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Reading Status: C40
I’ve read way ahead cause i love the story, i’ll tell u guys this novel is GREAT!!
Only 2 “quite bothering” problems :
1. The MC’s stupid AF!
(Unlike other novels where every situations and choices are based on many considerations, this MC’s just pure stupid and too clumsy or reckless in my opinion. The plot armor is too strong, almost every choices turn out to be rewarding just because “luck” or “plot armor” not because of MC’s brain. And this happen way too often)

2. The harem OMG!
(Too much just way too much! 5 girls including his own sister?! Ur head is ****ed up after reading this novel too long. And i’m okay with harem as long as the MC’s can control it, but on this novel hell! the other way around! The harem controls him. I have to admit thats a turn off for normal people i guess?)

If ur okay with thoose 2 “problems” then this novel is too perfect too exist for u guys!! Enjoy it!! View More
Pocket Hunting Dimension
6 days ago
Reading Status: C30
This novel is epic!!
I’ve read until ch 1200++ and I assure u this novel is worth every single second of ur time!
Surely vote this novel if u can View More
Let Me Game in Peace
2 months ago
Me too! View More

Araal: I've read both, and actually think this one is better.

Abyss Domination · C21
8 months ago
Revirth of legendary thief knockoff? View More
Abyss Domination · C21
8 months ago
Ten meter per second my ass, even earth world record on 100 meter run run 10m/s lol
Using skill only makes him the same with earth world record lol View More
Dominating Sword Immortal · C26
9 months ago
And now please don’t put to much filler between this chapter and the one where MC get in touch with “Rules”
Ur ranking is rising, hope it’ll stay that way View More
Monster Integration · C280
10 months ago
Nice one anwan 👍🏻 View More
Monster Integration · C267
10 months ago
Need raw need raaaa***ww!!!! View More
The Favored Son of Heaven · C34
10 months ago
I’m very satisfied with ur writing progress, although some grammars and words is messed up but it’s passable for me to read
And i hope that whatever ur novel rank may be, u will not give up on this novel 👍🏻 View More
Monster Integration · C251
10 months ago
Would u send me the link pleaseee?? View More

Wisdom_Lord: Yeah, I just found the raw feel free to ask if you want it. This novel is pretty short compared to some of the long ones

The Favored Son of Heaven · C22
10 months ago
Please release more chapter 😢
Or release yesterdays chapter 😢
Or at least a consistent amount of it 😢 View More
Monster Integration · C244
10 months ago
No chapter againn??!!! 😨😭 View More
Monster Integration · C243
10 months ago
No chapter today? :( View More
Monster Integration · C243
10 months ago
Can’t wait for tomorrow :( View More
Monster Integration · C243
10 months ago
Only 1 chapter for today??
Now that ur novel quality is better than yestermonth i can’t even wait a day to read it lol View More
Monster Integration · C242
10 months ago
Paced up buddy! View More
Monster Integration · C239
10 months ago
Nice chapter bro anwan! 3 stones for ya!
Waiting for the next chapter View More
Monster Integration · C238
10 months ago
Hoping the next few chapter to come out sooner then lol View More
Monster Integration · C235
10 months ago
Thanks for ur hard work dear translator, time to move to pirate webs
Thanks QI for this whole new level of scamming lol View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C20
11 months ago
Wow nice speech right there mr author lol 🤣 View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C123
11 months ago
At first, I read ur novel because there’s “monster” in the title and tbh the first hundred chapter is not my type at all, but it does get better even though just a little after chapter 150++ lol

It’s even better now that at least ur trying to do something with ur novel and showing ur effort by asking the readers!
3 vote for u 🎉 View More
Monster Integration · C229
11 months ago
The tittle said “monster integration” but MC’s integration‘s suck

Comparing ur novel with other novel clearly shows that ur novel moves in a slow pace to build the foundation. While other novel’s MC has an OP golden finger, ur novel doesn’t. Usually the first 100 chapter would be enough to build the MC’s power and tell the readers about ur main goal, but ur’s 200+ chapters clearly didn’t.

Personally tho, ur MC’s not OP enough in my opinion, and the progress is super slow, but i read it anyway lol

And please i’m begging u to fix the bird’s attitude. Just give the bird an evolution and make her thingking process like a 7-9 years child. Had enough with the attitude lol
I’m glad u did not mention the bird deeply in this arc, cause she’s a pain tbh View More
Monster Integration · C228
11 months ago

TerrestrialOverlor: The summary is this:

You are overdoing the ordinariness of the mc

Every step takes way too long

You minimize the mcs effort by making others immediately catch up or surpass him

The secret realm was a waste. He only powered up a little.

Looking at everything he's been through till now if he makes it to a powerful level it would be because of plot armor. He's supposedly not extra smart his bird is ****ty and it's repeated over and over.

He's basically hopeless, even his father is outstripping him. Everyone that used his magic medicine got way out of it than him. You went through the trouble of describing the complexity of his engine and it has done nothing for him. Like nothing at all.

You keep teasing with various love interests and it just vanishes into nothing. Stop teasing if there's going to be nothing to come of it.

Monster Integration · C228
11 months ago
Ur novel is way to good bro!! I can’t believe i got here by chance lol
Keep up ur hard work, love this novel

Maybe irumen planned all this so that greyson can’t enter the mountain then try to kill him lol View More
Genius Seventh Prince · C122
11 months ago
If u set a goal, at least u have to support it with effort
Read all the comments and try to do something
Or just don’t set any goals at all seems nice View More
Monster Integration · C199
11 months ago

Kupkake: Okay so I hope that after we get to see all of the courses, we get an immediate six month time skip and in that time not only did Michael form 3 or more seals he also figured out a way to level up Ashlyn. I also hope he keeps putting himself in life and death situations while hunting in his free time in order to not only increase his combat experience but also force himself to use the Supreme Combat method to save his life. Now on the topic of Ashlyn I think the reason she eats so much is because she is storing energy for an eventual evolution.Hopefully its when she becomes corporal grade because the sooner she starts to become actually useful in combat against upper B grade and above monsters the better. Not to mention that once she does evolve Michael should get a substantial increase in both his physical along with the strength of his fire element. I also think that the evolution will probably give her another element or two, with one of them being the Wood/Plant element because of her ability to detect high level herbs.The other element I hope she gets is Wind because it would really help Michael both in terms of offense and speed. I dont think Ashlyn will become something like a phoenix when does evolve but will be something unique to her because it was mentioned that unlike the other monsters she does not have an OP mythical ancestor whose bloodline was passed down through the generations. The downsides to this seemingly is that it is very difficult to break the limits places on her by her normal ancestor but I think it would be a lot easier for her to do it then if it she had a phoenix or some other mythical bird as her ancestor. Also once she does evolve I think she should be able to evolve in whatever way she chooses because she is not restricted by her ancestor like 99.9% of all other monsters are. Again I imagine that the chances that a monster actually manages to match their mythical ancestor are abysmal let alone actually surpassing them which is again why I think Ashyln has a very unique chance to become probably the most OP bird type monster that is currently living. Maybe deep down she knows that which is why she is very arrogant,atleast thats what I currently think.

Monster Integration · C198
11 months ago
Reading Status: C134
Okay very bad writing, even i doubt wether the new editor is real or not

Another thing worth to note is this novel have a very boring flow of story where the MC’s suck and his pet is useless (i’ve read until ch 130++).

Unlike any other OP MC, this novel did the opposite!!
- The plot is always repeating (especially at the space realm)
- No quick power up for the MC
- Too many filler
- The author prolong almost all the fight (2-3 chapters for a single stupid fight)
- WORST OF ALL his pet is too arrogant while at the same time USELESS!! Start from around half chapter available the pet can’t fight any monster because it’s SUPER WEAK
-This story is not about “MC and pet fight together” but “MC’s babysitting his pet”
-5-8 SS for a story like this is quite the pressure

The first 60s chapters quite interesting tho

I think the author want to write a slow but sure type of story, but at this point (130s chapter) it’s starting to loose it’s charm for the reader. View More
Monster Integration
1 year ago
Hmm i see thanks btw 👍🏻 View More

birdyful: Ah, lucky you!
And sorry, I don't know if somebody translated this. But if they did, they probably would have to take it down or at least stop translating.

Divine Beast Adventures
1 year ago
I like this novel better than the other 2 lol
But does anyone know if somebody already translate this somewhere else??
Can u tell me??
Coz i can’t wait to read this lol View More

birdyful: Ngl, I see beast companions, I click. The internet café system is also good. Both sound like a fun read. So please, tell me why, did they release the voting options on Friday???? Now Great Doctor Ling Ran is bound to win, and I'd have to wait another week for the café system or this novel.... Not that the doctor novel doesn't sound good! I look forward to reading it! But... Seriously, staff? Wait until Friday to move them out? :( Now I'm splitting my votes between the café and this novel...

Divine Beast Adventures
1 year ago
Reading Status: C83
This novel is quite straightforward with just a little bit of filler, it’s worth ur time!!

But why does it stop at ch 83??!!!!
Anyone know where’s the rest?? View More
Godking Ascending the Heavens
1 year ago
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