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Hope you feel better soon! View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C306
2 days ago

austin_Amh: Great chapter, but Reili take a good break this weekend, for your health (and continuation of this amazing story)

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C306
2 days ago
That is because the "Alpha" wolves are the parents of all the OTHER wolves. Littermates stick around for several years until full grown - then they leave. So a "pack" of wolves is really just two adults and a lot of mostly-grown puppies. View More

RavenGoddess: RavenGoddess facts: A wolf pack has a set social structure and rules. The pack leaders are the alpha male and female.These two are dominant over the other wolves in the pack. The alphas are the only wolves that breed and produce pups in the pack, and they also get to eat first.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C304
3 days ago

Kanata_Tomokui: Aiya~....!!! Damn sht! I decided to see what caused chapter not coming out and turns out author is in pretty bad shape currently.... @Reili hope u get better soon and please, try to take better care of yourself. Although I'm figuring this time wasn't really on you most likely, it's best to keep in good health either way yeah? Anyway, wishing u the best "get well soon" I can. And when u get back try NOT to skip the "recovery" process at the end (aka when the doctor tells u to take a week off or something to the effect, ya do it). I know I know, we all hate listening to that.... Even me. But please take it easy when you get back. For your sake, as well as everyone's who reads this and finds worry (wether for the greed of the story or actual genuine worry for the author), k?

~A worried reader from a "distant dimension"~


Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C304
3 days ago
Not often a story makes me litterally laugh out loud. Congrats on this chapter for doing just that! View More
Data Dragon Danika · C457
3 days ago
*laugh* Such an unselfish diciple must be amusingly frustrating to deal with. View More
Is that a Wisp? · C164
3 days ago

CleberCB: Suiyan said next week probably

Is that a Wisp? · C163
3 days ago
Wait... you are not gonna do the wedding?? Aw... View More
Data Dragon Danika · C456
5 days ago
Hm.... there ARE other tribulation "elements" too. Lightning is just the first one. :P View More
Is that a Wisp? · C162
5 days ago
Shiro has the potty mouth and obliviousness of an adolesent. I think she is not only a virgin, but never even had a crush. (Which is why she simply ignores the "obvious" crush of her teamate - she has no refrence point to be either offended or flattered) View More

YinBlak: Hi. There is something that is hanging around my head and does not let me sleep. I think about it all the time and I can't hold it anymore. I NEED AN ANSWER. everything goes back to a seemingly normal chapter, which came out a while ago. Chapter 285. Everything was normal until. . . . WILD STATEMENT APPEARED:

'Well too bad I'm a girl. That being said, there's not really a dierence between
the two is there? Guys have a d * ck while girls have a v * gina. Outside of that,
they're pretty much the same after the introduction of the system. Even girls
can work up ridiculous strength if they wanted to. ' Shiro shrugged.

Do I have to take this as shiro is bisexual? or pansexual? Or is it simply a casual comment to which I am giving too much importance? REILI GIVE US ANSWERS. I CANNOT CONTINUE LIVING WITH THIS DOUBT.

pd: hold the teem yuri Lyrica x Shiro. UNTIL DEATH BROTHERS.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C298
1 week ago
Don't think he has the spare chapters for 4.5k. :P View More

CELESTIAL_TEMPEST: I am pretty sure we will get 4500+ power stones tomorrow before the reset.So, whoever wants the author to release 5 extra chapters ,support by liking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that a Wisp? · C154
1 week ago
Hm.... is the "hero" she hates later actually the REAL hero? I mean, deliberatly raising up people as exp farms is quite far from this person in the parade. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C294
1 week ago
Aww... can't figure out the link. Directly typing in the post number doesn't work. Nor is it a "public" post on your P*** page. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C451
1 week ago

VibrantCloudSmith: Real power up >>>>>>>>>>>>> fake revenge. Shiro is smart there's no way she would give up on power to torment a fake image of her enemy.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C292
1 week ago
I love how you write family. So many stories have the family "somewhere" off in the distence - like a blury crowd scene. View More
Data Dragon Danika · C450
1 week ago
Reili: The Chinese government is LYING about the numbers. Do NOT take those death counts as real - expecially with all the videos coming out of Chinese social media with crematoriams running 24/7 and still not keeping up.
Japan has some infected cruise ships they just quarrenteed. With that and the various "rescue flights" of forign nationals out of Wuhan... we'll have some real numbers in about 2~4 weeks.

Do NOT beleive the "flu is worse" lies. Preliminary numbers from western countries say that this has a R0 factor (infection speed factor) of 3.5~4. (Flu is 1.25) Preliminary estamates of death counts show something at LEAST 20x more deadly then flu WITH high end medical care. That number will only go up as medical systems become overwhellmed and the infection spreads into countries with inadaquate medical infrascture. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C286
2 weeks ago
Red Carpet Premire for his movie. She is gonna be his "plus one". ^_^ View More

Dremdin: So, I missed something I think... What were the gold and green dragonlike clothes for? Is there a public event yet?

Data Dragon Danika · C447
2 weeks ago
Well its not really "her" parents is it? Its just an illusion or memory of them. Now that even the cities are in the wrong place - she really has no reason to confess she is their "future daughter". View More

Phantowhite: i like that shiro isn't telling her parents her identity, but i kind of wish they'd figure it out on their own. of course, it'd be a huge leap considering how much she's changed but it would be touching i guess.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C280
2 weeks ago
Ooo..... I want to see that outfit! Anyone here really good at fanart? View More
Data Dragon Danika · C445
3 weeks ago
Interesting. Looks like only the LAST 10 levels actually have any resctrictions on slots! So it looks like the first 90 levels were just to see how good their "teamwork" was. Does that mean nearly everyone should be able to make it well into the 70th levels? Expecially if failing to defend a slot still means you can try again. (Which would mean people picked for their charactor would also think they got a "better than average" score... even when their floor was LOWER then most) View More
Is that a Wisp? · C140
3 weeks ago
Hm.... there is one REALLY OBVIOUS way to eliminate the hard feelings from 'deaths' inside the illusion realm. The deaths are ALSO illusion. But possibly with a concequence like... "can only enter on another's ticket as a servant." View More
Is that a Wisp? · C139
3 weeks ago
Depends on what their goal was for the limited floors. If they just wanted people to expidite the process of traveling up - then the sum of the floor slots might be based on the number at the "farthest level up". So every time the floor above fills up, and then empties slightly... MORE slots might open up. That way the highest floor reached would only ever be limited by your fighting capacity. If they wanted to strictly limit the slots... then there might be far fewer slots on floors 2-100 then will accomodate even HALF the total applicants. View More

Suiyan: There is one part that you forgot, only when everyone of the previous floor has passed it can the next floor. So, in truth, more battles are done in the next floor because of this since only the last ones are late. Not to mention that they will probably not have slots left if they dont find a door soon.

Is that a Wisp? · C135
3 weeks ago
That is because if Aliens wanted to power up an steal some 2nd tier countries - there aren't many options. You need places with athoritarian governments AND dreams of world conquest AND untaped resources to build your alien tech. Africa + Russia fits the bill. Anything in South America would have two oceans or a mountain jungle land bridge to attack anywhere useful. India or China would have geographic barriers as well. (Alps, Gobi Desert.... ect) View More

Curthbert05: Ofcourse the africans and russians are the bad guys. I have never read a fiction where the africans are the good guys. Not one! There is alwyas something bad smh😧😧

New Game+ · C9
3 weeks ago
Ok - I was confused at first. If the next floor only opens when the previous one fills up... don't they need to hurry? But then I realized that the previous floor gets more slots opened for people from the floor below - and so on. So the early birds are fighting OTHER strong early birds, and slower people fight each other. 7 hrs per level if you plan on getting to the very top - but nearly everyone would find the fights 'easy' until the last few levels they can reach. And you might die - but never get bumped down. View More
Is that a Wisp? · C135
3 weeks ago
I think the key word she needs is "focus on the future" View More

Claire222: Yujia you have to fight
Moving forward isn't done at once it's a process

Power Up, Artist Yang! · C175
3 weeks ago
Naw - they'll just find more expensive things to be short on money for. View More
Is that a Wisp? · C134
4 weeks ago
That means all those people that memorized Krune's face wasted thier time! View More
Is that a Wisp? · C132
1 month ago
He can't figure it out because he "knows" her past too well. He KNOWS who her parents are, where she grew up and the fact that almost everything in the story doesn't fit her 'real' past. So the extra magic stuff and fictional elements covers up the real bits. View More

Desert21Iris: Lol i can't its there first night out 😂😂😂 granted they are lost and hungry but i can't like im over here saysing she tell you her story!!!! Why cant you figure out its her?! Also my mom just asked who i was texting and im like im not on commenting and she just gives me a like scared look asking me if its anything bad so now im confused cause i wnat to know if i had a wired dace reading this chapter...

Power Up, Artist Yang! · C174
1 month ago
Is that the first time we've gotten to see Danika's last name? View More
Data Dragon Danika · C438
1 month ago
She is a teenager - and.... just as annoying as a REAL teenager. Actors don't always mature past the "annoying teenager" stage - so readers are wondering if she will either. View More

BlueWildcat: I like Xiao Rin. I am not reading for romance but the main character that has pre knowledge, but I dont understand the hate for this girl. It is irritating to see the comments complaining about her every chapter.

Top Star: Journey to Become a Global Star · C127
1 month ago
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