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kkreaper: Bruh. Isn't it obvious that ants would be pretty damn strong? I mean come on they are easily one of the strongest creatures on earth. So ofcourse they have to be pretty damn powerful when the size limitations are lifted :P

History's Number 1 Founder · C937
1 week ago
As long as you're back brother :D.
Come back to Discord bro. Your server is still there ;). View More

Altara: Sorry bro, I was away for a long time. I'm happy to hear you again!

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C65
1 week ago

Altara: Sorry bro, I was away for a long time. I'm happy to hear you again!

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C65
1 week ago
Aye brother ;) View More

tdmut: NODS vigorously!

Dual Cultivation · C17
1 week ago

Primordial_Two: It pissed me off and I almost threw my phone

The Multiverse Wanderer · C5
1 week ago
My comment had no exclamation point that showed an excited or agitated state ^^ View More

AncientPangolin: Calm down bro

Library of Heaven's Path · C371
1 week ago
Sadly indeed, brother :/ View More

Kurt_Nelson: The curse of envy. At the very least, I can understand fully. I helped someone in a similar way when we were Young, after their lesser achievements were treated as far above mine, I became a vindictive little prick for a few years.

It's only after I left college that I learned everything about the situation and felt "and still do feel" like a piece of **** for how I turned on a house guy.

This isn't abnormal. It's especially common in sports atmospheres.

Pursuit of the Truth · C44
1 week ago

Zero_Profile: God that woman...even though she kinda fulfills the wincest criteria....she's just batshiit

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C66
2 weeks ago
Bro you're back! I can't be live it :O!!!!
I can't believe you didn't tell me that in Discord......T_T View More

Altara: It was a joke from Whitebeard that he would team up with Sengoku. It's impossible for this to happen. Sengoku can't harm Ezio, he is a Celestial Dragon after all.

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C65
2 weeks ago
Heh. Seeing it like that...;) View More

kkreaper: Bruh. Isn't it obvious that ants would be pretty damn strong? I mean come on they are easily one of the strongest creatures on earth. So ofcourse they have to be pretty damn powerful when the size limitations are lifted :P

History's Number 1 Founder · C937
2 weeks ago

Senior_Nepuko: No Diputs Gorfs?

My Sister The Villainess · C64
3 weeks ago
No Diputs Gorfs?
Smh View More
My Sister The Villainess · C64
3 weeks ago

Darkdelusion: The green Orc is an offering to the green froggo (⊙o⊙)

My Sister The Villainess · C64
3 weeks ago
Read chapter 485's title ;-).

Be careful tho, possible spoilers~ View More

Wzilf: There also the never ending clan, i think it related to the never ending dao domain, maybe there is a vast expanse clan

A World Worth Protecting · C69
3 weeks ago
I said "remnants" of his soul. View More

yearsafter: No. At that time Lin Feng can trapped big Luo’s soul or made him come back to life, but Lin Feng choose to not do so. He leave everything to fate/destiny. And he didn’t seal Big Luo’s soul in a jade though.

History's Number 1 Founder · C1381
3 weeks ago
If you're gonna b*tch around and give no constructive critism, then get the f*ck out man. As a good friend of mine once said : Your opinions are like farts, you're free to pass them around but nobody likes the smell.

Who's the pretentious piece of **** that comments just to insult, and even target the author personally?
Oh wait, you!

Actually no, I apologize to all fecal matters and sh*t in the world for calling kwertiyup "pretentious sh*t". It's an insult and offensive for all the sh*t in the world to be associated with you.

;-) View More

kwertiyup: really you trained her??? you should have just left her alone and trained more himself but no i will train her because of pussy fucking retarded piece of **** trying consistent but you're a fucking pretentious piece **** you're a disgrace in every author who can really write you're a fucking idiotic divkhead trying to attract more readers by using your mediocre talent at writing romance

Rebirth in Bleach · C18
3 weeks ago
Be careful man, being this toxic would reduce your lifespan.
Actually, don't be careful. I think it's better for our planet and society for you not to be careful :-). View More

kwertiyup: just drop it i taught it will get better but it's turning **** you're forcing to much acting like a good author but you suck you have very bad imagination and retarded trying to be deep like those wuxia novel but you're **** ******* no consistency and originality it's obvious you don't even had girlfriend your writing in romance suck

Rebirth in Bleach · C17
3 weeks ago

Hahalool: .......
MC with brains: CHECK
Ruthless MC: CHECK
Time-worth plot: CHECK
System: CHECK
Good English: CHECK
Calculation complete
THIS IS GOOD SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle Royale of the Sinners
3 weeks ago
Yea, at chapter 485 there's a mention of the Vast Expanse :). That was taken into account when I speculated. ^^ View More

Wzilf: Well i saw some spoiler title in AWWP there was a mention of Vast Expanse, idk either so i just gonna continue reading till that point lol

Hi curious traveller, and yes i was in AWE comment section and RI too just not ISSTH cause i was atill shy XD

A World Worth Protecting · C69
3 weeks ago

PinkBunny: Mwhahaha I’ll be shameless and write a review for myself!!!! I am just a normal person who has a deep obsession with long (60k+ words) fan-fictions spanning across DCU, MCU, LOTR, HP, Naruto, Bleach, OP, SAO, Star Wars, etc. Published this just to spread the joy I received when reading well written fan-fictions. Just want to be able to recommend novels, saving you people’s time spent searching for them!!!!!! Continue reading, and as always... Have a nice day !!!!!!!

Peace! ✌️
- PinkBunny

Fanfiction Collection + EPub Links
3 weeks ago
It could also be after Ri, but before Wang Lin got challenged by Allheaven ;). Joking.
But yea, I agree. It's probably not during ISSTH that's for sure, and pretty sure Xu got telported with the others from the Vast Expanse.

And from some info........I actually think AWWP dosen't take place in the Vast Expanse.

Also hi wzilf :). I believe you were in AWE comment sections? View More

Wzilf: Either this story take place after ISSTH or during ISSTH

The former i mention it take place after ISSTH cause
Wang Lin, Su Ming & Ghost couldnt enter Vast Expanse again After they left cause AH banned them from entering, if AWWP take place in Vast Expanse
Then with Wang Lin here, clearly u know what happen to AH and who is the owner of Vast Expanse now

For the latter one, i said this story take place during ISSTH, i think during the time we saw Slaughter met Xu liguo again and also the musquito beast with Meng hao, and after the Wang clan evacuate to immortal astral continent, u see Xu liguo alone in space and then heading off to somewhere, maybe he was going to this world and the wang lin we see now is just a clone

A World Worth Protecting · C69
3 weeks ago
I shall accept it ;-). View More

Aishiya007: I swear Allegiance with you My Lord ^_^

One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C44
3 weeks ago

House: Definitely one of my favorites novels on the site.

- OP MC✔️
- Interesting plot✔️
- Interesting World(s)✔️
- Some nice Snu Snu (18+)✔️
- "Cruel" MC✔️
- "Intelligent MC✔️
- Daily update✔️✔️
- Harem ✔️
- Time traveling✔️
- And so much potential to explore✔️

Grab some🍺 & 🍿 (Popcorn) & get ready for a new adventure!


Master of Time
3 weeks ago

StressedByHW: The story is a masterpiece for people who likes psycho main character but not a good book for those who think main character should save people.

For me personally I love this book but sometime I think he goes to far which I don’t hate since I’m fine with any character that isn’t nice guy

Master of Time
3 weeks ago

Dimikb: This is deffinetly a gold that in my point of view deserv to be in the same line with "I have a mansion...." in the ratings. The story is about the guy who for some reason awoken to the power of time manipulation and time travel. And he is deffinetly worthy of such power, as he understands how godly is his power and that he himself desrve to be a ruler of the world. It is a protogonist that seen so much that this world does not pose a chalenge to him. He will enslave and kill those that stand on his way, pulverise anyone that would disrespect him with no questions asked. He is not some pushover with no ambition like all MC's in Japanese issekai novels. Thats how a ruler should be. He is no hero but as he has seen destruction of galaxy and death of the humanity by their own hands (felt it even as his body was anigilated to atoms by atom bombs a hubdred or even thousand time until he learned how to use the power), he decide to save humanity from itself. And thats a story of how he does that. You believe the theory of conspirasy and world government? Well he is the one behind the worlds government!

Master of Time
3 weeks ago

Elsayaad: Heavenly Dao Foundation - AWE
Perfect Foundation - ISSTH
Grand Foundation Theft - RI
Barbarian Foundation - POT

A World Worth Protecting · C226
3 weeks ago

I_am_Titan: Love how consistent the updates are.

Master of Time · C105
3 weeks ago

SnifeADoodle: Is he gonna torture people tp with orgasms in the future? That would be fun, watching primordials die from pleasure😋😋

Master of Time · C105
3 weeks ago

Readerboy333: This is heaven for science. There is a really handsome cool and intelligent "teacher" and many practical " lessons".
Man i wish science was like this in school .."observing" many things and finding the truth of the world and "experimenting" on various " subjects".
I will be a master in science in no time if i could follow this "scientific" method.

Master of Time · C105
3 weeks ago

Erosire: I fix up the chapter a little, adding in more details. I was in a hurry this morning lol :D

Master of Time · C90
3 weeks ago
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