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Translation Works


Just look at the pics..haha View More

Mr_Scary_Cat: It's not in English 😭😭😭

Lord of the Mysteries · C1070
1 day ago
There is some official Chinese merchandise that can be bought. Well you can just look around: https://duimiaomiao.taobao.com/category-1518254776.htm? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1070
1 day ago
Take note that chapters will be released at 1/day from April onwards. I'm handling too many books at a time... Sorry... View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C1118
3 days ago
Take note that chapters will be released at 1/day from April onwards. I'm handling too many books at a time... Sorry... View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C1120
3 days ago

Lam_: This is something that readers of the English version may miss out, but Pei Qian is actually a homonym for 'Losing money'. You always have to bear in mind that the novels were catered to suit Chinese readers (:

Losing Money to Be a Tycoon · C1
3 days ago
It hasn't ended. It ends at 1277. View More

Heat_Flash: Wait what kind of ending is this

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1247
6 days ago
Because it doesn't work unless it's within range... View More

arielsilverstorm1: so he thinks to scan eggs but doesn't think to try scanning with phone to locate the dungeon symbol? Don't tell me MC/Author forgot how he found out the first time.....

Let Me Game in Peace · C96
1 week ago

Aby55: Reverse uno *****

Lord of the Mysteries · C1049
1 week ago

Dex2: Thanks for the chapter Ck

Lord of the Mysteries · C1046
1 week ago

Azulina: YES! I read the raws with MTL some time ago and it's AMAZING! It's the second book from the same world as National School Prince is a girl (NSPIAG).

And just for clearing, the Sovereign Union mentioned in the synopsis is the Supreme Alliance band (Idk if the name changed coz the new team was made selecting all best players to fight in world championship which includes the players from Xiangnan too (like Almighty Xiao, Zhao Sanpang etc) from NSPIAG. This book's opening scenario is the 3 years after the World Championship (Supreme Alliance won and than afterwards disbanded).

The ML personality is like Jiu (lazy like cat), and FL personality is like Qin Mo (cold beauty, facial paralysis, etc). FL, Mo Bei, is the disciple of Jiu and she also disguises herself as a boy (as her brother since both are twins and her brother got hand injury and was kicked out of esports world). ML, Feng Nai, is the nephew of Manager Feng from NSPIAG; I was surprised at that Lol. I had some hints at first as their surnames matched and later I found out that it was really true. ML is called as 'King' in the esports ( y'all know he's afterall The ML).

FL, Mo Bei, was around the time of World Championship as the disciple of Bo Jiu and she was also called the young genius Bey, but afterwards she also left the esports industry when SP disbanded.

Now, after 3 years, she is back as her brother (no one knows that she's the genius Bey that suddenly disappeared from esports that year coz she disguised herself as brother, Mo Nan, and came to find who caused her brother's injury and to make the world know that her brother is not a waste (as he couldn't play after the injury and was mocked at by the world as useless ****) And his hand injury was a ploy caused by some shits (damn enemies whom she's going to find out and take revenge).

Anyways, this is totally awesome book. Anyone who loves NSPIAG will also love this as this is kinda like a continuation of NSPIAG with different FL n ML.

The eSports King’s Crush
1 week ago
It's time for the true female lead to showcase her powers! View More

Aby55: Time for Hvin Rambis to face the world's justice!

Lord of the Mysteries · C1045
1 week ago

Pruf: Did you just edited it? I know wording was different few days ago.

Let Me Game in Peace · C66
3 weeks ago
Something can be slowing down before it suddenly speeds up, eg, a slowing down car because it's braking being hit by a train flies off at high speed. View More

Pruf: It's literally last line and it's not a snippet. It doesn't make any sense in context either.

Let Me Game in Peace · C66
3 weeks ago
Excellent. Not generic at all. Not wuxia either. View More

hek2r: is it gud read or another wuxia generic story

Lord of the Mysteries
3 weeks ago
You can't just take snippets of the sentence as it will be out of context View More

Pruf: "stopped circulating, suddenly circulating crazily"
What is this heresy? Where is logic?

Let Me Game in Peace · C66
3 weeks ago

AKirchner: Sequence 2 is Trojan Horse of Destiny? Then will we have a Sequenge 0 "Blue Screen of all Times"? Haha

Lord of the Mysteries · C1005
3 weeks ago
I am a translator... View More

XanTheInsane: Go ask some translators how much money they made and you'll be surprised.

Quidian is not known for being generous.

Lord of the Mysteries · C992
3 weeks ago
Usually games don't allow that, so I guess not. No, it doesn't invoke energy. View More

Lonmar: I think you did not understand the question.
he talks about invoking 2 different companions. but used the Beast Form on his Beast Companion rather than on himself ...

on the other hand, does invoking one or the other consume energy?

Let Me Game in Peace · C56
4 weeks ago
That's nonsense. If a translator chooses to get royalties, they will share an equal amount of whatever Webnovel and the author earns. So if a chapter earns $30, TL, Author, Webnovel each earns $10. View More

XanTheInsane: Not sure about authors but some translator confirmed they get about 2 cents per every dollar spent on unlocking chapters... Yeah...

Lord of the Mysteries · C992
4 weeks ago
No, it's either the Companion Beast or its Companion Beast Form. View More

CaTastrophy427: Stepsister is the silver flying ant...

Hmm. Could he summon both of them so that the Skeleton Ant gains wings? Not have them be merged, just... make the wings that'd normally form on his back form on the Ant's back instead.

Let Me Game in Peace · C56
4 weeks ago

DarkImmortal_Intel: Is this the same author as the legendary mechanic?

I Am A Legendary BOSS · C71
1 month ago
Missing chapters do get fixed. Same for duplicated chapters. It's more a copy paste bug that just needs someone to inform them. Novels that get dropped have very few readers. Simple as that. View More

SageDrunkKitty: Missing chapters, duplicated chapters scamming readers, entire novels dropped for months without any kind of notice, etc.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
1 month ago
And what issue is it? View More

SageDrunkKitty: Nice to know to know that y’all will pop up the moment money is mentioned, but disappear when it comes to any other issue.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
1 month ago
Whatever the author/translator earns is whatever Webnovel earns...
In fact for translations, Webnovel can make a loss since translators are more expensive at times. View More

SageDrunkKitty: Not agreeing or disagreeing. If you mean support as in with money. Just going to point out that successful novels on web novel sites in their home country get translated, and the company is a greedy lizard.

1) Authors earn plenty of money from readers in their home country.
2) Readers reading on pirate sites who steal the credit of the work from the author. Not having credit for their own work is awful.
3) Almost guaranteed that if people spend money, most of it is going into Qidian’s pockets instead of helping out their favorite author and translator who transforms the work into what we’re reading. So you would have to spend thousands on one novel for it to actually make a difference in the author’s and translator’s life.

It’s fine to pay to support, it’s fine not to pay as well. It’s up to the individual.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
1 month ago
It's said it can be done for stat crystals, but not for Companion Beast crystals. View More

Mute: It was said before you can't tell the crystals value outside of the game, how are these people selling 8 value crystals?

Let Me Game in Peace · C43
1 month ago

Sky_Shard: It's actually a pretty common term in post secondary education. It just means that their application has gone through and they can be considered as an official student in the program.

Let Me Game in Peace · C41
1 month ago
Because they are different words View More

Mute: Using such an odd term like matriculated instead of commonly used English words like Enrollment/Enrolled is weird.

Let Me Game in Peace · C41
1 month ago
It's not a harem. View More

TonhaoSpawn: Knowing that it's by the author of Super Gene- this will be good at the start but then begin to fall off randomly and I can tell this is harem by just the description.

Let Me Game in Peace
1 month ago
Last two chapters will take another 23 hours or so to be released. Sorry about that. View More
Dead on Mars · C249
1 month ago
Did you even try sending a DMCA to Webnovel to get down those novels? It's as simple as sending an email. And I have no idea why you are ranting here in this book's comments. Go rant on the forum. View More

MIGHTGUY: It’s well-established among the original novel/translating community that webnovel.com is the worst. Webnovel, also known as Qidian, also known as Inkstone, is a book-reading powerhouse website that focuses on being the greediest sons of bitches they can be… cough… I mean, I’m getting ahead of myself here. In general, webnovel.com is just a place where webnovels can be hosted. It’s very user-friendly for readers, with a superb app that functions very well and reliably on phones. It’s easy to compile a list of reads, to know when those reads have been recently updated, and to follow along your favorite story.

Some of their novels are translations, mostly done by fans, while Inkstone is the platform that they use to release original novels written by authors directly. They have a strong focus on “eastern” novels, specifically of the Chinese variety. These novels are known for their often extremely lengthy sizes. Many volumes are written per word and exceed a thousand chapters regularly. This continued dripfeed of chapters helps build a constantly growing universe which is very attractive to many readers who want to get immersed into something which may start out small, but expands in depth until it covers an entire world, or sometimes many worlds.

However, I’m not here to talk about eastern novels, I’m here to talk about Qidian, the reading platform, which is… just the worst. Qidian is a place that potentially hosts many of your favorite novels. There are thousands of authors on the site, with hundreds of thousands of web novels to read, either translated or original. So… if they bring so much content that we enjoy, why are they hated so much?

I can really only tell you my own personal experiences and frustrations with Qidian. Through that, perhaps, I can give you an idea of why people dislike this company and their business practices. At the moment, five of my novels are currently on Qidian. Only half of those novels are actually hosted by me. You see when it comes to webnovel.com… they lack any oversight. They think nothing of plagiarism, and will host content anyone gives them… which means you can find a niche story you like, copy it, post it on Qidian, and Qidian doesn’t give a **** about things like copyright or human decency.

My biggest novel which was stolen wholesale from me was World of Women, which someone decided to copy and paste on Qidian. If you’ve wondered why I hide half my work behind patreon, copy protect my site, and prevent you from right clicking… that’s why. Okay… so fine… webnovel doesn’t put any oversight over their novels. They can’t control people, right? If someone goes forward and posts a story they don’t own… and then tries to collect money for said story, Qidian can’t be expected to check everything, right?

In fact, webnovel has a means of allowing you to contact them and report copyright infringement. This is what I did… nine months ago. To this day, my novel still sits on their site. I even contacted them regarding a different issue, and, during that issue, I mentioned my story was being infringed… only for the guy to stop emailing me. At this point and time, I’ve had my lawyer write a cease and desist and sent it to them. And at least at the moment I’m writing this two weeks after that happened, the novel is still up. That novel to date has received 400k views, by the way. Nearly ½ a million views of my story went to this other author… who hasn’t been banned in the slightest despite dozens of abuse reports. If you want to know why World of Women, NTR, and Enslaved are Patreon-only, feel free to blame the source, ViTaLynus. However, this blog also isn’t about shitty people, but webnovel.com themselves. Simply put, Webnovel does not care.

What they do care about though is acquiring webnovels from other people and forcing those novels to be exclusive on their site. If they see something doing exceptionally well, they want it, and

Lord of the Mysteries · C970
1 month ago
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