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See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C46
2 weeks ago
Umu umu, it seems you're recuperating your last life memories... haha
Wish you a good recuperation ;D View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C0
3 weeks ago
high pitched voice and muscular body ??
PIKAAAA!!! Is that you?!? View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C48
1 month ago

AinzOolGown0601: Shameless author here, this is my first novel, i hope you guys like it. Any serious reviews will be much appreciated, ill try to meet your expectations the best i can, i wont make them a priority tho, its my novel after all.

The Immortal Mutant Teen
1 month ago
Fuck that old man I would have kill him View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C34
5 months ago
good chapter! Waiting for moar !! View More
The Burning Fiend · C77
6 months ago

DeadlinerV: Ce moment où tu réalise le nombre de français sur webnovel

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C0
6 months ago
Can't wait for more!! Quiero maaas !! xD View More
The Burning Fiend · C48
6 months ago

P9G: Madara Uchiha type of look🔥🌪

A New Path · C0
7 months ago
Make him look like shanks View More
A New Path · C0
7 months ago
Wolf of Hogwarts · C9
7 months ago
Harem but just 2. Good story continue like that 👍👍 View More
One Piece: Death Scythe · C0
7 months ago
Nobody care if you drop it 😂😂 the autor do what he wants View More

Pendragoonblaze: Make him betray the marines or ill drop this I HATE THE MARINES

One Piece : Raijin · C10
8 months ago
hahah too funny that old fox xD View More
One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C46
9 months ago
Good, I hope he's going to take Robin too. View More
Silvered Pirate (One Piece) · C12
9 months ago
When?? I don't remember that xD View More

Valcryst: He lent meowth to a random dude.

Super Gene · C866
11 months ago
When he put all his pet in auction in the first sanctuarie, he didn't want to loose Meowth so he buy there, so in fact he never loose it. Sorry for my bad English xD View More

Valcryst: Eh??? When the heck did he get Meowth back??? And Zero was with him, what????

Super Gene · C866
11 months ago
Ññ View More

Hamada: 😲damn it😲
Yare Yare 😏 what a master piece 🖒
😎 I can't help it like your novel (orgnal× fun-fiction ) more and more ......😍😍😍

Omni Skill System · C0
1 year ago
Fuuuuck finally he is free, this novel is fucking good, author you did a good job. I support you ;) View More
Uzumaki yurei - Naruto fanfic · C29
1 year ago
Fucking **** that was a good one !! Bravo !! First time I see it xD View More
Mortal to Omnipotent · C3
1 year ago

heavenlydogdog: Did you just time skip us in a clever way that wasyed a free world travel ticket to not make our mc more op you sick bastard you are a genious 🤔

Mortal to Omnipotent · C3
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Battle of Ascension · C117
1 year ago

dale97: thanks for chapter it was good as always and i don't mind it's your choice as it is your story i doubt people will stop reading just cos you didnt add erza

in an anime world with a system · C0
1 year ago

swordzero: author don't worry about what everyone says, this is your story after all :D

in an anime world with a system · C0
1 year ago

The_Bum: But he's a Mama's boy...

in an anime world with a system · C20
1 year ago
I find your novel is good, his rate of gaining strength is not fast nor slow I think it's appropriate.
Question, will there be romance? View More
Naruto world reincarnation · C14
1 year ago
yeah it's Mikoto!! xD I hope she's the main love character even if like that sasuke will not born but who gives a **** xD View More
A New World · C28
1 year ago
Yeah, well I think there is Anko in konoha too but well, betwen the 3 of them I like more Mikoto, and yeah I didn't like mikoto with fugaku xD View More

Shinkaio: Hope because apart from mikoto and kushina in this age in konoha there isn't much girl and i don't mikoto ruined by fugaku

A New World · C27
1 year ago
I think that girl will be Mikoto, and maybe she will be the main love character xD View More
A New World · C27
1 year ago

Simply_Asura: Next Indra and Ashura

Genius Reborn in Naruto World with System · C0
1 year ago
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