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I understand the dislike of the teleporting grab and the cut content but I found that it made zombies a semi considerable threat again. I could actually see that many bullets being required if you didnt hit the few working parts of their brains, spine, or blow the head off since I'm sure most of the zombies brain is redubdant. View More

Faveryy: It wasn't that bad. It was the mechanics. It shouldn't take like 11 bullets to the face for a zombie to die, and they shouldn't even able to gravitate to you when they grapple. The devs also cut out a fair bit of content from the original. I'm probably making it seem like I hate it in the story, but it only mildly annoyed me like 5 did

In Resident Evil, but it's slightly different...? · C4
10 months ago
I havent seen many if any on Webnovel. Plenty on Fanfiction though. View More

Erinies: There are Rwby fan fics here?
And there are GOOD ONES?!

Terror Infinity: Restart · C18
12 months ago
It didn't even occur to me that was possible. Now I can't get it out of my head. A Stand huh...... View More

YoRHa2B: Hopefully Erin becomes something like a stand (as Haven's semblance or something). Also its Kinto going to have the same kind of backstory as the guy from the original Terror Infinity, or will he be like the one from side. Thanks for the chapter.

Terror Infinity: Restart · C18
12 months ago
It's funny you popped out a RWBY chapter since I just finished reading a Gamer/RWBY crossover fic last night View More
Terror Infinity: Restart · C18
12 months ago
Judging by your name, you know lower case letters exist. So why do you feel the need to tell your comments? Especially making them extremely demand like? It's not your story. View More

asphaltus: FINE.... I'LL SETTLE WITH RL CLERIC....

Summoning the Holy Sword · C4
12 months ago
I enjoy the fact it divulges but I feel like the author isn't making these situation building chapters interesting enough. I'm all for building up groups and following the progress of long reaching plans as long as the author can make them interesting. View More

Sage_HiddenBear: Enjoying it. I know some folks tastes have diverged and are no longer satisfied but take heart that many folks are enjoying this story for the fact it is diverging so much. Its fresh in that respect.

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C113
12 months ago
I admit the green hat joke is funny, but extremely overdone. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C84
1 year ago
I can sorta see why he would originally worry about keeping the timeline but he should have realized there is no timeline since him becoming nightwing had already diverged his earth from the base earth thus a new universe with no set history to follow. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C26
1 year ago
I think its more so he has the illsusion of seducing them the 'natural' way which in this world is stupid since usually handsome dudes that show lots of power and a not completely douchy attitude usually get the chick easy enough without plots. Something that just shows how twisted the protagonist and author's minds are. View More

TrueImmortal: So damn forced. Our ultimate wannabe badass mc who is THE most powerful being in the current world can't make a ***** teenage girl fall in love with him without using underhanded and disgusting means

Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C75
1 year ago
That's the thing. They arent doing it to help Hesla. They are doing it to damage Germinal. View More

TwlLlghT: Well... if they're gonna treat them like that it's better to not help at all... ungrateful bas*tards

The Legendary Mechanic · C72
1 year ago
Now I'm just remembering the gandalf vs Dumbledore epic rap battle XD View More

NihilisticBeauty: He was gay for grindelwald once, though... right?
I think.
That's what jk rowling said.
Also, imma just like this so maybe someone can see this.

Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C67
1 year ago
Why does it seem like the main theme with protagonists in most asian novels are **** are naming? View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C68
1 year ago
Yea Webnovek has full control of that and their usual response, ESPECIALLY to fan fictions which they cant make money off of, is "You'll eventually get other reviews that even it out". They give no actual support to anything they cant make a dime off of or that eventually 'turn' on them when the author refuse some absurd request by Webnovel. View More

Quidanstealsnovels: Sadly you went the harem route, it's clear it going to affect the story as the entire power and system seems to be based on the harem, which i don't like.

I've read both novels myself but i've noticed the story seems to rely on the reader having lots of foreknowledge about those novel and while it's acceptable as a fanfic, a great fanfic would be written in a way where this isn't necessary needed.

Also whats with the mass fake 5 star review by bot accounts? Why is this acceptable? As the author can't you delete them?

But yeah i liked the idea but the harem thing just ruined it for me, though't i'd read an original novel but it'll quickly develop into some smutty rubbish and make the plot suck.

The Type-Moon Irregularity
1 year ago
Does that scorpion have Sebastian the Crab as his role model? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C57
1 year ago
Ant sage makes me think of Anthony woth a beard and wizard hat while covered in dust View More
Chrysalis · C174
1 year ago
Well he did explain it is filler View More

Solaratoz: This whole quagmire Arc is ****

Dragonborn Saga · C189
1 year ago

Solaratoz: This whole quagmire Arc is ****

Dragonborn Saga · C189
1 year ago
I'm trying. I really am. I'm trying to keep up and not drop this cuz I know it's just a short arc...... but holy hell is it hard. And you probably pissed off plenty of your fans by having the cute overpowered love interest in a stripper role. Better be careful cuz the more people like a story and character, the more they will tear you to shreds and break you emotionally if you **** that character up. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C189
1 year ago
You didn't make a jelly donut joke. Shane on you author! XD View More
Reincarnated as the Chosen One · C22
1 year ago
I still hold to the belief that unicorns aren't pure and are just horny bastards pretending so they can get close to humanoid women. And that theory magical bits promote virility. And that they gore prey woth their horn and then hold them up as they bleed out then eat the corpse like a travel snack straight off the horn. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C56
1 year ago
I'll be honest. I havent read any of these besides the first quagmire chapter. I'm just waiting for this section to be over. Still gonna read once it is though. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C187
1 year ago
The thing is even those who want to use the stones get for free to support the author, cant because freely earned spirit stones do not give the author/translator any money at all. Only spirit stones you buy have any monetary value. And the system has the ability to tell the difference. View More

number0NE: I don't understand why do people complain
You get 15ss when you chick in 5 when you vote and 5 when you use **
Its 25 ss and you only need to pay 7 for this amazing novel

Dual Cultivation · C70
1 year ago
I think they discarded the thing. Most chapters even shirt ones on premium I see nowadays are 7. 8 if there is a serious development, and 11 if the chapter progresses the plot majorly View More

Lord_of_Winter: Qidian scammed us! The chapter is 1219 words. Premium is 1 spirit stone for 220 words. That comes out as 5.5 spirit stones! WHY THE FUCK AM I PAYING 7!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! A MOTHERFUCKING SCAM!!!!!!

Dual Cultivation · C70
1 year ago
So he's making Mantis Stew this time? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C38
1 year ago
The MC trained before he took the spider specifically to increase his gains. Parker was a scrawny nerd thus the spider mutation had plenty of room to enhance him when training. View More

DarkKnight32: After the mc got bitten by the spider we did not read that he trained we all know that piderman can become stronger by training but way did the mc not train

Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C9
1 year ago
Super deity* View More

Lun_Kitrane: Ok. No. Dropping this. As much as I love reincarnation stories involving ancient earth times, I hate when they drag fucking cosmic past live super dirty bull**** into it.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C86
1 year ago
Ok. No. Dropping this. As much as I love reincarnation stories involving ancient earth times, I hate when they drag fucking cosmic past live super dirty bull**** into it. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C86
1 year ago
I enjoyed what you wrote and hope the contract doesnt screw you too hard. This is where I drop off though. Best of luck though with having this be something that can be a support for you though. View More
Dual Cultivation · C69
1 year ago
Remember. Slow boil and stir evenly with chopsticks. View More

CRIMSONREED: You're telling me, cooking my hamster will let it evolve? Well here goes nothing.

Monster Pet Evolution · C25
1 year ago
Reading Status: C22
Shows promise currently. A bit short each chapter and the characters are a bit hollow. The concept of cards being used to enhance himself in a rpg like way is interesting though and could be great if done right. The MC is a bit of a.....well entitled asshole but maybe he will change. Waiting for more chapters to improve my opinion and edit this review. View More
1 year ago
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