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Chapter 13: Unfinished Business

Yugi was silently sleeping for hours, as the rain crashed down. Eventually he started to open his eyes, and then slowly wiped them. He didn't know, where Yami was, as he slowly started to speak. "Y—Yami?" He said softly. He didn't know, if he was downstairs watching tv, or perhaps he could still be gone. Although, he wasn't too concerned considering, Yami was a tough person. So he wasn't to press about the issue. However he checked the time and saw that it was going in the early afternoon, only around noon. Yugi got up quickly from his bed, and didn't realize it. He had been sleeping for awhile now, and Yami didn't even bother to wake him up. Yugi didn't like sleeping in, it wasn't common for him to do so. Although he felt like he'd needed the sleep deep down, yet felt guilt about doing it.

He wished Yami was here to help him, deal with this compressed emotions. Nevertheless, he simple put his bare feet on the ground. He then realized he had already gotten a shower with Yami, although they did what they did again. He simply went down and out of his room opening the door gently. He looked around his hallway, and then walked down the hallway, and down the stairs. His eyes widened alittle looking around seeing that Yami wasn't down here and it was quiet. So quiet that it made him feel uneasy, and uncomfortable. He couldn't comprehend where Yami would go. It's not like Yami had things to really do. Although since he was trying to be human, he'd need to get employed soon.

Yugi slowly walked down the reminder of the stairs, and turned towards the front door. He then unlocked it with his soft hands, and opened it up and walked outside. The sky was dark gray, a palish color that was blankly. It made even the smallest happiness turn into saddens when seeing it. He then, looked around hoping Yami would come around, that was a mistake however. He was wishful thinking, and his eyes soften with his boldness they had in them. It felt like tears could rain down any minute, 'where are you other me?' Yugi said within his wondering mind. He then closed the door back again, locking it up and walking away.

The beam lights, that centered the room, as they had dragged Yami's unconscious body into it. His feet and shoes were dragging, as the noises of machines, and coughing could be heard even when he wasn't awake. He then felt the coldness around him, and then screaming inside his dreams. The sound of Yugi being hurt by people, and someone taking him away from him. Yami eyes started to twitch, as he then jolted them opened and he was on the ground in an isolated room. The room, was steel plated, tiles covering, the backboards, and the roofs of it. It was a window, that was tinned as well, as you couldn't see out of it. Yami squinted his eyes, as he turned his view over towards the window that was wide.

"Hello?" Yami said, staring at it blankly. "Is someone there? Untie me and release me from these chains!" He said angrily, as he then got up and then fell back down. His hands were chained to the ground by a pole like that went underground. The steel was cold around his wrist, although he paid no mind towards it. He narrowed his eyes with hatred in them, as he didn't know where he was or what was going on. This must've been like a kidnapping, although he didn't know who would wish to kidnap him. He was getting mugged and then all of a sudden he got punched without a knowledge of who done it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Your finally awake." A deep voice that seemed similar was heard. As it was nerve-racking and chilling to say the least. Yami had his eyes squinted as he was trying to see past the tinned window of it. "Don't bother." The voice came again. Yami eyes widened by his predicament and then listened to what he had said. "Your in an isolated place, and not even you can see past my walls and mirrors. I specifically designed this, so that it could keep you inside and you wouldn't know anything about it." The voice continued to explain. Yami still within his rage state demanded with his tone of voice.

"Who are you! And why did you kidnap me! What do you want from me?" He asked. The voice however didn't respond, but then the sound of the door started to open. He then stood up more, and looked as it started to unlock itself. The voice then spoke, as he it sounded as if he was rising on a machine outside the room. It was a platform, designed to see Yami, from a different standpoint. "Who am I?" They said with a smirk and a chuckle that was deep. "I think you would know that, pharaoh!" He said putting a downplay in his words. Yami eyes widened at the sound that was so familiar. He didn't wish to believe it however, was his mind playing tricks, or was this really real? Was it truly happening?

"K—-Kaiba?" Yami said hesitantly, but with a worried tone as well. The machine platform then went down, and another mirror came into play. It was in front of Yami now, and untinned, so Yami could see inside of it. Squinting his eyes again, due to the beam lights being to focused and bright for him to really be able to pay attention. His eyes then felt a pulse inside them, a trill of fear and uncertainty. "K—Kaiba!" Yami said angrily, and saw that Seto was standing there. He was smirking and have a confident appearance, about him wearing a suit. "Finally— I didn't think you were that slow in the head. That you couldn't comprehend my own voice. It's been awhile hasn't it, pharaoh?" Seto had finished stating.

"Why—-why are you doing this! What is this about?!" Yami had so many questions. Even then he felt that they wouldn't get answered, as Seto looked more different than before. His personality became more twisted than he normally pictured him to be, and furthermore, his intentions were unclear. "Really! Pharaoh? Even after all this time, I thought you would've known by now. You and I haven't settled anything!" He said angrily, pointing at Yami with his finger. "You think you can just lose a duel against Yugi, and then decide not to go to the afterlife. Only for you to have a second chance at life, again and think you'd never see Seto Kaiba?! Your a fool!" He stated banging his hands down to the table.

Yami didn't have anything to say, as he watched Seto in his moment. Seto then looked down and smirked, as he balled his fist up. "I've waited along time to get my revenge on you pharaoh. The duel you and I destiny to fulfill in order to see who really is the strongest! Who really is the true king of games." He said narrowing his eyes down again. Yami was irritated and at that moment he couldn't control his words and feelings. "That's what this is all about! You kidnap for a stupid duel?! Kaiba have you lost your mind, I don't duel anymore, I have grown with a different lifestyle, the world is saved. Why can't you move on from the past as it wasn't meant for us any longer!" Yami exclaimed.

Kaiba narrowed his eyes crossing his arms, as Yami spoke about it. "Let go of your pride Kaiba, you and I both know how the duel shall end." He told him, narrowing his eyes at Kaiba. Kaiba then closed his eyes, and smirked as the sun beams hit his face from the windows above. "Is that so?" He said, softly, as Yami looked up with a more relaxed face and a grunt. "Well, if you wish to make it out of here, you'll have to duel me!!!" He said pointing and laughing, as Yami grunted again, balling his fist up. "Unless you think you can't beat me! I always knew you'd go soft on me. Settling down with Yugi really put a softness in your little heart...." he said smirking glancing up at him again.

".....leave Yugi alone..." Yami said with a darkness feeding his rage within. "Hmph, well that's up to you, Pharaoh. If you ever wish to see him again, you'll have to duel for your freedom. Unless you wish to admit defeat now, and admit that I am the true King of Games!" He said crossing his arms continuously smirking. Yami at this moment didn't know what to do, but he felt like he had no other choice in the matter. Dueling Seto once again, and proving that he could still duel, it was overwhelming, as he hadn't duel not since him and Yugi's final duel. It was a heartbreaking moment, and afterwards, Yugi coming again to put him at rest once and for all.

Only for the God's to grant Yami he's ultimate wish, and that wish was for him to stay with Yugi forever. He couldn't allow anyone to ruin that for him, he wish to be alive, he wish to be with Yugi, and if that meant going through Seto once again. It was something he had to do, in order to be free from this nonsense. He then closed his eyes feeling the thoughts course over his mind yet again, he then opened them slowly piercing his eyes at Kaiba. "Very well Kaiba! I accept your challenge this one final time! I shall show you what true power is." Yami said harshly keeping his intimating exterior.

Seto then smirked and then snapped his fingers as he spoke with his lips partly. "Then let us begin, Yami." He then snapped again, as the lines then shutted down blacking out the area's around Yami. Yami grunted and closed his eyes and then re-opened them seeing the room had changed. The platforms then raised once again, as the room became like a dueling area, with two platforms on the opposite sides. Yami chains then realized, as a small table then levitated with a deck of cards in hand. Seto then raised with a duel disk on his arms, and his deck inside its holster. "This shall be a great duel, I promise, I will beat you pharaoh. It's what I know I can do." He said staring at Yami.

Yami had slowly massaged his wrists, as they hurted a little from the steel that was around them. Although, he thought towards himself more as he picked up the deck and the duel disk. Kaiba had to understand what he did was wrong, and he needed to let his pride and this revenge go. It was destroying him and making him obsessed with power and being someone who is a winner. Kaiba was already strong, but he was become filled with greed which Yami could see within his heart. He then narrowed his eyes as he slid the duel disk on, and strapped it around his wrist, looking up at Kaiba.

"What's wrong? Don't remember how to use a duel disk!" He said, pointing up to the sky. The ceiling then started to rumble, as Yami gasped a little as he grunted. "Ah! What's— going on." He said towards himself, as the platforms they were both on starting to rise up. The rumble around them, as the ceiling became an open tower like platform, as the two of them then rose towards the top of Kaiba Corp rooft. The wind howling, as the gray clouds was still settling in, as they're hairs blew wildly in the wind. "I'm fine. Kaiba and I shall defeat you once and for all!" He told him.

Kaiba couldn't help but laugh, as Yami's eyes soften alittle but kept their narrow vision. "Do you really think it'll be that easy! I've wait for a long time pharaoh! And I don't intend to make it easy for you. I promise I shall destroy you and everything you care for won't matter anymore. Your weak and pathetic, and I'll prove that here and now!" He told him, crossing his arms, as Yami stood there with his fist balled up. The new advanced technology that was around both Yami and Kaiba's eyes with one of them, and the duel disk that gleamed when they were activated. "Don't worry that deck is a copy of your actual deck. Every card, every trap, every spell you have is inside that copy deck. It's basically like the real one." Seto explained.

"So don't think I'm cheating, or anything. I took the liberty of studying your deck and it's cards down to the last detail. So trust and believe when I say it's basically like your own." He told Yami. "Very well, I shall always trust in my cards Kaiba!" He told him, as the wind howled inside they're ears. "The heart of the cards won't save you this time pharaoh! Because when I get finished there won't be anything left of you! Mwhahaha!" As his jacket blew in the wind, Yami kept his composer and seriousness. He was determined to finish this once and for all and go home to Yugi.

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