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86.66% Yugi The Author / Chapter 26: Water Love

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Chapter 26: Water Love

The ship took sail that midnight, as fireworks were set up in the skies. It was a beautiful horizon that night and Yami and I have finally done something worth memorizing. It's been awhile hasn't it my fellow fans? I've been down for a long time, since that faithful night. However, I do not wish to continue to allow that to stop me in my dreams and goals for life. I believe sometimes I want more, and the more I want, the more I crave it with Yami. He's been the light of my world, the centerpiece of my mind, and the dreams I want to wish upon. He's everything I wanted in a man and more, why I could even picture us being married.

I care about him a lot and he's help me in this dark time, so now I want to do something that's more remarkable. I crave the lust in which to be against his body, pressed with the slightest tingle feeling. I long for his member inside me, and his body that's shimmering in the sunlight. When I am around him I blush so deeply that it makes my cheeks hurt and yet it's enjoyable.

Anyways, I believe that's all I have now, I think my next book I write shall be about Yami and I. It'll be a nonfictional book, it'll be the longest book I've ever written, it shall be able now I became who I am right now. Mmmm, I'll have to think of a title though. Lol

Yugi Mutou, July 25th 2036.

Yugi finished writing as he was sitting inside the king size bedroom. He was relaxing as he was in a tight fitted tank top, and some small shorts. He couldn't have been more comfortable. Yami and him had gotten back from a movie they watched in the theatre room. It was a horror film, and the boat had good taste. Considering, they knew what young lover adults like to watch. Yugi smirked thinking on it and sooner realized his birthday was soon coming around, it'll be September soon and that was when it was. He thought about the possibilities of what he could do when he turns 19 and that would be great. Nevertheless, he heard sounds coming from the door as it opened with some keys.

Yami came inside wearing these black tights, that were long and some shoes that was flats. It looked like the pair he wore, when he was back in ancient Egypt. He then had on a dark blue jean jacket, that was half crop but wasn't long either. He was also shirtless, as he went to go work out in the gym. Yami after learning from Yugi that there was a gym and what a gym was, Yami likes going there now. He had a towel wrap around his neck, from the sweat he made earlier and closed the door behind him. They're room was big, and it had a gorgeous view that could see the entire ocean from here they were. It was now 3am in the morning, and for some reason they both weren't sleep.

Yugi put his laptop down, on the bed and saw how sexy Yami was looking. He had a 12th pack now, and he was obviously working out good. It made Yugi clutch his legs over the other and feeling that tingle sensation. He was feeling that urge yet again, and he hadn't been in a long time. Yami had taken the towel from his neck and used it to wipe his forehead off. The sweat dripping down his bare upper body, as he smelled the colon that seemed to come off of Yugi as he must've came from a shower. "I stank hug me." Yami said chuckling and laughing playfully to Yugi. He rushed over to Yugi and jumped on Yugi who opened his eyes seeing Yami pounce like that.

"Ah! Yami." He said laughing as Yami did so, the two laughed gently as Yami kissed Yugi's lips, as Yugi felt his lips against his own. He then, closed his eyes enjoying that feeling and soon felt it remove itself. Yugi opened his eyes as Yami then got up from the bed and started to walk to the bathroom. "I think imma take a shower." Yami told himself and walked into the room. However, Yugi got up as well and he was bare foot from the shoes but then he grab his socks putting them on. He was going to tell Yami he wanted to join in on that, or just go inside while he showered but he wanted a better idea instead. He then went into the bathroom before Yami turned on the shower water.

Raising an eyebrow blinking curiously at Yugi as he entered the room. "Is something wrong partner" he asked confused somewhat. Yugi eyes widened by that question and he rub the back of his head gently. "Huh? Oh no. It's just— I was wondering if you wanted to go swimming with me." He asked Yami. Yami blinked as he didn't know how to really respond to that. He assumed he should shower first before stepping into the pool. "Shouldn't I shower first though?" He asked him. He then felt Yugi grab his hand firmly and yank him out the bathroom. Yugi then went to the closet and grab two towels, as he smirked and smiled at the same time. "No, it's the pool you'll have to shower anyways later." He said laughing

Yami then agreed to go with Yugi as he wanted this alone time anyways. He then walked out the room following Yugi to the area they were suppose to go. They both made sure they had their room keys, and along with the bathing towels as well. Apparently that's all they needed, but Yami couldn't help feel they was missing something, as he thought on it more. They then realized that no one was in the pool area and it was an isolated pool area as well. The room had candles and roses around the area, along with two flatscreen TVs hooked up against the walls outside the pools. It was a prefect romantic setting for the two of them. He then blinked looking around at how quiet it was.

"Wow, no one is here." Yami said towards Yugi, as he watched Yugi in shock. Yugi started to take off his tank top, as he then reached for his small shorts and took those off as well. Yami's face went instinctively red really fast as he waved his arms around in his mind. "Ah! Yugi what are you doing— isn't this a public pool?" He asked him. "No, it's for the VIPs actually, plus I had asked the manager if we could have this pool to ourselves for the early morning." He told Yami as he grab his briefs. He then smiled as he blushed wanting to take them off quickly before he had any regrets and nerves. As he did so quickly revealing his arousal and he jumped into the pool.

Yami watched Yugi and was memorized by how he was being. He's never seen this side of Yugi before and he loved it. It was something like out of one of his fantasies, although Yami didn't mind that he would swim naked, but now he understood why they didn't take any swimming suits. He smirked seeing Yugi come from out of the pool, as he moved his hair back and coughed somewhat. "Coming in?" He asked Yami playfully as he splashed some water around. Yami nodded as he then reached for his jacket and took it off quickly and as well as his tights along with his boxers. He then as well was naked as Yugi blushed with red streaks against his skin. He hadn't seen Yami naked in awhile and now he looked more delicious than before the last time.

He then jumped inside the pool as the big splash happened as Yugi laughed as Yami came up for air. Instantly grabbing Yugi by the waistline as Yugi gasp softly and looked back at Yami who was behind him. He then rested his hands into Yami's as well, as the two floated together as Yugi went to kiss him. Yami closed his eyes as he then slid his tongue into Yugi's as he moaned gently and then turned around. Wrapping his arms around his neck, Yami did the same around Yugi's waistline tightly and pulled him closer. Yugi couldn't stay afloat like Yami could, so Yami held him more so he wouldn't sank down. The two kiss underneath the pool lighting, as you could see the stars still out from where they were.

They continued to kiss, as Yami started to grope Yugi underneath the water, sticking his finger in Yugi's anus. As Yugi tremble feeling it as he broke the kiss to his shoulder. He drilled his fingernails into Yami's skin somewhat, as Yami kissed on Yugi's neck softly. He then started to suck and bite on his neck, as Yami was feeling horny and now wishing to pleasure him. "Ah~ Y-Yami don't bite, you'll leave a mark~" he said suddenly. Yami however wasn't paying any mind, as he knew he didn't really mind having one. He continue to kiss on Yugi's neck and leave the hickey mark he wanted to leave on Yugi as he continued to grope him in the water. The water splashed somewhat feeling it against they're skins, as they were pressed against one another.

Yami soon swam them over to the edge of the pool, where Yami could sit down underneath the platform. He then moved Yugi to sit on him, as he did so his legs over on both sides of Yami. He then sat right down on Yami's member as he felt it inside his anus without hesitation. Since they were inside the water it was easier to slide it inside him, as Yami started to move his hips sexually inside Yugi. He then began to moan louder as Yami covered Yugi's mouth with one of his hands. He then begun to fuck Yugi in the water as he was bouncing up and down on his cock moaning gently in Yami's hand. The sound of him fucking him splashed loudly against the water, as Yugi felt his eyes water from pleasure, he was receiving. He didn't mind admitting this time that this was what he wanted anyways.

He wanted to be fuck by Yami and he didn't want him to stop, he wanted him to keep going. As Yami went faster uncontrollable by his emotions to have Yugi once more. He then grunted sexually feeling Yugi's tight anus around his member so tightly. The pressure against it made it feel much better as he moaned through it all, as Yami did so as well. The two continued to do so, until Yami got up from the sit and fell down into the pool. He grip Yugi's wrist tightly as he then pulled him up and out of the water. Yugi didn't know what was happening, as he watched and allowed him to do silently. He then felt himself get out the water, but not his lower body as he got bent over. He was now on the edge of the pool as Yami was behind him.

He without a warning for thrusted into as he felt a gigantic scream of pleasure explode from his mouth. Yami quickly covered his mouth yet again, for that moment and then instead of covering it through this, he wanted to hear them. Yami now didn't care who heard them fucking, as he wanted to hear Yugi beg for more or beg to stop. He wanted to hear his name come from his mouth as he grip both Yugi's arms back and fucked him doggy style. Yugi felt the thrust and pounding of his anus throbbing from Yami's huge member inside his body. He was overtaking with pleasure and so much that he couldn't help himself but whine from it. "A—Ah~ aaa, Yami." He said aloud.

Yami liked hearing Yugi saying that as he continued holding Yugi's arms back so he had no where to go. He forced himself more into Yugi as he wanted him to take all of his member inside him, as much as he could. "Ah! Ya—Yam—" he couldn't speak his words sometimes choking on his own pleasurable tones. "Ah~ Yugi Ah, fuck yes.." Yami moaned to himself. They continued for awhile, and soon Yami had climb on top of Yugi outside the pool as he wanted to be on top now. Yugi's legs spread wide opened as Yami kissed around Yugi's member, and then looked up at Yugi with lustily eyes. Yugi didn't know what was happening and he never seen Yami do this before, however without a word, Yami then put Yugi's member inside his mouth. As Yugi's eyes widened and feeling his entire body shake.

"Ah! Yami, Ah~" he moaned within his mouth watching Yami suck on his cock. He deep throated Yugi's member and stroke it as he did so, as Yugi felt himself reaching his peak of pleasure, his toes curling and his back arching as Yami was bent over sucking his dick. A few minutes later Yami had stop and went to kiss Yugi on the lips, Yugi blushed hot red feeling Yami's lips after he had sucked on Yugi's member so fast. Yami then laid him down as the two made out for a few as Yami inserted himself inside him again. Then sat up as he yanked on Yugi's thighs holding into them getting some grip to thrust his member back inside Yugi. Yugi waled around for a few and arched his back unable to take any more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ah' Yami! I'm about to cum." He told him screaming from the unmeasured pleasure he felt.

"Ah! Me too baby me too." Yami told Yugi sexually while he continued to pound.

The two then had reached their end as they both cum once again at the same time as Yami then collapsed into Yugi once again. The two laid out bedside the pool as Yami eventually gotten up and helped Yugi to his feet. Yugi fumbled somewhat and was dizzy by what happened. However, he felt his body exposed and couldn't believe they had sex other than inside a room. It was embarrassing and yet he didn't think about it that way the entire time they did it. Yami smirked as he kissed Yugi's forehead gently and was surprised by his partners different change in atmosphere. "I must say you have surprised me Yugi. I never would've thought you'd let us fuck somewhere other than a bedroom." He told him winking.

Yugi gasp as he couldn't believe it either quickly taking a towel and wrapping it around himself. He then blushed bitting his bottom lip softly and looking up at Yami with lovely eyes. "Me either, but I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said chuckling as he then walked from him and headed back in the direction of his clothes. They were both still wet from the pool as they two grab their clothes and Yami took Yugi's hand softly. "Come partner let us shower and head to bed." He told him nicely. Yugi liked that for once he was happy they had sex and they could fall asleep afterwards. It's been a long day and for what it was worth, Yugi would make sure he would remember this evening for a long time.

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