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Probably Itachi will just straight up pwn Sasuke. There is no need to have sasuke implant itachi’s eyes so his plan to have shisui’s eye brainwash him into protecting the leaf is pointless. View More

Blackguystuff: I wonder how the fight between sasuke and itachi will turn out because itachi isn't sick anymore.

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C46
14 hours ago
Naruto’s reverse harem jutsu worked on her so that means she can be seduced 😜 View More

Mahesvara138: Why add kaguya? She has killed many shinobi so won't she attack everyone?

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C37
15 hours ago
Why would orochimaru attack at this point since there are 4 kage lvl combatants on the leaf side with MC, his friend, 3rd hokage, and jiraiya View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C17
22 hours ago
Not sure how strong naruto would actually get since they fast tracked the zabuza ark. Actually fighting them and seeing them die had major emotional impact for him after all. View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C15
22 hours ago
Lvl 3? Looks like it’s turned into the last human comic View More
Adventures of Bayek: Through the Void and Beyond · C17
1 day ago
Zombie are probably mutating due to proximity to MC’s Qi so he if stays away from them should be fine. Tho he should probably take Maggie with him since she probably had a cultivation breakthrough and may start generating Qi too. View More

sadark: what an asshole, he didnt warn then about the mutated zombies

Adventures of Bayek: Through the Void and Beyond · C15
1 day ago
Shouldn’t be too hard with a system. Kill a few walkers for points and use it for formula, diapers, etc... View More

fearlessj2008: well one thing for sure if he plans on having sex with any woman he better hope he doesn't get them pregnant since if i remember correctly it is extremely difficult for the mother and baby to survive.

A Cheat's Survival Journal · C4
1 day ago
Domino’s power would be better. Having so much luck that the world gives you natural plot armor View More
Enter, The Walking Dead · C1
1 day ago
No more power for the facility so even if MC blood is a possible cure there is no way for him to explore it scientifically. View More

void893: Why would the doctor lose hope when mc's blood is literally the cure??

Reborn in Walking Dead[Hiatus] · C20
1 day ago
We’re reading a walking dead fan fic so chances are most of us saw at least season 1 of the show where Jenner does show up. Tho it is interesting finding out MC’s blood is a cure. View More

allen96: So.... I suggest author to think twice before naming a character. That Dr Jenner, if there is no image of that doctor i can say majority think that doctor is a women. But u put Him in the paragraph. I hope u not justify this by saying she is female but become transgender or "are u assuming his/her gender." I have enough of that in real world. Lol

Reborn in Walking Dead[Hiatus] · C19
1 day ago
Not old enough. Pretty sure you have to be 16 to play in England. View More

Shiakuma: MC has the save and load ability just remember the winning numbers of the lottery and load a day back.
Fastest money ever

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C21
2 days ago
Bruh, MC didn’t loot the unicorn corpse for mats. The hair are cores for wands and a little blood can be used to spells probably. View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C18
2 days ago
He had a chance to awaken the rinnegan with shisui‘s eye that itachi gives him in shippuden had he implanted it. View More

CapGrizzlyBear1203: Will naruto gain the Rinnegan or any Kekkai Genkai?

Gamer Naruto · C14
3 days ago
Another potential wife is coming since she is pregnant with Sun Shang Xiang View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C435
5 days ago
In the original story, nie li always acted like an arrogant prick that leach on others until he reached the top due to his knowledge of his past life. View More
Tales of Demons and Gods: 2-Tailed Jinchuriki · C16
6 days ago
Gyaku that was mentioned in Elien’s past is in the bleach story as that MC’s zanpakuto. View More

Kuroferer: Kiayoin? Ethernal dragon roar ? Dragon slayer? Ethernal = infinity? Don't tell me mirajane got posses part of soul Ophis from dxd?

Fairy System In Fairy Tail · C470
1 week ago
She is a oppai loli with a tragic background which is enough for most otakus View More

Chibi_Senpai: I don’t even understand all this love for lily. If things had worked out differently, Bell would be dead and she’d be long gone scamming other na,ive adventurers.

Dungeon System Within DanMachi · C162
1 week ago
Since there is no more khan does that mean Tong will annex the entire Russia/Mongolia area? That would triple the size of China. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C430
1 week ago
Bonus points boost for his stats View More

Dragon_of_Chaos: I forgot what is the fruit used for ? Can some pls tell me

Bleach System Within Bleach · C555
2 weeks ago
Should have mentioned that pesche’s sword comes out of his crotch 😂 View More
Bleach System Within Bleach · C509
2 weeks ago
Ichigo had a really hard time with 2nd form ulquiorra until vastro lorde form took over in the anime. Since most of the opponents they are fighting here have 2nd forms and neither sora or ichigo are using bankai it would be reasonable especially since sora fought two 2nd form espada and gin with a clone that only has 90% of his max power. View More

XyaOuss: I truly believe that Sora / Ichigo shouldn't stuggle that much against those type of opponents, and i think the power levels are a bit messed up.

Bleach System Within Bleach · C494
2 weeks ago
Kinda like rukia and renji except gin is more talented than renji as well as more emotionless. View More

Mimi729: What's there relationship again?

Bleach System Within Bleach · C483
2 weeks ago

Draj: the domain is like sekuken form
strongest disciple kenichi or something like that

Bleach System Within Bleach · C463
2 weeks ago
You might have made MC too strong too fast so there isn’t really much ******* and trying to make him struggle to get to the demigod lvl when heavenly fate realm is stronger is kinda awkward since in the original story getting strong is as easy as popping pills. MC could have been just as rich anywhere he goes like Nie Li since he is an alchemist too since the only advanced alchemists in the world besides nie li is the tribe in the toxic forest. View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C88
3 weeks ago
Wow didn’t think you would include the space time god that wrote the temporal demon spirit book. View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C79
3 weeks ago
I’m confused. Is the devil seeking school the dark guild or is this a different place than the area the netherworld master runs in the original story? View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C70
3 weeks ago
Feng Hao got the **** beat out of him while ning’er fought nie li to a draw with neither being able to do much damage against the other. By that logic Ning’er was in fighting condition while Feng Hao wasn’t View More

Zenema: Shouldnt there be a fight for the 3rd place? I don't believe that ninger can win against Feng hao and here you just give her 3rd place

An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C48
3 weeks ago
But we wanted a golden rinnegan first View More

Narastue: You could have just written all seeing eyes of god

The Divine Anime System · C190
3 weeks ago
MC kinda acts like Rick now View More
The Divine Anime System · C167
3 weeks ago
Shouldn’t Ace already know haki since he is a fleet commander in the white beard crew and all of the other commanders can already use haki too? View More
The Divine Anime System · C38
4 weeks ago
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