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Reading Status: C125
Pretty good story all in all. I like to see some cocky MC from time to time and this fits the bill perfectly. Plus there’s while there’s some Deux Ex Machina the MC still gets hit with some set backs and while you know he’s gonna eventually get to the end the road it’s gonna have some twist and turns. Also I loved the fact that I woke up and like 12 new chapters were available today so that put me in a great mood cause it closed out a small story arc.

And it’s always refreshing to see new cultivation methods in novels and even if I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite one it’s entretaining to read about. View More
The Legend of Futian
1 year ago

Su_Ming: By Far the best Novel Qidian has.
Although release is slow.

If i could convert spirit stones into power stones i would use them on this novel.

Seriously a worthy read 😍

Soaring the Heavens · C384
1 year ago
Damn this nivel is pretty fucking good, at some points it might seem goofy and all like a lot of stories but it has some parts that are truly heart wrenching. Good job! View More
Soaring the Heavens · C384
1 year ago
Reading Status: C252
Still think this novel is completely underapreciated, I mean I get it it's not your typical easy to read wuxia or you get that sweet revenge from a xuahuan, it focused mostly on self improvement and introspective conflicts. But the world background is very unique and rich, personally is right now my go to novel to read and I wished there were more updates.

I like the whole make your own cultivation way it kinda reminds me of stellar transformations when he started to figure out how to keep improving his cultivation method.

All in all I would give it a solid 3.8 as a novel and it's among the few that I'm truly enjoying right now. The other being a will eternal that MC is just hilarious kinda like Meng Hao at the beginning. View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
1 year ago
Reading Status: C170
Great story, typical novel but still very entretaining. I wish the updates would be faster but nothing you can do about that. I hate the fact that it has to be 140 characters or more to post a review. The biggest issue would be world background and character development while the world is somewhat different from the typical novels it's not that enrapting and the characters are the same as in any novel but they're a still good View More
Seeking the Flying Sword Path
1 year ago
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