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Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy

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Penulis: Scarlett Rossi

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“Look, Michael! It’s a dolphin!” I couldn’t believe my eyes as the beautiful sea creature leapt from the water.
Both of us laughed, but when I locked eyes with him, the only thing I could think about was how badly I wanted him to kiss me.
If only he wasn’t my best friend’s dad….

Shelby goes on the vacation of a lifetime aboard her friend Lauren’s yacht, but when she gets there, she discovers Lauren is engaged—to her ex-boyfriend.
He had been cheating on Shelby with Lauren for months.
On top of that, Lauren’s snooty friends bully Shelby and make her feel bad for being poor.
The only good thing about the trip is Michael. He’s so kind, considerate, and handsome. And Shelby thinks he might be interested in her, too.
But… he just happens to be Lauren’s dad.
Will Shelby and Michael let their true feelings be known, or will she always be longing for her billionaire beach daddy?

Longing for the Beach Billionaire Daddy is created by Scarlett Rossi, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.


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    great novel but didn't like how it ended. Blaine plot wasn't great. i would have preferred some drama with ML ex wife and daughter. the ending seems rushed

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    Half way on and enjoying the storyline… a bit slow, eagerly waiting for more Tried to find this story on other apps, no luck. So far so good 😊

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    Penulis Scarlett Rossi