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5.88% Zenith: Last Revenant / Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Choices and Realization

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2 - Choices and Realization

Spencer could be seen in a world of pure white for miles, or what would seem to be miles. He could not tell if this place actually had an end or went on forever.

After a while, he collected himself and began to wonder what was happening to him. He wasn't sure what was going on.

"Where am I?" was all that was on Spencer's mind at the moment.

"Hey, there little guy, it's pretty rude to ignore me, you know!" The thundering voice boomed once again.

Spencer jolted, spinning around to see who was talking to him.

But to his disbelief, he found no owner to the thundering bluster that already scared him twice.

"Who said that? Where are you?" Spencer exclaimed frantically.

"Calm down Little Spark, I am not something you can comprehend with your eyes, but know that I am very much here, watching you with great interest as you crash into my humble abode, uninvited."

Hearing this Spencer became extremely puzzled.

"Now, before we continue and decide your fate, let me see what karmic fate made you come before me…"

As the voice said that, Spencer felt the memories of his last moments resurface to the forefront of his mind, and play out right in front of him. It was similar to the flashback he saw right before he died.

"I see, interesting. You see, Little Spark, your death was quite unfortunate. So unfortunate in fact, that your soul is no longer in balance. While this is not the first time it happened, it's certainly the first time I see it tipped so excessively…"

Thinking for a moment, the voice turned silent, giving Spencer to think about his words. Karmic Fate, Justice, Balance, Soul? He realized he is dead and the being that is talking to him, is probably what the various religions in the word worship. Is he God?

"Listen here, Little Spark, to restore the balance, I will compensate you, otherwise more and more things will start to derail, giving me more work that I do not need. Tell me, what is it you desire?"

Stunned for a moment, Spencer silently gazed in front of him.

"What do you mean? What happened to me?!" He asked eventually.

"Huah… I hoped you would not ask this one… You see, I got distracted, and because of this, a life was taken before it's determined time. Due to that, you died prematurely." The voice answered.

"What do you mean prematurely? Please explain!" Spencer agitatedly asked.

"Huah… okay, okay, the truth is I became distracted, and due to my carelessness, you have died much sooner than your destined time."

Hearing this Spencer was livid, he felt a searing pain in his chest, causing him to fall to his knees.


As Spencer started frantically screaming he felt the pain in his chest multiply until it became unbearable.

"You must stay calm, Little Spark. Your soul will not be able to handle such extremities in its current state. If you continue with your childish temper tantrum, your soul will eventually dissipate."

Hearing this Spencer began to try and forcibly calm down. The pain began to slowly subside and then soon it completely vanished.

"So, how will I be compensated exactly?" Spencer asked.

With no other choice, Spencer tried to stay calm despite the situation.

"I will grant you one wish, you can fulfill your deepest desire, you only need to say it out loud." The voice said. Although it couldn't be seen, Spencer felt the owner's mischievous grin from the tone.

"Grant me unlimited wishes!" Spencer said immediately.


"You have to! Your mistake caused my death, and you only give me one lousy wish? Are you even trying?!" Spencer argued. It was a risky gamble, but he wanted to at least try his luck.

"Argh, fine… two wishes." the voice answered begrudgingly.

"Five!" Spencer tried again.

"This is not a market, you are not bargaining for potatoes!!!" The voice bellowed, but a few short moments later he continued. "Four. My last offer. Take it or leave it."

"Hmm… Will I keep my memories in my next life?" Spencer countered with his own proposal.

"Argh, fine, fine! Just get on with it already!" The voice grumbled.

Spencer became wide-eyed as the heavenly deal had been made.

"Is there a limit to my wishes?" He asked.

"Well, I will not be able to grant you god-status, but besides that, anything goes. Take your time, and think carefully.

As the being was speaking about what his restrictions were, Spencer realized how much room he had for what he could wish for.

"I will leave you to think about your wishes. Shout once you feel you have made your choices, Little Spark!"





Some indeterminable amount of time after Spencer began thinking about his choices he finally realized what he wanted. Standing up, he called out.

"I have my answers!"

"Are you sure, Little Spark? There are no take-backs once you say them."

"Yes, I am sure." Spencer said, then he began to detail his choices.

"Wish 1: I want to have a resurrective body and soul that rapidly adapts and evolves to make me stronger than whatever killed me so that it will be less effective or completely harmless against me the second time."

"Interesting. Nice play on the words. I will grant it. Next?"

"Wish 2: The ability to consume organisms and assimilate their traits and abilities into me without any side effects of doing so, all the while maintaining as much of my human form as possible."

"Done. Next?"

"Wish 3: I want to be reincarnated into my favorite franchise, the DC Comic Universe. However, I want to be transmigrated to the early Jurassic era."

"Ahahaha interesting, may I ask why?" The voice asked with curiosity. This little spark proved to be much more entertaining than it initially thought.

"I want to be able to train and prepare to be strong enough for the powerhouses such as Superman and the like." Spencer answered without hesitation. He thought about this long and hard about his choices and while he really wanted to be a part of his beloved franchise, he knew he had to prepare.

"Hmm… That's understandable. Great! I really like you Little Spark! Now tell me, what is your final wish?"

Spencer's face contorted into a crooked grin.

"My last wish is for the people that caused my death to feel exactly what I felt, the embrace of death!" As Spencer said this, the space he was in flickered black, and in an instant it became the same white once more.

"HAHAHA!!! I REALLY LIKE YOU KID! YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED!" the voice roared loudly. His laughter was akin to thunder in the sky. The whole white plane resonated with his guffaw.

As the thunders died down Spencer began to tremble violently.

"W-what is happening?" Spencer asked, frightened.

"Do not worry Little Spark. Your wishes have been granted, and now it's time for you to go on your merry way. We may not meet again, but know that you were the best entertainment I had for a very very long time!"

Spencer's body began to vanish into particles, slowly fading away.

The two men who caused the suffering and ultimately, the demise of Spencer could be seen in handcuffs, in a cell.

The first man, who previously was in an expensive suit, rested in a cell on the left side of the corridor, while the other one, the middle-aged man, was sitting on the right side.

"Fuck you!" - The man on the left yelled.

The man on the right glared at his neighbor with a look of pure malice.

"You best shut your mouth bef-" before he could finish his rage-filled response, his body dropped to the floor like a puppet whose strings were suddenly cut, spasming violently.

"What the…" The man on the left soon followed his "partner in crime", unable to respond and spasm on the floor.

Both men began to foam from their mouths.

The previous sound of the men hitting the ground had alerted the nearby guards to their cells.

They were rushed to the hospital and were later presumed dead by the doctor. The cause of death shocked the doctors as their organs shattered into pieces. Their death must have been a painful one.


"It has been done." The thundering voice resounded in the white plane.

Hearing this, a smile could be seen on Spencer's already fragmented face.

"Thank you!"

"Farewell, Little Spark!"

Spencer then vanished completely into white particles, finally beginning his journey into fiction.

Shortly later, the voice rumbled in the now completely empty space.

"Hmm… I may make things a bit more interesting…"


Will he rise to the zenith, or will he fall and become fodder for those at the top? Only time will tell...

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