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23dark: Man I read till chap like 15 or 14 I never hated a chap so much in my hole life the book was going so good then this happens man I already dropped it once then forgot about it then re read it dropping it once a again really can't stand this

The Fastest Man Alive - Marvel
3 days ago

An_Anime_Addict: Did you......did you just.......extend the FU*KING CLIFFHANGER BY TWO CHAPTERS!?!?!?

Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C57
6 days ago
Noooooo!!!! Just Noooooooo!!! View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C57
6 days ago
Also hoping to see a Natsu vs All Tenrou Island Guildmates or Guildarts, Makarov, Laxus and Erza!! View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C55
1 week ago
Oh man!! I'm so excited!! Can't wait to see their reactions towards natsu being the guild master, His experience, being a saint, his strength, his harem, new members etc etc!! View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C55
1 week ago
Hope the empire could atleast utterly obliterate and humiliate Archimedes' crew for the trouble they cause and for targeting vahn's childrens... I mean, Archimedes' arrogance is kinda pissing me off lol View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1433
1 week ago

Von_Krieg: i cant wait to see an "old" and mature Natsu!

Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C47
2 weeks ago

Truth: Some of of Vahn's relationships beginning remind of when I threw a random normal pokeball at a legendary and it caught them.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1335
3 weeks ago
What happen to happy??? He didn't appear after natsu went into the council and return View More
Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C35
3 weeks ago

Medusa17112001: Dude just keep on going. Dont stop at Ultron. As long as I can read your chapters no matter the time it takes I'm satisfied. The story you have created is great and I wouldn't want it to stop at some mere goal you initially thought when you started writing this fanfic. Did u think this fanfic would be admired and read by a lot of readers. I have a 70% chance that it would be a NO. Don't care about the goal u set initially and go past it. Never mind the troubles u would have while writing. If u have any doubts just ask ur readers. Because I think most of them would be glad to help u. U don't have to be pressured thinking about the time. Just write freely. As u said u don't want multiple stories with no ending.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C0
1 month ago
Too many cliffs!!! I'm gonna fall, gonna die!!! View More
Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C110
1 month ago
Ehhh im torn and want to see jeanne, Jalter and Martha.

Is it possible for some sort of Seth deus ex machina and miraculously summon both jeanne and jalter at the same time like a twin Ruler/Avenger summon lol. Then Martha for a second summon View More
FGO: Evil God · C0
1 month ago

CestMoi: No idea why you're so work up about his comment. In the end a joke is only a joke if its funny. If you condemn people for expressing their own thoughts, then you are simply an idiot.

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
Sure... They're crossover though but good read among the other xover I've read so far.

Holy man of the church creek (FSN/DXD) (INCOMPLETE)

A Demon among Devils (P3/DXD) (DROPPED PROBABLY)

Devil Ninja (Naruto/DXD) (INCOMPLETE) View More

Nameless_Godless: Cool I see your point. Can I have the names of some of those dxd fics?

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
The Dragon Mc, some Oc's and Characters introduced in the DxD novel but wasn't fleshed out are considered as his works and also if characters already fleshed out but isn't working/acting the same way as their originals are part and considered as character design minus. As for world building there are some dxd fics that has world that is way beyond the original or more explored than the OG and some are incredibly good so I'm a bit bias about it. This fic however is on universal scale cause of those god's introduce so it is already beyond the OG but wasn't as clean as the OG. So three stars. View More

Nameless_Godless: That humor part is your opinion so that's true to you but what do you mean character design and world building you do realise you are reading a Fanfiction right?

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
Because it isn't just ONE. the whole upper part of that chapter and lower part of the previous chapter has it and probably some future chaps as well.

I rate it that cause world building, character design and that humor isn't up to par yet thus a three star. It's interesting but not there at the 5 star yet. You can't just 5 star every book you like cause you like a certain aspect of it. View More

Nameless_Godless: If you like the plot so much why did you give it a 3 star review for ONE joke?

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
Whatever man. Can't care to read anymore. I'm not acting like a victim cause you complained about me complaining. You told me to just drop it and stop complaining.

The first time i complained you told me to stop reading it and the moment i review you start belittling my intelligence.

This getting tiring tbh.

I don't like CHILD Dark humor (PERIOD) I posted a review about it (PERIOD)

Then you came arguing and justifying that me disliking the humor stupid. What's it to you? What will you get justifying that me not finding child dark humor as funny as stupid and nothing else. Cause i don't really see what you wanted to happen here. I have my taste and you have yours. I complain, so what? Why are you acting like some justice guy and a hired goon as if it's something you must do? I dislike the humor and i complain about it. I like the plot so why should drop it!? Why does it matter if i complain or not cause I'm not seeing your point here. View More

Nameless_Godless: Juar because people agree with you doesn't make you right most of germany agreed to beings nazi's didn't make them right if anything your the one acting assuming you can completely understand my mindset after a few message this all started because I told you that if the humor doesn't suit you taste drop it then you insulting my sense of humor so stop acting like a victim

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
The moment you call people names was the moment your elevating yourself you as*. Always putting himself on the highground while saying stuff like we can't comprehend it and just don't read and **** like a smartass.

Fyi, It's because we comprehend it that we find the joke distasteful. And sorry for being senstive about some sentenceS and more that includes '10 years old p*ssy*' along the lines...

And just because we complain about it doesn't gave you the right to act all smart and **** when barely anyone agrees with you. While my reviews seems too stupid for you it atleast garner 12 individual and still increasing who find that stuff distasteful. so don't act like finding pedo jokes funny is some sort of real life survivalist necessities cause irl its not. In fact sensitive people tend to survive and live longer lifes compare to people insensitive enough and so incensed that he always argue when some people try to complain to show their point for their dislike cause he find people complaining stupid. View More

Nameless_Godless: Did I once claim to be superior in anyway? No so get that delusion out of your head. The author seems like a pretty cool guy so of course he would like a negative review it's letting him know what kind of people he has to cater to. You are way too sensitive of a human being if you can't take one dark humor joke I do not know how you survive in the real world if you that sensitive towards things you don't like. You are talking as if I condone the action for laughing at the joke which is just stupid dark humor usually stems from people who would rather laugh at serious problems that are out of their control rather than stressing over them.

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago
Save your **** into your mouth weirdo. Just because we can't stomach such 'humor' while you're so en amoured, understanding and comprehending about it doesn't make you anywhere superior...

I don't mean to be offensive. But the fact that mr.author was one of the first few people who liked this review (which i'm thankful for) and understood it. while your vehemently expressing your pro-child perversion humor doesn't make you any less weirder View More

Nameless_Godless: Baby that cries just because people have a different sense of humor your the kind of guy that can't deal with or comprehend something that doesn't suit your tastes

Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System!
2 months ago

Andylovescandy: Writing Quality: 2 star = The grammar is very messy, it feels like I am reading a novel from lmntl, but its more confusing. Its still understandable to say the least so 2 stars.
Stability of Updates: 5 star = Author keeps releasing a lot of chapters which is nice.
Story development: 1 star = I have read the author works before and I realized that he keeps wanting to push this novel in the same direction as Hitose note, which was way better than this.
The only difference is, some new anime like Detective conan is added and instead of taking Raku's place author went for his brother.
The relationships are awkward, I get that, its the type of novel were MC is great and every girls keeps falling for our MC but this is the same place where the author fails and makes this novel worse than Hitose note or any other novel he wrote before.
The girls keep falling for MC but Author keeps cock blocking himself, even though we all know that he will have s*x with the girl a chapter later on.
Character design: 1 star: Even though the characters are from other animes, author fails to maintain the character's behaviors even though he doesn't have to think about any of them. (I know its hard to write and bla bla bla... but these characters already exist in other works, so its just copying the character's characteristics but author still fails to do so.)
Let's leave the other character's for now, but the author can't decide even on the MC characteristics. Sometimes he is dense, sometimes he is way to clever and flirty, sometimes he is a gentleman but other time is a creepy pervert.
He keeps acting like every girl belongs to him even though sometimes he keeps stopping himself from getting them. Like make your mind, do you want them or not.
And the characters, Every chapter at least 5 new characters are introduced and every one of them sounds and acts like a harem candidate, By the count of it, MC is fu*king every women in his town. I am on chapter 58 right now and I lost count of how many girls there are by the 10th chapter.
World Background: 2 Star = The world is very confusing since a lot of different anime's are cramped into one place. But props to the author for trying but it could be done better.

Conclusion: I am not hating on author or his work like I said, I liked his previous novel before but I am quite disappointed since instead of improving he went downhill from what he created.
If you want to read this novel keep in mind that its not going to be sophisticated in the very least. Its like a very plain ****** novel written by a hyped up author, who wants to make his novel good but it turns out bad. It's not that bad like some novels in this site but its not good either.
If you want to binge read something due to you having a lot of free time, go ahead and read this novel.
I suggest author to focus on making a single chapter perfect than releasing 10 in a day. Quality over Quantity.

Start by Becoming a Mangaka
2 months ago
More please! Thanks for the chapter! View More
A Jedi in Fairy Tail · C10
2 months ago

unwashed_heathen: The protagonist is so powerful the story has no meaning. It might be salvageable if there was anything else worthwhile in this story but none of the characters have any personality or meaningful character interaction and there's no real plot to speak of. The protagonist just goes around collecting powers for the sake of collecting powers and isn't even using them, considering his family randomly dies for no reason. You are basically an all powerful god that is always getting stronger and you can't even be bothered to put any protections on your only family? It's dumb and contrived so that the protagonist can wander around other worlds making thoughtless actions with nothing to tie him down.

Power Manipulator in Dxd
2 months ago
LOOOOOOOOOOOONG weekend chapterS pls 🙇 View More
FGO: Evil God · C0
2 months ago
Reading Status: C38
It's surprisingly Good 👍👍👍👍

And surprisingly need more chapter 🤓🤓🤓🤓

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
2 months ago
More chapter please..! View More
Spider-X · C38
2 months ago

DAIMMY: Umm I don't mind there only being mutants. What really gets to me is that you downplayed a lot of Spider-Man's abilities. You didn't even mention them. Like genius level IQ which was further enhanced. Super dexterity and enhanced speed is also something spiderman has. My question is are you going to make Peter stronger later in the story? Please let me know if that is the case.

Spider-X · C5
2 months ago

AndresxD9: Shouldn’t his body be stronger by now, I remember Zod just by being on earth for a few days he was able to become as powerful as Superman.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C9
2 months ago

Guad: Breaks a man’s arm then proceeds to monologue about the accuracy of the others while standing still like a dumbas.s ! Nice!

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C9
2 months ago
If spidey's (an outsider) suit Implement this then black phanter's (an wakandan hero)suit should have been 100x better than spidey suit could ever was.. View More

Pedro_Padre: Hmmm. His suit. Can you make it form stingers on his hands (similar to Wolverine with the claws coming out), go invisible and no sound (stealth mode), lightning touch (like Miles), special webbing with different perks (lightning webs shocking people, compressed web bombs (explode sending webs everywhere to capture multiple people), web bullets that would definitely hurt the enemy upon contact), detective vision (from batman arkham knight game), spider arms like the ones from iron spider suit but better and also more in number with all kinds of ridiculous things the extra arms could do (like each arm shooting webbing from the tips themselves, or like black panthers suit which collects kinetic energy for redistribution, but instead of doing it like his, you can make it where the spider suit stores all this kinetic energy and when using the extra spider arms formed from the suit, the tips fire off the kinetic energy.), make the suit fire off those dendrotoxin (you know, from Agents of Shield show where they use Night-Night guns all the time, even started calling them I.C.E.Rs', they fire off dendrotoxin to put people to sleep) either from the tips of the spider arms formed from the suit or even from iron man like repulsors put into the suit (this way, he can put his enemies to sleep ending the fight much quicker), put in an echolocation like function (something bats and even dolphins among others use. a bio sonar that lets them send out sound to the environment and listen to the echos of those sounds from various objects and people/animals around them. Could work well with detective vision to help track down people or things), more things to be thought of etc.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C104
2 months ago
Well duh... Aint the fiction title obvious enough?

What i meant was i'm fine with the mc being a krypton/Dc character. But the Idea of having more dcverse heroes, mc creating JLA or Batman, Flash or whatever suddenly appearing out of nowhere, just turns me off...

I don't hate dc, it's just mc and dc multiverse being one just felt improper or something for me personally... Histories turning wack, comic knowledge turning not so useful and Superman and Captain America being best budds just feels too much and too confusing for a good read. It'll turn too foreign and seems so weird imo. View More

herobrine24: Too late mc is a kryptonian in marvel.
Tho seriously I believe the crossover part is mc being in marvel and possible inventing a connection.

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C7
2 months ago
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