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90% Yugi The Author / Chapter 27: What a Coincidence

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Chapter 27: What a Coincidence

The sounds of stretching was heard on that beautiful morning, as Yami and Yugi awoke from bed that day. They had been tired and exhausted from the night before, as they both knew that reason. Now though Yami was hungry and he knew that they people were serving breakfast inside the ballroom café. He motioned his head over to Yugi whom had rubbed his eyes softly to see where he was. Smiling at Yami as he was already awake and went over to his bag to look for some clothes to wear. "Mmm good morning." Yugi said towards him, as Yami said it back as he walked over to Yugi. He then sat down on the edge near where Yugi was and kissed his lips abruptly.

Yugi wasn't aware that happened as he couldn't react fast enough for it. He then watched Yami get up and make his way to the bathroom. He then heard the foist run with water, as he must've been starting to brush his teeth. Yugi got up and felt he'd do the same, as the two would just do it together. They both were hungry so eating breakfast would be a wonderful thing right now. Yami was thinking of plans they could do while on the cruise and he remember that the cruise had tons of games, and movies, massages and areas to relax. He however didn't know what they should do first.

Yami continued to brush his teeth feeling the brush- brush up against his gums and his teeth in general as Yugi did the same. He then spit out the toothpaste as he finished and grab the towel to wipe his mouth. "What should we do today?" He asked Yugi wanting to know his thoughts. Yugi shrugged as he continued to brush unable to speak. He then spit and had toothpaste on his lips and around the corners of his mouth as he smiled at Yami. "I don't know, perhaps we could go and see the little museum that they have here. Or we could check out the their aquarium place on this ship. This ship is pretty big we could probably get lost." He said laughing softly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yami agreed this ship was huge and Kaiba always tried to boast about the money he had. Therefore, it wasn't no surprise that this ship was indeed a wonderland and maybe even more than just that. Yami walked out the bathroom as he went to the closet to see the clothing he could find. Yugi then followed behind after he turned off the water, and made sure that the door was closed as well. He grab some clothes he already had out, and then turned to Yami as he was about to say something. "I think we should go do multiple things actually, let's have some fun today." He told him with a gigantic smile that filled the room. Yami then manage to get his clothes on, a causal t shirt and some shorts this time. Yami was more interested in flat shoes he liked wearing those the most whether than any other shoes.

It reminded him in a way of Egypt and his ancient clothing he wore back home. He didn't think about that now however though, because now he felt his home was with Yugi wherever they went. He smiled and nodded to what Yugi said and told him that would be a great idea. Yugi had put on some clothes as well a white tank top and a fanny pack. Small shorts as well that was solid tan color, and some flat shoes that matched with Yami's. For awhile now he's been wanting to wear this considering he'd be so similar to what Yami had on, and therefore it wasn't no difference in the outfits they wore all the time. After they got their outfits ready and then walked over to grab their keys and other small necessities inside his fanny pack.

Soon they left they're room, and head down the brackets areas and went up the steps to the deck. The seagulls was out as they flew over he deck as Yugi felt this warm sun take over his body, his camera that he had along with his cell phone was in the bag as he unzip it and grab the camera first. He wanted to take tons of photos of him and Yami on the cruise and they're wonderful adventures together. He then rotated the camera to Yami, as Yami was watching from above the flying birds. He was fascinated and amazed by them as Yugi giggled cutely seeing Yami's eyes. He then turned and saw Yugi with a device as he didn't know what it was, the flash of the camera happened as Yami blinked unaware of what just happened.

"Hehe, picture taken." He told him as he rotated the film making sure that another one could come up. Yami laughed softly as he then got somewhat nerves and felt embarrassed about it. "Wait you took a photo of me? I didn't know, I wasn't ready." He said chuckling softly. Yugi struggle to try and play nice as he wanted to take off guard photos of Yami more as when he did they came out handsome, but alas he told Yami instead he'd take one this time with him looking at the camera. Yami nodded and went to the edge of the ship and leaned on the railing as he smiled at the camera. "How's this?" He said smiling big at the camera before him. "That's wonderful." Yugi replied as he snapped the photo of Yami.

Yugi and Yami both walked over to the camera and looked down at the lends to see the photo. They both like the outcome of how it turned out as Yami was curious to know where it was. "I have to get it developed first. However, hopefully they have a developed photo center on this cruise where I can pay for that." He told him. Just as they were on the deck an announcement was made about the sea museum was now opening, along with the aquarium as well. Yami however grabbed Yugi back into the cafeteria area first as he was unexpectedly grab by Yami and locked his fingers with his once he knew. "Let's eat first, before we go do all of that partner." He told Yugi. Yugi smiled once more and he walked with him inside the eating area.

It was crowded inside but he manage to get in line like the rest of the people for a plate. After they got what they needed they headed straight to the buffet like the rest of the people. All the expensive food that had bagels, cereal, oatmeal, donuts, and other breakfast foods. It was a magically realm for Yami to stuff his face for this. Yami grab some oatmeal as he never seen that before and other foods as well, while Yugi grab an omelette from the baker and he thanked him for it as he went to grab cream cheese. They finally got all of what they wanted and walked towards a table to sit down and start eating. "Since when is the food free?" Yami said happily yet somewhat sarcastic. "Since it's an all you can eat buffet." Yugi told him.

Soon after it started to get later as it was now 11am. Yami had finished eating as Yugi had typed somewhat on his phone as he was starting up a new book. He wanted to do the nonfictional story he was telling himself he'd do a day or two ago. Something that would draw people's attention and be wanted to start on that. He manage to do that, as he would save it to a draft on his phone, and then upload it once he finished completing it. Yami grab Yugi's plate as he took it over and into the trash cans. He walked back over as Yugi got up from the table and the two of them left the café. Once they did they went to start walking in the direction they believed was the aquarium. Soon after a few minutes they realized it wasn't that.

They walked into the museum instead, they both laughed at they're mistake but soon didn't mind being there either. "Museum it is." Yami said softly as he walked inside as Yugi followed close behind. Yami then went down to held Yugi's hand, as Yugi held it back, they walked through the museum and saw things they haven't seen before. Fossils and bones that was from animals. Yami never seen such a thing before and he didn't know that once along time ago monsters like dinosaurs use to roam the world. He found that to be extremely rare and yet weird in a way. He then walked through the museum and stop by a sarcophagus as he blinked with no expression.

Yugi wanted to keep walking but he soon felt the tug and grip of Yami as he had stop. He then soon went back and looked at what he was staring at and for a moment things got silent. Two things could have a meaning to this Yugi thought. Either he missed home, or he was thinking of his father he barely knew. One or the other Yugi didn't wish for Yami to be sad, as he then wrapped his arms around Yami's waistline hoping to distract him. It eventually did as Yami blinked again from his zone out frustrations and soon went back into reality. "Sorry I guess I zoned out there for a moment." He told Yugi worried. Yugi shook his head understanding why Yami did what he did and wasn't upset by that at all. "Hey don't worry about it, I just wanna make sure your okay." He told Yami.

They then soon left the ancient history room and the museum altogether as Yami and Yugi was laughing as they told jokes to another. Yugi then started talking about his book when he had accidentally bumped into someone. Yami then helped Yugi up as Yugi rubbed his head, and the person turned around surprised as much as Yami and Yugi was. Yugi blinked as he couldn't believe that Aigami was on this cruise. "Aigami..." Yami said towards him as he had shades on as well as he was wearing relaxed clothing. Shorts and a t shirt as well as he took off his shades and revealed his eyes. "Whoa! Yami? Yugi? What are you guys doing here." He asked them both. "We're on a cruise together for us." Yami explained.

"Oh wow, what a coincidence, because so are Téa and I." Aigami said chuckling to himself.

Yugi eyes widened as he felt like this had to be a dream, a weird one. It wasn't the awkward tension anymore, but it was such a coincidence for them to be on the ship at the same time. In a way, Yugi did remember that both Yami and him was suppose to have a double date with Aigami and her. Nevertheless, Yugi took a deep breath and decided to not let this ruin his trip with Yami. "Wow, well it's fine, it is a coincidence indeed, I'm really surprised to see you here." He said towards Aigami. Aigami nodded and then shrugged as he as skeptical at first for coming, but he explained that Tèa wanted to go because she never had a cruise before. "Yeah, we both heard about it in this brochure thingy." Aigami said smirking. "Well, where's Téa anyways.." Yugi said blinking cluelessly.

"Hey! Yami! Yugi!" A wave of a person came rushing over as she was within her bathing suit. A once piece as her hair was brown and short, and her eyes boldly blue and beautiful. Her chest somewhat exposed as she had a small Hawaiian attire skirt wrapped around her waistline. Having flip flops on, as her toes and fingernails had polish on them. Yami and Yugi both rotated in that direction as she came into Aigami's arms as Téa was surprised to see them both. Yugi felt a small streak of blush come upon his face, as he remembered seeing her in a bathing suit the first time. He thought on it and then his face warmed up even more as he thought about Yami naked and what they did last night. "Whoa Yugi are you okay your face is like a tomato?" Aigami told him.

They all turned towards him as he was completely embarrassed as his face light up and he waved wildly chuckling nervously. "What!? Oh no no no, don't worry about me, I'm fine." He said towards everyone. Yami was the more worried, as he wanted to make sure Yugi was fine and doing well. He then put his hand gently on Yugi's back and rub him softly comforting him in the end. Yugi was delighted that he had someone like Yami always by his side through everything. He then looked back at Téa and them and smiled as he was happy to see them as a couple as well. "Well, I suppose all of us needed a well needed vacation." He said laughing. They all laughed as well, and nodded at Yugi's statement as Aigami broke the tension.

"Yeah, well, we better get going, we have plans and stuff but we won't ruin you alls vacation. So you two kiddos have fun." Aigami told him as he took Téa's hand and walked away. Yugi in his mind thanked Aigami for pulling them away so quickly because, if he didn't he would've felt himself faint. He was over the whole jealous thing between himself and Téa and Yami. Nevertheless, he didn't want this week to be ruined by her presence and then them hanging out together. In a way, he was still getting over the entire ordeal as Yami waved them goodbye. "Well that was nice seeing them two together, don't you agree." He asked Yugi. Yugi then smiled as he nodded as well in agreement and took Yami's hand. "Yes but I like us alone even more." Yugi responded towards it.

Yami smiled as well and touched Yugi's cheek softly, he then pulled Yugi closer, into him, as Yugi blushed softly, the moment of love filled the deck, as they two kissed underneath the sun. Yami embraced Yugi's compassion, as he wrapped his arms around his waistline tightly, as Yugi did the same against his neck. The two kissed one another passionately, Yami closing his eyes as Yugi did as well, and his right leg bent backwards and flip up like a princess. He was in a fairytale he felt, a magically realm that was his every wish and need, and the only thing that was missing was the fireworks. Once Yugi thought about it, he then heard popping sounds, as they both stop to look above at the sky.

They manage to witness fireworks being popped, as the ships horn sounded loudly. The couples watched in amazement at the beautiful colors and things being exploded into the air. Yugi rushed over to the edge of the railing as Yami followed him and took one of his hands around Yugi's waistline. Yugi then grab his camera but this time turned it around. He wanted it to face him and Yami as Yami was too busy looking at the sky and soon realized that Yugi did this. "Oh what's this Aibou?" He asked him. "I want us to remember this moment forever." Yugi said towards Yami kissing his cheek softly. When he did he snapped the photo of him kissing Yami on the cheek, as Yami smiled brightly towards the camera with fireworks popping in the background.

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