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I thought that shin would be together with his big sis, I thought he Like her, but know i think she Will be together with this new dude View More
Child of Destiny · C37
2 days ago
We are in need of some chapters View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C23
1 week ago
He Likes his girl having sex with order women, I don't get its cheating the same way View More
Black Soldier · C29
2 weeks ago
what... View More
Reborn as Captain America. · C4
2 weeks ago
he doesnt have the mind strategic of captain, his kindness, his "languange" View More
Reborn as Captain America. · C3
2 weeks ago
she is a lolita? or only the cloths? View More
I'll choose my own ending · C1
2 weeks ago
muito curto,,. e n to entendendo nada View More
My girlfriend and I got reincarnated as dragons in another world · C4
2 weeks ago
more time to train
enven if is less than a month View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C12
2 weeks ago
i think he could have helped midoyiya healing faster so having a body stronger faster, so having one for all faster View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C12
2 weeks ago
FBI it's him🚔🚔🚔 View More

WhiteNeon: Hail the... the Loli Sect!

Even if there is only me...

MarvelousTube (MCU FF) · C1
3 weeks ago
Willian plus Sansa, que would be the lady of the lycans and bit winterfell, dont do harem, it is not something that peaple Like in the World if got ,even if every male would Like it. Foi should stick with your original plan, willian is already changing thing, this is your got world, dont do the same way that the original tvseries, do the best for your story View More
Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C10
3 weeks ago
she can became a lot stonger with new steam cels
replacing the older ones like muscle is desroyed a new replace and became stornger , neuronios news, replacing the one she lost or just new ones, nones more dense and every thing she wants like adrenalina, and cells that consume acid lact, makingg her less tired, consuming the subproduct of adrenaline to make more she can have a gear second o hachi montoko first levels with high presured blood and a physic that can handle View More
To Be a Hero: A MHA fanfic · C4
3 weeks ago
good luck with you next novel, i really hope that you learn wrom this and try to be aply the knew knowledge to your's next novels View More
3 weeks ago
this is the problem, every novel with a op mc from the start is boring, is always the same, anless is somethin nosense like one-punchman, try nex time to make a mc that can be weak to strong or medium to overpower but only when you have some sense to where you whant your novel to go View More
3 weeks ago
Foi could do so much more going for the legacies series View More
Original Wolf - (The Originals) · C74
3 weeks ago
But in general i'm liking very much mc kindness View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C4
4 weeks ago
I think would be better to have romance so soon, maybe because of the name of the novel multiverse i think he should have romance holy after some universes he visit View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C4
4 weeks ago
Wait, foi will make him only Friends with uraraka right? Not a romantic partner pls( my opinion), I this that should not have and romantic thing until after a lot of thing in UA View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C4
4 weeks ago
i loved pls more 10 chapters in less than 2 days, and pls dond drop this for a while, a tired of antihero stuff, i would love to se a novel about a true hero, kind, the cliche one, it has been a long time without a novel of kind heros View More
Ezekiel, an Angel in the multiverse. · C3
4 weeks ago
please more updates
and soon if possible View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C11
4 weeks ago
I hope that the author could come back son and not giving up on this nove, it has a lot of potential to be fun View More
DC: Vampire · C10
4 weeks ago
I hoje you are not dead View More
DC: Vampire · C10
1 month ago

Zevren: Good point. This is option 2! Like for Vote.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C0
2 months ago
I really want to see Julian vs Tobias in sinnoh View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C232
5 months ago
Gomu gomu no mi View More
Asgardian Sword God · C0
6 months ago
He is suíte just have de "S" but be in gold with the rest of some parts of the suit, he could use maybe some kind of crown that could protect bom of some mental atacks View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C15
6 months ago
Momo get in u.a with recomendation View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C14
6 months ago
I didn't understand anything View More
A Second Life (my hero academy fanfic) · C4
6 months ago
Midoriya Will have more time to adjust to the one for all, 10 more months to do it he Will be more powerful, make him clean the bleach with all might View More
Reborn in My Hero Academia with Superman powers · C11
6 months ago
I tino foi could rewrite,the plot is confusing, mc is tô ok from the start, you could have made a better explanation for him to be this op View More
6 months ago
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