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GregLuck: Bet the forum is full of people flaming the one that betrayed Black Star Army (forgot his name)

The Legendary Mechanic · C784
2 days ago
Isn't feidin not also ob the planet? View More

josephwhite206: I think ur right

The Legendary Mechanic · C753
3 weeks ago

Don_Paw: it's called improvising on the way...

The Legendary Mechanic · C746
4 weeks ago

_Lelouch_: Think the correct phrase is "borrow indefinitely"

The Legendary Mechanic · C746
4 weeks ago

Looogan: So in the end he’s gonna steal blueprints... so shameless.

The Legendary Mechanic · C746
4 weeks ago

Roknar: o shut up

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C13
1 month ago

HeartPiercingSpear: Ask Mr. Corona if eating habits of chinese are good on not.

Pocket Hunting Dimension · C1
1 month ago

burntpotato: RIP to the Papa Wizard and his daughter. At least you didn't fuse her with a dog.

Sword of Dawnbreaker · C16
2 months ago
Did everyone already abandon this novel? View More
Eternal Sacred King · C96
2 months ago
A fruit and a lake? That's not only one plotarmor its double that, lets call it plottank View More
Eternal Sacred King · C17
2 months ago
I read that the Mc is supposed to be smart, where is he smart? Just for some small pride he almost died if not for plotarmor. View More
Eternal Sacred King · C1
2 months ago

randoeveryman: Hanx Xiao must be like l " you just activated my trap card" lmao

The Legendary Mechanic · C668
2 months ago

perspherspley: well, the author asked the author of the Legendary Mechanic if it is okay to use the same kind of system or plot and the latter said okay with it.

I Am A Legendary BOSS
2 months ago

Amathyn: I can think of a few reasons for this.

1. The law of characteristics convergence, Amon is drawn to the items and has the power to take them from anyone he pleases.
2. The reason the same might not apply to the old man is because of his weakened state and that he is hiding in, but doesn't control, Leonard. Well the effect of convergence probably cant be stopped, it can more than likely be mitigated by a weakened state. Furthermore, Leonard's ability to acquire items of sufficient level is more then lacking in comparison.

That's my 2 cents on the matter anyway.

Lord of the Mysteries · C990
2 months ago
actually what kind of spoils are they expecting? its not like that vampire *cough sanguine is a Raid boss with tons of loot lol View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C989
2 months ago

I_hate_dogs: making a baby fold a paper crane... can this be considered child labor?

Lord of the Mysteries · C980
3 months ago

midorimd: If Alger by chance became an Angel, ' He ' might be given the title, " The Angel of misunderstanding "...

Lord of the Mysteries · C961
3 months ago

Jackodaniels: It's interesting that even Audrey hasn't noticed that Alger is an official beyonder even though she's a spectator. The stigma of stupidity in the Church of Storms really works in his favor!

Lord of the Mysteries · C959
3 months ago

Alessan: I think he might be the priest of the Original Creator Roselle met a few diaries ago. Just based off his appearance and the cross he’s holding.

He’s a much crazier theory. What if he is also Adam, Angel of Imagination and likely leader of the Twilight Hermit Order. First, he used an extremely powerful version of the Sequence 6 Hypnotist ability Psychological Invisibility to avoid even Ince Zangwill’s notice. He should be of the Spectator Pathway. Second, he has lived for at least 200 years so he is very likely an Angel. Third, he managed to avoid 0-08’s detection, this requires one to not only be on at least the same level but also have powers in the same domain or a similar concealment ability. Fourth, he has the motive to seek out 0-08. With at least one other Sequence 1 characteristic and the uniqueness of the Visionary Pathway successfully accommodated 0-08 is one of the few or even only missing pieces for him to become a Sequence 0 True God. This shouldn’t interfere with his goal of reviving the Original Creator because the Original Creator granted him the Uniqueness personally before his death. It should even help this goal. Fifth, we know Roselle had a connection with him as the priest, but we don’t know how Roselle joined the Twilight Hermit Order. If he is truly the leader it’s quite likely he sent Roselle an invitation. Sixth, there are very few people that both know a lot of secrets from the Third Epoch and are willing to become a Priest of the Original Creator. He fits the bill perfectly.

Lord of the Mysteries · C940
3 months ago

MondSemmel: This will inevitably end with Klein using Danitz as bait, won't it? Rest in peace, pirate.

Lord of the Mysteries · C934
3 months ago
what happens if he uses 2 cards at the same time? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C926
3 months ago

Alessan: Random thought. The death pathway follows the same path as someone who died in order.

9 Corpse Collector - Immediately after death one is a corpse

8 Gravedigger - Corpse then gets buried in grave

7 Spirit Medium - Spirit emerges after some time

6 Spirit Guide - Spirit begins journey to underworld

5 Gatekeeper- Spirit arrives at entrance to underworld

4 Undying - skip this one

3 Ferryman - After entering underworld spirits must cross the river

Perhaps Sequence 2 is something like a judge that decides where a person is sent in the underworld? Something like Minos in Greek mythology?

Lord of the Mysteries · C900
3 months ago

Caboose: Have you ever thought that perhaps HX is supposed to be as shameless as the author is?

The Legendary Mechanic · C661
3 months ago

Sobdoob: "After m*king love"
Can't believe they'd be mocking love

Release That Witch · C478
3 months ago

djolf: The same way we address Tilly? Ok, princess Roland! Lol

Release That Witch · C257
3 months ago

scoobyyy: I’m in a bind I like Anna but I like Veronica too ...feels like I’m playing the Witcher and can’t choose 🤔

Release That Witch · C107
3 months ago

Dice: Yes Wendy has impressive...assets

Release That Witch · C64
3 months ago

Aromaticx: Creeping hunger is afraid of mushrooms now LOL it's figured out the true horror of Frank.

Lord of the Mysteries · C845
4 months ago

xcares: Klein's dream world is like that sewer. Every weirdo will want to make an appearance XD

Lord of the Mysteries · C827
4 months ago

MondSemmel: Loved the humor in this chapter. Will Auceptin is fantastic. Such a laid-back Sequence 1...

Lord of the Mysteries · C827
4 months ago
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