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Yozuka: This last part having something to do with the reason jay got reincarnated and obtaining his system doesn't really match up with what was written in the first 1 or 2 chapters, though? Wasn't it said that "the gods took pity in him for being the first person in 10,000 years to die of heartache"?
I think it'll be more like Jay getting caught up in that mad scientists mess.
Thanks for the chapter, Elawn and have a nice break!

Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C40
1 month ago

NinjaCuttingOnion: Ill be honest i think you should drop the mad scientist or experimented ideas unless its a preview of a movie or something jay was watching cause i honestly that will make the story harder to build keeping the realism and it doesnt coincide with the title im criticizing cause i have read a lot of orignal novels before and this kind of jump and addition of weird things in a realistic story puts most reader off i hope you take my suggestion to mind author dear but the last part of the chapter was a put off for me

Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C40
1 month ago

Hwanje: Wholly Shat! He just avoided Trunk-Kun!!! That is an achievement hopefully trunk-Kun gets his revenge lol

What's A King Without A System? · C6
1 month ago
Too many emotional moments and not enough time between them View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C11
1 month ago

Tashady: 😲😲 So the system is making money on the side...wowzers...

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C213
2 months ago

Hilers: Goddamnit, he actually is handsome...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C253
2 months ago

Bogart: And here I thought he could finally stretch his limbs after his sister was safely tucked away with the northern witches. But now he's saddled with yet another little girl... This author likes the 'young maiden in distress' archetype I see. I laughed at the long explanation of equality. Of course women are equal and powerful in this world! Beating us over the head with it was wholly unnecessary. XD

Abyss Domination · C146
3 months ago

Dreamheart_Dragon: And that is why it always pays to be polite. Otherwise you could potentially set off the apocalypse...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C207
3 months ago
Face slap incoming.... View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C199
3 months ago
Hah View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C189
3 months ago

Spirit_BugXO: WHY.CANT.THIS.MFER.ACT.LIKE.A.NORMAL.KID.FOR.ONCE.YOU.LITTLE.SHXT. story is alright, but his actions are a bit too excessive. Don't know how to describe it but it's getting pretty annoying

Legend of Ling Tian · C34
4 months ago

Rowan: Even if he repays her, he's just treating it as business. She is being kind when nobody else is (except teacher). I am not saying date her, but don't treat her as a pest to be avoided.

Divine Beast Adventures · C20
5 months ago
Seriously, I just want one apocalypse novel with a lone Wolf type mc View More

apwen: Same here, sadly almost all the apocalypse novels have a leader type mc

Mutagen · C3
5 months ago

LIX: How to be single, a guide written by Lu Zhou.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C98
5 months ago
Ah a leader type main character, I really wanted a lone Wolf type View More
Mutagen · C3
5 months ago
Though your writing is pretty good View More
Percy Jackson and the prophecy of the end · C26
5 months ago
Your explanation on how these two separate worlds coexist are all over the place and unbalanced View More
Percy Jackson and the prophecy of the end · C26
5 months ago
You've made the wizards seem less powerful then they actually are View More
Percy Jackson and the prophecy of the end · C19
5 months ago

BookKitty: "How to faint elegantly."
Reminds me of a novel/manga called "Sun Knight".😂

- Must always put on a smile
- Even if you fall, you must fall with elegance
- Even if you die, you must find the best position and pose to die.

Lord of the Mysteries · C35
5 months ago

Jack_N_Mikhail: Some Plot Armor is always welcome! I have no patience to read novels where the MC is still a weakling after 200+ chapters. So long as the Plot Armor comes in moderation haha.

Lord of the Mysteries · C20
5 months ago

wanwanya: and then Chen Yunfeng travelled back in time to before 10 years n gained special powers, became a top businessman n op hero, collected his harem n most importantly destroyed the life of his nightmare n gained access to the otherworld n became the lord of everything!!!!

I Found A Planet · C91
5 months ago

PlotArmour: On 420 The president of Rock corporation Dwayne Johnson thinks to himself with deep and profound thoughts.

I Found A Planet · C88
5 months ago

p00m: Or WaWa said to him: "This human is dumb as f*ck. Just act friendly and he'll release you. Don't worry I've got your back."

I Found A Planet · C9
5 months ago

Goblin_Kun: Da Li : Wow it is so easy to trick humans! High five Wawa!
Wawa and Dali highfived as they were standing ontop of Chen Jin's corpse

I Found A Planet · C9
5 months ago

PixelThief: I think it's a decent strategy. Remember, SCI doesn't really have a stellar reputation. while foreign companies will probably check out research being done in other countries, there are tons of academic journals out there that they would probably only bother with the ones that are the most prestigious or have good reputations for quality work.

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C38
6 months ago

BRICK_the_13th: Yes, that is true. We are just men if culture... Now, little girl, come here and sit in uncle's lap. This uncle have a lot of candies and sweets just for you, little angel...

You! Yes, you! Stop calling FBI!!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C430
6 months ago

TanyaSilver: In 1 chapter author sum up all the usual themes. Abandon son, former talent being seen as trash in clan, son of a powerful person, betrayed by chick and lastly a ultimate cultivation item within his body.

Sigh. I guess i at least give it a try for a few more chapters to see just how it goes.

Legend of Swordsman · C1
6 months ago

PrimalKaos: Do you people know how china manage to promote internal stability and patriotism despite 5000 years of unending strife, wars and grudges ? Demonize all the others nations saying that they are preying on the chinese, a bunch of uneducated, barbaric and violent people only looking to "steal" chinese people ressources (how ironic) ....the danger is by doing that they are brainwashing their own people in believing that they are a " superior race" resulting in societal engineered rascism (particularly towards black people)...I like this author but if he could sometimes ease up on his nonsense ultranationalistic bull****

Silver Overlord · C63
6 months ago

TemporalandReaty: Meteor-san finally got some work back after sending all those dinosaurs away.

Silver Overlord · C3
6 months ago

_96: It's weird that I agree with the Japanese guy "it's not like I make my living off of the chinese" hes right. Hes Japanese and as far as I'm concerned he'll only play big tournaments outside of the country, but the rest will be in his own country Japan.

The pity bullsh¡t the Chinese authors always play upon is also extremely old at this point. I know that all Asian countries have something have something against each other, with the hatred being sound. However, when you portray other countries in the worst light you can allow in this day n age, your just bullsh¡ting the readers. While the fvck is dumb enough to go to a foreign country and on national television no less, then Verbally bash the country?

A sane person wouldn't. They may elude to it, but being straight up "Your country sucks" is beyond stupid, and considering the actual countries involved,...
1.)The Japanesse people aren't dumb to this extent even with the dumbest public figures in their country.
2.) Your a Japanese in China, a public figure that "Shamed" their country in a high level competition... it's practically asking to get killed bashing china Verbally to add to insult, When in the country itself no less, a bloody communist country at that.
3.)China can stop playing the pig to eat the tiger. "Their bullying my country, I must Kill them" is not the way to go. But china in politicans novels all try yo pretend that the MC of a wuxia novel is themselves. You know, the "Trash" that magically becomes a God?

This mentality is toxic. If I had the patience, I'd write more and more in depth, and I'd even write what I've written in a more legible and easy to understand way than what is currently written, but I'm sick if this topic now.

The topic being used in every instance of Chinese fiction even with imaginary enemies in a fkn mecha novel an author made the Japanese bad guys, but named them a different name so as to pretend otherwise well clearly using "Nani" "baka" "sama" "san" and so on, now that is what is bad. The reasons of hatred however are understandable, war and all being amongst the main reasons, but enough is enough, I've seen it a thousand times, ruining many great novels.

IRAASS is probably the only or one of the few I can forgive because, lets face it, that's interesting content, because you dont know what a Chinese guy without a filter, and only a swear less box, will say to insult other people; both local and foreign, and it's just funny in general.

Anyway, Bye comment Reader.

A Valiant Life · C803
6 months ago
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