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Glad we're to finally see progress View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1436
1 hour ago
Hurry up...get to the showdown! View More
Super Gene · C1989
12 hours ago
Always having women fall in love, eh. The life of a protagonist is a life indeed. View More
Super Gene · C1988
12 hours ago
Perhaps an Ancestor of it was one View More

Zenolilth: Why name it blood god mantis when it isn’t a god hahahaha but cool hansen is going to have a second monster’s geno arts 😎

Super Gene · C1987
1 day ago
I miss his kids. They need some short stories. This novel is one of the only ones where I'd be happy at short stories on other characters View More
Super Gene · C1986
1 day ago
I feel like this mini arc is a little boring View More
Super Gene · C1985
2 days ago
I feel like the pacing of the chapters have slowed down recently View More
Super Gene · C1984
2 days ago
Unfortunately, this translating team doesn't seem to respond to comments View More

Redzeth: Hey Sean, I was wondering if you have any plans to translate the sequel of this book. Would be a shame if we only got half the story since I’ve been reading this book everyday since it was around chapter 300

The Ultimate Evolution · C1434
3 days ago

Redzeth: Hey Sean, I was wondering if you have any plans to translate the sequel of this book. Would be a shame if we only got half the story since I’ve been reading this book everyday since it was around chapter 300

The Ultimate Evolution · C1434
3 days ago
Didn't HS say he wouldn't teach her but only practice through combat? What changed? View More
Super Gene · C1982
3 days ago
Can't wait for the next chapter View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1433
4 days ago
Huh. This is pretty surprising. I wonder if Legolas has anything that Sheyan could benefit from View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1432
4 days ago
Forever an unsatisfying cliffhanger, eh View More
Super Gene · C1981
4 days ago
I hope the legless crane and Bubble both get super useful or interesting View More
Super Gene · C1980
4 days ago
I hope with this crazy haul he's able to gain some crazy good benefits. View More
Super Gene · C1979
5 days ago
I wonder why HS didn't ask for a larger profit. Didn't this guy used to be a master haggler? View More
Super Gene · C1978
5 days ago
I don't see the point of making us wait two days just to buy privilege for 1 coin....guess I shouldn't complain, but wtf View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1431
6 days ago
This is getting intense. I wonder how Sheyan will quickly end this war. View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1430
6 days ago
I'm really looking forward to finally seeing the power of this rocket launcher next chapter. Also really hope that he can quickly level up to get his mutant genes. View More
Super Gene · C1977
6 days ago
One of my favourite things about this novel was/is how quickly they round up epic fight scenes in a way that can still feel amazing and satisfying. I've noticed that recently they've been starting to drag over to atleast two chapters, but in comparison to the plethora of novels that will make four chapters simply all audience reaction or smack-talking, I can't be too mad. (I'm looking at you ATG, MGA and others) View More
Super Gene · C1976
6 days ago
Wtf is going on. What do you mean privileged? Let me read my chapter :/ View More
The Ultimate Evolution · C1429
6 days ago

Redzeth: Ehm this is the second one today that suddenly turned privilaged...... Are they forcing it on you guys again? F*cking webnovel and those greedy b*sterds.

The Ultimate Evolution · C1429
6 days ago
Wtf...what a pointless chapter. :/ View More
Super Gene · C1975
1 week ago
Time to test out the rocket launcher!😏 View More
Super Gene · C1974
1 week ago
The payoff at the end will be probably be immensely huge View More

DaoistDevil: this is garbage...we cant expect anything to go welll? whats next , him getting cursed by enemy to not be able to fight? while sheyan has to pay big price to get help from relam then its nullified by enemy relam and then they are able to curse him.. then nothing is set in stone with this..nothing will go well. bull****

The Ultimate Evolution · C1429
1 week ago
LOL damn it View More

sanfjeff: first

Super Gene · C1973
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Super Gene · C1973
1 week ago
Bored... View More
King of Gods · C1505
1 week ago
Holy shi- View More

Your_Grandfather: I wonder if the Stairway of the Sun will devour the white tree...

The Ultimate Evolution · C1428
1 week ago
I've never been a fan of these novels that have MC's that need massive cultivation resources View More
Super Gene · C1969
1 week ago
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