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Nah, it seems to me he just used up his reserve. It didnt mention any permanent adverse effects.. Also, something similar happened in his previous breakthroughs so it seems pretty normal to me View More

Davethwave: That fool, his life qi is shrinking due to that fire/poison inner skill and he hasn't noticed how bad that could be...

Way of the Devil · C23
2 days ago
Jesus christ the author is pulling some **** out of his ass, my god.. This is just absolutely retarded and goes against everything he has previously written about Wang chuns ability.. View More
The Strongest Gene · C837
4 days ago
Maybe misfortune doesnt exist anymore because he fused it with luck to form his own power? Or he just hid misfortune in luck lol View More
The Strongest Gene · C824
4 days ago
I'm okay with him copying all the abilities and stuff but him copying luck aura is just total bs. Honestly this is pissing me off.. fu k this **** View More
The Strongest Gene · C814
4 days ago
this is totally unbelievable. Even if this Jun guy is a director or something he couldn't possibly have the power to just remove dozens/hundreds of people's posts, ban them and get away with it. It's not like he's a dictator or the only person working on this **** so how is this possible?! Are there no moderators? No admins or any accountability? ffs.. View More
The Strongest Gene · C69
1 week ago
jezus christ these guys are retarded.. really no brain at all. Even if Wang Yao is unable to move at this point she can still find them afterwards and kill them with a snap of her fingers.. View More
The Strongest Gene · C52
1 week ago
kinda disappointed he's still not the #1 at the ending. He's basically at a new starting point... He's not the omnipotent sage because he's just .. a slightly above average sage .. disappointed :( View More
Omnipotent Sage · C897
1 month ago
Yeah, I thought for sure when the whole void map was a thing it was gonna be revealed to be a super awesome void map, but alas.. just forgotten View More

Gosick: I wonder about the weird scroll he got from xue wuya and the nemesis of wang family(forgot his name)... the mystery is still unsolved till now😅😅

Omnipotent Sage · C897
1 month ago
My god, Zi is taking her **** behaviour to new heights.. cant believe nobody or anything is making her take responsibility. Even when shes blatantly messing things up nobody says a word.. I've long been skipping her **** when it appears but it still aggravates me to no end.. what a **** character View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C539
3 months ago
It's still annoying to see him continually give away the good stuff to people who hardly appreciate him. Even more so when it's this third uncle who keeps threatening him and all. Even if it's not serious (the threat) almost everyone from the dragon side just takes him for granted and all that he does.. View More

Amyyyyy: "I'm so angry that Hao Ren didn't betray his character as the 'Good Person' and give away a priceless treasure" like come on guys, are you serious, why would he settle for the best when we know he can get better. It's 'MC PLOT ARMOR BASICS' if there's something that's the best, the MC WILL GET BETTER!!! I can't believe I have to point this out to you people.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C438
3 months ago
Jesus those little scenes of Yanzi constantly putting Ren down are starting to piss me off. It was somewhat funny before but Ren just accepts everything with a smile..
Yanzi is also supposed to be 15 years old but her actions are more like a 5 year old. I really don't understand why Ren puts up with it.
She has nothing to offer him and only annoys him and doesnt even have the basic decency to not disturb him during his practice which is highly dangerous.. View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C432
3 months ago
God this is going downhill so fast. He has to fight someone he already defeated once but supposedly he couldn't use his real strength in that first fight.. just seems like an easy excuse from the author. Also, Su Han is being way to irresponsible not even removing the weights for him. It's just plain retarded.. View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C411
3 months ago
Jeez, those East Ocean dudes are so ungrateful.. I can totally see it happening that Hao Ren will once again set aside his own needs (the weird 5 elemental crystal thing he could get) to get the East Ocean stuff back. I wouldn't mind that if they wouldn't be so damn ungrateful. Also every single time they underestimate him it feels like they're looking down on him. "Oh he's just so and so, he'll never win etc etc". Bunch of ingrate bastards.. Guang (and Hongyu). Thinking it no more then normal Ren will just solve everything for them.. View More
Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C409
3 months ago
Yeah.. **** logic lol. Then again, last few chapters were retarded imo View More

Jerrywalrus: It's our fault we betrayed our own people but it's still your responsibility... ok sure whatever

God Of Slaughter · C1562
4 months ago
Honestly, these last few chapters are so disappointing.. Shi Yan has let us down lol .. what an idiot View More
God Of Slaughter · C1559
4 months ago
Jeez this is so irritating.. ghost hunter doesnt need the body or anything because the author can just ass pull whatever he wants to correct the power levels again. At least give us readers the satisfaction of seeing Shi Yan take over everything of Pu Tai.. View More
God Of Slaughter · C1488
4 months ago
Fuck I hate characters like these. That jiang dude constantly copying Wentian so he can get the stuff is pissing me off.. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1073
5 months ago
This is such a bull**** move from the author.. looks like I'm skimming the next 10 chapters again .. only way to stay sane while reading this story lol View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1058
5 months ago
So.. he basically lied to everyone when he said he'd take them with him? Hes clearly going to the immortal realms now.. =/ View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1023
5 months ago
Ads in places like this don't go for much. Since the amount of displays an add would get here are so high it devalues the spot. They cant make targeted ads and only the lowest paying ad is interesting to have here. Also, ss translates directly into cash so less hassle and you don't have to search for ads to fill your pages.

I read a whole article about it once and it mentioned multiple times that since readers of light novels just blast through chapters it devalues the ad space. View More

YouKnowWho: I honestly wonder how SS pays better than ads. Im guessing most people here get the free ss and make accounts to invite for more and not actually use money for it.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1023
5 months ago
Fuck me .. those siblings are the most retarded ones we've got so far .. my god View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C987
5 months ago
Is it just me or is that battle-will amplification thing forgotten already? Haven't heard it being mentioned at all past few chapters when it was just 1 arc ago... Seems too fast for it to be obsolete already View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C979
5 months ago
I swear everyone is retarded in this novel. They are still talking about how someone could steal the god hand from him when it's been made abundantly clear they cant learn it because of the rune knowledge youd need.. View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C923
5 months ago
My god.. as usual the antagonists are so low class it makes me wonder how they were ever elevated to the status they have. "Hurrdurr I cant learn it so he must've used something because no way is he smarter then I am." This is after learning the inheritance is about runes which she knows nothing about.. shes a self righteous piece of **** imo View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C915
5 months ago
Fuck me this Pei Yu is retarded.. jesus. It would only make sense if she's the reincarnation of the wife but seeing as there was not even a single hint she better not be. It would be too stupid to get that revelation later when there's no trace of it now imo View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C800
5 months ago
Jesus fucking christ, this Pei Yu is the 2nd most insane character i've ever read about in novels coming close to that phoenix***** from SOTR. Nevertheless, her being so emotional over the driftsnow master seems way too over the top. It was just a frigging story and she's emotionally devastated by it, not believeable at all. It's honestly pissing me off lol View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C798
5 months ago
I see you every chapter commenting about the obvious plotholes and stuff but why do you keep ranting about it if you're still here? Just enjoy the story for what it is or otherwise just stop reading.. all this negativity is bumming me out View More

ThrustThunder: "En? Is this... a Spell Model?"
Considering he wasn't a Mage, and that he was just burned to a crisp, It's rather odd that you found *Anything* on his body, much less loot that would benefit you at the perfect time.
"No one would be able to see the bloodshed that had happened here."
Just the Giant explosion marks all over the place, nothing noteworthy in a city where these thing get pursued by Radical Homicidal Extremists.
"Moss, send me home."
So you're not going to go back and explain to everyone why the Teacher that dragged you out of class for secret meeting is never going to be seen again? Not going to even *Try* to cover your tracks with a plausible lie about her suddenly needing to leave town? *Sigh* Must be nice having Plot Armor to wash all troubles like this away for him.
"This was a Zero-level spell, and coincidentally, also a binding Spell he had been dreaming of."
Wow How Convenient He Was Just Talking About Needing A New Binding Spell And Here It Is How Lucky And Not Contrived At All.
"Looks like I have to spend some time meditating."
Did someone say "Time Skip?"

A Wizard's Secret · C29
5 months ago
Nice to see your reply :) You have a real talent! View More

MH_Tales: I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

MMORPG: Shattered Land
5 months ago
Oh god.. why are they taking the white tiger siblings with them? They're absolutely useless lol. Also Chu Feng getting blackmailed by the sister doesnt sit well with me View More
The Sacred Ruins · C218
6 months ago
Why in the world would he show the seeds to that guy? How retarded is he? MC seems stupid beyond imagination.. View More
The Sacred Ruins · C77
6 months ago
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