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GreatWolf: You can have your daughter be her mothers play mate and incest would be nice lol

Master of Time · C25
15 hours ago

iTrideMyBest: Shut up and take my power stones!

Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C121
1 day ago

sacrificialsoul: I love the plot I support and I want there to be H-scenes only once and a while and he should sleep with mother Medusa and I am really interested in *** with a snake lady with snake hair Damn I am a pervert

Son Of A God · C1
1 day ago
Not a fan of Percy Jackson.. but oh well, might as well check few chapters out. View More
Son Of A God · C1
1 day ago
Thx for the chap View More
Marvel: My Own Path · C26
1 day ago
Shut up and take my power stones! View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C121
1 day ago

Daoist677060: Big Harem

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C38
2 days ago

adilkose6022: A harem without Rindou Senpai is unacceptable.

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C34
2 days ago

Kurozora: i like this stuff !! MORE FILLER PLEASE !!!
please, you need to make more filler like this for privilege holder.. the content are awesome. the next chapter should be about buying some cabbage the next one should be about drinking tea..


Dual Cultivation · C198
2 days ago
I imagine Takumi with tsundere look.. doesn't feel like(naturally because im a guy) I wish you genderbend him, Author. I pretty sure that he will turn out into cute and beautiful girl. If tomboyish looks, well, not too bad either. Yeah, wishful thinking. :') View More
Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C21
2 days ago

LIX: Alice x Alex gang where you at?

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C13
3 days ago

LIX: Hayama is getting gang banged

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C12
3 days ago

PWETngBAKA: he gave his friends motorcycle but doesn't give a penny to soma.... what a good aniki

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C10
3 days ago
So... who is the next victim— I mean, lover? View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C43
3 days ago


Fate/Rebirth · C2
3 days ago

NotYourCat: So did he save sakura or not? (At least from the rapist)

Fate/Rebirth · C3
3 days ago
Another dead novel. What a waste. Hoping it to rise again. View More
Irregular in Akame Ga Kill · C35
4 days ago

ImmortalBoomstick: how to say this it feels quite weird to read this while listening to pomf pomf in the background

Irregular in Akame Ga Kill · C22
4 days ago

Lize: Father : and thats how i meet you mother..
Son (9 yo) : woaaaghhh..
10 years later..
Son : *seeing woman he like*
Son : *slash her with a sword*
Son : ah she died too..
Father : son, why you kill her?
Son : because i like her!!
Father : huh??
Son : you said you and mom meet after having sword clash.. and you guys look happy.. i want to be happy too..
Father : ( what have i done ) 😨😰😱

Irregular in Akame Ga Kill · C18
4 days ago
Ren tried to behead Sheele? Couldn't at least feel emotionally attach to her or to them? Or maybe this guy is the same guy back then on his previous life. Nothing change. Same guy back then, same guy in present. View More
Irregular in Akame Ga Kill · C17
4 days ago
This chapter is long and I am satisfied with it. Thanks! View More
Re-Nisekoi · C23
4 days ago
Clannad? Get Tomoyo for harem! Long white-haired girl! Yes! Her! View More
Re-Nisekoi · C16
4 days ago
Grandma died much earlier than in manga? If there are stress accumulating then it would have been logical but I think that she was happier in this novel. I’m confuse. View More
Re-Nisekoi · C6
4 days ago
Arima? Sounds familiar. View More
Re-Nisekoi · C3
5 days ago

Kayox23: I want to know how can people say to a baby who has just been born cute I mean all babies when they're born look like potatoes

Re-Nisekoi · C1
5 days ago
Reading Status: C1
Very helpful. If you want a high dosage of knowledge but easy to comprehend the words? Then you came to the right place! That's right! You want some enlightment? Check this out! It will open your eyes! It's just like a thot, throw some money at them, then they will open their glory hole! It's that easy! Yes, I know right, crazy, right? RIGHT?!

//pls-send-help//author-blackmailed-me-to-write-this-review-and-he-is-making-me-watch-****-while-my-hands-are-being-tied//this-is-torture//pls-send-help// View More
Hinduism Now - Tagalog
5 days ago
Another dead one. :'( View More
Fate/Rebirth · C42
5 days ago
Family friendly novel? Hell nah! Well, you can keep it Rated 16-17, but family friendly novel? Hell no! Pour more oil into it! Yes! YES! View More
RWBY: The Observer · C29
5 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) View More

unparalleled: Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up Get up

RWBY: The Observer
5 days ago
Kana View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C41
5 days ago
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