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Yeah just concerned since many fanfic author try to reinvent the wheel so to speak forgetting that the reason they use foci is for more power. Like the difference between gun and a fist. Love the story keep up the good work. View More

SlyOW: The thing is that I think you missed something. he may have asked his mother about wandless magic, it's only a fake question to bring answers to his deeper questions. As written after, Arthur has used wandless magic before, and he knows it is possible as he has watched the movies. The reason he asked here is that he isn't supposed to know about it. He wanted to know his mother's exact description of a wand to make links with what he already knows.

Still, thank you for your comment as honestly I had forgotten about the fact that other objects than wands could be used for foci, it will help for the future so thanks for the constructive comment.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C10
1 day ago
I said foci not wand. As in any object that helps draw and focus magic... The first magic users sure as hell didnt have foci so the fact that either Merlin never used magic without one or its pointless to do it without one are the only options... Or what? Reincarnator who read the books never asked him why do wizards need staffs or wands?? Makes no sense whatsoever... View More

SlyOW: The thing is that wands didn't exist back in Merlin's time. I don't know when they were created in the original work, but in this one I have decided that they appeared around 1300, around the century when the Peverell brothers lived and when the strongest wand was made.

I will say it later in the work but in this work the theory is that the first wand was the Elder Wand, thus its name as it is the first one. After all, the Peverel didn't ask for a wand, he asked to become the strongest if my memory serves me right.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C10
1 day ago
I think maybe the Greatest Wizard of All Time would have told him about magic without foci and with foci no?? View More
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C10
1 day ago
So whats the point of this chapter? He gets no bloodline goodies and goes with old face and thats that? What a fucking waste of time... View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C1
1 week ago
I dont like this prophesy bull**** why write the story at all if your gonna just repeat cannon while making filler chapters of some random guys life... Also if he cant change the future he can change anything in between... The canon ending was a joke, an untrained ignorant boy casting disarming spells while children were being butchered by psychopaths and their master... View More
Rebirth in a Magical World · C8
1 week ago
Really? What was he cultivating to become? Jesus? Fucking spineless sappy moron... View More
Harry Potter & The Anamoly · C1
1 week ago
He lives in world where animals turn into collectibles when they die... And the steam engine bothers you?... Then again he also lost his ability to see stats of the beasts he looks at so maybe remaining true to his own rules doesnt really matter much to the author. View More

LelloTheSage: The incoerence of the author...
Weapons don't work, but engine yes...
Author pls do some research before writing something, and if you decide on a context or peculiarity. PLEASE BE COERENT.

Divine Beast Adventures · C169
1 month ago
Except that the birdies had ranged attacks so he has to leave every time he fails... Also its chance on attack to crit not some magical compounding effect like you seem to think... View More

Shoto1003: of the time he attacks 2 times, which doubles the chances, if he does not kill he just walks away and goes to another, attacks 2 times and leaves, can do it 4 to 5 times a minute, which makes it 8 to 10 %, if it takes 10 minutes to kill one, if you are lucky 15 seconds, it only needed to kill 20 to level up which improved since it does not need the critic to kill when it reached level 3, and in 4 it killed with 2 attacks. Math is correct.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C4
1 month ago
yeah the young master gong who sent people to cripple him for misunderstanding and visits brothels seems like the perfect match for the girl hes come to view as a sister..... View More
A Chaotic World · C32
2 months ago
why didnt he just tell hes from another city and some enemy clan killed his family or something? why is he getting progressively more retarded as time goes by? View More
A Chaotic World · C29
2 months ago
uh dont tell me his going to become friends with this this fucking waste? did he forget he sent cultivator to kill him just few days ago for no reason at all? and what? he claims to see the girl as his elder sister and this whoremonger is someone hed like to have around her? View More
A Chaotic World · C28
2 months ago
Uh really? is he retarded? he didnt ask who sent em just revealed his cultivation he just said he cant reveal and then let them go? what absolute trash... View More
A Chaotic World · C12
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
A Chaotic World · C12
2 months ago
Nice how they now leave corpses even when the card beast kill em... Also this chapter cost SS? And this is all it gets? A retard who jumped to a pond he knows nothing of while just having lamented his lack of water beast to deal with anything that might be there... This had such a promising start and now it keeps going downhill every chapter... View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C128
2 months ago
So he got invaded by a tentacle monster? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C124
2 months ago
really? hes gonna say no? and pray tell what is he going to do apart from dying the moment he goes down the mountain if he says no? View More

Top_Comment: There's no way he's gonna say yes.If not the rest of the story would be- 3 years time skip then boom he kills all his enemies

Divine Brilliance · C29
2 months ago
It was a vr game and this was about strategic ability not spell casting itself... View More

mmtf: lets say you played a popular magician game and become the top-level player. Would your fast reaction skills with the keyboard help you in the real world fight against street thugs? In the same way, even if he has superior reaction speeds we have been hinted that spellcasting is a different experience in this world than it was in the game and there are many other aspects involved in magician battles.

Advent of the Archmage · C107
2 months ago
If you had ever played an mmo youd understand why there is no fucking way he would not now... View More

cknode: Some items and materials are of little value or aren't used by players in a game such as why would you go looking for a specific metal when you can go out and battle a monster or enemy and pick up the gear or items it drops. It would also be difficult to look at something and remember exactly what it is, remember he did not have a super high intelligence when he was resurrected but he gained it afterwards, so he may have forgotten some of them. Also the appearance of the materials are probably much better than what he could have seen while it was only a game so it can make things difficult to perfectly identify.

Advent of the Archmage · C120
2 months ago
So he forgot what the guy who was his best friend and betrayed him looked like? What absolute bs... View More
Reborn: Super God of War · C68
2 months ago
The bishop who killed him is also in the city along with the nighthawks he met before but he doesnt seem to feel the need to hide his face while freely interacting with both the government and the underworld so at his point this is all just a plot hole used as plot devise to make him involved with the undercurrents... Shame tho that the quality suddenly took a dive like this. View More

ScottyForsythe: I knew he should have put on a disguise , I called this how many chapters ago?! 😑

Lord of the Mysteries · C247
3 months ago
So in other words as long hes careful to absorb only pure energy from better sources and not randomly go consuming other people hes perfectly fine? So why did it take 5 chapters for him to grow a fucking pair? Since he knew the dangers of it and surely have a way to avoid the dead end by myriad of ways since he just called himself a grand master medic... View More
Divine Brilliance · C5
3 months ago
I like how he made the spider to be the tank yet its the least useful tank out of all his pets... View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C139
3 months ago
they are shocked a girl is in the first place? since when did it matter since the trainers arent actually doing anything? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C135
3 months ago
yeah uses magma but doesnt have earth element... makes perfect sense... View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C70
3 months ago
the amazing technological advances gave MC hope for resurrection? What the ****? Since when has bringing dead to life been about fucking technology? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C3
3 months ago
His on a mountain full of poisonous beasts and his wondering what kind of attack could cause such damage? MC is not the sharpest tool in the shed eh? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C97
3 months ago
I dont think you read my first comment so honestly its hard to tell what the **** you are on about in the first place? This whole "join guild to pay back guy he wronged last life" BS cliche always ends up with the uppity ***** getting all jealous for getting outdone by the MC after ignoring him (since we already established shes small minded as ****). Sure the author dealt with it differently down the line but hes whole "being nice and laying low" plan seems fucking weird when he keeps doing these pointless inconsistent things (since he actually fixed his mistake and had other ways to repay his classmate WHO ISNT EVEN PLAYING THE FUCKING GAME BTW). So yeah what ever the **** floats your boat... View More

NeoKorp: Sigh, I won't even bother.
Whatever floats your boat.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C29
3 months ago
He owns him nothing since nothing happened this time around and also his classmate isnt even playing the game his elder brother is. And like I said why provoke small minded people for no reason how is that going to help him pay any depts? View More

NeoKorp: He's repaying his debt from his classmate that gave him the game console and for making his life miserable in the last life.
Try rereading first few chapters from the start.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C29
3 months ago
He couldve just ignored and avoided them rather than go out of his way join the guild. How is that acting like a child? View More

NeoKorp: MC trying to change and I would be pissed if he acts like a teenage boy considering he came from the future.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C29
3 months ago
I was talking about him going over to associate himself with them again on purpose despite knowing what type of people they are and yes Im familiar with griefers in online games so its even more ****ed up when you have anonymity and theres no responsibility. View More

NeoKorp: Here's a story one of our news:
A group of soldiers decides to get drunk even though they are in a area of operation.

1 soldier bless his soul has the brains to NOT drink but has to come because their commanding officer wanted to get drunk.

They got ambushed but that 1 soldier made sure he kept his team alive.

His commanding officer along with the other drunktards got discovered by higher-ups they get reprimanded.

Of course they angry and do you know who they vented their anger?
Nope you get wrong, they vent on that 1 soldier who saved their asses.

That 1 soldier was brander AWOL and got honorably discharged.
See how fked up reality is?
So, yes, I would believe what happened MC to be legit.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C29
3 months ago
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