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Nope View More

Rahul7: Exp

Lord Xue Ying · C1232
21 hours ago
10 trillion years is his deadline for refinement and 10 billion years is southern cloud kings deadline to get the materials.

Two different things. View More

Patient_zero: So is it 10 Trillion years or 10 Billion years? These numbers are just ridiculous.

Lord Xue Ying · C1240
1 day ago
Funny that you write this on the day that we didnt get a chapter :D View More

Freek: I'm happy even if it's 20 pages. At least we get a chap per day and the translator doesn't disappear for almost a year.

Way of the Devil · C553
3 days ago
No mirage tresures? Thats weird. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1232
6 days ago

Grayscale: So we just ain't talking about the incestuous cousins

Way of the Devil · C551
1 week ago

StanLJP: Apparently not, but it's too soon to say. Though I do hope that he can become an ally of XY and they really become sworn brothers with the same status. The treasures that he'll receive may be a catalyst to him breaking through to the final realm, then he'll truly be unparalleled.

Lord Xue Ying · C1230
1 week ago
I am gonna go with XY weakening a Supreme and North River killing him as well. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C1229
1 week ago
You thought wrong. When they left the first sky floating island XY teleported an avatar to flying snow city right away. View More

Curly: I thought only in the outskirts and the worlds are further in and even then cant teleport large distances

Lord Xue Ying · C1219
1 week ago
So way of the devil, takes of herding gods and whats the third one? View More

verityinvision: I'm only following 3 novel at the moment. I can't seemed to find any that is interesting enough. And my novel expectations has reach supreme because of tales of herding gods, and if course this novel. Can anyone recommend any? Looking for MC like muscle man and overlord body, world building, characters don't disappear after 100 chap, etc

Way of the Devil · C533
3 weeks ago
Yes he cant do anything but isnt that whats so refreshing about this novel? The MC being logical and not provoking someone that can easily kill him. Villians acting somewhat logically as well and not fighting and getting revenge when there is no need/no way to do it without dying.

Ive dropped novels where the MC ignores everything and provokes enemies where the MC has no confidence or methods of survival over and over again. We should be glad that Xue Ying isnt like that and that he acts somewhat as a normal human being would.

I appreciate a novel where the MC isnt a hidden suicidal maniac. You should too. God knows the majority of MCs are like that. View More

Veoryascaleth: I apologize in advance for ranting.
UUE is supposed to be most awesome, even a level above Eternal Night Primogenitor. Sounds scary. But fact is now that he can't do anything to Xue Ying that Eternal Night Primogenitor couldn't do as well. He can kill Xue Ying's avatars more quickly at best, but even he can't kill an avatar's soul fragment or whatever. There is literally no lasting harm done to Xue Ying. So what frightening power of death does he wield? Nonsense! What makes him a greater foe? Revealing Xue Ying's identity? Meaning greater harm to his city? Might be, but what harm does he mean to Xue Ying himself? None at all, god damn it. Maybe it's that abandoned concept of killing (avatars) through karma that's really missing here, but I realized that there's a general lack of soul techniques. Maybe I misunderstood, but UUE only used brute force against Xue Ying, didn't he? He didn't even try to harm his soul, regardless of whether or not that would work against Xue Ying in the first place. UUE is unable to kill all of Xue Ying's avatars. Old Monster Stone managed to kill Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master's avatars, but UUE can't do something similar to Xue Ying. Regardless of much brute strength he possesses, it only means Xue Ying will have ha harder time killing him later. That's not much different from Eternal Night Primogenitor and that practically makes UUE useless in my opinion.
I'm sorry that I'm so bad at explaining.

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago
I actually dont think that Xue Ying is kicking an elephant. Sure he cant do anything to him but I believe he is confident in being able to resist him in his city with all the arrays he prepared. His whole family is there as well.

As such I don't think he needs to "run" or anything. Just keep his main body in his city and just use avatars outside for some time. Not that big of a deal. View More

JPNovelFan: Wtf are you on about? He literally can’t even kill a final realm cosmos god. He only has the strength to slightly injure them. I think UUE just tried to delay too much. Now XY is going to get his face slapped for sure. There’s no way XY has enough strength to anything more than flee. He’s even mentioned before that he is only confident to leave with his life because of the destruction realm technique. He’s an idiot that hasn’t even reached the final realm yet he’s angering an elephant while he’s an ant. It’s so dumb but IET needs some sort of way to setback the MC so that he can make a breakthrough.

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago
Thats not how it works in this novel.

In other novels avatars are "dividing their strength"
In LXY he separates a part of his soul and nourishes it back to full power right away. Even by combining, his power cant go above 100%. Which he already is at. View More

Undyingmortal: I also want to know if XY could somehow combine all his avatars into one which would boost his 1 body's strength. Theoretically

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago
Wtf are you reading? He is much stronger than XY. Xue Ying cant even kill normal lvl 3 cosmos gods. View More

Veoryascaleth: I don't think I underestimated Xue Ying, but did I really overestimate Undying Useless Emperor by that much? Seriously, after reading this chapter I feel like Xue Ying could easily finish that guy off if only he would use his progress in the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm! That being said, why doesn't Xue Ying do exactly that? Could Useless Underworld Emperor really withstand such an attack?

Lord Xue Ying · C1193
1 month ago
Calm the **** down.
The blood was used to strenghten his soul, not to hide it.
It was never mentioned that his identity is undiscoverable. Even Xue Ying doesnt believe that, why would he create arrays in his city for protection?

If you are so angry about minor details in a novel you should stop reading. View More


Lord Xue Ying · C1192
1 month ago
Sheesh can’t the MC just catch a break for a second? Honestly I love this novel but him going on nonstop dangerous adventures is getting a bit tiring.

The only time he had peaceful moments was back when he first arrive to the imperial academy and ever since then he has been hunted 24/7 (i know he had a timeskipped break) but the readers need a change of pace from time to time as well. View More
Tales of Herding Gods · C482
3 months ago
EXACTLY! I don’t mind when he is destroying things. But he shouldnt be so full of himself that he doesnt care about destroying important things. I mean its techniques that he could learn.

It’s one thing destroying a random hut and another thing destroying his own inheritance. He is not fighting, he should be smart enough to stop after he destroyed the first building. View More

M_Moriarty: His act of destroying everything is getting annoying.. It was fun at first but now he is destroying important buildings right after Patriarch warned him not to. Worst thing is, when he failed first, he didn't give a sht and he keep doing it.

Tales of Herding Gods · C169
3 months ago

M_Moriarty: His act of destroying everything is getting annoying.. It was fun at first but now he is destroying important buildings right after Patriarch warned him not to. Worst thing is, when he failed first, he didn't give a sht and he keep doing it.

Tales of Herding Gods · C169
3 months ago

Joo_Tine: i think Imperial Preceptor's name is Roland Wimbledon

Tales of Herding Gods · C107
3 months ago

Reizzx: Stop fucking whining you child.

Lord Xue Ying · C1043
6 months ago

DarkPrincebP: tl's going afk without notice is turning into a trend on qidian

Lord Xue Ying · C1034
7 months ago
Reading Status: C13
Ive seen people comparing the MC to Saitama from Onepunch man and I honestly detest this comparison.

Yes, she is overpowered and clueless like Saitama.
But Saitama is generous, hard working and sacrifices in order to help people.
The MC of this novel on the other hand is selfish and lazy. Not even willing to remember the names of people and “saving” the day just because they woke her up and that made her angry.

Point being, she is missing redeeming qualities.
But I do understand why people like this novel, if you don’t mind the way the MC acts. Go right ahead and enjoy it. This review is just a heads up for the others. View More
My Master Disconnected Yet Again
7 months ago
Yes! Thanks for reminding me his name:) View More

Laoshi: Talking about Ancestor Bone?

Lord Xue Ying · C951
8 months ago
I think the level beyond that is just “cosmos god”. I think “beyond 9th lvl” is essentially “half-step cosmos god level”. As such only very strong primal chaos giants and very weak cosmos gods are in this category. Should be the first cosmos god we met when Xue Ying first went out into the universe, he was said to be weak amongst them. View More

SorrowfulPhoenix: I wonder what do they mean when they say there's only 1 cosmos gods ranked beyond 9th level.....Or is there another level even beyond that?

Lord Xue Ying · C951
8 months ago
Man, I think you should take a break from this story and let it build up. You wouldn’t mind chapters like these if you didn’t need to wait for 24 hours for it and you would enjoy the novel more. I am just speaking from experience when fillers in a story start to frustrate me. View More

JPNovelFan: That chapter was a whole lot of nothing at all. Jesus Christ it could’ve been summed up in 4 sentences or less. Fkin hell did we really need 5 separate paragraphs saying who turned in their lists? Obviously the 5 fucking teachers did. So fucking unnecessary. Chapters like this make me want to pirate. I hate how we have 1 great chapter and then terrible filler bull****.

Lord Xue Ying · C922
9 months ago
Same, but I just got this bad feeling of his student improving a lot and then becoming arrogant or him getting killed. Oh please IET dont make that happen. View More

JPNovelFan: I really hope he takes him as a student!

Lord Xue Ying · C920
9 months ago
This chapter made me smile as well. Love the development, hope he sticks to Xue Ying a bit longer than his last two disciples did :D View More
Lord Xue Ying · C919
9 months ago

DepthDweller: One doesn’t consider fun when reading a chapter, but this did put a smile on my face.

Lord Xue Ying · C919
9 months ago
Wonder who the master is, if these two are only disciples. View More
Lord Xue Ying · C901
10 months ago
Do I like that the story didn’t progresss this chapter? Not really. But calling it a filler is dumb. If all fluff was cut then any story would be boring as hell.
The author could have just written “Xue Ying went out and killed the Monarch obtaining a mirror” “Xue Ying trained” “Xue Ying won a fight”. You could probably fit the whole story on one page. But how boring would that be? View More
Lord Xue Ying · C900
10 months ago
In the previous chapter Black Emperor didnt say anything about 4 inheritances and this chapter begins with Xue ying knowing? View More
Lord Xue Ying · C899
10 months ago
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