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Randompasserby: We're seriously turning into isekai rpg dragon hunting party here 🤣
Elf storm Archer, Giant Guardian, Scholar/pirate, 2 hunters and Klein himself who is a whole part of his own lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C696
1 day ago

Mr_Scary_Cat: Here is my offering for a new bonus chapter! ^_^

Lord of the Mysteries · C679
1 week ago

Randompasserby: That's a really good call there by the Hanged Man, it didn't even cross my mind at first because we're too conditioned that MC does everything in their story. Respect to Author + 500 👍👍👍

Lord of the Mysteries · C679
1 week ago

Asanda_Nima: The superconductors were found.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C511
1 week ago

CKtalon: The entire book has switched to Black. It's because Dark can refer to someone else.

Lord of the Mysteries · C663
1 week ago
Hard to say what will he loses since he basically playing gacha games( a lot of dupes charm) View More

ResidentialPsycho: This would be the most amazing thing! The battle would abruptly come to a halt as everyone suddenly sees this mild-natured young man with a scholarly temperament out in the middle of a battle between ruffians, wondering where Gehrman Sparrow went. It'd be great if someone recognized him as a Nighthawk... Of course, if they understand the effects of Tinder, they would realize that the Faceless ability is Klein's own and not one of Creeping Hunger's, so they could try and figure out his sequence from that.

I wonder what he lost from using Tinder this time... He brought more important items with him, after all. At least, Azik's whistle is elsewhere on the ship.

Lord of the Mysteries · C659
2 weeks ago

Mr_Scary_Cat: I got to hand it to you Mr. Translator, you had me reaching my spirit stone pouch when you gave a bonus chapter. Hopefully the gift I sent helps ^_^

Lord of the Mysteries · C658
2 weeks ago
HOLY SHIT!!! View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C504
2 weeks ago

bubba3737: The first page of Roselle's diary that Klein reads in the beginning says: "I should have been a Seer, an Apprentice or a Marauder. " That's because these three pathways can access the fog. They are also exchangeable at high sequences. So, Roselle was stuck because he chose the wrong sequence, while Klein was helped by a hint from his senior.

Lord of the Mysteries · C615
1 month ago

burntpotato: Luck.exe has stopped working. Please restart

Lord of the Mysteries · C611
1 month ago
So Ramiro ability is actually like a slime? He can splitting his body and Everytime his main body got killed he can regenerate from his other body parts? View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C481
1 month ago

LordFifthFollower: Have faith in the Lord Fifth, gain eternal life! When the Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife!
Oh boy getting firsts for novels I don't read feels great

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C58
1 month ago
So is mohadi king is Tang hanpei puppet too? View More
The Card Apprentice · C606
2 months ago
Remember all, sorcerer also have magic that can split their main soul and can survive anything as long their sub soul is save( not counting head explosion thought) View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C465
2 months ago
Serious question though. If 1 tribe of the hundreds depth is that strong (2000 grade 7artisan) why don't they attacking the federation? Pretty sure chen mu Force with hundreds grade 7 already considered Best team in federation View More
The Card Apprentice · C587
2 months ago
I thought I read wrong book View More
The Card Apprentice · C580
2 months ago

Rock_Jin: Without the word "thorny rhino"....i would have said I read the wrong chapter....
Whats with the imba equipment?.....😂😂

The Card Apprentice · C580
2 months ago
I wonder if anyone will attaking desert camp area right now? Since most of their forces are used for besieging View More
The Card Apprentice · C559
3 months ago
The author already moved to his rushing pace. If you have read any of fang xiang work you know what it means. View More
The Card Apprentice · C554
3 months ago
Rosiji thinking becoming reality. But it's not chenmu joining faya, but rather faya joining chenmu groups. View More
The Card Apprentice · C552
3 months ago
This chapter is so awesome that I don't know what to say. All those build up just for this single chapter (and two probably) View More
The Card Apprentice · C551
3 months ago
I am pretty sure it explained by this Noble sanguine himself that what his race hate the most is some human that hunt them as the main ingredient of their potion. View More

Ozwin: I think vampir- Noble Sanguine are naturally somewhere in the moon sequence? I can’t quite remember I think they start at like sequence 7 naturally?? They hate those that use potions to make it there (I think vampires are technically those who aren’t born as one but are potion users) because sanguine are also ingredients to become vampires (??? It has been a while since we received that chapter I can’t fully remember) which I think has something to do with the Law of Characteristics Indestructibility. I think that is like 80% accurate at least lol.

Lord of the Mysteries · C458
3 months ago
To be honest there are too many technologies that many peoples wanted. but how the info can be leaked is easy. Just make an animal courier or normal human courier. I'm pretty sure what chen mu earlier is just hacking the long distance telecommunication View More

KamikazeMinato: Can someone tell what kind of technology the four armies aim four? The technology should not leak as told in previous chapter.

The Card Apprentice · C527
4 months ago
Here he is. The dark heroes. View More
The Card Apprentice · C518
4 months ago
But isn't Caesar hate the academy so much? Why would he help them now View More

DepositRefund: Caesar!!

The Card Apprentice · C515
4 months ago
The one that has been defeated is just 1 of their elite team/division. Pretty sure it still have more teams and division View More

CrispyMouse: Well he just got scammed by Faya. Bogner and co are already taking care of it.

The Card Apprentice · C511
4 months ago
So most big shot now knew who chen mu is.
It's about time to lay the foundation. will chenmu really go to day though View More
The Card Apprentice · C508
4 months ago

Arrodes: In the pathway of Fallen Creator, the sequence 6 Rose Bishop is an expert in flesh and blood magic. So that might be the body part of sequence 5 Shepherd Lovia, She can cut herself to make foods to pollute others (and her body part could regenerate by flesh and blood magic). So crazy

Lord of the Mysteries · C398
4 months ago
It's not plagiarism when it's not invented yet. View More

Tichaosius: plagiarism is my motto.––Roselle

Lord of the Mysteries · C386
4 months ago

isabant: This is one serious cliff, but the performance was exemplary... with the cliff leaving us at the climax... Klein clearly showed the rule of magicians never performing unprepared here by how he planned the fight... give an applause..👏👏

Lord of the Mysteries · C379
4 months ago
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