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1st View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1246
4 days ago
Mwahahahahha View More
The Legend of Futian · C1113
5 days ago
Ancient Godly Monarch · C2021
6 days ago
Mistakes like this should be the editor's responsibility... Feels like the editor just runs the text through a spell checker and doesn't actually read and make sure the context and specific names / titles are correct View More
The Legend of Futian · C1081
3 weeks ago
MonkaHmm View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1229
3 weeks ago
Xiao sheng definitely Gonna be executed View More
The Legend of Futian · C1077
3 weeks ago
Yeah the chapter didn't go thru any editor it seems View More

wretchedegg: Lots of mistakes in this chapter. Thanks though

The Legend of Futian · C1071
3 weeks ago
Xqy confirmed tsundere View More
The Legend of Futian · C1033
1 month ago
Xpxp View More

Reizzx: Xp

The Legend of Futian · C1029
1 month ago
The Legend of Futian · C1029
1 month ago
Trash Saint acting against the lower planes View More
The Legend of Futian · C1023
1 month ago
Sage wanxiang and sage daozang? 🤔 View More

Goos: Who do you guys think the 5 are?1st , 3rd bro and 2nd Sister...who else?

The Legend of Futian · C1016
1 month ago
Lmao he cannot help teasing women View More
The Legend of Futian · C999
2 months ago
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1917
2 months ago
Pretty sure everyone was like 99% sure bewitching sword is sword master 😉 View More

sango1: Is that you bewitching

Lord Xue Ying · C1181
2 months ago
Thanks, xpxp! View More
The Legend of Futian · C969
2 months ago
WOOOOO!!!! View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1900
2 months ago

sparklesnow: Okay, this novel has many good daddies. Uncle Huang, farewell.

The Legend of Futian · C960
2 months ago
Incredibly OP 😱😱😱 View More

DarthStorm: Well his astral soul will be able to transform into any one of the astral souls

Ancient Godly Monarch · C1894
2 months ago
Niceee View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1891
2 months ago
Oh come on only 1 chap today?? Dao of Cliff!! View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1889
2 months ago
Next! (chapter) View More
Unrivaled Medicine God · C889
3 months ago
Can the deity inside him still posses his body? 🤔 View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1859
3 months ago
I think he should definitely be able to ask for all the materials, and more. View More

JPNovelFan: I wonder if this is going to allow XY to get the materials to create his secret treasure for the chaotic origin strikes. I hope so. I want him to get revenge on Eternal Night Primo soon.

Lord Xue Ying · C1149
3 months ago
Pei Qianying, the name of a dead man. View More
The Legend of Futian · C907
3 months ago
(3) your comprehension level is insufficient View More

Krebert: He's got like 10,000 avatars now though, right? I'm sure he wasn't stupid enough to not bring some of them with him in his storage treasure. All he has to do now is come out.

Besides, he didn't use his spear or mirage treasure to fight back or defend himself, just his hands, and all nine avatars were defeated at the same rate even though a couple of them should have had much stronger bodies than the others. The only reasonable conclusions are either: (1) he sent out 9 naked, vanilla avatars as a sacrifice to buy time for emperor Summer to show up, or (2) bad writing.

Lord Xue Ying · C1143
3 months ago
Thanks View More
The Legend of Futian · C896
3 months ago
Thanks View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1838
3 months ago
If it's a beast then futian is gonna tame it eventually 🤔 View More

Overwatch: What beast would that be, how strong could it be, to be able to force our MC to step back

The Legend of Futian · C895
3 months ago
One vs all lmao View More
The Legend of Futian · C865
4 months ago
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