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Original Works

  • Dream, reality and the world inbetween

    Dream, reality and the world inbetween


    Samantha, short Sam, went to her grandparents at age 4. There she disappeared for 2 weeks and came back with an old rusty knife. Since then she always has the same dream once her thoughts digress. She’s chained in a cage in pure darkness. There is no other noise except the rattling of the chains when she moves. Where is that? And why does she seem dead everytime she has that dream?

  • The Venus of BlueStar High

    The Venus of BlueStar High


  • The modern life of an ancient bookworm

    The modern life of an ancient bookworm

    Realistic Fiction

    Just an ancient bookworm in a modern setting living its 100% normal life. ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

  • Saving Life and Love

    Saving Life and Love


    This is a Fan-fiction. The trilogy I am following for the story is the black magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. The following synopsis is from the fandom page for this series: The Black Magician Trilogy follows a girl called Sonea who lives in the slums of Kyralia. Sonea’s magical ability is revealed during a confrontation between the poor and the Magicians’ Guild. Her life seems outside of her control from that moment on as she tries to understand what is going on. In her struggle to learn magic and find her place, she discovers a dark and terrifying secret at the heart of the Guild. It not only involves forbidden magic, but her friends in the city’s underworld, and the very survival of Kyralia and the Allied Lands. For the people which don't know about this series: Read at your own caution! There will be spoilers (a lot) from the original story. This is fantasy and magic in short.

  • The magical swordmaster (HP FanFic)

    The magical swordmaster (HP FanFic)


    A former transmigrator that just wanted to go home after slaying the demon lord reincarnated into the Harry Porter Universe three years before Harry would be born. He doesn't know a lot about the series since he was summoned away from earth when he was seven. When the male protagonist realized that he was reborn into a girl, he raised a big commotion. And so began the legend of the former Hero becoming the greatest magician who is a part-time swordmaster. ___________ This is an action comedy with a shrewd character. He has seen a lot and is theoretically overpowered. But since he is better with the sword than with magic he still has a lot to learn. I don't write a lot in chapters, so please bear with my short chaps. I don't write harem. Especially not since the MC is female. Even if he's a man inside. Don't expect a lot of details, like the appearance of characters and such. But I give it a thought and try to implement these things as best as I can. (Expect some funny scenes with some little emojis within XD) CR - I do not own the cover image. Credit goes to pixabay


Eksentrysyti: While I agree with you, can you see the irony in your comment?

God Of Slaughter · C344
1 month ago
Nope it didn't... The ice cold flame said that if he had the ability to refine his blood then he could revive the pearls power but the immortal blood drops that are mentioned in combination with yang tian emperor aren't something he can refine at the moment so nope it isnt possible to absorb souls at the moment 🤔🙄 if you complain then read properly and get you facts straight... As many others should as well... View More

Burn2Ashes: After he splashed some drops of his blood on it, the pearl regained its power to absorb souls.

God Of Slaughter · C295
1 month ago
Yay I hope we get 4 chaps every day.... Not privileged right now View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C53
3 months ago

DRM666: Got super excited for 20 chapters released only to be let down because of premium

Let Me Game in Peace · C52
3 months ago

TundeVictor: I can why the title of this book is let me game in peace 😁

Let Me Game in Peace · C52
3 months ago

arielsilverstorm1: MC encounters the bane of all gamers, DAILEY Quests. "What the Hell, I have to feed the Silver Ant dailey!!!

Let Me Game in Peace · C52
3 months ago
Not really mtl is translating this book in a pretty good quality in comparison to other works from mtl and they are already catching up in about one and a half year View More

TyrantReader: Wtf. That means that I will have grandchildren by the time this book is finished translating.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

CycloneBlitz: Yeah, and I don't know how people are running out of fast pass. I'm following Supergene, GMC, LoHP, King of Gods, First Order, Supreme Magus and Game in Peace.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

Sorata: This novel is honestly really good, so if you want to read it, then don’t read it here.

The current MTL has 1264 chapters, and the book has about 2000+ chapters in total. If you plan on reading the MTL (which is well edited and something that I did and recommend), it’s about 3 chapters a day, so you only need to wait 1 more year till completion.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

HuskyWarrior: God dang man I miss the old webnovel where u get paid coins to read and can watch videos for more coins hell man I used to have 600 coins just from saving up for a few weeks lol now I come back boom it's all gone and now... Hello uni fast pass a day plus extra if I want to watch the video

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

Sky_Full_of_Aeons: Your name..... I- You juniors really are something

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

KingGoldfish: You don't put supporting the one doing all the hard work in mind, do you? Try working your head off only to get absolutely no credit for your hard work whatsoever. Like how it feels?

This makes me question your loyalty in real life, tbh. Just saying. Probably gonna get a lot of opposition, but whatever. Just saying what's on my mind, you don't have to pay any heed.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

Scarlet_Rain: I think he wanted to use the ant to save the guy though. This thought process was probably like this " hey this guy is known to be an A hole. Lets reveal my ace to save him"

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

Z3R0215: Like seriously why do they do this? Are they actually making a lot of money from people buying, cuz I think most would just find a different website to read on. LET ME READ IN PEACE!

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago
I also follow a few works.... About 5 I think some days they don't upload all but in the end it is average around 9 locked chapters per day.... I am not a premium user but I don't run out of fast pass right now I have 22 of'em View More

Konkey_Dong: I'm only following 2 works. I run out of fast pass. I only live on free stuff. I don't know if you're a premium user or something. But I can't keep up with even 2 series because of 3 FP a day free. Sure we get 2 FP a week fr farming, and 1 on Sundays, but I still can't keep up.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago

KONO_DIO_DA: Hey guys did you know? The Author's previous work Supergene was actually intended to have at least 9k chapters but due to some circumstances(not enough world building) he ended it at 3450+.

Sooooo expect LMGIP to have a lot and I mean A LOT of chapters...If the author managed to correct his mistake in his previous work.

Let Me Game in Peace · C44
3 months ago
I think I have one but never used it.... How do you find out the account name? View More

David_Tieku: Yeah always looking for extra help, do u have discord

King of Sports · C168
3 months ago

Shadizar: You know, unlike most other system novels the MC has to keep it a secret, he can't let anyone else know about it. Others they can kill monsters/people, craft things, do quests, etc so others knowing won't affect it in any fashion. The MC though if people know he gains power from enraging people then everyone would look into ways to not get enraged by him depriving him of points.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C50
3 months ago

UncleKim: His name is Chen Feng, 22 years old, since the day he was born, bad luck has been following him.

When he was a year old, he was almost choked to death while drinking milk.
Three years old, his mother passed away. Five years old, his father passed away.
Ten years old, his welfare institution went bankrupt and later, he was sent to other welfare institutions, till he became an *****.
Altogether, there were 13 welfare institutions that collapsed for various reasons.

In addition to this, every time he goes out,he meets with some accident.

According to his incomplete statistics so far,
he was blackmailed 85 times by old woman,
he met with traffic accidents 36 times ,
he was patronized by thieves 76 times,
he fell into a sewer 10 times,
he was chased and bitten by dogs 15 times.
Him being alive is already a miracle..

Absolutely waiting for this novel

The Strongest Gene
3 months ago

Shadizar: Oh I had a great laugh at that! Reminded me of another Light Novel where an evil monk would go around injuring people then charge them for him healing them while making up nonsense and after breaking the MC's arms and legs sold him a 'legendary secret technique' only to find out it actually WAS a legendary secret technique and started hunting everywhere to find the MC to recover it.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C35
3 months ago
If the position of proofreader ist still open I would like to volunteer without reward View More

David_Tieku: Also real quick, I'm hoping to get some proofreaders and potentially an editor which would greatly help speed things up, if any of you are interested let me know.

King of Sports · C168
3 months ago

ShibaTatsuya786: It's cliche but the ending wasn't even cliche. Also they were trying to steal Pakistan's ring. The MC solved it responsibly. It's not a wuxia novel and with it being a Chinese novel, there are going to be cliches.

King of Sports · C103
3 months ago

coldfeet: Love it

King of Sports · C103
3 months ago

David_Tieku: "Wait wait no I'm not" *closes Mario Kart*

"Put the bat down we can talk about this, I'll make the chapter longer tomorrow extra long okay. Just calm down"


Bit short today but longer chapter coming tomorrow.

But beware though that you brought this upon yourself because that just means it's gonna cost more spirit stones 🤷‍♂️🤠

King of Sports · C103
3 months ago

SunruT: "What are you doing?!?!" The staff member yelled. "I'm trying to beat this DavidT a$$!"sunrut exclaimed loudly.
"Cuz he's writing the shortest chapters in history so he can play Mario kart instead!"
"Ah...this should help." the staff member said while handing over a baseball bat.

King of Sports · C103
3 months ago
But you have to consider that the average height in China isn't as high as in western countries View More

Perfect_It: Excuse me but 5'7 at 19 years old isn't exactly tall. People don't often have much of a growth spurt after that age either.

King of Sports · C101
3 months ago
For the people who cannot wait... It will get funnier in the chapters to come.... If you want to read badly translated chapters ahead and then wait for the better quality chapters here go to novel updates there it is linked... View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C27
3 months ago

Cupcake_Prince: Omg!! This novel was so refreshing ! It’s really funny and flips the script in a typical web novel. The characters are the opposite of the archetype you would expect and it’s so far very comedic and refreshing, I was even crying by the end from laughing... yea totally from laughing not allergies.. or my eyes being dry from to long in front of the screen and feeling like hard boiled eggs.. totally not!!! But yeah even some of the cultivation methods or ways to earn things from the system I was surprised by, it was really funny and light hearted but sometimes these novels are really good at the beginning but taper off, hopefully that’s not the case here! Yeah overall the novel flips the typical tropes in Wuxia web-novels of one dimensional villains and it’s very funny and his system is hilariously black hearted in its missions.

🚨🚨🚨———SPOILER ALERT———🚨🚨🚨
in the words of the main character:
“It melted the instant he put it in his mouth and tasted fairly similar to peppermint drops, having a sweet and refreshing flavor.

‘Mmm, it tastes good,’ An Lin nodded in admiration.

Xu Xiaolan forcefully held in her laughter. ‘How do you feel right now?’ she asked expectantly.

‘I don't really feel anything. Should I be feeling something?’ An Lin looked at Xu Xiaolan in surprise.

This time it was Xu Xiaolan's turn to feel gloomy. She appeared to be disappointed that something she had been anticipating didn't eventuate.”

(Plot twist the mountain soul essence is excrement, and it makes you produce excrement.)
(P.S. Yeah that’s right the system made him eat sh*t for a mountain crushing technique and bark like a dog in order to gain the language module for the nine realms.)
(P.P.S. This is my first time reviewing a novel ! So please go easy on me ! But also that how good this is ! It’s still early but it’s good enough to get me to finally review something ! Maybe I should do this more because there are a lot of good novels but I didn’t review them because I was to lazy or there was a character minimum and I didn’t have something meaningful in the moment but I guess I’m feeling inspired or REFRESHED!!! 😂😅 by this novel. )

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
3 months ago

Cupcake_Son: It’s a shame you put a spoiler alert it completely hides your non spoiler review! It’s just an excerpt! Also I totally agree it’s really refreshing!!

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
3 months ago

milktea: Yeah, i don't really mind it at all. I hope one day i can use this as a referral when i start learning the language.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C1
3 months ago
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