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The first time I ever get censored on here and it is for the word adu lt and not the numerous times I have sworn, referenced substance abuse, intimate human relations, etc lol View More

Ozwin: Now that one of the Club ‘grownups’ speaks up the plan evolves from sounding like a children’s prank into the malicious deception of an ***** lol.

Lord of the Mysteries · C989
12 hours ago
Now that one of the Club ‘grownups’ speaks up the plan evolves from sounding like a children’s prank into the malicious deception of an ***** lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C989
12 hours ago
This seems more like kids planning a prank than mystical beings from a secret organization plotting someone’s punishment lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C988
1 day ago
Hahahahahaha View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C979
4 days ago
Yeah that is what I meant by the groups bit. What I am wondering is if demoness is in a group and if one could skip the turning into a female part. View More

Tetractys: I think it's been stated that a beyonder can switch sequences safely only once. And it needs to be during the critical period where one would become a demigod. Once you become a demigod for a particular sequence, I think it kind of "locks" you into that sequence. Some sequences can only switch with certain others.

Lord of the Mysteries · C975
5 days ago
You know it suddenly bothers me, if most pathways have groups they can switch with, does that mean that someone could go down one pathway, switch to the demoness one for their demigod level or whenever they can switch, and be a male demoness demigod if the gender switch normally occurs at sequence 7? Or would they just turn female at that point? Super pretty guy? I need answers. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C975
5 days ago
Mmmmm I need more reactions lol. Someone bring up World is a demigod, someone mention some more scary news, like Kings of angels, someone bring up the forsaken lands, how about exchanging to learn what that new tarot card is Ms Justice?? Gimme more to smirk at! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C958
1 week ago
Tarot Meeting!!! It has been a hot minute and boy is a lot to cover, new members, World becoming a demigod, new card of blasphemy, lots of events to cover, just can’t wait for it! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C957
1 week ago
This is something I didn’t know I wanted but at the same time not enough to satisfy me. Please make time skip forward about 10 hours please. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C947
2 weeks ago
I thought I would be much happier with Ince’s death and Klein’s advancement, but... oh Madam Daly... but right now my heart is occupied with Madam Daly. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C945
2 weeks ago
*Is growing incredibly nervous now with the Madam’s usage of items and abilities with how much strain they seem to be putting on her and how she seems to be the main target of Ince’s ire.* Kill him faster, please, I need a happy conclusion to the Ince matter here. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C944
2 weeks ago
This fight is horribly expensive... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C943
2 weeks ago
This baby grandpa... he is obviously aware at least in part of Klein’s workings as the Fool... he is trying to grab Klein’s coattails while he is weak and maybe grab a spot in his future pantheon of gods and angels that is the tarot club I bet kekek. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C936
2 weeks ago
I feel this is in part why the author might have skimmed over a tarot meeting like he did, aside from it being light on new details etc. it feels like he likes to make events vague when the details will make for a better surprise or more interesting turn of events later on. View More

Alessan: Oh it seems rather coincidental. What can The Fool offer? Perhaps information about the current state of Artificial Death and how it’s safe to try to advance again? Even a vague promise of assistance one time in the future has value coming from a god. Or he can offer the Giant King’s Court Key though that’s might be worth more.

Lord of the Mysteries · C933
2 weeks ago
Ahhh I like how these needed ingredient monsters seem to be a half step between the sequences in abilities, stronger than what you have, but doesn’t seem to quite reach the next level. It makes the challenge level appropriate for an exciting time and makes me think of a well designed and planned tabletop combat lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C928
3 weeks ago
Hmmm something tells me there will probably be complications. I genuinely don’t trust this novel anytime Klein looks like he is about to get a break and take some time off from being cooked over the fires of danger lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C924
3 weeks ago
Ah... So Frank has test subjects... I hope everyone involved prepares themselves mentally for the sight ahead of them. I personally have avoided mushrooms for a while now.

And finally! We are gonna try to speak with some of these lights! I wonder how Arrodes night react to this news... I always kinda thought he had some sort of relationship to the Lights tbh, but be that the case or no, he will definitely be jealous if Klein starts getting answers from other beings lol. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C920
3 weeks ago
I think Leonard, Alger, and Fors should collaborate on a novel. Between the three of them they should come up with some pretty fantastical stuff. View More

Alessan: Leonard have you been secretly studying under Alger without telling us? You’re overthinking skill has reached a very high level! Or is this just you trying to prove you are a good fit for the Tarot Club...

Lord of the Mysteries · C919
3 weeks ago
So the Evernight Goddess... What in the Fool’s name is happening here? She warred with Death before so why did she even give the choices? She obviously knows Klein is there, almost definitely used him to find this place I bet. What are her intentions? Isn’t death one of her neighbor pathways? Is she here to take that and expand her authority? But again why even give Daddy Azik a choice? And does this mean all previous appearances was her stepping into the mortal plane? Three times now she has sought out Klein, even if the first time was a sort of side venture during a different emergency? Or does that Angel still have some independence? Next chapters please I need more explanations all I have now are more questions. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C917
3 weeks ago
Feel like I am sitting on needles waiting to read this next chapter. Who initially was interfering with Klein using the charm? This angel, his own spiritual intuition, Ince with the ding danged pen, a well placed ninja, the author with his ding danged keyboard, Klein’s instinctive instinct to be cheap and how hard it is to get the materials for these things, the Evernight Goddess herself, the palace above the fog?! Okay I started just throwing things out there, but it is frustrating you know? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C916
3 weeks ago
This brings up a different issue though. I somehow doubt since they are calling it artificial Death that they made this by raising and combining sequence 1’s over the last millennium or so. Also what appears to be a piece of Azik is just a mole on the thing. What if this is like death’s corpse or something and Azik was used to stabilize it?

What I am really saying is that I am sweating bullets on Klein’s behalf and making a strong insistence for them to skedaddle because I am increasingly afraid the author is about to off Mr Azik to finish this abomination’s development. D: View More

Alessan: This should be Artificial Death. Azik it’s impossible for Azik to have been striving for Sequence 0 since he is only Sequence 2. While Death was alive at Sequence 0 Sequence 1s couldn’t exist and Azik was immediately injured and lost upon his death. Also if this was his original self why does he still have emotions when he wakes up?

Lord of the Mysteries · C915
3 weeks ago
Klein/Daddy Azik OTP 2020 View More

Ozwin: ... Hey daddy Az- I mean Mr Azik, can I ask if you will still be such a generous fellow should you decide to be more like your old self? Also, if we are taking suggestions, maybe let’s not be more like your old self if possible? Just if you were unsure, I am totally cool with whatever you want to do, I just like the current you a lot great sugar guardian Azik.

Lord of the Mysteries · C914
4 weeks ago
... Hey daddy Az- I mean Mr Azik, can I ask if you will still be such a generous fellow should you decide to be more like your old self? Also, if we are taking suggestions, maybe let’s not be more like your old self if possible? Just if you were unsure, I am totally cool with whatever you want to do, I just like the current you a lot great sugar guardian Azik. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C914
4 weeks ago
Gosh things are so different when you travel with a big shot... Mr Azik is my idol, he gets so much respect without trying or being full of himself, and he handles everything that comes his way with simple, yet grand actions and an air of gentlemanliness!

Anyone else notice there are some parallels between how Klein views Azik sometimes and how he acts as The Fool? I wonder if that is simply a shared trait among powerful gentlemen or was he inspired somewhat as he started playing The Fool more to act more in a way to inspire others to view him the way he views this incredibly reliable sugar guardian? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C913
4 weeks ago
Time for some high spirited adventures with the great sugar guardian Mr. Azik! Let’s see what the ever generous scion of Death helps line Klein’s pockets with this time!

... Yup, move over Ms Justice and Ms Sharron, Azik/Klein OTP! Kekekek. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C912
4 weeks ago
Lol it’s always been Lord of the Mysteries and I feel that is probably intentional since they imply different things. View More

Alessan: Did the Title change from Lord of Mysteries to Lord of the Mysteries? What an awful change...

Lord of the Mysteries · C908
1 month ago
Hmmm if that is the sequence 5, I think at that point they would have a variety of methods and options when summoning spirits and such? I can’t rightly remember anything specific and I couldn’t have even told you the name of the sequence from memory. If Klein did get one he would probably be able to throw out a lot of spirit and undead type cannon fodder which might be a good matchup with a more directly offensive or control type marionette... Senor was such a great puppet... View More

Tetractys: What can a gatekeeper do?

Lord of the Mysteries · C907
1 month ago
Ince!!! I demand blood for blood! Retribution is needed for his crimes! May his fingers that have written tragedy be crushed in the grindstone! His liar’s tongue be nailed to the block! Those cowardly legs be cast into stone, forced to kneel as he awaits final judgement! Carve the names of those he doomed into his body with the very pen he used to curse them! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C905
1 month ago
I suspect something similar, I can feel that the water underneath the surface is far more turbulent than what we perceive. So many things are moving closer to one another. Things that initially seem unrelated suddenly have far too much in common, many small and/or harmless events and actions acting as tributaries coming together to form a mighty river before we know it, and everything in its path seems to be at risk to be crushed and thrown out into the sea.

Or I could just be becoming overly paranoid. *shrug* View More

kaitytails: So much is happening at once , is this the turn of the tides 0_o

Lord of the Mysteries · C903
1 month ago

Eternal_Miracle: Wow... Your regrets are well expressed 😅😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C878
1 month ago
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