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This chap kinda threw me. Wasn't Hou Fen the country with the volcanoes that erupted because magic bead are the fire beast thing and then everyone moved to Xuan wu. But now its saying that Xuanwu attacked them instead, no erruption?? View More

HighWorlds: Oh **** it's this weird guy that Wang Lin found that looks like dead but still cultivating all that time. It was around that time when he's seeking for the War God technique that made anyone forget about it, and Wang Lin didn't dare to wake the man but only steal his bag of holding. His bag of holding is still in his possession right now and Wang Lin couldn't open it when he was at the peak of Core Formation. It's unknown whether he can open it now or not...

Renegade Immortal · C217
7 hours ago

MrDonkey: He's using the ancient god tactic to absorb everything. It's been said over and over and over. Dont know how you didnt catch it. Maybe you were skimming? XD

Renegade Immortal · C206
23 hours ago

MrDonkey: First couple paragraphs on the next chapter explains it. He's using the tactic but it's the first time it's being used for inner cultivation.

Renegade Immortal · C206
23 hours ago
Wait wasn't there a story about some #1 guy from the lvl 6 country that went into this place and then disappeared?? Maybe its him and he's looking for a way out, if our boy can help him then that would mean he can get some benefits...🤔 View More

HighWorlds: Oh **** so this is the guy that keeps writing down his thoughts on this place, turned out he's trapped in this place. I thought it was Situ Nan but it still doesn't make sense until this chapter.

Renegade Immortal · C170
4 days ago
Situ Nan?
Tu Si, the ancient god?
🤔 View More

HighWorlds: I wonder who is the guy that came before him and keep repeatedly recorded his thoughts on this place... It can't be Situ Nan right?

Renegade Immortal · C167
4 days ago
Dont you just love it when the MCs long lost twin just shows up randomly, leaves and is never heard from again...😑 View More

daoist_violet_robe: Wang Lindo?

Renegade Immortal · C161
4 days ago
And now I want Dominos 😅 View More

VaibhavKronos: Did you know people who don't like pizza are generally more likely to become mentally ill in their life ? Think about it , and like pizza :P

Renegade Immortal · C114
1 week ago

VaibhavKronos: Did you know people who don't like pizza are generally more likely to become mentally ill in their life ? Think about it , and like pizza :P

Renegade Immortal · C114
1 week ago
Is he still using the Underworld cultivation method or did he switch to the War GOD one tho... View More

HighWorlds: Jesus Wang Lin, his situation is like playing a New Game+ in RPG, he had the knowledge and everything so getting back shouldn't be too hard. Gotta say I miss his old body though.

Renegade Immortal · C112
1 week ago
There once was a chapter from Einlion's Danmachi fanfic, EP:IC, where just after MC transferred to a new world he got hit by truck kun and it folded around him, lol. Then everyone took out ther phones and started taking pictures 🤣🤣🤣 View More

rOBOTmINION: He is so strong now he fears only one thing in all the world...

(And lucky truck-kuh time is yet to come)

Renegade Immortal · C111
1 week ago
Yeah I know right, no faceslapping yet...😤 View More

VaibhavKronos: Bob and waeve through those insults , mc ! When the time is right , destroy their faces with epic face slapping .

Renegade Immortal · C42
1 week ago
No hints of it yet tho. You usually get a few 'smirks as he turns around', or 'talking about someone behind their back'. Seems pretty tight with his big bro and gave up a treasure that he 'knew' was worth something. He's the type that MC rewards heavily later on or dies and spurs MC on to greater heights.

✊✊🚪 *knock on wood*
Here's hoping for the former. View More

daoist_violet_robe: 4th uncle is great especially if he is doing without any selfish desire.

Renegade Immortal · C10
1 week ago
Well he doesn't have his cheat yet so... View More

VaibhavKronos: A Cave ? Wonder what is in it ? Maybe its a way to get mc stronger ? Nah , that would be too obvious :P

Renegade Immortal · C7
1 week ago
Unless he stops updating, then we wash our hands of him...😐 View More

Daoist_Rubeno: And we like you RhinoZ.
You can't change our mind ;)

Chrysalis · C411
2 weeks ago
What tier record would Doulou Dalu be I wonder?? Tang San was kinda beast at the end, wait I still gotta finish like 20 chaps. Thanx for reminding me... View More

Bluet: Doulou Dalu would be very cool

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1042
3 weeks ago
Definitely more OP as he was supposed to actually live longer in their original life,lol. MC was supposed to die after another 35 years in a plane crash (making him around 55ish)while not MC was going to live for another 70(making him almost 90, lol) which is weird since he threw himself off a roof when he heard he died just so he can 'follow' him into the afterlife but not after he died in that plane crash...must have had a falling out at some point 😄😄😄😄😅!!! View More

Aizen_Sosuke: I still can't understand what is the role of his friend here? I guess the author have some bad taste friend that heard about him writing a fanfic, and he forced him to add him there.
The crazy part was that the friend look like some kind of batman, the ****? why is no one knew about him other than his parents, and where did he got points with his 3 years body.
I feel like the friend was forced to the point that he is more op than the mc. eh, and mysterious one to boot!

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C7
3 weeks ago
Yeah Minato was 'run on sight' back in the 3rd war, give him a couple more years to polish up his skills and he'd be able to stomp the 5 Kage summit by himself. And Kushina may not have been able to control the Nine Tails perfectly but she could access its chakra if I'm not mistaken. And if he stops the Uchiha revolt then Pain gets slapped when he attacks the village as they were literally the 'police' of the village. Also no Orochmaru attack. Saving these 2 families is HUGE!!! View More

UnNOon: Not only that. But THEIR exitence in naruto world change its history.

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C5
3 weeks ago
Wasn't that his father's choice so that they could plot to overthrow the leadership. This is another thing, MC says he wants to stop Itachi from killing the clan but he did that because of his father's plan to try a take over (as he saw no other way) a plan like that doesn't come out of nowhere and it should be in the beginning stages at least already. He doesn't have to stop Itachi, he has to convince his father not to revolt. View More

Soaapj: please dont put them in anbu anbu made itachi cold and distant as well as destroyed his childhood. with mc system they can be much stronger without it.

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C4
3 weeks ago
They do have Seers that let them know when Garrolosh was killed, perhaps they can use scrying magic like that Karmodo to see what is going on. View More

Akashaverse: The real question is when will the Legion give us that once in a lifetime pikachu face once they see this ant and man jointly made world wonder.

Chrysalis · C403
3 weeks ago
I cant tell what this story is about so I guess I'm not gonna read it... View More

Hilers: Why Tho///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

3 weeks ago
Have u kept reading?? Just asking cause yeah there's a lot 'wrong' with this the way its going. Sharingan is OP as it is but he just eliminated the drawback to the 2 most OP genjutsu in the 'verse. And I know they start young but talking and walking around unsupervised to the point that their parents don't know where they are at only 1 year old WTF!!! and this is the first multi transmigrator story I've read besides RE: APOCALYPSE. And his friend being Naruto's older brother means there's NO WAY that Naruto get the nine tails especially if he is gonna try and save Minato and Kushina. She's going to keep the nine tails until she dies as she didn't even want to put it in Naruto in the first place I ki da wanna see what's gonna happen... View More

Areize: Instantly dropped anther transmigration will surely ruin the story so I will not bother reading it any further

I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C3
3 weeks ago
Nah, Sis is gonna be added to the harem when he gets to like Tier 7-8 and can finally make her a body.
He will however meet up with Klysha again once he starts breaking Tier 9-10 (which I think is the highest tier) maybe he will get something else from her or just straight up join the Pantheon of all the top Tier Gods.

Or we could... No, nope not gonna say it, not gonna put it on 'paper' cause I don't want it to happen!!! Just gonna keep it all to myself bottled up DEEP in there and see what happens. Einlion has been great so far so I hope he doesn't but that's his choice!!! Cause even if he does then it shouldn't be too bad.

I'm calling it now, just so u know I'said' it first, lol!!! View More

Thoth0: If Sis ever turns out to be the Dream Goddess Vahn first met I will not be surprised.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C997
4 weeks ago
No offense but the 'feel' of the story seems off.
For a 'native' of the world Raito seems to be 'overly' aware of everyone's 'rolls'. Like he has information that we as readers only had because it was necessary to understand the plot. But from the perspective of the individuals within the world they can only know what they are taught and experience. If he was a transmigrator or reincarnated then it makes more sense but for a native to be able to pick up on plot cues feels weird.

Unless you're trying to make him into Deadpool, lol!!! View More

Sigmarc: Yup

The Gamer - Naruto World · C5
4 weeks ago
Yeah isnt that the rush of power has been feeling. The more followers he has the more power he can receive. Like Anthony's 'Collective Will Vestibule' from Chrysalis by Rinoz. View More

Nasu: I wonder if his ascend to becoming an emperor now will cause a qualitative change in his innate "Will of the emperor".

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C977
1 month ago
'Dual Cultivation' is perfectly acceptable as long as both parties are willing and benefit from the act. Using someone as a 'Furnace' however...🤬🤬🤬 View More

cargo22: Ends up dual cultivating with master

Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens! · C68
1 month ago
So u r saying that u want to cuck Vahn, huh?? RIP u then ...😵!!! View More

eraygns: Haha from the commentary I can see that Fenrir has already blended well with the cultivation world... Now we only need a jade beauty as lover who will disappear for 500 chapters after falling in love with Fenrir!

Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens! · C36
1 month ago
If her [DEVOUR] Breaks down anything and converts it to energy, and a Tribulation is pure energy and some form of 'LAWS' then I'm not entirely sure...but I still wanna see it!!! View More

D_Maniax: Now that i think about, if there is a heavenly tribulation or something similar due fenrir cultivation wouldn't she be able to just devour the tribulation?

Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens! · C13
1 month ago
Anthony wants himself a Garrolosh flavored gobstopper!!! View More

EternalCircle: Gravity ball! But make sure to leave some for garralosh stew later...

Chrysalis · C389
1 month ago
Lol, ikr. I remember though earlier in the story that there was something mentioned about 'Champion' monsters that are more capable and draw others to them. At first I thought this was going to be Anthony until he saved that cute chubby little grub that seemed to just not care about the raging shadow beasts that were attacking the colony during the first evacuation View More

ImmovableFish: The more that is revealed about Vibrant's posse, the more I feel that she's one of those heroine protagonists from isekai or class transfers...

Chrysalis · C384
1 month ago
Its 'cause all the blood in his body was located in one particular area so when he hit his head it was just lights out, lol!!! View More

Thoth0: I didn't get a chance to say this last chapter, but it is clear to me the Bell should be Bella for so many reason. With the main one being, how the FCK did he knock himself out. Who does that?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C942
1 month ago
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