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Somehow that is something really boring...being the first to activate the cycles to be so far below even the average of new trainees is by no means a justified reason..somehow either the author will introduce a new forceful method which somehow diminishes or hides mcs power or smh the author will make MCs reiki pure af but slow process..either way I don't really like this development...after the initial chaps I really don't understand going this weird cultivation arc smh this novel turns out completely different from the prologue arc u can say..just keeps getting weirder n weirder View More
Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C33
1 week ago
Too fast paced development for a world with recent development of reiki...cultivation techniques at done thing but utilizing them along with technology with so little time and make such a widespread system is like some random alien gifted it to them View More

Venerable_spam: Da f#ck? what the, how or more when did they obtain this piece of black thecnology? man, this novel get's real weird by the second.

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C30
1 week ago

Slvrwulf: The MC seems like an idiot who doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on. Hopefully he gets smarter.

Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits · C6
2 weeks ago
Yeah somehow with all his experiences and training they fail to take out one self trained while ganging up on her...smh getting weirder and weirder View More

Ree_Trace: I actually thought the disciples would be stronger

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C100
2 weeks ago
We times quantifying something like combat strength is not in earlier chaps it was mentioned it all depends on class n stats but now author just throws this new logic into the game..just what's the point of elites,combat sense experience?
Its basically stating that a veteran and a novice with same level have the same cmbat power..thats why I don't think it is a wise choice stating such facts because author is going to go back on his words anyway in future View More

vargasb: Wow the orca were really nerfed crazy. They got brute strength plus are a sentiment race. Not the most intelligent but they love to fight and have intelligence to fight well and be strong. But dique 1 elf=4 orcs. Cmon now. You really like Elf’s that much🥴

I Am A Legendary BOSS · C6
2 weeks ago

HolyMint: For a dragon that was supposed to know everything about elements... shame on you loli dragon!! Disappointed

What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? · C97
2 weeks ago
My thoughts exactly View More

MindGame: Strongest divine king!! Is that you senior brother?

A World Worth Protecting · C601
3 weeks ago
Well ..the policeman says a large organization is behind that case and first thing he does is take off her from the case and stop investigating? What the hell.. View More
My Wife, The Ice Queen President · C4
1 month ago
How the fkc do u seal your hands? :| View More
A World Worth Protecting · C576
1 month ago


Library of Heaven's Path · C1155
1 month ago

kooG: This mc is restarted. You know you have trash hands and you still want to loot. Sigh. Why do retarted mcs take up 95% of novels.

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C19
1 month ago

Neverlightning: Am I being paranoid or what? But I do I have a bad feeling of the world bender girl is the same girl that he “saved” during his Crash in chapter 1. But at the same time will also become a love interest later on... Please don’t

Rise of The Undead Legion · C4
2 months ago

Archena: So a single who could easily fight it out with perfect core formation is a complete joke? A group of such enemy easily lost against the old lady. And she even fight out with another group. Author's logic sense is stupid as fok.

A World Worth Protecting · C264
2 months ago

Cmpaboy: Iq of 260, right.....🙄

I'm the King Of Technology · C8
2 months ago

zouxstark: Wow it is getting interested and also little bit imaginary

Dark Moon Era · C16
2 months ago
What is turning point here exactly? And how can it stop a snake from moving forward by damaging its turning point? View More
Dark Moon Era · C16
2 months ago
Somewhat expected ..this a thing happens in all those similar cases smh View More
A World Worth Protecting · C240
2 months ago
Come on y would it take so long to fill a bottle in a small ond like area? View More
Dark Moon Era · C1
2 months ago
Somehow I like how his actions don't have to be in line with system's requirements to advance the plot.. View More
The First Order · C38
2 months ago
I really thought he's gonna start the art club.. Lol 😂😂 View More

Hikikimori: Author: *heavily emphasis on art club. Previous chapter is title "art club". Make Chen Ge met with a student who wants to join a club but rejected by everyone.*

Chen Ge: Why don't you join my club.

Wang Yicheng: what club is it?

Chen Ge: Supernatural Phenomena Observation club!

Me: that come out of nowhere.... I didn't expect that club...

My House of Horrors · C793
3 months ago
He doesn't even know if every lottery will give him that medicine and he's already starting so many plans..why? View More
The First Order · C17
3 months ago
Maybe like something he needs as of now?
After all the quests were according to situation was it not? View More

Arkusar: Shouldn´t he get Intelligence for teaching knowledge? Why would he get strength? xD

The First Order · C7
3 months ago
260 drawings in 1 class? I mean drawing a big portrait in 10mins was weird enough n now this..just wow View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C42
4 months ago
Writing energy like he used this skill this much energy pillars were wow ..this is gonna spoil it View More
Celestial Peak · C21
4 months ago
Early chaps hes the only another comes..what the fck author are u high? View More
Celestial Peak · C8
4 months ago
So many errors.. You really need a editor to do this.. View More
Celestial Peak · C2
4 months ago
So what happened after removing the seal? Why exactly did hi a father seal him in a strong eat weak world?
No explanation nothing.. Feels pointless .. View More
The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C9
4 months ago

RonaChan: I want you to have a peaceful life so I'll cripple you in a world where the strong kill the weak. Excuse me WTF?!

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C3
4 months ago
Lol View More

RonaChan: I want you to have a peaceful life so I'll cripple you in a world where the strong kill the weak. Excuse me WTF?!

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C3
4 months ago
Actual mc imo had a pretty bitter sweet ending thui
Morphed into dragon but wife pregnant..thui View More

Dank_god: Akame ga kill was a good novel but the darn anime killed everyone except Akame

and so i hereby dub it:
everyone except Akame got killed

My Extraordinary Achievements · C17
4 months ago
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