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Ch. 1 - ZERO GAME [BTS] - Chapter 1 by bangtannifics full book limited free



Author: bangtannifics

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Chapter 1: Ch. 1

In a blink of an eye, my surroundings were hazy. The feeling was nostalgic, my surroundings seemed familiar yet rather distant.

The glaring light that covered my vision slowly died down as my surroundings became more clearer by the second.

As soon as I took a step forward onto the asphalt cracked road, I opened my eyes to see it half destroyed as potholes followed by the sounds of metal scrapping against the ground.

Smoke and dust rose from the ruined city of Seoul, filled with collapsed buildings and monsters of all sizes roaming around freely. I looked to my right, there were only full of glass pieces shattered and cars that were squashed into oblivion. Everything is in shambles.

Then a wyvern flew above me, and all the small fries ran way when they saw me.

"...After Hundreds of years in Murim and another hundred in Athelle, you finally send me back to Korea and THIS happens?"

"That old geezer-"

Then suddenly a game-like system notification appeared in front of me and there was a voice in my head.

「 New player detected. 」

Huh? What the hell is this thing... And 'player'?

「 ➤ Welcome to ZERO GAME 」

「 Reading player's statistics... 」

「 Establishing system link... 」

「 System link success! 」

「 Player's overall statistics exceeds average. 」

「 system will adjust to player's powers accordingly. 」

「 Immense gap between players and constellations detected.」

「 Calculating... 」


「 ✦Congratulations✦ 」

「 Host has become the first ever human constellation. 」

「 You have achieved a new title: "First Mortal constellation" 」

「 You've earned 100 [+1000] coins for obtaining a title. 」

「 Due to Host's pre-constellation status, VIP privileges are valid. Additional "cashback" of 1000% is being applied. 」

「 1000 [+10000] exp have been awarded. 」

「 Welcome, new constellation. 」

Woah, 'cashback' ? And it's 1000%?? I guess these 'coins' are the new currency.

A minute ago I was told I was a player and now a Constellation? It says I'm only a pre-constellation, so how much cashback does a full time constellation gain??

...But what's a constellation?

「 Constellation's name will be decided according to user's overall achievements, abilities and statistics. 」

「Contemplating ... 」

「 Host's existential power does not meet the requirements, unable to create constellation existential title. 」

Well that sucks. But this whole system thing is odd... And here I thought spending 200+ years in 2 different realms is weird.

「 Calculating constellation's privileges... 」

「 ➤Exclusive skill [limited to Host only] 」

「 Choose 3 out of the following: 」

1 ❈ Block off the surveillance of other constellations on host.

2 ❈ Increase the amount of existential power for a short amount of time.

3 ❈ Hide all skills and stats from players with observation skills and from constellations. (passive skill[no cooldown])

4 ❈ Analyze/oversee any player's stats. (passive skill [no cooldown])

「 Host have chosen 1, 3 & 4. 」

「 Acquiring success! 」

「 Acquired the skill(s) Mysterious player[MAX], Hidden cards[MAX], Philosopher's eye[MAX] 」

「 ➤Access to system's VIP shop is granted! 」

「 ➤Access to constellation channels and servers! 」

「 Would you like to join a server? 」[Yes/No]

I don't know what I'm doing but okay. [Yes.]

「 Analyzing current area... 」「 Host is currently at Seoul, Korea. 」

「 Automatically registering into server #098135 」

「 Please input a name. 」

[ ____________ ]

A holographic keyboard appeared in front of me.

「 "Anonymous abyss" has entered the server chat #098135. 」

〚The bottom of the well: Who's this new guy? 〛

〚War Maniac: What's this? A constellation I've never heard of? 〛

〚Jester: Give the guy a break will ya? You can't even remember most of the constellations here, War Maniac. 〛

〚War Maniac: That's so not true! I remember Divinity of Justice and many others! 〛

〚The bottom of the well: Well, I guess I'm being ignored rn ;-; 〛

「 The bottom of the well has left the chat. 」

〚War Maniac: Whatever! I'm going to observe server #034527 in Japan. 〛

〚Jester: Yeah sure, you do that. Any who, welcome newcomer~ Did you come to observe the participants on Earth? This is the Seoul server~ 〛

「 War maniac has left the chat. 」

What are they talking about?

〚Jester: Hello? Anonymous abyss? Don't leave me hanging~ 〛

I'll have to agree with her first.

〚Anonymous abyss: Ah, yes... 〛

〚Jester: Do you have anyone you fancy yet? They just haven't started their 3rd main scenario though, most of them are not worth being my avatar, but I do have someone who piqued my interest~ 〛

Looks like I have to gather some information from her first.

〚Anonymous abyss: I see... but do you mind telling me what are these... scenarios you speak of? 〛

〚Jester: What?? Did you come from outside the abyss?? Every constellation knows this event! It's been spread throughout the whole abyss! 〛

Come on Y/n! come up with an excuse-

〚Anonymous abyss: Ah... I was on a business trip.. I did not receive the news so.. 〛

〚Jester: *sigh* what am I going to do with you~ 〛

〚Jester: I'll send you the details through the private mail channel~ 〛

〚Jester: Alright, good luck newcomer~ Feel free to drop by and fill us in if you have chosen an avatar~♥ 〛

「 Jester has left the chat. 」

「 You have received a mail from 'Jester'. 」

That was.. easy. And quick too.



How do I open this? Do I just.. Open sesame..?

「 Please click onto the screen 」Oh.

I pressed the mail and it directly displayed a huge letter in what it seemed like ancient language.

「 Translating according to host's understanding... 」

「 Translating to Korean, English, local Athellian, Draconic language. 」

「 Host, please choose. 」

「 The host has chosen Korean. 」「 Beginning to translate... 」

I began to read the letter and after a few minutes I came to a conclusion.

So in short, Earth had collided with the abyss and the constellations can act as the human's/player's sponsors as quests or scenarios are given.

Constellations are able to sponsor players coins anytime, if they find some of the players to their liking.

Constellations are obliged to choose an avatar of their choice, to lend them some of the constellation's power as their skill with a 24 hour cool down and by doing this to increase their existential power.

But, it is entirely up to the player's decision whether to accept the constellation's offer.

Constellations can slowly increase their existential power by gaining followers and believers, but it must be done fairly and better if discreetly.

Scenarios and quests are controlled by the higher entities. Lower, intermediate constellations and higher constellations are all able to oversee the events on earth on various channels through different servers like the variety shows on Earth.

But this still doesn't explain what's a constellation??? And I still don't know what year it is.

I mean I've grasped the idea, but I still don't fully understand.

Then, I sensed something just right at the corner of a building.


They must be players. I went over to find 3 people each carrying a weapon in hand and surrounding another person. It was very clear. They were bullying him, extorting and plundering his stuff.

Then, one of them kicked his abdomen causing him to fall on his knees. They still continued to kick and punch him. I felt my blood boil, I warped right behind them, grabbed one of them by the collar and threw him miles away.

"Yah. What were you guys doing?" I smile ironically.

"W-What the hell?? How did this bitch-" He took out his dagger aiming it instinctively at me.

"Oh we're dropping the honorifics already?" I smacked the dagger out of his hand and grabbed the two of them by their collar, one by each hand.

"H-How the-" They started struggling in my grasps. "Y-YAH PUT US DOWN YOU BITCH-"

"Hmm, you're 20? 21?" I smiled. "Oh kiddo, you would be calling me Noona if you knew my actual age~" Then after that very sentence, I threw them at the same direction I threw the first one.

I extended my hand and genuinely smiled at the guy, "are you able to stand?"

He shyly nod and grabbed my hand as I helped him to stand up. I secretly healed his wounds while helping him up.

"Thanks for saving me, Miss..?" He looked at me with a box-like smile.

Oh god, my eyes have been blessed. What a handsome looking guy..

"Call me Y/n."

"I'm Taehyung, Kim Taehyung." He smiled.

I asked Taehyung, "you must be a 'player', right?"

"Yup~ And I don't even have to guess that you're a player too right?" He chuckled as I nodded while smiling.

"Although this may be a sudden question, but what year is it..?"

He looked at me confused but smiled afterwards. "2020, are you from the future or something?" We both laughed.

"No no, I just.. travelled somewhere distant, without a sound from the world." I can't believe I've only been gone for a year while being in 2 different realms for more than 200 years..

"You must've travelled quite a distance for it to be isolated." He chuckled. "Though your attire does scream a 'high ranked player'. A black turtleneck, white high waisted pants with a black overcoat."

I just smiled but then realized the system window was still open in front of me. Can he not see it? Hmm.. by the way he's not reacting, I guess not.

"Uh.. This might be a weird question, but how do I.. Close the mail on my.. system window..?"

He bursts into laughter, "you're quite a unique person, Y/n~"

"I know I know~" I chuckled.

"Okay, just swipe the window to your right. Oh! And to view your stats, just say 'status window'."

"How'd you know I would need it?" I chuckled.

"Well, I figured that would be the next question you'd ask~"

I was curious to know my own stats too, the first thing I saw using the system was all those weird constellation shenanigans.

"Status window."

「 Status Window 」

Name: Y/n

Age: 26

Species: Human

Level: EX [???]

Job: [According to Host's stats, {All rounder}]

Title(s): First Mortal constellation {New}

HP: 1000000+ [may increase according to host's situation]

MP: [???]

Strength: SSS+

Agility: EX+

Vitality: EX+

Intelligence: SS+

Unknown power(s): SSS+

Existential power{New}: 875 [▼]

Coin(s) in possession: 1100

Passive skills: Mana sense [Max], draconic vision [LV81], phantom [LV124], Hypnotize [MAX], Revival [MAX], Appraisal [MAX], holy shield [Max], Weapon proficiency [MAX], Intuition [MAX] Mysterious player[MAX] {New}, Hidden cards[MAX]{New} Philosopher's eye[MAX] {New} [Host's undetected skills still calculating...].

Exclusive skills: Heal [MAX], Stab [MAX], Critical point [MAX], Cheon Ma's improved swordsmanship [MAX], Khan's footwork[MAX], Freya's blessing[MAX], Portal master[MAX], [Host's possibility of creating and releasing skills with mana cannot be analyzed by the system.] [-]

[Compatibility with draconic species will increase ︽]

[Compatibility with death will increase as host's affiliation with Dark magic are maxed.]

[Compatibility with divine power will increase as host's affiliation with Holy magic are maxed.]

「 Conflict between dark and holy magic will be solved. 」


Woah, I guess it's true. I've only aged a year and nothing more.

But why are my stats ranked instead of numbered?

"...Taehyung, can the system possibly.. Malfunction, perhaps..?"

"Impossible, it was made by the constellations themselves."

"Hmm.. okay, I trust your words."

"By the way, where are all the humans? I mean there must be players around, normal humans would be dead by now.."

"What happened here?"

"Oh right, I forgot about the situation you're in.." He chuckled and continued. "Let's go to the player's safe zone while I explain, I have some friends there~"


"Alright, It all started a month ago when the sky had turned crimson, then we saw these cracks above. It was happening all over the world, the government told us not to fear but then, these cracks had gotten bigger every minute and monsters came out of them."

"Hmm... what else?" I asked.

"Then, some humans were gaining supernatural powers out if nowhere given by the entities that called themselves 'constellations'. Then these scenarios started."

"In order to survive, we had to complete the scenarios. We were given food supplies and awards after completing them."

He sighed, "I can't believe this was happening all round the world."

"We have to kill monsters and cope with these scenarios along with our personal quests to level up."

There was a slight pause before he continued.

"Many died along the way." His expression darkened.

It was silent after that, but I decided to break the ice.

"By the way, Taehyung. What's your level as of now?"

"Me? I'm level 4 swordsman right now~"

"Oh really?" I smiled.

「 Initiating action as per Host's request. 」

I looked at him, so he's a combat type.. A swordsman. His stats are quite something for someone who just got beaten. But there's something more interesting..


Stigma [LV 1][▼]

[Active skill] [growth type]

Description: Allow player to obtain a certain increase ︽ in all stats by 5 for 10 minutes.

Holmes intuition [▼]

[Passive skill] [growth type]

Description: allows the player's intuition to strive, picking on specific details and gathering evidence leading to the conclusion flawlessly. [Improves as level increases]


Since I've got the skill, it's quite useful.

「 Philosopher's eye grants the Host the ability of viewing the target's stats. 」

I feel bad for reading Taehyung's stats..

"You know, players shouldn't reveal their levels to just anyone.. But if it's you, I don't mind~" Taehyung brought out his brightest smile with his nose scrunched in the most innocent way possible.

"But how are you so sure you can trust me with that information?" I looked at him, my gaze fixed with his sparkling eyes.

We halted our tracks.

"Because you're a good person."

"How would you know... and how are you so sure? Aren't I suspicious?"

"Because... I know." He smiled wistfully. "My intuition was never wrong."

"If you were someone who meant harm, you would've kill me without a second thought."

I went silent. That's true.

"You didn't flinch when the guys earlier threatened you with a weapon, I figured you would've kill them if they were to go any further. And you must have your reasons for hiding anything about why you didn't know about the system and the world."

His [Holmes intuition] is on point.

"You're very observant, I must say."

He chuckled, "Then this would mean you won't doubt my decision any further, no?"

"Yeah," I chuckled. "I won't."

He smiled and looked ahead. "Oh, we're here!"

We arrived at a small worn out building, it was a campus.

A green glowing wall-like barrier surrounded the entire campus, while there were two players both with a weapon in hand, guarding the entrance.


"Kim Taehyung, player. And this is my companion."

He glanced at me then back at Taehyung. "You, enter. The girl stays."

"No you don't understand-"

"Move it, the girl will stay behind."

He held my hand and guarded me behind him. "No. She'll come with me."

Taehyung, you're too kind for these people. If we were at Murim, their insolence would already drag them to their grave.

"Taehyung, it's fine." I let go of his hand and whispered to him. "I'll deal with them."

I saw him hesitating so I mouthed. "Trust me."

I looked straight into one of their eyes, piercing them with my gaze. They flinched at the sudden dominance.

"Then let me ask both of you fine gentlemen," I smiled at them. "Why am I not allowed to enter?"

"We don't let the weak to enter nor outsiders with no registrations."

"Then it'll be solved when I register right?"

"The registration fees are 50 coins per player."

"That's exploitation!!" Taehyung growled. "It was only 10 coins before!!"

"Taehyung, I told you I'll handle this matter myself." I smiled, unfazed.

Then a system notification popped up.

「 "The phantom ghost" is observing this matter closely. 」

Hmm? Who is this? Whatever, just ignore it for now.

"50 coins? Okay, I'll pay."

"Y/n??" Taehyung looked at me in question, confused.

"I can at least afford such a small amount."

「 "The phantom ghost" is wondering how 50 coins is a small amount for you. 」

"Just tell me how do I transfer it to you."

"Just mention the receiver of the coins and the amount you want to transfer."

"Your name?"

"Lee Jae Hyun."

「 You have transferred 50 coins to player Lee Jae Hyun. 」

「 "The phantom ghost" is satisfied on how you resolved the matter. 」

「 "The phantom ghost" donated 100 coins to you. 」

Oh? He donated 100 coins? He must be a constellation..

"Here's the form." He gave me a pen and the form.

"Alright, thanks~" I took it and wrote my details.

Name.. Age.. Player's Job.. Level..

Wait, how am I suppose to put my level?? I can't just leave it with question marks...

"Uhm... I'm afraid I'll have to leave the level question blank."

「 "The phantom ghost" is curious on why you'll leave it blank. 」

Who is this constellation anyway?

"You have to fill that in."

I guess there's no choice.. I looked directly into his eyes.

「 Host is using 'Hypnotize [MAX]' 」「 System note: Constellations are unable to perceive skills casted when the Host is inflicting a skill. 」

「 Due to the skill "Hidden cards" Constellations are unable to perceive Host's status window. 」

"...You may enter."

「 "The phantom ghost" is rising in curiosity for your ability to hypnotize. 」

「 "The phantom ghost" wonders what other skills you possess. 」

This constellation is a nosy one for sure.

"Let's go, Taehyung." I grabbed his hand and entered the safe zone.

"How did you do that?" Taehyung asked, looking at me with those hopeful eyes.

"Hmm, you can say that it's one of my skills~"

The campus was oddly clean and was filled with people chatting in groups.

"This is the player's safe zone. This is the only place that is protected from the monsters outside." Taehyung said.

Now that I think of it, why was Taehyung doing outside the safe zone when I found him..?

Then suddenly, a weird-looking rabbit descended from the sky into the dome of the safe zone. Oddly, it was wearing a tuxedo with a big red bow tie and a top hat.

By the term weird, I meant it had a head of a rabbit and the body of a human.

It opened it's mouth to speak but no word could be uttered as it was heard as,「!&#@!&#@!?」

But then, it suddenly spoke in fluent Korean.

["Ah. Ah. Hello? Testing 1, 2, 3. Everyone, can you hear me?"]

["I apologize for the inconvenience caused a while ago, the Korean translators weren't working."]

Everyone's attention was drawn to the floating rabbit as if that was something that happens normally.

["Nice to see you all again~ I see that there are some newcomers too! Welcome, welcome~!"]

[You all have received enough rest, so now we'll-"]

Then the rabbit was cut off by a woman. "U-Uhm.. Mr. Guide..? Can I sit this one out? I just feel a little tired from some quests just now and also-"


["I don't recall letting you speak when I wasn't even done talking."]

The woman's head exploded in that mere second.

He's fast.

I started to be on my guard.

Everyone's jaw was ajar, but they looked away from the corpse, not batting an eye. Some were secretly panicking and some were breaking out in cold sweat.

Taehyung grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me behind him protectively while he's breaking in cold sweat.

"Stay behind me."

"Who's that?" I whispered.

"The guide. He's always the one to announce when the next scenario is starting."

["Now that the troublesome matter is solved, shall we begin with the 3rd main scenario everyone~?"]

「 The guide, Jojo has opened their streaming channel. #JJ-098135 {Notification only limited to constellations} 」

After I received my notification, a small window emerged in front of everyone.

「 3rd Main scenario is commencing! 」

So scenario's notifications are visible to anyone and everyone.. It's exactly like a game.

Mine are a bit extra if you ask me. ⬇

「 Constellations are entering server #098135 」

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[Main Scenario #3 – Colossal invasion]

Category: Main

Difficulty: C+

Clear Conditions: Defeat the invading monsters!

Time duration: Hold out for 30 minutes!

Reward(s): 300 coins

Failure: Death


bangtannifics bangtannifics

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