I wouldn't want to be you

This lonely game that you play

Between your walls you confuse

Every heart that you break

So afraid that you'll lose

Always a void to replace

I wouldn't want to play you (x4)

You try and pretend, the truth is hard to bend

How easy these translations can be read

What if you were led to play a different game instead

How hard these frustrations are to mend

Does it matter to you? (X3)

Just wait" (x3)

The crowd goes wild as Yami finished singing and playing his guitar as he looked around seeing smiling and cheering faces. He then turns to his drummers and guitar players as well as they give him a thumbs up. Yami in his black long stylish coat as it flares up in the back and his high heel boots that goes up towards his knees. As he wears his black and white body suit that's slim and fitted. His fingernails are somewhat long but clear polished on them and his ears pierced on both sides and at the tops. He then looks around as he sees Yugi in the backstage area as he is wearing a belly shirt and a crop top white hoodie jacket. Smiling at Yami's voice and him singing as Yami looks back at his fans.

He then turns around softly and looks at the piano player as they softly play a tune and Yami then walks to the mic. He then takes it from the stand and his lips pressing against it gently as he looks at the sky then starts to him through it. As he does this the piano grows louder a little as Yami then opens his mouth and starts to sing his most famous song.

"Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

In you and I, there's a new land

Angels in flight

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

My Sanctuary, my Sanctuary, yeah

Where fears and lies melt away...

Music will tie

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

What's left of me, what's left of me now...

I watch you fast asleep

All I fear means nothing...

In you and I, there's a new land

Angels in flight

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

My Sanctuary, my Sanctuary, yeah

Where fears and lies melt away...

Music will tie

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

What's left of me, what's left of me

Snwod dna spu ynam os

My heart's a battleground

Snoitome eurt deen I

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

Snoitome eurt deen I

You show me how to see

That nothing is whole and

Nothing is broken...

In you and I, there's a new land

Angels in flight

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

My Sanctuary, my Sanctuary, yeah

Where fears and lies melt away...

Music will tie

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

What's left of me, what's left of me now...


My lies...

Melt away...


Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I"

Once again the crow cheers chanting his name over and over again. In a way Yami felt like he was in a dream, a place that was nothing but a domaine filled with his friends and his fans the crowd going crazy for him and flyers and posters around showing his face and his group. It was the best feeling in the world, and yet he felt this was all surreal to him to begin with. He then blinked as the announcer exclaimed loudly coming out from behind the backstage. "Yeah! Let's here another cheer for your famous rock band "ミレニアム" he told them.

They cheered once again as fan girls wished for Yami to come over so they could touch him. He waved once more and slowly walked off the stage as his heels did the clicking of the baseboard underneath them. He then walked off stage as Yugi moved and went past a few people so he could meet Yami downstairs. Yami walked through the hallways as his group was behind them chattering about their performance and how they felt alive when they performed. Yami listened behind him as he was walking through making sure he didn't bump into anyone and then went inside his dressing room.

His group followed as he then sat down on his high chair and crossed his left leg over the other. He then looked at the mirror as his hair dresser came over and fixed his hair somewhat and sprayed it to keep it stylish. His group watched him and chuckled as they were all hyped about what they've done and how well they have been improving. One of his lead guitarist had looked over at Yami and then he sighed as he spoke his deep voice. "So, we should make it to the big charts soon." Bones said towards him. The rest of them looked over at Yami whom blinked and glanced over.

"Yeah, I suppose we shall. I look forward when that day arises." He exclaimed turning around and facing his crew. He then heard a knocked on the door and told his worker to go get it for him as he told him it was Yugi, and Yami face went from calm to blushing. He then nodded telling him to let him come inside, as Yugi walked in and waved to his band. They waved back and watch Yugi walk over to Yami as the two hug one another. Yugi then kissed his cheek softly as his friends got up and walked out leaving them alone. Yami blushes softly as Yugi then turns to sit down at the counter.

Yami then sits back down in his chair and looks over at Yugi as he seemed to have some on his mind. Yami then raised an eyebrow concerned for Yugi greatly just by how he was sighing and not really speaking. "Is something on your mind boo?" Yami asked within question. Yugi glanced over not realizing he was thinking so deeply and soon realized he was somewhat. "Oh, it's just, I suppose things happened so fast, it's been weeks since, since...." he said trying not to cry. "Yugi, it's okay I understand it was a tough time for both of us." He told Yugi as he held his hand.

Yugi softly looked over at Yami as he grin feeling the comfort by Yami because of it. He then heard his fans up above as he chuckled in a way just hearing them call his name like that. Yami could hear them as well, as he glanced back at Yugi and then slowly gotten up from his chair. He then smirked and crossed his arms as he was thinking about something. Yugi felt he was and so he decided to make sure Yami was okay as well. "Hey, are you okay?" Yugi asked questionably. Yami nodded and responded. "I just feel like this is surreal, I never pictured me in a band before. Let alone, I never picture our lives like this." He told Yugi.

Yugi then looked down playing with his fingers feeling the same emotions Yami was feeling. It made sense to feel this way, considering things happened so fast it felt like, even after his grandpa past away weeks ago. The funeral was the most devastating part and Yugi almost couldn't even go to it. It was hard and all his friends was there for support, and his friends family, now Yugi didn't have any family. He squinted his eyes more, and sometimes wish his thinking wouldn't lead to disappointments such as that. However, he felt Yami hug him surprisingly as he didn't mind it hugging him back wrapping his arms around Yami's neck.

"I want you to know I'm always here for you, Aibou." Yami told Yugi sincerely. He then stop hugging him, and smirked with a softness in his smile, and Yugi did as well as the two got up from they're sits. "How's about we go home." Yami said winking and grabbing his flowers and letters he got from fans. Soon his band crew walked back inside as some of them had snacks and things, as they turned to Yami looking to see if he was ready to go. Yugi nodded and smiled happily, as he would be happy to go home with Yami for a day. Yugi hadn't been home in awhile due to being on the road with Yami's band.

There was so much that Yugi needed to write, and yet he wish to be supportive to Yami in his career. In a way he felt thrilled and exhilarating that he was on the road. It was weird to be traveling and going from concert to concert and having fans all around. Though they weren't Yugi's fans, Yami was always his number one fan, as they both walked out of Yami's dressing room. They made their way backstage and past other security guards as they went out the back doors. Yami's limo was already awaiting his arrival with his band as he got inside as Yugi did the same.

The two sat quietly for the most part in the car while the rest of his friends laughed and talked about their futures. Yugi was curled up somewhat in Yami's arms, as Yami had both his arms extended out as he relax. Allowing Yugi to lay his head against his chest and fall asleep if he wanted too. Yami then looked out the window and for a moment he did notice that him and Yugi been through a lot these past months. So much happened and yet, it felt like it happened in such a short amount of time. The distance between the day they had Valentine's Day day and now. It was all feeling overwhelming and completely unreal. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He then looked down at Yugi as he saw that Yugi was slowly drifting off, his heart was moving slowly and he seemed more calmer than the earlier weeks. Yami couldn't get that image and feeling of pain and sadness from him however. He couldn't stop seeing the funeral seeing Yugi cry and his friends as well. Everyone dress in black that day, and the coffin having his grandpa inside it, Yugi pulling the plug by his own choice. It was overbearing and yet Yami sometimes wonders if it was the right decision. Although, Yami never spoke on it because he didn't wish for Yugi to have those nightmares, which he sometimes had still. He'd have to take his medication come tonight when they got home.

So many things changed, and yet Yugi was still the same opened hearted person, that loved his friends and family. Didn't wish to see any one her hurt and yet made sacrifices and decisions he'd never regret doing. He was becoming a strong man indeed, and he'd soon become a man fully, and Yami wasn't sure if he was ready for that yet. A few minutes later the limo had drop off the band crew as they started to drive Yami and Yugi to their apartment. They were downtown in the suburbs with the gated community area. A place that had no crime, and usually people walking their dogs causally on the sidewalks.

It was a nice little neighborhood and it felt like home and got away the bad memories. They were miles away from the game shop and unfortunately they had to close it down because Yugi didn't have the money at the time. Yugi didn't know however that Yami was having the money saved, and soon the game shop would be open again. He felt bad in a way and knew that Yugi was more disappointed that he couldn't keep it open, at least not for now. Yami knew it would be a surprise for him and he didn't wish to ruin it so he kept it to himself. He then moved over a little and softly touch Yugi's skin awaking him.

"Hey partner we're home." He told Yugi as Yugi softly blinked and rub his eyes gently. "Oh." He said and then sat up looking out the window. He then yawned closing his mouth and the driver opened the door for them. Yugi smiled softly and thanked him as Yami did the same as the two got out the vehicle. They then walked up the steps and heading into the apartments section that was a complex and had a swimming pool for the outside. Along with a swimming pool and hot tub in the lobby area. This was more feeling like a hotel than an actually staying living area.

It was astonishing and they felt flabbergasted that they could even afford to stay here. With Yami's band money, and Yugi moving up the latter in the writing industry they could even have gotten a small home. Yugi didn't want that at first because he didn't expect to even made it this far, Yami discussed it with Yugi and Yugi claimed he would think on it, as they walked inside their apartment. It was bigger on the inside and consistent of two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. Two for the rooms itself and then a hallway bathroom, as well as a marble floor and counter top kitchen set.

The dining room as well marble and solid wooden cabinets that held they're food and supplies, as the king size bedroom was where Yami and Yugi both slept and the other room was nothing but a guess room. Yugi had walked inside his room plopping down into the bed at first and then getting up to grab his laptop. Without hesitation he had begun writing like he wanted too and felt more motivated to tell his story, while Yami wanted to take a shower and go to sleep. He got more exhausted each time he done a concert and wondered how famous people did this for a living.

"July 24th 2036 it's been weeks since the day of my grandpa's passing. I never felt so much pain and overwhelming heartbreak before. It felt like I am being consumed by guilt and despair every day. I never feel this inside of me that feels like a pit of dead things that crawl on me at night within my dreams. I see him there standing at me smiling, and I'm never able to reach him. I cannot even touch him or feel the sweet kiss when he places it upon my forehead. I feel like I shouldn't be alive right now, but Yami would tell me otherwise.

Why am I always feeling this grief? Is my subconscious mind being compelled to believe what I did wasn't the truth? I felt my grandfather would want me to pull the plug and to move on, and yet it is much more harder than I realized. I write nothing but sad stories or a child loosing their mother, and a wife that lost her husband at sea. If it's not that, then I write murder books, with a serial killer who drives people down to a lake and kills them. Or what's more, have someone become obsessed with someone and that becomes their death.

All I've been writing have been emotions I've bearing and yet I am the only one screaming from my pain and frustration. I want to cry every day and I want to shank myself with a dagger to feel what I always feel. I guess on the brighter side of things, Yami is in a band, and I have excel further in the writing business? I have at least 4 books published and at least 2 of them are those sad ass books..... I don't even know what to write anymore."

Yugi slowly stop on his keyboard as Yami had yelled from the shower to tell Yugi to go to sleep soon. Yugi then glanced at the bathroom door and leaned over from the bed to take his meds. He took out two pills and grab a bottle of water that was sitting on the table and opened it and took the meds. He swallowed them and drunk some water as he placed it back down on the table and looked at his screen again. He then froze unable to know what to write anymore, felt like he was done writing, his entire life meant nothing for him.

He watched as the line continued to blink on his screen awaiting the next line, and it felt like he went a blank. Unable to know what to write and why he should write anymore. He slowly closed his eyes and felt himself start to tear up as he sniffed and felt himself weeping. He continued to cry for a few moments and then heard the shower stop running as he sniff once more and placed his laptop down on the ground. He then quickly got underneath the covers and blankets and pulled them up to his face as Yami came out.

Yami felt fresh and relieved of his stress and aggravation as he looked over at Yugi. He then check the time seeing it was only 10:00pm and usually Yugi didn't stop writing until maybe 11:30pm. He knew something was wrong but didn't know if he should ask or not because of everything that's happened. "Partner are you..." he said quickly unknowing really that he had said anything that fast. Yugi didn't answer for a moment and then tried to speak through his tears and depression as he nodded not saying a word. Yami then sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, and awaited for Yugi to go to sleep.

Once he did so, he then lead down and grab Yugi's laptop and opened it up to see what he was writing. He read it all and couldn't help but get upset by the things he saw, he didn't like those books Yugi had published and he felt those were the worse books even though they sold out. Yugi was more into romance and happy love and things and now he was saying dark decrepit things that made Yami twitch a little. Yami knew that he had to get Yugi out of this deep funk and horrible state he was in, he had to take him some where exciting and fun, and from that night he had gotten the best idea yet.


Author Note

ミレニアム = The Millenniums

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