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_LoneSpeck_: Well, he is starving if that counts for anything. The feeling of hunger has turned humans insane for generations, I mean just look at the amount of people who cannbialized in history. Hunger practically makes your bottom line dissapear. Remember when his brother took his food and it was like reduced to half with two spoonfuls? Yeah, people need to eat more than that. The MC also directly stated that he was hungry so... Yeah, sorry for the long comment.

Supreme Magus · C13
10 hours ago

Dex2: I guess it's the dependence that has kept them ignorant. Plus this us a remote village so perhaps that's the reason

Supreme Magus · C11
10 hours ago

ThrustThunder: How, in a world where everyone is literally Aang from Avatar, are the roads still ****ty, the people living in thatch shacks and the concept of *Indoor Plumbing* an enigma?
And callback to our MC being a Dr in his last life.

Supreme Magus · C11
10 hours ago

Thelazybatman: Ive got two complaints, one is somewhat serious, and a compliment
The grammar does bother me, but its not bad enough to be impossible to read, just makes it a bit harder to enjoy

I wish the chapters were longer, they feel awfully short

I like the story quite a bit so far
Keep up the good work author

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C11
10 hours ago


Nero, the God of the Underworld · C9
11 hours ago

Gamer2800: You nailed it man youuu nailed it, it was so good so fabulous entry and man is he a badass and u have done exceptionally right because in earth thor is treated as a slave to fury shield and the whole earth let them know what is true god not some tiny whiny pussy like thor who has lived thousand of years and still is dumb and idiot as ****

Nero, the God of the Underworld · C9
11 hours ago

flowing_ember: Remember the beginning where author said that mc‘s life was neither very good nor very bad? I feel like authors opinion of a bad life must be ****ed up.

I mean this guy was abused as a child, his parents died or (seems to me) cut ties, the only person he had close relations to (his brother) died just before his wedding, wife did not seem to keep in touch and last but not least he gets cancer for a company skimping on safety precautions.

What would have to happen for it to be a bad life?

Supreme Magus · C3
1 day ago

Supreme_Leader: I would probably read this even if it was not a transmigration/reincarnation Novel with magic in it.

It would be awesome even if it was just a revenge story without any powers about a Normal broken guy that plans and takes revenge against all the people that wrong him and his brother

Maybe even blow up earth.

This chapter reminds of the movie The Law Abiding Citizen.

Supreme Magus · C3
1 day ago

CaptainBoyHole: Lol wtf why is brock, acting like a little brat? He's a gym leader. He should act like one.

Pokemon Trainer · C9
2 days ago

Kul: Okay for Pairings I'm voting ArthurXDaphne or ArthorXLuna

Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C19
3 days ago

Zekitz: high pitched voice and muscular body ??
PIKAAAA!!! Is that you?!?

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C48
4 days ago

FBI_B1TCH: I really hope his fruits weren't lame

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C1
6 days ago

Ruined_Leprechaun: Make MC into a solo anbu so that he can polish his skills alone without anyone watching...

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C16
1 week ago

Xercses: Can you post a list of all the pokemons Alex has?

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C269
1 week ago

lsoma: Think it would be cool if the crows can reverse summon but have never found anyone worthy so just said they couldn't. Maybe in the past the first person ever to be asked was itachi but didnt learn any of the main things as he was dying anyway. Now the mc could be the one worthy and it could be one of pillar skills in the future.

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C14
2 weeks ago

Jmwells2003: Sorry, but that's not in the cards.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C29
2 weeks ago

VictorWalker: MC beta .. I really don't understand this fear that the authors put on MC about the woman who has kushina-like personality

For example minato couldn't make kushina angry that he **** himself in fear.

this is happening now MC doesn't want to go to the bad side of the girl because she's afraid ..

MC beta '' sigh '' I hope he gets balls when he is bigger but that will probably never happen.

The Son of the Senju and Uzumaki · C5
2 weeks ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: Is there any reason why all the guys are doormats? Let them be assertive and confident.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C13
2 weeks ago

sadark: a pet with a human face is creepy 😨😨

Rebirth in a Magical World · C2
2 weeks ago

alecb: Not a fan of a pet with a human face

Rebirth in a Magical World · C2
2 weeks ago

Peace12345: Also like I said earlier you can make him stronger and then boost the entire crew with him training them. If a fanfic does nothing original and sticks entirely to the plot it gets really boring.

Ultimate Fruit · C20
2 weeks ago

venomwave: i think sarutobi just allowed naruto to grab the scroll since it would lead him to who was manipulating naruto , or you really think he lost to sexy jutsu oO

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C8
3 weeks ago

Shwasindro: Fake his death just before the massacre.

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C4
1 month ago

Adolf_K_Weissman: Good Chapter, Look I know this is your story and I don't want to offend you, but it doesn't make MC have a hero complex. all Naruto hostilities MC is always the same, make a dark MC please

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C2
1 month ago

manny0101: I love Dumbledore bashing😂😂

Also, first!!!

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C60
1 month ago

Blasphemer: If he isn't fired or suspended,then the ministry or the parents with political pull are on a whole another evel of ignorance.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C60
1 month ago

Kaiser0000: He could make thos mirrors to sell, and put that funcion so he can look at what's happening around all of those mirrors.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C57
1 month ago

QWERTYGUY: He didn't think you could steal the cape ... Harry has powerful magic that the dark lord doesn't know (plot armor). And as it is an object that is part of the set, it reinforced its plot armor for the final battle.

Eliminate all possible acromantulas and harvest eggs, to create your own "farm" in a suitcase like Scamander. In the Hogwarts war, they were "forced" to attack the castle on Voldemort's orders.

I hope you can get the philosopher's stone.

Please author more chapters.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C46
1 month ago

Dzerxx: Could the Mc swap his Invisibility Cloak with Harrys? Harry would still have one and be none the wiser that it had been replaced.
Come next year (1992) will the Mc steal the Basilisk Corpse? That's got to be worth quite a bit of money in hide, ingredients and Venom. I'd even bet someone would even buy the Skeleton to mount somewhere. On note of the Basilisk, mayhaps he could figure some way to obtain the Sword of Gryffindor for himself.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C46
1 month ago

Blasphemer: Could argue that the kid was traumatized for his whole life with no recognition,at that point he has to listen to the only person that gave him any kind of attention.Wrong but understandable,im more surprised he didnt turn out more psychotic with the abuse and fame he got.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C43
1 month ago
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