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Young man is Cooper. Young woman is MC's waifu the demonic woman.

The army is of course the stormtroopers led by Darth Chen. View More

PatriarchMecha: Who is that young man? Who is that woman? Which army is that?

The Card Apprentice · C523
10 hours ago
Now the only hope West Delhi has is to send out Gandhi to negotiate with Chu Feng.... err Chen Mu, for love and peace ❤️☮️. View More

Drakensji: "why are they wary of us?"
"gee I don't know, maybe cause we brought an army to their doorstep with bows drawn?"
"Oh. Good job."

The Card Apprentice · C523
10 hours ago
I hope there will be more consistent releases from now on. View More
Divine Brilliance · C173
13 hours ago
When God Emperor goes to central region, he should stop by God Empress ' abode to say hi. That would be funny. View More
God Emperor · C795
19 hours ago
I believe time flow faster in the game. Therefore the time neede will be shortened. No need to report to the kingdom either because PLOT ARMOR. View More

DeKaN: Commenting on this chapter since more people will check comments... Can't they just report HB actions to the kingdom it will take over 111 hours to sacrifice all 400000 players even if they take one second each and it will probably take more time per player.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1682
1 day ago
MC is well on his way to create a new sect. View More
The Card Apprentice · C521
1 day ago
Thank god author puts Bogner's massacre event and MC's mass-manufacturing efforts in one chapter. Can't wait for Caesar at 7pm today. View More
The Card Apprentice · C519
2 days ago
Then in the next chapter, we will see Bogner and co. doing their massacring thingy. Then the next one will feature MC making cards.

Why is that there are no mass release or priviledged chapters? View More

azunyan: Damn, another 24 hours of suffering.

The Card Apprentice · C518
3 days ago
Damn, another 24 hours of suffering. View More
The Card Apprentice · C518
3 days ago
Hopefully there will be more chapters at 3pm today. View More
Divine Brilliance · C170
3 days ago
Damn, still no chapters today? View More
Divine Brilliance · C168
4 days ago
Nothing will go wrong because plot armor. View More

BibliophileDao: Ah... alone time in a diff world with no way of my guild contacting me with any major issues that might arrise even though were in an qctive war with a diff guild... what could possibly go wrong

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1674
4 days ago

HanzSolo: Days without Pheojix Feathers : 8

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1674
4 days ago
Looking for more face-slapping opportunities? View More

slimes23: The sword conference was ended..what your next move GE

God Emperor · C785
5 days ago

Chapter 1 - Author is describing how awesome the seven luminaries temple is.

Chapter 2 - MC enters the seven luminaries temple. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1672
6 days ago
webnovel.com has just face-slapping you. View More

LostInFantasy: What the ****? I spent 2500 gems just to access these chapters but i still need to pay to read them?..

God Emperor · C782
6 days ago
This novel needs Privileged Chapters. View More
The Card Apprentice · C513
1 week ago
If there are no repetition, how then the author can have the chance to use the 'as rare as the phoenix's feathers' phrase? View More

lightnovelguy: For me for everyone, and for someone. This might be, or maybe it is like this sentence and paragraph. Too much description and repittion. So everyone, me or for someone this might feel long but actually it might be or maybe it is not.

This is how you make something long without ang progress

So for everyone this looks like repittion,. but for me yes it is repition. And for someone else too. But no real progress. This is long, maybe or maybe notm

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1668
1 week ago
Reading Status: C168
God damn, this novel is the closest one webnovel.com has to Emperor's Domination. MC of this novel is perverted though, and that's a good thing. View More
Divine Brilliance
1 week ago
Privileged Chapters incoming? View More
Divine Brilliance · C168
1 week ago
My 8-ball says Privileged Chapters is coming! View More

Purplehaze: Another 2 chapters lost to loot and envy!!! Hopefully there will be mass release later on... Keeping fingers crossed..

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1666
1 week ago
"The Sword Technique Conference's sacrificial ritual had finally begun. "

The face-slapping ritual had finally begun. View More
God Emperor · C778
1 week ago
Seems to be a nope here. View More

DarthRevanXX: will be today the next 2 chapters?

Divine Brilliance · C167
1 week ago
God Emperor got busted a lot lately. View More

EKOP: So another person realize who lin yue is

God Emperor · C776
1 week ago
And....... cliffhanger. View More
The Card Apprentice · C508
1 week ago
New competition for Sue the Nurse? View More
The Card Apprentice · C507
1 week ago
Question - What cliff is Chen Mu pushed against?

Answer - The Cliff Hanger. View More

Drakensji: What cliff is Chen Mu pushed against? He invited you? Ignore him! You don't have any reason to walk into such a trap. And so what if he guessed how you killed the dudes, are you going to fight him immediately? Get stronger first and then you won't have to worry

The Card Apprentice · C506
1 week ago
Hahaha another guild bites the dust. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1659
1 week ago

The only user here who owned this chapter's comment section. View More

TheRapistZombie: Por yanchen

God Emperor · C771
1 week ago

TheRapistZombie: Por yanchen

God Emperor · C771
1 week ago
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